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347311347311B001M074LKA34OZ261SP7CU9Earl D. Wallace0051304640000Melitta Coffee PodsWas very leery of this product. Tried it and found it to be more than what I needed for my taste.
347312347312B001M074LKA4DUBDZ6OYJ7OCandace P. Phinney0021296172800Different packaging, different coffeeBeware - if you used Go Hazelnuts coffee before and order this coffee it will not be the same and will not look the same. The current picture (brown box) does not accurately represent the actual coffee that is now being made by Melitta. This coffee is much stronger than the previous blend.
347313347313B001M074LKA2LPCFYZ5WJL2HMargaret Harkless0211293753600doesn't work with Tassimo machinedo not buy any Melitta pods if you have a Tassimo machine. They claim these work in all single serve pod machines but they don't! And note that "grocery" items are not returnable to Amazon!! FYI....
347315347315B000FCH3Q2A3QY8ACXDRQJQEsusieofutah1131318377600Pineapple Jelly?--They Must Be Kidding.Very misleading to call this pineapple "jelly". This is more like pineapple syrup with chunks. It is probably impossible to get pineapple to jel, due to the enzymes in it. Mr. BarryFarm ought to give it up. Very disappointed.
347316347316B000FCH3Q2A2M45AJ5802EN5Sarah Martin0021308787200disappointedIt took a long time to ship. The jelly was extremly sweet and short on the pineapple taste. Between the price of the product and the cost of shipping it was a "high priced disappointment". Won't make that mistake again!
347317347317B0012DRT08AI7H1MLK6USYTKimberly Darron "CakeLady"1911214265600Very DisappointedFirst of all the shipping charges are ridiculous. $10+ to ship something that is 1.5 lbs? Give me a break. Second they shipped me the wrong thing, they gave me the flourescent colors, and there is 2 of each color. I mean why would I want small bottles of 2 of each color? It would be more cost effective just to buy a big bottle of each. I am trying the americolors because they seem to get such rave reviews, and I wanted a small sample pack before I went out and blew a ton of money on them.

I will be sending them back, and asking them to send me the correct ones that I ordered. I will check back and let you know how it goes...
347318347318B001IW7UPWA8M7ANUE1D6YEElizabeth S. Wood0051292976000Diet root beerWe first tried this root beer (Saranac) when we were visiting our daughter in Rome, NY. Since then, that root beer is the only kind we like. Whenever we go up there (from Florida) we buy a couple of cases. I wish we could find it down here, but we can't. I am so glad I found this on! Five stars, for sure!
347319347319B0052ENDG2A2FUJQMMVTXER7Dave0051347667200Perfect for mochas and hot chocolatesI use this chocolate powder with my Mr. Coffee Latte machine to make near coffee-shop quality mochas at home. I've tried several different chocolates, both sweetened and unsweetened (with sugar or Splenda), and this stuff produces by far the best-tasting result I've found so far. I like that it's already sweetened perfectly, so that I have one less ingredient to try to get just right in the morning.

It also makes exceptional hot chocolates - be sure to use steamed or frothed milk as the base, not water.

Buying this powder from the manufacturer's website in a tiny canister with a tinier sealed 9 oz bag stuffed inside is a complete ripoff and joke (I did that only once to simply try it out first), but this 3-lb bag is convenient and lasts a while, plus the pricing on Amazon very affordable. I plan to use the "subscribe & save" feature as soon as my first bag is gone and I figure out the ideal frequency for my needs.
347320347320B001LM5TJIAHA0IID9F9SASEmily J. Wallace0021304985600Not what I exptectedThis was very unlike manchego I've had before. Very sharp and almost had a bleu cheese taste to it. Next time I'll buy cheese at the grocery or specialty store like a normal person.
347321347321B002PNWU5IA3R7ATFBOPRY9FDolly1118851301702400It's Fondarific!Love this stuff, very easy to work with and reasonably priced. The Wilton stuff is like rubber and hard to roll out thin enough. I had no trouble with this. It also was not too sticky which was the problem I ran into when I used the Duff stuff. So far this is the best fondant I have used. It really doesn't dry out so if you want your pieces to stiffen up quickly or become completely hard you will need to mix in gumtex or gumpaste to accomplish that. I love this stuff. The black color was truely jet black too.
347322347322B002PNWU5IA35T91UMGDNUCBK. Chinalski "Ladiesofthehouse"6651301616000Excellent fondant!I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this fondant was to work with and it tasted very good. I will be buying this again when I need black or red fondant.
347323347323B002PNWU5IAS6UR2LVMSJKTdogboy2231343606400Easy to roll out and tastes Yummy!I only gave this 3 stars because I used this fondant for my daughters birthday cake and though it's very easy to roll out it was almost tooo pliable. I made a decorative bow for the top and wouldn't hold up in the heat. Kept falling down and loosing it's shape. It's great though for making flat shapes to stick on a cake, cupcakes, etc.
347324347324B002PNWU5IA2D0XBJE0G088DAmazon rocks...1151342742400Excellent productAbsolutely loved this product. Mainly used this fondant for modelling but it is too soft to hold shape. Adding some gum tex helped it hold shape and dry hard. It does taste very good. I tasted some and then wanted to have some more.
347325347325B002PNWU5IA132C87VR2GXA9S. Gray1151340064000First Time Fondant UserThis was my first go at fondant. It turned out to be really easy with Fondarific and tasted great. I made black cow spots and a black bow for my son's birthday cake. Loved it. I also love that it has a 1 year shelf life. I was having trouble rolling out the fondant at first, but I realized I was working with fondant that was too warm. Once I cut down microwave time to 4-5 seconds, it worked much better.
347326347326B002PNWU5IA3FXYFMEXXMG8SLxC1141325462400Great blackI tried to create my own black fondant and it did not work. This fondant is a great color, it is easy to work with and it has a pleasant taste. I would use it again.
347327347327B002PNWU5IACJ450OOFME9REvelyn S. "Lit Chick"1151323820800Can't believe this stuff doesn't taste heinousThis fondant is black: black as night, black as coal, black as the depths of a soulless soul. Also, it doesn't taste bad, which is amazing, considering how truly black it is. I've not tried the Wilton, but my sister-in-law has, and she told me this tastes better.
347328347328B002PNWU5IAOYYJJQ2BA0GPFreddy1151323561600DeliciousI have never written a review on Amazon for any product but this fondant really deserved one. Usually when I have bought fondant it was really hard to work with and tasted horrible. The fondarific fondant is the exact opposite, it tastes great and is extremely easy to use. Buy it you won't regret it!
347329347329B002PNWU5IA2SOKHEHOGE1GHBeth H.1151323043200Fondarific.......I agree!!!!!I will preface this review with the fact that I'm a novice when it comes to fondant.

With that being said, my husband and I resorted to doing cupcakes for our son's birthday party after we realized that no bakery around us made Pokemon themed anything. After watching "Cake Boss" and "Ace of Cakes" a couple of times, I have to admit I was a little hesitant to even try working with fondant. However, my husband and I found working with Fondarific relatively easy. The coloring was exactly as it shown on the site. It came with additional information with directions for working with hardened fondant, storage and shelf life after being opened. I will say just a couple of seconds in the microwave does wonders for fondant. Though it makes it a little bit sticky for a short period of time.

End result......everything turned out great. Everyone at the party thought they were professionally done. (Even had a couple of people ask my husband and I for our business card).

I would highly recommend this fondant to anyone!!! Easy to work with and tastes great!!!
347330347330B002PNWU5IA32D3SIQGJX2SVmom2sarah...0051348876800Great Black Fondant....I am a professional baker and will make my own "plain" fondant. It's actually pretty easy, like making a dough.
I, however, hate mixing black as it takes so many colors to get it to be a true black color. So, I always buy the black fondant. Trust me - it will save you a lot of aggravation! I found this brand to be very easy to work with too.
347331347331B002PNWU5IALYO802XSAPL7MouseMargo "Mouse"0051342742400Ditto for blacksee my comments for the red fondant. Ditto on the black. Will definitely buy more of this kind when needed.
347332347332B002PNWU5IA2IHG1WXKKTE8VNena0051327276800love it!!this taste so good!! and super easy to work with. i love this stuff, and will definitely recommend fondarific!!!! great product.
347333347333B002PNWU5IABE96P67CUYFYD. A. Grabowski "Portia"0151321747200Birthday cakesHaving made specialty cakes throught the years for family events this was my first time using fondant frosting. My oldest granddaughter and her best friend turned 16 on the same day, and planned a big party, 125+ people were invited. The theme was black and white with silver accents. I made two full sheet cakes designed for each girl. My granddaughters was frosted with white fondant with black ribbon trim and silver beaded accenting, and her friends was black overall fondant with white ribbon trim with black sugar as the accent. I made a rememberance bouquet for each girl using the theme colors, accented with flowers in each girls favorite colors. These were the main decoration on each cake. It was quite an experience, but fun. It was nice to be able to purchase the frosting in this large quantity for such a good price.
347334347334B007MCU5B8A2KB1CBIQ0UYBSimplyJason0051345507200Delicious!This is a really good value. The dates were very tasty and arrived in very good condition. Natural Candy, they taste like caramel! I will buy again when they become available.
347335347335B001KNPYRUA35A0CUQJVH3VFJeffery P. Kelley1151269993600Blackjack chewing gumThis product was exactly as advertised and delivered very quickly. This was a great buying experience.
347336347336B001E5DZH0A3HHKKK2RG8WZMproton32060 "proton32060"9911277856000Not the 70's KindWhether you like this candy or not depends a lot on why you are buying it.

If you are older like me and looking for the red licorice that was once sold in Department Store Candy Counters and Candy stores by the bunch in the sixties and seventies then you will be disappointed. This is not even remotely similar to that candy.

Until eight years ago our Mall Candy Store sold the original red licorice laces but they replaced it with the kind that tastes like Twizzlers in the form of a string. I have been looking to no avail for the original variety ever since. This order was my last hope and it seems the kind many of us grew up with simply isn't being made anymore.

Personally I did not really care for the taste but that means nothing since I was looking for the kind they use to sell and this wasn't it.

If anyone does know who sells the original type I wish they would tell me.
347337347337B001E5DZH0A27GPXG538KWHUkabbalah2231316822400gustafs red licoriceThe red licorice has a lot of flavour but is too soft. They also have a grape version which is much better and firmer. The grape version is made in Turkey. It's verrry good.
347338347338B001E5DZH0ARV4ZFNASFQAMAnna D. Nguyen "greenmonarch"2251243987200TastyThis candy tastes really great and fruity. It is also a really great deal. I have gotten this candy in the mall for ~$10/lb and this is only ~$4/lb.
347339347339B001E5DZH0A23P3LKZR3EUQWGizmogrl "Gizmo"1151326153600Best Laces EverI order these for my family and are usually gone in a week. These are the best tasting laces ever! Fast Shipping!
347340347340B001E5DZH0A23WEYRN55RCBUMariel "Marie"1111267574400POOR SUBSTITUTEIf you are looking for the old-fashioned quality, you won't find it with this candy. It is the translucent, waxy substitute for the candy you can't find anymore. The taste was off, as well--something in between strawberry and sour strawberry. It is going out in the trash today. Not worth wasting a single calorie on this stuff. Yuk! SO, SO DISAPPOINTING.

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