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347191347191B004O626OOA3CG93783LP0FOYarii0051349395200A little BOLD but very smoothI used to hate coffee. Now the more I drink, I'm wanting a little bolder flavor. This French brew is on the bold side, yet very smooth and I don't notice any bitterness at all. The aroma when it's brewing in the machine reminds me of the wonderful aroma on a plane when the flight attendants first turn the coffeemakers on. This flavor seems to have a tiny bit of chocolatey flavor at the finish just like the Viennese CBTL. The more I drink this one, the more it tastes LIKE the Viennese but bolder. CBTL Viennese Brew Coffee Capsules By The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, 10-Count Box (Pack of 3).
347192347192B000GIKT8OA32BM1CZ627MVJRuhama "Bibliophilia"0051294876800Pet DishI bought three of the available colors, and am very happy with this product. These dishes are easy to clean and very attractive no matter the setting for feeding a pet. Perfect size for one can of Fancy Feast, and the inside of the dish is vertical so that food does not get pushed out.
347193347193B000KOWOSMA1R32O4PU41B07MoonChild "MC"2241223596800Green TeaWe have tried several green teas and we find this one to be the best tasting. It also has a good price point when we take advantage of the auto ordering.
347194347194B000KOWOSMA1XDJMACZ0M0WCarolyn1151254009600LOVELYWHAT A GREAT TASTING TEA AND SO ECONOMICAL! This is like the green tea I had in England. I LOVE IT!!
347195347195B000KOWOSMA3J4ANKW6D21L9Marilyn N. Fiegl0051322179200Tetley is my favorite!My favorite Tetley Decaffinated Green Tea has disappeared from my local grocery shelves. I'm so glad to find it on Amazon, and in packs of six. Thanks, Amazon!
347196347196B000KOWOSMA1NPHTLFOJIG3RMonaK0051315872000My Favorite Green TeaI enjoy green tea but the caffeine will keep me up at night. This is by far my favorite decaffeinated green tea. It is not available at any stores near me. I have generally purchase a box or two when I went to visit family in the DC/Maryland area but ran out in between visits. I decided it was time for me to buy my own. I found the best price on Amazon. The only disadvantage, and I am not decreasing my rating for it, is that I had to purchase 6 boxes which will take me a while to go through so I hope the tea stays good through the end!
347197347197B000KOWOSMAIW78UKN585LKZanzara0051312243200decaf green teaThis decaf green tea made by Tetley is quite good. Lately I have been hearing more about how good green tea is for you so I was glad to find this product here on Amazon for a good price.
347198347198B000KOWOSMA2VPANUXW4OBLXPhyllis "Gr8FindsOnline"0111270598400Tea is terrific but Amazon dropped the ballTetley decaffeinated greet tea is the best tasting tea I have found. When I ordered it on amazon through their subscription program, they sent ONE box of tea, not a pack of six. For $22+ that was very expensive tea. They refilled the order and again only one box of tea was sent. I'm not comfortable trying to order it again. I look forward to hearing of other people who placed their orders and did receive a pack of 6 boxes of tea for this order. Amazon refunded my purchase price and let me keep the two boxes of tea by the way. The only reason I gave this one star was because of the order fulfillmet problems. Amazon is terrific and Tetley tea is the best. Phyllis @ Gr8FindsOnline
347199347199B004CHQ8BMA1Y0RRH7R2IP5Ccareful shopper1131313193600Cut flower sleeves, smallThe sleeves work for putting cut flowers in a nice clear sleeeve if you don't mind that the bottom is open.
They are small as the description says but exact measurements would be useful & that the bottom is not sealed.
347200347200B0014EQILQAQ52JX9ES6XYYChris S.2241296777600fat-free AND next-best thing to sodium free!Broths or stocks have become ubiquitous in homestyle cooking, but many of us want to limit fat and sodium. Fat-free broths such as this one are widely available, thank goodness (and you can make almost any broth fat-free yourself, just by chilling it, removing the top of the container, and discarding the fat which will have risen to the top).

But it's pretty hard to find decent low-sodium broths, partly because it's cheaper for food companies to add salt than to flavor their product any other way. Swanson's used to have fat-free, sodium-free broths that I swore by, but I literally can't find them anymore.

This is the next best thing. Both this and the chicken version let you drastically cut back on the salt in what is, let's face it, the most voluminous ingredient in most of your cooking.

Since studies suggest that average Americans eat at least twice the safe amount of sodium each day, and since high sodium intake is associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other health issues, these 50%-reduced-sodium broths can make a big difference for all of us. Way to go!! Now, if only we could get the sodium free versions??!! :)
347201347201B0014EQILQAMHGJFEG2UINSarahNewlife "Sarah N."1121326326400Taste like Caramel?!My favorite, sodium-free, organic beef broth only comes in cans so I switched back to Swanson's. What a mistake. First of all, this brand has 440mg of sodium per cup (compared to 130mg for the organic brand) but it still has lots of extra ingredients to make up for the the 50% sodium that's removed. I had a hard time finding a list of ingredients before I purchased so I'll make it easy for you.

Ingredients: Beef Stock.
Contains less than 2% of the following: Yeast Extract, MSG, Caramel Color, Maltodextrin, Glycerine, Onion Juice Concentrate, Beef Extract, Flavoring, Gum Arabic, Disodium Inosinate, Sodium Guanylate, Triglycerides, Vegetable Oil, Xanthan Gum, Soy Lecithin.

I never thought I'd say MSG WASN'T the worst thing about a food product, but in this case it's not. This broth is terribly watered down and the dominate taste is CARAMEL, not beef. I don't remember having this problem with Swanson's broth several years ago. All I can suggest is that you taste a plain, heated cup of this stuff before you buy a dozen and put it in your cooking. I found it gives an odd, dark and bitter taste to my dishes. Bon Appetit!
347202347202B0014EQILQAG8MNSC4D95BErpsedona0011338854400leaky packageI use Natural Goodness lots, so I thought this subscription would save some trips to the store. What I got instead was an hour cleaning carpeting and tile floor. Never such a mess. I'll only buy cans for shipping from now on!!
347203347203B0014EQILQAIQLQL7ACBLNPS. meyer "Skye"0041303689600great buyI'm going on a camping trip and wanted to have enough broth with me for soup-making on the trip. This is perfect. It lasts well in a frig, and the taste is good. There are brands that have more flavor, but I think the low salt is the reason. The pour caps on the ones I got come off -- don't know why. That's never happened when I buy it in the stores, but it's a minor problem when considering the cost.
347204347204B0051NGI4IA3MDETK0D5UAINxoxo "woodfairy"0031331078400Forget the cookies. The cups are awesome!If the cookies had been edible I might have given more stars for this item. They were a bit fuzzy like the title says. And the smell was offending. They smelled of mold and crumbled. Besides you only get a handful and they are about quarter size or smaller. But the cups are awesome. I did not expect them to be so thick and heavy. The straw is also made of heavy acrylic. I am sure they will last if properly cared for. The only downer is they are so heavy they actually look like and feel like glass so I am not sure if they will break or crack if dropped.
347205347205B00126GCXAAYDUQA7B3MPQVBryan Focht0051295049600absolutely yummyI purchased two of these. One for me and one for my parents. We both thought they were delicious. My parents like them so much they order a set for other family members as christmas gifts.

You just have to make sure some one is home when they deliver because they must be refrigerated immediately upon arrival.
347206347206B00019MMNIA3AUTVLZDZ6GOGAmy Wyman0051348876800Excellent broth for vegan and gluten-free meals, like phoTasty and delicious. Has good flavor without having to make veggie broth from scratch. This complements the mushroom broth well.
347207347207B001EQ59C8AK5QCQL1GFSQYSomeone2231316131200HH CB Mac Microwave Meals Amazon MealsNearly finished the several boxes within a few days of getting them. I was the only one eating them as I am a starving student on a very limited income. These small meals help me to survive and now I am ordering other foods that are more fulfilling. I would not recommend these meals, especially if you are on a limited budget for food. Go for items that are bigger in size.
347208347208B001EQ59C8AKK49Y5DWSENDZombieLuv2241203292800Well, it's for the kids...As a Mom to 3 kids I'm not a fan of these quick meals really. BUT on the other hand as an after school snack or a night time quick snack it's OK for the kids. I think the smell is repulsive and the thought of eating dehydrated meat is NASTY but my boys LOVE this junk. They eat it right up. That's kids for you though, anything junky, hahaha. If you're kids eat things like mac n cheese or hamburger helper in the skillet they will like this, it's just not for me personally.
347209347209B001EQ59C8A34BFOXOM87TCYAuliya "An Avid Reader"1121194393600Easy, but not-so-tasty.No matter what combination of water and microwaving I use, I can not make the noodles pleasant and soft like the stovetop version of Hamburger Helper.

Quite honestly, this product is not turning out to be very palatable, which is a crying shame given that I bought it here in bulk.

On the upside, as it is, it will do in a pinch, and it's more satisfying and marginally healthier - but only marginally healthier - than, say, potato chips or other "junk" foods.
347210347210B001EQ59C8A36PBOTIUXHQYAScarlet19822351275868800It Tastes Exactly Like the Real Thing...I purchased this at a local food store. I ate this for a quick lunch at work. I made 2 packages and cooked it at 5 and a half minutes. After taking it back to my desk and letting it sit about 5 minutes, it was perfect. It was the right consistency and the noodles were just fine. To me it tasted like to real deal.

I think you have to be a Hamburger Helper fan to really like this product. If you don't like it made in the pan, don't try this because you will be disappointed.
347211347211B001EQ59C8A2S0UVZ1O4GJ8OC. Zack0051325030400Can't get this in stores near meMy son loves this and it can rarely be found in stores in my area. Unfortunately, he is a teenager, so a single pouch does not satisfy him - needs to make 2 at a time. He loves it and its convenient.
347212347212B001EQ59C8A1M5VXVTC42MCRMia0051314748800I love this stuff...I agree with the other reviewers that say you need to like the stovetop Hamburger Helper in order to like this. Now if you do and if you're like me and you have a tendency of eating the WHOLE pan in a frighteningly short amount of time, these are the perfect thing for you. They're delicious!!! High in sodium (but what quick microwavable meal isn't?), but as long as these aren't the only thing you're eating all day, I doubt you'll have an issue with it. I personally love these little packets and I am so glad to find that Amazon still stocks them because none of my local stores do anymore.
347213347213B001EQ59C8A1RNKP4W75FOJESydney Portis0051267142400yummy!!!This product is delicious. Its fast and easy to cook. Stores here in Los Angeles stopped selling it so I had found it here....yummy!!
347214347214B001EQ59C8A3RTC17QVQGML7readerrocker "bookworm & an old-time rock n r...0041227484800My 12-year old son LOVES this stuff.I don't think it looks or smells particularly appealing, and I have not tasted it. My son, however, thinks it's darn near the best stuff in the world.

After he had some at a friend's house and came home raving about it, I (reluctantly) bought a box for his use as an after-school snack. According to him, it's the kind of quick food that staves off after-school hunger so severe that it will actually kill a 12-year old boy if he doesn't counteract it by eating something the second he arrives home. (After all, dinner is still a couple hours away; FAR too long to save a hungry, growing boy from complete starvation.)

At his request, I bought him a box of Cheeseburger Mac Hamburger Helper Microwave Singles at our local grocery store. A few weeks later I went back, intending to purchase more. Unfortunately, they were out. I asked a store clerk when they would have it back in stock and was told that *that* product would no longer be carried. None of the flavors. We have two grocery stores in our town; I checked the other grocery store with the same result.

Odd. Unfortunate. I suspect that this may prove to be one of those products that just don't make it, for some reason.

Too bad. It's great kid-quick food, food that they can make themselves, food they will eat and not toy with before tossing away, and food that actually has a modicum of food value to it instead of a load of completely empty calories.

So I'm going online to buy up a bunch of this product before disappears completely.
347215347215B001EQ59C8AYU404OSVUXQ2Jen0031214697600can be good if veeerrrrrrrry hungryi actually got a free sample packet in the mail. i should not have followed the directions. my bowl was very hot i had to use pot holders to take it out, and the sauce was dried up around the noodles, and the noodles were still hard. maybe because i was super hungry but through the crunching and chewing, it had some flavor. i figure if i actually do buy this instead of nuking it (which i really am not a fan of microwaving anything) i will prepare it stovetop, with 3/4 cup of close to but not boiling water then throw in the pack and stir and cover. i figure with a cover, the steaming process will make the noodles softer. in the microwave there was just the bowl with no lid, and all the water just evaporated.

Another thing i want to say, is i was ready to give this stuff another chance until, i read the nutrition label and saw there is trans fat in it! why on earth there needs to be trans fat in a product geared at growing bodies i have no idea. oh please hamburger helper, make a trans fat free version. until then, my arteries are frowning at you!
347216347216B002BQZSJYAAV4XRE5MTFR4Rupattee Mahabir2251322352000AWESOMEthis monster is reallly great mostly when its cold i highly recommend it if you like cherrys or monster or both
347217347217B002BQZSJYA1JH3CVR3UO2ILnorman0051331078400So Deliciousbest taste of energy drink in the market,the juice inside smell so delicious the only bad thing it`s hard to find it in the market but it`s available at any gas station almost .
347218347218B000UAPCR6A7YMD8MSOBO1ISharon Beverly6641276473600Decorating Made EasyI bake and decorate more cookies than the Cookie Monster can eat at holiday time. Although I can make and use my own products, I can't do it with the ease of this one. It is more costly than a do-it-yourself variety, but oh, the convenience.

I buy several colors. The white can be used alone, to soften the shades of other colors, or even to create custom designs. To do that, allow the white color to flow onto your cookie, spreading it with a toothpick. Now, you can put just one, or several small drops of color onto the white icing. Gently draw the colored icing drops through the white icing to create designs, swirls, even initials.

Initially, I warm the bottles up (remove the caps first) in the microwave. If you are doing a lot of designing, the icing will not flow easily as it cools. To solve that problem, put your icing bottles into a rectangular, plastic container that has a few inches of very warm water in it. Meanwhile, keep your four-cup, glass measuring container filled and simmering in the microwave. As soon as the water for your icing bottles, chills, remove the cold water and put in the warmer water.

Be cautious to not heat the bottles too much. If you do, the color will run out and not in a small flow.

Sometimes I use Wilton's sparkly colored sugars. Apply them while the icing is still wet. When doing that, you will get a pastel shade by using the white icing, but if you want an intense color, use the same color Wilton icing as that of the sugar.

This is an excellent product for children and adults. The results will make you proud of your baked goods.
347219347219B000UAPCR6A21ESIT8E234BOslb "sb"5541259712000Perfect for Gingerbread CookiesThis is the perfect item to decorate gingerbread cookies. You simply warm it up, then add to your cookies. It dries fast and hard. Plus, what's left can be reheated again for next time.
347220347220B000UAPCR6A300O267PMRMPMA. Darling4441262822400So easy!This icing is so easy to use and just a quick time in the microwave lasts for an hour plus. It definitely lasts for longer than one-two dozen cookies if you use it as decoration icing, as opposed to covering the whole cookie. I make my own glacee icing to cover the cookie and then use this to do letters, outlines, designs, etc. so I don't have to bother with an icing bag and to ensure cleaner piping. Knocked it down one star because it is pricey, but you're paying to save time and effort.

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