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347131347131B001EQ5OAAAT0IKAJJBC86Vkis "simplicity"1151261526400Great Coffee SubstituteCoffee was killing my stomach so I went in search of a healthy organic alternative to my morning ritual and discovered this little treasure. The jasmine is strong and the green tea is superb. And, with less caffeine in my life, I am a much nicer person (chuckle).
347132347132B001EQ5OAAA1GYS4NZQDMUVOA. Palmer1151242000000Great morning teaThis is one of the better Irish Breakfast teas I have tried. I will keep buying it as long as it is offered! The packaging does a good job keeping the tea fresh.
347133347133B001EQ5OAAA3MABADRI0B300C. Yi1121220659200BlandExpected good, full flavor from this tea, recently having finished 2 packets of Japanese Gyokuro. It is bland, and the color of the steeped tea, an unattractive dark brown - with no hint of green.
347134347134B001EQ5OAAA2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"1151216771200Good stuff!!Two level measuring teaspoons makes at least 30 ounces of tea, good strong tea that is highly stimulating. I don't even miss coffee now! Using distilled water makes the best tea in my opinion. I drink the first mug straight and the rest I put soy milk powder in. GOOD STUFF. Will continue to buy this tea.
347135347135B001EQ5OAAA3D9TNJMK7GZYWgcsdls "gcsdls"1151201219200The BEST!!!This has become my favorite Stash tea. I liked the Earl Grey, but the Double Bergamot Earl Grey is twice as good! As to whether or not it tastes like 'real' Earl Grey, who's to say? They're all a little different. But if you like Earl Grey, this is DEFINITELY worth a try.
347136347136B001EQ5OAAAI959626J3RK3murlburt "SmartConsumer"1151198713600Delicious teaI'm a fan of flowery teas and this is definitely a wonderful addition to my tea assortment...and a great value!
347137347137B001EQ5OAAA1PVQTIU3JXBZ1Noesis1141198368000YummyI have tried several incarnations of this tea, both in bags and loose. Numi's loose version is cut bigger, which means less sediment, but I prefer Stash's smaller resealable bags.
I really like the sweet taste and often mix honeybush with rooibos.
347138347138B001EQ5OAAA1VYHEP4HDGJ4CA. Lientz "lientz"1141194393600Solid strong teaGood wake up tea. Solid flavor. Requires a fine strain on your tea cup. It's a fine cut of tea and will get bitter if you overbrew.
347139347139B001EQ5OAAA32SK8XY51OQFRPam "Tea freak"1151191974400Stash English Breakfast TeaAlway a Irish Breakfast fan, I was surprised I enjoyed this tea so much. Found myself choosing it over much more sophisticated teas. Nice, basic, very drinkable tea.
347140347140B001EQ5OAAA3IKZU52IAXVI9C. H. Walker1151190160000Tasty and Good for You!This is the perfect morning perk me up. The tea brews nicely and has just a hint of jasmine flavors (not overpowering at all).
347141347141B001EQ5OAAA282SV3AIUE154K. Feucht "OncoDoc"2351291334400Good productMost Earl Grey teas taste similar. This product has a sense of freshness that reflects Earl Grey at its best, and is reasonably priced. To those who do not regularly use loose tea, the tea bag (Teebeutel, sachet) definitely does not taste as crisp and refreshing as the comparable tea when brewed as loose tea.
347142347142B001EQ5OAAA1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"2351224720000Vegan Organic Kosher ChoiceVegan. Organic. Kosher. Nice beautiful loose leaf jasmine tea. Great for brewing a cup at a time with an infuser or for larger amounts with my TeaDrop. Loose leaf tea is very economical even for premium brands compared to tea bags. Bulk loose tea is also typically better than the powdered teas used for tea bags. Stash is a leading organic tea brand. You can also make any amount using a method common in India by adding the tea leaves into roiling boil water in a pot on the stove for a 3-7 minutes (to taste) and then using a strainer to remove the tea leaves. Longer boiling makes darker tea, but any tea can also become more bitter if boiled longer or too long this way. It is also not advisable to leave the tea leaves in the tea after boiling for the same reason. Use a timer and boil a test batch. Dip a ladle and pour through a strainer into tasting cups at one minute intervals. Set them aside and taste test after finished. Choose your preferred time and strength for future use. This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" in Listmania. Your "helpful" votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.
347143347143B001EQ5OAAA1D3E0AU6BNG4Dlrh0041342915200Its good!!*rolls eyes at other reviewer* of course its going to smell like a campfire they roast the tea over pine and its awesome!!! I love this tea, but their suggestion of one teaspoon is a bit conservative for black tea you usually do one tablespoon per cup not a teaspoon, its up to preference but i love this tea and the fact that it reminds me of camping is a plus! it makes me feel good, and it tastes great too!
347144347144B001EQ5OAAA227E8U5TLDWPPatricia A. Lesniak0051340582400Decaf Chai spiced loose teaThis is the only brand which I could find that sells decaf chai as loose leaf tea. It is delicious also.
347145347145B001EQ5OAAAIOYMXZNIE4ZNLazySAHM0051340150400Decent tea for a moderately picky tea loverI am not a real connoisseur of loose teas, but I do like decent black tea with no added flavors, just loose black tea like indian or ceylon teas or maybe some blends like irish or english breakfast. This is a perfect example - relatively inexpensive but good tasting with full, rich flavor. Perfect for someone who would not settle for teabags, but is also not into exquisite expensive teas.
347146347146B001EQ5OAAA21XUSS7STBPPYLaurence E. Spaner "Lee Spaner"0041339632000Jasmine Green Tea.Stash has done a fine packaging job on its organic green teas.Whether they are the gunpowder which I like(more fond of the Twinings gunpowder).
That being said the Stash Premium Organic Jasmine Green has to be ranked right up there with Rishi Jasmine.If you are familiar with Rishi.
Republic of Tea Jasmine, is better than both of these.However if you are LQQking for a tea that is in a great package,easy to store,easy on the pocketbook and still delivers,then this is the one.Is it the greatest jasmine in the world,no of course not,but it is enough of a great tea for everyday drinking in and out all year long.
Even the best of teas need some time off,but with this one i am never disappointed.
Two minutes brew time at 175 temp, and it doesn't get bitter,and can make a second great cup minus the caffeine.Remember all the caffeine goes into the first cup.You can avoid the caffeine altogether by giving it a flush for 30 seconds in a cup of 175 degree water and then removing the brewing basket.Thanx
347147347147B001EQ5OAAA2QM9IE3S9ZZL3Jo Anne Pitcher "JoAnne"0051338076800Great teaI wanted some Stash Earl Grey Double bergamot tea for my Keurig. It doesn't come all nicely wrapped in its own little K-cup, but it IS loose tea and if you have the attachment to brew your own cuppa, this works great.
347148347148B001EQ5OAAA7BO1FF6K0PEATrini0041334880000It's okayNot really the best tea but not awful either. It is good if you just feel for a cup of tea and don't have anything else.
347149347149B001EQ5OAAA2U4YO4IY98IB7M. Thomas "M. Thomas"0051333065600Good stuffBack to buy more. Love this tea! I have had a lot of different green tea, jasmine green tea is my favorite, and this is my favorite jasmine green tea of any that I've tried. Great quality and flavor! LOVVVVE IT!
347150347150B001EQ5OAAA1V05GCUK5VF1GNikki R.0051331769600My Boyfriend Loves ItI'm not an Earl Grey fan myself, but I bought this for my Earl Grey fanatic boyfriend. He says it tastes different than Twinnings, but he loves it just the same.
347151347151B001EQ5OAAAF3ARXQTCC4B4Ben0021331337600Pretty badpros:
+ resistant to overbrewing (getting bitter) when left to steep for long periods of time

- very little smell or taste
- cannot re-brew, even once; a good green tea can be re-brewed twice for a total of three brews
- about twice as expensive as my previous green tea, which is far superior in every way except for the overbrewing issue noted above

i'm going back to my previous tea:
347152347152B001EQ5OAAA1V1I97UQ82WK4gagunter0051328918400Great Decaffeinated ChaiMy wife drinks 4-5 cups of hot decaf chai every week. We found the decaf version of any brand was hard to find in local stores, so I went to my trusty Amazon and found this product. It tastes good, she can drink at night with no sleep problems and we've ordered it regularly from Amazon over the past year and a half.
347153347153B001EQ5OAAA1P8KV7CYBX3APMorgan Avery0051326844800A great dealI recently started drinking loose tea instead of bags. I was buying the jars from my health food store, but they are pretty expensive. I am always looking for a better deal, so when I found these on Amazon, I decided to get them. I gave one to my mom, and one to my brother. I kept one for myself and I think it is going to last me awhile. Since I don't know all that much about teas, I can't comment much on the quality but as far as I know it is good! It seems comparable to the same stuff I got in the smaller jars. Recommend :)
347154347154B001EQ5OAAA3UR5KVANJF2W3Yooper Gal "bird watcher"0041326412800E.G. teaNice light earl grey flavor. pleasant aroma. Use filtered water for cleanest refreshing flavor.I make it in a coffee maker that has never made coffee to keep the flavor pure. Decent cup of tea for the price.
347155347155B001EQ5OAAA2MQ6I7OOCTHZDE. Foote0051323820800Excellent teaThis tea is absolutely delicious, my husband and I love it. It's very smooth and subtly sweet, and especially good mixed with a little green rooibos and a bit of white tea for a touch of caffeine. I haven't noticed any sediment in my cup at all from it yet. I have no complaints, I'm turning into a regular drinker and am signed up for Subscribe & Save. Highly recommended.
347156347156B001EQ5OAAA3DRFWD0NBIW73MovieGuy0051317168000It's heavy on the Bergamont people!Stash Premium Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea, Loose Leaf, 3.5-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 3)

This is a very nice double Bergamot, if you don't like Bergamot stay away, if you don't like Earl Grey stay away
It's heavy on the Bergamot people! That's why they call it DOUBLE BERAMONT EARL GREY.

The Upton Tea loose Extra Bergamot is a good alternative also. But for the price this is a good one. Loose, or in bags it's a nice tea.
347157347157B001EQ5OAAA16DKF41U2RBMPKocur0051316822400Great quality teaThis is one of the best English Breakfast (loose) tea I have ever tasted. The flavor is very good and certainly $5 per bag is worth to buy it. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed!
347158347158B001EQ5OAAAI45MQMDG3FLBcindyanne0051316044800Love itI love this tea by itself or combined in my own Russian Caravan blend. Assam combined with hint of Lapsang Souchong and an oolong is delicious. I like knowing exactly what teas are in a blend. Most purchased blends do not give details on their labels.
347159347159B001EQ5OAAA2SF1TJBQZR3JWRahul Ashok0051310256000Excellent English Breakfast TeaI have been searching for the 'right' balanced English Breakfast Tea for a few years now. Other than actual English Teas from London, England, it was very difficult to find a rich and aromatic English Breakfast.

After trying out at least 20 different varieties, including some very expensive brands, I've found this to be the perfect cuppa in the morning. Personally, loose leaf seems to taste a lot better to me, and I've not tried the tea-bag variety on this one.

Hope others enjoy this tea as much as I have.

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