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347071347071B00027CL5SA1SWZ1U4G0YGDFSDM "PT-Guy"0051245456000My cats go crazy for this!My two cats have been receiving these 'chicken treats' for over eight years and STILL beg for them every night before bed! It's really great to see them so excited about this healthy snack.
347072347072B00027CL5SAX1LTHFK5VYJMClifford Morgan "Chip"0051243987200Excellent Product!This company has excellent products, good communication and ships promptly. What more could you ask?
347073347073B00027CL5SA378IT708JRHLCaryn Lieberman0051242518400My cats LOVE these!!!I hope you never discontinue these! They are like gold to me! I crumble these up on top of my cats raw meat to get them to eat it. They LOVE LOVE LOVE these chicken treats! I like them b/c they are 100% real natural freeze dried chicken with no by products or chemicals or additives! Just pure protein which is what cats are designed to eat! Please do not discontinue these! Me and my cats would be crushed!!
347074347074B00027CL5SA1WV4PPXTKKNUHAli-cat0051238630400Better than Catnip!Halo Freeze dried chicken is my cat's favorite thing to eat hands down..It only lasts about a week in my house.
347075347075B00027CL5SA29A0M5F2KYMYGMarcelyn Sinclair "just a lion"0051238544000"Give me my "chickie bites" says my Japanese Chin!I would never have guessed that the liv-a-littles chicken treats would make such a hit with my 2 yr. old Japanese Chin.....All I have to do is say "chickie bites" and he comes running. I give them to him every evenig as a "treat" and I am so glad that I found the product. I ordered them the first time as a "trial" but now wouldn't dare be without them. I feel that they are much better for my dog than the "store bought" biscuits that he wasn't crazy about.
347076347076B00027CL5SA1ZDC45YN28VKLsluggerlee0051238284800Best treatsMy cats go crazy for these chicken treats. The fact that they are just pure chicken is great - no chemicals or additives. I've never met a cat that didn't love these!
347077347077B00027CL5SA136BYILR08J32Angelkitty's Mom0051211760000Liv-a-littles chicken treatsIf you're looking for a yummy treat for your cat, try these. After trying both the chicken and salmon flavors, my cats greatly preferred the chicken. In fact, they love them. These treats are 100% white-meat chicken, so you'll be giving your cat a truly healthy treat instead of one that's loaded with carbs and fat. I will definitely buy these again.
347078347078B00027CL5SA25I5CM0N350MAC. Lambinicio0041204588800Crazy for Chicken TreatsMy cat is not what I'd consider a treat cat. You cannot bribe her with food and she's rather picky. So when my friends gave my cat these chicken treats for Christmas, I was a bit skeptical.

To my surprise and utter disbelief, she goes crazy for these treats! I ordered them online and had to wait four-weeks since they were on backorder. Maybe all kitties are liking this treat!

The backorder issue is my reason for four stars...Otherwise, I'd give it five stars. In my panic to find more treats in the interim, I found that Whole Foods carries it for ~$10/container.
347079347079B00027CL5SA31J5RE7HQA0C1S. W.0051203379200Wow!This is a fabulous treat with no nasty carbohydrates or preservatives. My cats absolutely love them and have eaten them since kittenhood. We use Halo as a reward at medication time, and to tempt cats who are feeling under the weather. A little "chicken dust" on their food, and the appetite is back. For ill or elderly cats, this product is a must-have. I do wish the chicken was organic, and I would be willing to pay a little more for that benefit. Yes, these are expensive, but a little goes a long way. We just don't feed the regular grocery store junk any more.
347080347080B00027CL5SA3BQ1DVH1M8220M. Peterson0051202601600Even Morris would go for this!!This is an amazing cat treat -- and all natural. It works on the pickiest eaters. You can also moisten it with water to tempt a sick kitty.
347081347081B00027CL5SAV3CAGW0AKTH8Lisa F. Haug "LFH"0051174262400Kitty crackMy cats would kill for this!! Can't live without it. GREAT price!!!
347082347082B00027CL5SA3S3WM1O6LQXPGJJ Waahkah1241308614400Guard with your LifeBoth cats love Halo's Liv a Littles Freeze Dried Chicken Breast. My youngest cat wanted nothing to do with these treats for a long time then one day changed her mind and now is the biggest fan in the house. I haven't tried the Beef or Salmon. Chicken is king around here.

I reserve these for once in a while treats or to entice eating by sprinkling it atop newly introduced wet/raw foods. The Halo website says the chicken is made in a marinade broth of sodium phosphate, salt, and carrageenan before it's freeze dried. I trust Halo's practices but do wonder how much salt is used in the process and wish the amount was on the label.

I also have a tube of Thrive Freeze Dried Chicken from a UK company that has been very popular at holistic pet retailers lately. Their claim is that it's 100% freeze dried chicken and nothing else. I can't garner any more information than that from the tube or the manufacturer website, but my cats go nuts for Thrive just like they do Halo.

These are expensive little treats but the cool thing about them is they can be served as solid chunks or broken into dust like particles, or wet by adding a little water. I have to think that with so many cats out there who have lost teeth, this is probably a superior treat to have once in awhile.
347083347083B00027CL5SA2VRYMER23944KCAS MARINO0151332460800"You Complete Me"A brief glimpse into the world of Cinnamon, the Chihuahua Princess of Midtown Manhattan:

"My Daddy not only does all the typing for me (I'm preserving a manicure, naturally), he also caters to my desire for home-cooked meals. I know, I know: whatever complaints may thus ensue about me being spoiled and finicky are completely his fault, but Daddy knew that when he decided that both nutritionally and economically (not to mention emotionally) this worked out best for both of us.

That said, I've lately become a bit fussy -- even when it comes to really, really good meals like freshly cooked pork or beef or chicken with the vegetables that Dad insists I eat. You might understand if I were to turn my cute little nose up at, say, Alpo... or even Grade-B ground beef; but I'm summarily rejecting the good stuff that my old man tastes and actually enjoys as he's preparing it for me. I think it's a phase, because I feel just fine, but I'm trying this whole new "I am not amused or pleased" routine to see how far it'll get me with him. I'm holding out for a mink hoodie and a pony to ride in the country this summer."

OK, now on to Dad's own story:

"I saw these on Amazon as I was searching for the desiccated beef treats my girl likes. These were about a third the price and one of the few brands in the price range that was actually just MEAT and not some sort of dehydrated hodgepodge of gunk.

I figured I'd give them a shot. I opened the container when they were delivered, and tasted it myself after reading the ingredients (which are "chicken" and "marinade", basically). Dried chicken. What's not to approve?

The princess was given a piece. She turned her nose up at it and returned to her faux-nap.

But as soon as I'd turned my back I heard the chewing and within moments she was at my feet looking for more.

I was still waiting for her to eat the plate of delicious food I'd slaved over an hour or so earlier, so I wasn't giving in. Test complete. Treats would be saved for a time when they were actually deserved.

And then I read the label as I pretended not to notice her neediness. " a tasty incentive at mealtime."


I took out another chunk, crumbled it on her food, and watched as she sniffed, licked, walked away, reconsidered, and returned to the scene of what she HAD considered my culinary crime.

Incentive indeed. Her plate was clean about two minutes later. She was fed, I was vilified, and these chicken treats elevated in both our opinions to the level of 'Heroic.'"

From both Cinnamon and Daddy;

"Thank You, Halo Liv-A-Littles."
347084347084B00027CL5SA3NG1PCGEEGIH0PR0111321228800DON'T ORDER!!I have returned this! There are some hard pieces that will not allow me to crumble to put on pets' food so they had to be thrown out. What are they? Wood? Not acceptable! Returned and will not order again!!
347085347085B00027CL5SA336EFJ72XRY1SRebecca Levy1311327795200May have made our kitty sickWe try to feed our cats wholesome healthy foods, so we thought these treats would be a great alternative to the kitty junk food they had been eating.

Our 12yo girl cat sniffed these and turned up her nose. She is superrrrr picky, and lots of times will not consume something the first time you offer it to her, so no biggie.

Our 2yo boy cat, as other reviewers described, went nuts. We gave him a few small bits (maybe the equivalent of 3 regular cat treats in size) and were delighted that we had found a treat he enjoys (he does not like the treats typically found in supermarkets and such).

About 24 hours later around 11pm we noticed he was straining to urinate, unproductive, and jumped in and out of the boxes about 15 times in 30minutes, growling and hissing at the box, and hissing at us when we tried to pet him or pick him up. He urinated on our bed, on his bed, on his pillow, and on the couch. This cat never urinated outside the box before (except during car rides in his carrier) and had never hissed before (even at his evil, manipulative, bullying "older sister" cat that loves him dearly).

We called the vet, who squeezes him in first thing in the morning, he had a uti. Several hundred dollars in medicine, overnight hospitalization, and aftercare, he is better.

The only thing we changed in his diet (or, for that matter, in his life) in the two months leading up to his illness were these treats. After the vet told us UTIs were usually related to diet, we threw these out. We will probably never know exactly what caused his illness, but we have a sneaking suspicion...
347086347086B00112EI18A36MMO4KIQYAQFPatricia Burton "historical bookster"3351270771200Wicked little cakesThese are the best little 4 oz. cakes. If you like a little liquor in your cakes, you'll love these. The chocolate ones are especially good. And they are even a little better than Tortuga Rum cakes.
347087347087B001EQ5OAAA23MDA823G0MSQMiggi "miggi"0111218412800Very poor teaI bought 3 bags of this tea and found each to be just as bad as the last. This tea has a very weak/poor flavour. I tried to brew it very stong but it still ends up tasting bad.
347088347088B001EQ5OAAA3B3V1RPSY7U4PA.V.0141204156800Smokey tea!As others have said, "if you like your tea to taste like the smell of a campfire", then this would be the tea for you. I personally don't like it, but my friend loves it. He calls it "smokey tea" instead of it's real name.
It's one of those things that you either will love it or hate it, there's no in between. If you liked smokey flavored things, you will probably like this tea. It does taste better with sugar in it too, kind of "softens" the taste, but make no mistake...IT'S A STRONG FLAVOR!
347089347089B001EQ5OAAAL6JFJM99T3JIM. Schroeder0121174953600Stash Darjeeling TeaI was disappointed with this tea. The taste was no better than Liptons Yellow Label Tea. I expected more from a Stash loose tea since I have had good expereience with some of their tea bags.
347090347090B001EQ5OAAA1ORJI788TRZ0Vtea4me0141169078400tea4meGreat tea. Like dessert in a cup. Only 4 stars because Numi is better.
347091347091B001EQ5OAAA16KK3YHCWE29CQF Jane1331190678400Not what I expectedThe price + being organic is what drew me in to try the Stash brand... but the taste is nowhere near the Jasmine tea that I can get at my local teashop.

I have tried several different ways of brewing, and the sweet jasmine aroma & taste is barely discernible.

It is drinkable though, and like I said, the price was very good. I hope to try the Numi brand next -- I have heard rave reviews about their Jasmine Pearl teas!
347092347092B001EQ5OAAA2WEQ52C7ZOGQYPing Fin "tea expert"2521175385600Not really an Earl Grey teaThis tea is spiced with other spices than bergamont and while the tea seems of good quality its taste it unlike an Earl Grey. It tastes almost sweet and more like an herbal than a black tea. If you are looking for an Earl Grey, this certainly is not it.
347093347093B001EQ5OAAA1S7MC961R4WE4Ash2531167868800Not Strong enoughThe tea is Ok but if you like your tea strong or with a dash of milk, this is not the best!
347094347094B001EQ5OAAA3C39I4ZCC5212Anthony Quang Pham0231310169600Very strong...This is my first bag of chai tea and I have to say, it's extremely strong if you try to drink this straight. I can barely taste the tea itself, just a bit of bitter, and an extremely strong spice taste.

It gets better if you water it down a lot, or take it with a lot of milk (basically a chai tea latte), which I suppose is how it's supposed to be drunk. But you start losing the base tea and only get the other spices.
347095347095B001EQ5OAAA3DQWFWINN3V5ADavid A. Lessnau0221286928000Bitter Grass ClippingsI don't much care for this Stash Premium Loose Green Tea. I'm no tea expert, but I've got several problems with it. Flavor-wise, I find this tea to be bitter with a grassy taste (that's not a good flavor, to me). Texture-wise, the tea "leaves" range from almost half-inch long thin shards of leaves down to 1/16th of an inch sized remnants (I've uploaded a picture so you can see for yourself). The mishmash of textures makes it difficult to portion out the leaves and results in a lot of the small stuff making its way through the infuser of my Bodum YoYo Personal Tea Set with Infuser and 12-Ounce Glass (admittedly, a finer meshed infuser might not have as much of an issue here). Also, the wide range of textures indicates (to me) that these tea leaves might not necessarily have been chosen for inclusion. Instead, it feels like they might just have been leftovers from other processes (that's merely my non-knowledgeable feelings and not based on any hard facts). On a positive note, I will say that the steeped beverage does have a very nice yellowish green color. Overall, though, I have to rate this tea at a not-very-good 2 stars out of 5. A green tea that I do like is Twinings Green Gunpowder Tea, Loose Tea, 3.53-Ounce Tins (Pack of 6).
347096347096B001EQ5OAAA2KQGGZJTJ1CGED. Logan1451189382400Good for Indoor SmokingGreat for making "smoked" ribs in your oven! (But I don't think I'd ever drink the stuff)
347097347097B001EQ5OAAA3THJ7GQR0M37TR. Higgins0341238025600Convenience of Auto DeliveryI find it very convenient to have some of my grocery products automatically delivered to my door. However, when I did postpone an order because I didn't need it yet, it was a problem getting it delivered sooner when I did run out.
347098347098B001EQ5OAAA1CVPBZYFSVIAQt rad "t rad"1611173571200Tastes like a Campfire!!!The product description says, "assertive, dark, smoky fragrance and flavor" and they ain't kiddin'!!! It barely tastes like tea at all... more like they took a cloth, let it hang in campfire smoke for a week, soaked it in hot water and wrung it out into my mug. Seriously!

I've tried taking half of a pinch of this and adding to other tea leaves when I brew a pot. That turns out pretty good. But straight? You'd better like wood smoke!
347099347099B001EQ5OAAA7VNP2A3H72JDGlenda Steffee "GH Steffee"0651188604800Daughter's first choiceMy adult daughter is "into" saving the planet, tigers, water resources, trees, etc. She chose this chai tea after discovering an old tea infuser in the kitchen drawer thinking it would be grand to make tea "the old fashioned way". She realized with the first brewed cup that loose tea has a much fresher, intense flavor than teas in a bag. I doubt that she will go back to using tea bags again and will probably research and request more Stash tea products in the future.
347100347100B001EQ5OAAA196SEEGLL4OGDJ. Singer101031157414400Good, but not greatUnlike most Stash teas, and most premium loose teas in general, this tea is not identified by a region of origin or a method of preparation. Fittingly, the flavor is very typical of unadulterated green tea. Before infusion, the dry leaves smell of sweet hay, but after brewing, the smell and the flavor is a bit more mild and earthy. There are plenty of stems mixed in with the tea leaves, which is disappointing in a "premium" tea. The most important thing I can say about this tea is to only infuse it for 2 - 3 minutes. The recommended infusion time of 3 - 5 minutes is way too long and results in a very bitter cup of tea. Overall, this is a fine tea for the price, but don't expect anything outstanding.

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