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347251347251B000FFIL60A3B87PEZW8VD1ONothing matters3421306886400Those other good ratings are misleadingFirst, this tea smells like synthetic jasmine. Purely chemical induced. Secondly, once you let the tea sit and become room temperature, it begins to change its smell to something like urine. I hate to leave such a poor rating, especially saying that it smells like urine, but what else can I do? I love jasmine and drink it solely, everyday, but this is probably the worst tea I have purchased. I guess you have to look at it this way. If you're going to pay such a small price, compared to a pound of tea elsewhere, then you can assume that the saying you get what you pay for is going probably be true. In my opinion, it is in this case.
347252347252B000FFIL60A2HDGW5HX8V3UWOyster King2341181606400Good TeaThis Jasmine Pearl tea is good on quality, also on bulk price! Ligering scent and sweet taste/aftertaste will drive Jasmine tea lover crazy~~~
347253347253B000FFIL60A39CDIJQNPLA5Wanton2g0051341187200Delicious tea for cheapGreat tasting tea. Really good quality. Great price per ounce (about half the price that I could find anywhere else). Can be rebrewed up to three times per directions (so it lasts a while). The only downside is you have to buy 1 pound of tea, that's a whole lot. If you can afford it, or split it with someone then this is a great deal.
347254347254B000FFIL60A1EEOZHKMXI6QSD. M. Morgan "D"0041337558400Great valueNot the best tea that I have had, but much better than any other one that I have been able to find in the US. This tea has a lot of Jasmine scent that continues to give through multiple steeps. When the pearls unfurl you can see that the leaves are very fresh. Also the tea is powerful enough that you do not need very many beads per cup.

One issue I have is that when steeping there will be little particles that come off. It is not a terribly large amount, however it is more than the better teas. The other issue I have is that when opening and closing this bag to get the tea, you're letting in and out a lot of air, reducing the potency. You should put a certain amount for your daily use into an airtight container to reduce the # of times you open the bag.

All in all, this is a very good value and I do recommend it to anyone, and everyone, that enjoys tea. Since it is in bulk, spread the joy by sharing with friends and family.
347255347255B000FFIL60A3FUBMYH8R5QLCPatriot Lady0041337212800Jasmine pearls tea!As an avid tea drinker of jasmine pearls green tea, this product is a great value. The tea has a nice flavor and can be steeped for 2-3 cups of tea. At this price it's hard to beat. I would purchase this again and shipping was fast and easy!
347256347256B000FFIL60A3P3MV4BV78TROT. Zhang0051328918400It smells goodI love Jasmine smell and green tea a lot. This one gives the best combination. The most important, it is the cheapest Jasmine Pearls I can get online. I hope the price can be even cheaper.
347257347257B000FFIL60A28Y1M7GRG0I9MReal Comments "Lin"0041318464000Quality TeaI would recommend it. Quality pearls and a few make a strong, tasty tea. I have bought the Numi Loose Leaf ones which is cheaper, but it's not worth the saving. Buy this one and you will have quality, aromatic tea.
347258347258B000FFIL60A3BC8DFJY8CKS6vansic350051315958400Perfect Start to Each DayAfter living in Beijing where I could find enough amazing quality loose leaf tea to drown myself in, I returned to the US to be sorely disappointed at the lack of diversity and quality in my area. After searching through Amazon, I found one brand (that shall remain nameless), that was rated, and priced, above the rest. Then I stumbled upon Numi Jasmine Pearls Tea! For the price, I thought I would give it a go, and I must say the tea exceeds my expectations. First of all, a whole pound for the price is very reasonable. As soon as the bag is opened, the wonderful smell of Jasmine wafts up towards you. Unlike the 1T that Numi recommends, I use half that for my 10oz tea mug ([....]) and can steep it twice. The taste is smooth and very enjoyable. Would highly recommend!
347259347259B000FFIL60A1THF4RDQW1SDMsquidink0051312156800Great ValueThis tea is fresh and tastes great. It's right on par with quality of Jasmine Pearls found at specialty stores. Bonus: At $43, nearly half the price of what you'll find in those stores. Sample the style first at your local store and if you like the flavor, buy it here in bulk. That pound goes a long way.
347260347260B000FFIL60A3CFRS5MES4I85sixthzenz0041304035200Price is right!For the price you really can't beat this. I've had better jasmine pearls, but they were much more expensive. I'm pleased with this product and it's price enough to continue wanting to purchase more.
347261347261B000FFIL60A3CB9E76Z69509David E. Holtzinger0041271894400Good bang for the buckJasmine Perl is expensive tea. Numi is reasonably priced and is pretty good. I'm no expert. Rishi is the only other brand of Jasmine Perl I've tried. Numi isn't quite as good but it is much less expensive. Price vs quality in this case wins.
347262347262B000FFIL60A1W54AZZNUC9BROvis Bags0051270080000Numi Jasmine Pearls TeaThis tea is so delicate and smooth and delightful. Very calming, relaxing, and flavorful. It slows my pace at work and helps me calm down--it reminds me of my stay in the cabin on Lake Superior one summer, the first time I ever had this tea. Truly delightful. The item came quickly and was well packed and in perfect condition.
347263347263B000FFIL60A1AHW59M67D376S. Martin0051269216000Great smell and tasteThis is a reorder as I like the smell and taste of this tea first thing in the morning.
347264347264B000FFIL60A26I0CWGLHKK6KC. Moore0051267833600Incredible!this tea is exceptional and more delicious than can be put into words. give it a try - numi has steeping directions on their website to ensure a perfect cup. you will not regret it. very fragrant, tasty, and soothing. this is zen!
347265347265B000FFIL60A3C1XX2SYVTDJ3A. Vartanian "AV"0051265155200Amazing tea!This tea is amazing. Look no further for high-quality jasmine pearl tea. I bought mine from Amazon in December of 2007 and I'm less than 75% of the way through the bag now, over two years later. I am extremely surprised that the tea has stayed fresh this long. Will order again later this year once it runs out. I just throw half a dozen or so balls in a cup of water and it opens up and sinks to the bottom. So no need for bags here! Highly recommended!
347266347266B000FFIL60A37X04WGWY6J8PSandra Townsnd Merrill "Sandra"0051256774400Best Jasmine teaWe love this tea. It is great strong or weak. It has little caffeine if used weak. It has a clear taste, not bitter.
347267347267B000FFIL60A225SGHBYDD1XXSandra Townsnd Merrill0051243382400Best Tea ever...I like this tea,because there is very little caffein if you use only 10 pearls. It has a nice refreshing taste. Other brands do not taste as nice. My guests have always said, this is the best ever.
347268347268B000FFIL60AKOF0ZHXT66KIsunshine330051232496000The best green tea!This is my favorite tea. The taste and the smell of the tea is wonderful. I love that you can re-use the tea a couple of times. I will buy this tea again.
347269347269B000FFIL60A2NXPEVPFAYN1ZK. L. Hughes0051199836800Perfect PearlsThis Jasmine is perfect, just the right amount of scent, taste and when I over brew it does not get bitter.
347270347270B000FFIL60A1SQWU5EX85IDYRobert1241325462400Good, not great.This tea is pretty good, but definitely not the best jasmine pearl tea I've had.

Unfortunately this is actually only "jasmine scented" according to the package itself.

I do appreciate the fact that it is organic tea, and the taste is good.

For the price, the tea is a good purchase, but I would suggest spending a little bit more and getting a better tasting tea.
347271347271B000FFIL60A3PD80PD7Q5VXTD. Stewart "Head Doc"1231202601600OK, just not greatThis tea was tasty, but not great. I've had better loose leaf (although not pearls), but I've lost that supplier. Guess I'll just keep looking for a more floral, smooth tea.
347272347272B000FFIL60A3BN90C7K8EQYXLotte Weinstein "Tea Tippler"0151199664000Best tea ever!!!Numi Jasmine Pearl tea. It calms me down and it energizes me, all at the same time! And I love the taste.
347273347273B000FFIL60A3JQ8HR452J13KElizabeth Talerman0141198108800Great ValueI love Jasmine tea and this tea is priced quite nicely for lovely, flavorful Jasmine Pearls.
347274347274B000FFIL60A21TAJGNDZGIQSzackandkaties mom0251170633600new tea drinker and this one has me SOLD on teait was a little expensive but well worth it.

it lasts allday long or several teapots
347275347275B005K5GMQGA24BKLJYKZ31K4Amy0051326240000Love it!!It is a gift for my co- workers.. They love all the nuts and enjoy them so much.. Thank you
347276347276B003MX1BFUA2NFN9JRKFFCT6praymor4me1151314748800hot pepper?if you like heat, you'll love these! they are about the same heat as a serano pepper. i like those. the seller here sent it in excellent condition and before estamated date. i will use sparingly, as there are times i crave the heat's effect on my tongue. they're good for that crave!
347277347277B003MX1BFUAZM6HJUK4GPELEllie Rivers0051341878400Great sport peppersThese Vienna sport peppers are perfect for Chicago dogs. Definately spicey but not too hot. I caught the kids sneaking them right out of the jar.
347278347278B003MX1BFUA1F53C8C085GKMElleBella0041323734400Timely ServiceI bought these because I love hotdogs. I wanted to experience having a Chicago-dog alas I need sport peppers. I received my sport peppers in a timely manner and they were bubble wrapped.
347279347279B00161DVFSA3DXM0ED4RZDSXM. Pass "Arahatchee"2251218844800Go Tony!A spicy blend of creole seasoning that can be used instead of salt on any meat, fish , poultry, vegetable, soup or starch. It livens up the dish like a Zydeco saturday night.
347280347280B00161DVFSA376MGHOLJY0C5D. Williams "aka, Digital Monk"1151258502400Truly good on everything!We discovered this seasoning around 1999 when we moved to Pensacola. Hard to find in northern grocery stores but happy to see it available thru Amazon! Since moving back up north, every time we visit the south, we buy at least a half dozen cans of this stuff to hold us for a while ;-) Forget the regular version - you have to use "More Spice" to really get good seasoning without too much salt. Great on just about everything - meats, veggies, pizza, eggs, burgers, soups, and on and on (not sure about ice cream although I can't say I've tried it - yet ;-) If you're only going to have one seasoning on the table or by the stove, it's got to be Tony's More Spice!
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