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347341347341B001E5DZH0A2T6FD7CMINN6Cmelissa stoll0051343001600One of my favorite candiesI received this brand of shoestring licorice as a Christmas present, and I loved it. I normally ate the more waxy kind of licorice, which is very good also. However, I prefer this particular consistency and flavor. I re-bought this product twice after finishing my first stash of three 2lb bags.
347342347342B001E5DZH0A1ICTUUUHDZM3GDeborah0051340668800Love the soft laces!! The Best Ever!!This licorice reminds me of the Amish laces I used to buy in little small bags on the road in Lancaster Pa. I looked all over to find find laces like that again. I am not a fan of hard licorice. This however is the best I have ever had. Best Ever!! I Love it!!
347343347343B001E5DZH0A3DNQRQ8SW4BFKM. Ruane0051334275200Best ever - addictive!Once you have tried these strawberry laces, you will never go back to regular licorice. It's the best and tastes like what I recall strawberry laces from the candy store used to taste like.
347344347344B001E5DZH0A9JVH4TP1RD6HKaila0011334188800Absolutely awfulThese strawberry laces are absolutely awful. Too soft, stuck to my teeth. And a terrible artificial flavor. I should have paid attention to the reviews before purchasing this item. They are headed for the trash.
347345347345B001E5DZH0A3SFQQB23IZVVLJ T Cannon Jr0051330905600Yummy!This licorice is so good and plentiful I ended up giving away 4 lbs of it to my girlfriend's brother and his family and they too thought it was delicious. If you prefer red licorice to black this is a very good product and comes freshly packaged.
347346347346B001E5DZH0AM2QML1C5PYRCasinger30051329609600LOVE this candy!My mother in law brings us several bags when she visits. I have to hide it so it's not gone in less than a week. This candy was on my kids christmas list so you know it rates! I have tasted others that are hard and no flavor but these are nice and soft and have a great strawberry flavor. Do not understand the negative reviews. I will be ordering lots!
347347347347B001E5DZH0A240QYGHE1OT9ZStephanie0051329436800My favorite!My favorite candy store sold this amazing strawberry licorice in small bags so it never had a brand name. I would go get a small bag every week. suddenly they started stocking a different, horrible licorice after being out of it for a few weeks. The new one was waxy and hard and had no taste whatsoever...well I take that back it had a slight taste of cough syrup. I started searching online based on reviews to find the one they originally stocked and I found it here! This is not hard and waxy...It is firm, but has a matte look instead of a glossy look. It taste very fruity. This is my favorite strawberry licorice! SO much better than twizzlers and the like. Also, this is a good price on it.
347348347348B001E5DZH0A1343S4K3VYV81Hastings0011328054400Don't buy theseWow, disgusting. The taste is gross. My nephew, who loves all things candy and sweet, won't go near this stuff. I would give it a negative star if I could.
347367347367B002GWQ3GAA32X7IRDQWJZ64Peter A. Anania1151302998400Great Coffee!I usually love the products from this vendor, and this was no exception. Better than medium body, low acidity, grassy, mellow with a slightly bitter aftertaste (which is likely the roast.) With that said, keep in mind it is a dark roast, and you do taste a bit of charcoal.
347349347349B001E5DZH0A2ROO22W326PA9KW "rookdad"0041299801600Very GoodNot exactly like the 'old kind', but still very good and addictive...will be ordering again (easy to separate and repackage)
347350347350B001E5DZH0A9930D8JZT2OXN. Smith0031299542400Not what it used to beI've been looking for the old school red shoestring licorice of my childhood and sadly this is NOT it. I got the package in a timely manner, the price was ok but other than that the entire transaction was just OKAY. I'm not impressed with the texture or taste.
347351347351B001E5DZH0A1M8MJ2H4S2VBECountry Girl0051299196800Just as good as the mall candy store but much cheaperSo glad I discovered this. There is more than I need but much less expensive to buy it this way even if you just eat one of the 3 packs. Tastes the same as the stuff I buy at the mall candy store.
347352347352B001E5DZH0A2VP0D8XKRQJVYMatthew D. Perry "thewperry"0051292112000Super Tasty!I've had these on Subscribe & Save for a while now. They always come soft and fresh. They have a really good strawberry flavor, better than any that we've been able to find in the store. My wife likes to let this sit open for a day before putting them into a Ziploc so that they get a little be stiffer. They also double as a fun cat toy.
347353347353B001E5DZH0A24OLE7VWDC2MLAmahl0051291161600Pleasant SurpriseLike another reviewer, I too was looking for the traditional red lace candy a lot of people are familiar with. I ordered these on a whim even though I was pretty sure they weren't the kind I wanted and I was really surprised at how good they are. The red laces I remember were almost like plastic and had little flavor, in my opinion, compared to these. They really are delicious and I would definitely order them again. They have a very nice strawberry flavor and I'll be looking to try other flavors in the future. A quality product.
347354347354B001E5DZH0A3W28MFB5ZF9PPPatricia Heinze0031290124800Perfect Textured LacesI love laces and these were very fresh with great texture. The dissapointment I had was the flavor. They were very artificial strawberry flavored. I think I like cherry much better. If you like strawberry candy, you will love these!
347355347355B001E5DZH0A2T3JMOEREDTNFMichelleG0051283817600YummyThis was the best red licorice I've ordered for this same event in 5 years. And, the price was great and delivery perfect.
347356347356B005GXFCYKA2SZWFJX0783BFWillow0021327190400It's organic, but it changed my pie too muchI used this organic pumpkin in a pie this week. Normally, I use Libby pumpkin, but wanted to try organic this time. I prefer Libby. This organic pumpkin from Farmer's Market really changes a pie.

First, the entire texture is different. It isn't nearly as smooth, and it is a bit dry. The other ingredients are the same, so I know it's the pumpkin changing my pie's turnout.

The flavor is also different. Oddly enough, it doesn't have as much pumpkin flavor!

Honestly, it makes my home-made pumpkin pie taste more like a cheap store-bought. Really not nearly as good as when I use Libby pumpkin. I'm say to say this, as I really prefer organic products, but when it changes the texture and flavor this much, I cannot recommend it. Too bad I still have another can.

If you do end up purchasing some to try, I'd recommend adding just a little extra sugar to your pie to help enhance flavors. Add a little more cinnamon, too.
347368347368B002GWQ3GAA373Z5269JHIBHSunshine0051333152000Love this coffeeI have bought Kenya AA for many years from different places. It is hard to find in the dark roast now. This is excellent coffee and this arrives very quickly when it is ordered.
347369347369B000NMF7FIA3E7WMET8HQNRKTheDave1151341446400Bigger than you might expect.This Black Pine's trunk is very thick. It is healthy upon arrival. It arrived in a rainstorm so the hot and wet Florida summer conditions welcomed it to its new home. I am impressed with the age and quality of this bonsai. It needs creativity, patience, the right tools, some love, and it could be a masterpiece. Brussel's provides young growers the perfect, strong tree to begin your bonsai obsession. Ordering more tomorrow.
347370347370B002GJLO6CA6MEWA59Q0T4IL. Olson "Bookmom"0011344384000Not up to expectationsI've been looking for a cream enhancer since seeing it demonstrated in a gourmet cooking class. Couldn't find the exact name brand they used so tried this. I think it has a lemon tinge to the taste and will not be using it so wasted my money.
347357347357B005UNZ56QA34103K7OME1TUKathy3351339718400WONDERFUL HONEYI am so happy I ordered all three varieties in this combination pack. My girlfriend grew up in Mississippi and told me that Tupelo honey is great. I just had to try it. I am a new beekeeper and have never tried speciality honey. All three are good. I will be ordering more soon. Hope they do not run out!! They can earlier than expected in the mail.
347358347358B005UNZ56QA2IHR3UD2XTNJGBraveheart762251342742400Stunningly deliciousThis honey sampler is fabulous! I recently used the last of my NC sourwood honey and am pleased that the Georgia variety is equally complex and delicious. I've never had Tupelo honey and was amazed at the wonderfully delicate floral taste. Any of these fabulous honeys is perfect with tea or drizzled over plain yogurt and berries. I will definitely be back for more!
347359347359B005UNZ56QA2QLPXOEKSLU9NElkis0031350345600Good product but overpricedIt's a good product, and yes, it is organic, but still much overpriced in my opinion. Bottles are small - only 12 ounces and taste is good but nothing special. You can buy other organic honeys out there for less.
347360347360B0025UOLA8A1RF9OUDIZ081IThea Nieves6651325635200TastyMy hubby is on dialysis and on a low/no salt diet. He was introduced to Salt Free 17 when in the hospital and he loves it. He used to pile the salt on all his food and was in tears when the DR ordered him to cease and desist. He just loves this on his food!
347361347361B0025UOLA8A2REMVRFPTZNT7Ranbo4441302220800Spice AdviceA lady At Sam's WareHouse got me hooked on this! She put it in tuna and boy it made it taste better. I like to put in my recipes and it is good in Canned soups Like Chicken Noodle. There was another one Lawry's made called Pinch of Herb but they stopped making it. Call them up and tell them to bring it back. I could not find The Salt Free 17 seasoing in the store any more and to order it from Lawry's was to high. Some one I know took the bottle and scanned it and said has it! So I bought a few. Lawry's company said the store close to me that sells it is 50 miles away! Tom Thumb was the last place I found it till I got it from When you cook with this put it in first when cooking to make the seasoning soft other wise it is gritty. Like when adding it to soups put it in as you start to warm it up.
347362347362B0025UOLA8A35PGCET0A9GO7Marilyn McIntosh Blair4451299024000Best seasoning for grilled veggies, stir fry, soups, etc.I have used this seasoning for grilled veggies, soups, stir fry, cole slaw, etc. for several years and it is THE BEST. I haven't been able to find it in the local stores recently, so that is why I ordered it from Amazon. It's called Salt-Free 17 because it jazzes up the dish so you don't have to use salt and pepper. It is also great added to melted butter and served on a saucer for dipping bread. All the ingredients (except for citric acid and corn starch) are chopped herbs, veggies, lemon peel, orange peel, and toasted sesame seeds. It has NO MSG.
347363347363B0025UOLA8A28RREP03HJZGUa reader0141329782400Good salt substituteI bought this recently and it's pretty good compared to other salt substitutes available at the grocery store. This has more flavor than seasoning blends by Mrs Dash (which contain too much black pepper) and the store brands. It could use a bit extra garlic so I just add my own. I mostly use it at the table in place of the salt shaker. It's also great for adding to tuna salad with a little low fat mayonnaise and a squeeze of lemon.
347364347364B0002IOI8AA1AS50CO86MKKJG. Greene1151175040000ExcellentThis award-winning olive oil has a wonderful flavor, suitable for dipping, salads, and the like, and is one of the best I've ever tasted. It's a little expensive to use a lot in cooking, but it's great for anything else that requires a very distinctive olive oil.
347365347365B003ZUSVD0A1RVQ0JAT6VPL4JuggNuttz "juggalobr"0031318291200Energy was good, taste was so-so...I have to say i did feel a little more of a boost from these then i did from the likes of Monster, Red Rain or Rockstar. But taste wise i wasnt too sold on... kinda tastes like a slightly watered down Gatorade, and the after taste wasnt all that great, wasnt horrible, just not to good either... if you dont like the carbonated drinks, or the real sweet ones, id say to give these a shot, taste is always subjective, my friend wasnt overly excited about these, but he didnt feel the same on taste.
347366347366B002GWQ3GAAVJPRJZ40BD5XW. Mackert "Lifexplorer"1151326758400great kenya coffeeI got this three pack of Kenyan for an Xmas present to the wife. She worked in Kenya for a couple of years and she loves, loves, loves this kenyan coffee

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