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347371347371B0045GV3JCA370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"1151302220800OMGGGGGGWhen people hear 'Jack Daniels', the first thing they usually think of is whiskey... so I was surprised when my dad offered me some sauce. I like BBQ sauce, but was blown away by this. Jack Daniels makes AWESOME sauce! I can't believe how good it was! It tastes great with a lot of things, it gives kick to a lot of foods like steak or chicken or whatever... YUM! Wow!
347372347372B0045GV3JCA25ZTTSEVDC5S0Jim0051327363200Unique SauceI like this sauce a lot. I would not say that it is perfect, but it is high on my list. A difficult to describe bitter (but pleasant) taste awaits each bite. I use this sauce by itself (three plus time a week) and find that it also mixes well with with a touch of mustard base Carolina type sauce. I plan to keep this one on my S&S Amazon list.
347373347373B0045GV3JCA2EL8QT7C57PFLGarlis0111314144000Poor customer serviceI have used this product for several years. When I couldn't find it at my local grocer I decided to order online. All the bottles of sauce in the shipment have a 2011 expiration date. Since each of the bottles is 28 ounces, I don't expect to be able to use much of the product prior to it's expiration. I'm very disappointed in the seller and will not purchase from them again. Seems they were only interested in disposing of old product.
347374347374B000V1Z28IAT53ZTTO707MBM. Maltbie1151319932800Buy for your Fall, Winter, Holiday dishesThese dried mushrooms will produce the wonderful mushroom flavor that you need for your Fall, Winter and Holiday dishes--IF you are cooking from European or American recipes. These are NOT the mushrooms used for Eastern / Oriental dishes. Use these to augment the fresh mushrooms you find in your market. Also use them when you need mushroom flavor and haven't got any in the veggie bin of your frig.

Spare no expense. Buy the best Roland mushrooms you can afford. The Roland brand puts out top quality products, and dried mushrooms--if stored correctly--will last you many years. Keep them, cool, dry and out of the air and they will reward you with so much flavor, for so little money. Be aware that dried mushrooms don't weigh much, so this pound package will go a long, long way.

So--bottom line--you can save money here by buying in quantity--and you can get away with it because if kept correctly, the product will last and last.

Go ahead and compare prices for dried Cepes and Bolets. Now, don't compare "apples and oranges"--these Cepes and Bolets cannot be compared to other mushrooms because Cepes and Bolets are in a flavor class by themselves. They are not substitutes for shitake mushrooms, either. Shitake mushrooms are wonderful and produce a certain flavor, but they cannot be compared with Cepes or Bolets.
347375347375B002HFP8LCA3MYCJU91K48FMJudith A. Reed "judesters"0021335398400Newman's Own Blend CoffeeThis tasted very strong and bitter. I have some extra bold coffees that I enjoy, but this isn't one of them.
347376347376B005M4ZBL2A2PVHEQQH592ZNMichael Martin0051350864000Amazing candyHere's the thing. I think Butlers Chocolate is some of the best in the world. It's absolutely incredible. BUT! Amazon really needs to get its act together. If I wanted to buy this item currently, it would cost me well over $10 for a single candy bar, after shipping! That's nuts. Honestly, Amazon, you need to offer this candy at a more reasonable price and stop expecting third party suppliers to offer it because they always jack up the price to unreasonable levels. Your sales on this item must be almost non-existent.
347377347377B0007ZGUYIA6O4I9PF6U4IFT. Clark "NHARMONY28"2251286150400YumI love this spice. I use it when I am grilling Tilapia and Chicken. It has the best flavor. I was really disappointed when I went to the store where I had orginally purchased it from only to find out that they no longer carried it. Thank you I'm ordering two this time just in case!!!
347378347378B0007ZGUYIA1OCY0ZAJX9HOTeresa Jenkins0051309824000Excelent tasteWe love to cook & explore new flavors & when we seen the island spice we had to try it. We put it on beef ribs & it was fabulous.It has just a bit of spicy flavor to it but not hot & it really had a great flavor almost like a jerk taste.We will be ordering more when we run out.
347379347379B004LL7AMAA3DQWFWINN3V5ADavid A. Lessnau2251303948800Best Dutch Process Cocoa We've FoundI don't know why Dutch Process cocoa is so hard to find in the United States. We've looked for it in Florida, Alabama, Nevada, and Washington state and it's as rare as hen's teeth. Of all the varieties we've managed to find over the years, Van Cortlandt's is the best. Unfortunately, like the rest, it's rare in this area (it only seems to show up on special occasions). We were very pleased to find it here on Amazon (sold by Nutricity). Not only did its mere presence make us happy, but the price per box was actually cheaper than any of the sporadic local sources we'd found. Adding icing to the cake, there was free shipping on the case, so we snapped one up. An Excellent (5 stars out of 5) Dutch Process cocoa. Highly recommended.

BTW: at the time of writing, there was no picture of the product on the product page, so I uploaded one of the box front and one of the nutritional information (showing that it IS Dutch Process even though nothing on the product page says so).
347380347380B000BF3AGUA3L5ACZZBE72IYJennifer Parker202051146614400Lifetime Linketts Lover =DI've been eating Linketts since I was a very young child since my Grandparents are vegetarians, and I LOVE them. I will admit it is a very aquired taste. I even got my boyfriend started on them and he loves them too. =D

I would suggest finding a store that sells them by the can before you invest in a whole case. I know that you can find them at Raley's on the West Coast. If local health food stores don't carry them check to see if there is a Seventh Day Adventist Church near you. The SDA Church typically has a book center that sells the Worthington/Loma Linda products.

Edit: I have also found Linketts in the natural food section of Kroger's here in Texas as well. Another Edit.. My local Kroger has stopped carrying Linketts. =(
347381347381B000BF3AGUAHVZ769EX8KDMAlinka8851191283200Simply the Best!These are the best veggie dogs around. There are 10 linketts in a can and everytime I open a can I fight myself to not eat all of them in a single day.
However if you are not a vegetarian/vegan yet, don't start buying a whole pack even though they are much cheaper at
Buy a single can (they have it at Walmart, or you can ask at a Seventh Day Adventist Church, they'll know where to find a store around) and don't give up if you find it doens't taste like the traditional dog, because these don't have meat in it.
But if you are veggie lover, you'll notice Linketts Loma Linda are # 1.
347382347382B000BF3AGUA3T506YXFXRPETT. Baird5521302652800A fan of the product but not the priceLike others here, I acquired a taste to these things when I was a child. I can understand that they make some people uncomfortable; they look like slimy worms from a deep dark cave. And their taste is nothing like a real hot dog. They are sort of in a class by themselves like a Dorito. You eat it knowing that it has to be one of the most highly manufactured foods in existence but, putting these considerations aside, I heat them up on toast and with a little cheese they are quite good. If I had a can here now I'd eat it.

But I don't have a can here. Why not? Simple: $75 (and climbing) for a box of 20 cans. Hey Loma Linda, I know that you had to torture a lot of wheat to make them contort into slimy worms but there really should be a golden ticket in one of those cans at that price point. On second thought maybe I don't want to tour your deep dark caves.
347383347383B000BF3AGUA2X5G7EAV6P62ZVegelover Mary (Carrollton, TX USA)5551166140800vege hot dogsI really like these vege hot dogs and have been eating them since I was a young adult( 1970's). I fry them and when they have a light crust I eat them with mustard, relish and onions. They are an acquired taste and don't taste like a real hot dog, but the taste to me is flavorful in a vege dog kind of way! If you have never tried them before you might consider a single can from Kroger food store. They sell them in their organic foods section. If you decide you like them and also the idea of no risk of meat borne disease, then the best way to order is through The deliver is great, shipping is free, and a grocery discount available at this time makes buying them with Amazon cheaper than through the Kroger grocery store. Hope this was helpful to you! PS I also prefer them over the Vegelinks, however my 12 yo grandson prefers the vegelinks, so I buy both.
347384347384B000BF3AGUA3E0ORO3Q8F6AUJC2251324252800Great ProductVegetarian for many years. This product is great. Guests don't even realize that they are not reg. franks. They freeze well after you open the can. We use five at a time and freeze for another date. Put dough over them as well for a blanket and bake. Have been using this product for over 20 years and will continue to do so.
347385347385B000BF3AGUA3OLU9U8J4P8WINannette "Nannette"2251296518400Wow.I love linketts. I'm a vegetarian. I've had meat in my youth. They aren't meat. But they're a great substitute and provide a consistency and flavor to aid meat eaters in becoming vegetarian.

Wow. I ordered these yesterday afternoon, and they arrived before noon today, in a snow/ice day when the city is shut down and everyone is working at home and schools are closed. Super saver shipping. Wow.
347386347386B000BF3AGUA10GXPAA2EP5Y6dm2251293148800love them!I have enjoyed these veggie hot dogs since I was a my children love them too! a value compared to buying in the local health market.

thanks amazon!
347387347387B000BF3AGUA2PXVMF9DH8NDZM. Sarrao2251277596800Love These Veggie Hot Dogs!I was raised on these, and now my kids love them! We usually just heat them in the microwave. They are good with soup, spaghetti-o's, dinner, lunch, etc. I like them cold, sliced on a salad or in a sandwitch with lettuce, tomato, etc. There is no meat in these, so you don't need to cook them. They can also be used in most ways hot dogs can, except I don't think these taste that good boiled. You can grill them, cut them into baked beans, roll them in Pillsbury Crescent rolls and bake, etc. They are very versatile and a good source of protein that my kids will eat!
347388347388B000BF3AGUA3RUWJW62350M4Chiron Rainbow "child of I AM"2251205798400Good Right Out of the CanThey are vegan, they taste like the meat hot dogs I used to eat before I went vegetarian, and they are pre-cooked so you can eat them right from the can for quick protein. They have a nice texture and taste, and are packed in liquid, which I drain off and then save them in plastic bags in the fridge or freezer. They freeze and thaw in the fridge with no problem.
347389347389B000BF3AGUA3QRV74D0YLL02Lisa1151316736000A favorite since childhoodI love Linketts, they have been a favorite since I was a kid. If you weren't raised eating them you might not like them but if you like trying new things and like other vegetarian foods you should try these. I use them just as meat eaters use regular hot dogs. They taste great fried with Worthington chili. You can also be creative with these and come up with some great recipes. One of my favorites uses brown rice, olive oil, onion powder, stewed tomatoes, canned black beans, and sliced Linketts and then putting it in tortillas. It is one of the greatest recipes ever just don't leave out any of the ingredients I once forgot to add the black beans and it wasn't even close to as amazing.

Also since the Linketts are not meat based it not a problem to eat them straight from the can but DO NOT judge the taste based on that alone because they taste completely different when they are fried or grilled. Also I think most people would only like them fried or grilled especially people who are or were meat eaters.
347390347390B000BF3AGUA1PIXSN84X348FJames Hall1151311811200My kids live off these!My family goes through these by the case. We cook them in the microwave for the kids who like them cut up with apple sauce. We grill them and sometimes fry them in peanut oil. They are the best fake dog that we have found and about the only thing my son will eat.
347391347391B000BF3AGUA38LCZ7X75DJ7MHolly Brown1151307145600Great for everyoneI grew up on these, so I've always loved them. All three of my sons love them, too. My omni husband also likes them a lot. I just wish the company would make a soy free version, since my husband is soy intolerant and can't eat them as often as he'd like!
347392347392B000BF3AGUA3BZR1867ZMD29KHUSHI115130438080020 YEARS ENJOYING THEMI love this product, so easy to use, and full of nutritional value. I used them for hot dogs, paella, mix with vegetables, as filling for pastry. As snack at night when feeling hungry they are perfect, few saltines and a linkett or two. They do not have MSG!
347393347393B000BF3AGUA3S3R88HA0HZG3PT Cruiser "PT Cruiser"1151273536000These make the best hot dogs!If you like plain old veggie hot dogs, not the fancy apple or spice blends, then these will probably work well for you. They're the closest thing I've found to a beef frank in a vegan version. I've been buying these for years, since way back in the 70's in Berkeley when I first discovered vegetarian eating. These are just plain old links with fairly thin skins that absorb the flavors of other foods somewhat when you add them to another dish. They are the only ones that I use when making sauerkraut and mashed potatoes or with vegetarian baked beans. I've cut them into smaller pieces and marinated them in vinegar and pepper spices to make a hot pickled sausage like you used to see in taverns in a big jar.

It's sort of weird that they come in a can but they're packed in liquid which keeps them moist. (It's always a challenge to get the first one out without breaking it). I have a hard time finding this product in the grocery stores so I was delighted to find that Amazon sells them by the case and with Prime shipping it's a good deal.
347394347394B000BF3AGUA3T8VK60RSHNBFJennifer L. Madison1141272585600Good Flavor - Nice For RecipesThese veggie dogs have a mild, pleasant flavor. I browned these in a non-stick skillet with a small amount of oil and combined them with vegetarian baked beans. That was yummy. I wish that they were a bit larger, since I prefer a bigger hot dog on a bun.
347395347395B000BF3AGUA2BHLCOOFDTBO1Kristel Krepelka "Abi's mom"1151246233600Always goodWe've used these for years. They're great. I only wish they had a low fat option.
347396347396B000BF3AGUA1FDAX0HE987RACorinne1151244678400Best Vegie dogs everMy mom used to get these when I was little and I can't get them anywhere around where I live. I am so happy Amazon carries them and get a case every 6 months. They have great flavor and texture unlike other vegetarian dogs that I have had. I like that they are in a can so I can keep them in my storage closet.
347397347397B000BF3AGUAASKM93JZX6IICarolin Campbell "carriecc"1151225670400Delicious, tasty and versatileI serve these as hotdogs for my vegetarian and Jewish friends who keep kosher. Once in a while meat eaters will try these and they like them, after I explain they aren't supposed to taste like meat and the texture might be a bit rubbery.

I also serve them sliced up with fresh corn, or slice them into sandwiches, or make corn dogs out of them.

Babies and toddlers also like them - just cut them in half so they can feed themselves. Much healthier than a hotdog with a bunch of mystery meats and unknown preservatives and chemicals.

I've also diced these up into homemade vegetarian pot pies.
347398347398B000BF3AGUA3VR9FZSP5RIRZPam0051350950400Vegan Hotdog HeavenWhen most people hear that you don't eat meat, fish, chicken, dairy, eggs, or cheese, they ask 'What DO you eat, salad and vegetables for every meal?' Loma Linda Linkettes are a very good meat alternative ~ not necessarily a weekly meal, but a tasty treat when you're grilling with friends or making chili-dogs (with vegetarian chili, of course)for game-day. Most of my meat-eating friends will eat Linkettes and not feel like they're sacrificing taste, and many of my meat-eating friends feed their children Linkettes instead of chemical-laden 'mystery meat' hotdogs. Purchasing from Amazon by the case is much more economical than buying individual cans at the grocery or health food store.
347399347399B000BF3AGUA1HWGOXYECPV91gullifty0051340150400Hot Dogs for Vegetarians!We have been fans of Loma Linda LInketts for 30 years. Having 3 vegetarian children in the 70's and 80's it was hard to find them fun foods. We grill them , boil them, fry them and mic them! Always a favorite in our family. They are easy to take with you on a trips as they are in a can!! Better than SPAM!!!
347400347400B000BF3AGUA2E7YXJ2QROHI2Beth (part of real name) "an author to be"0031330905600Not what I remember.I very much enjoy my canned hot dogs, and when I learned I could order them on-line, I was thrilled I could keep them in stock, ready whenever I wanted to eat a dog.

Previously I ordered Veja-Links, but I saw these and the price was better (much!). They appear the same price now, so it must have been my lucky day, but once I received my new hot dogs and tasted them, I was disappointed.

I was trying to find the ingredient list for the Linketts vs Veja-Links. One is Vegan and the other Vegetarian, and there is a difference, even in the liquid in the can. The Linketts are very soft and don't have a lot of taste. They just don't look as robust, either, a light pinkish/orange color (as is the liquid). They are more "lean", and from a healthy food aspect, I suppose that's for the best, but I eat my fake hot dogs for the taste. :) For me, this was a costly experiment, and the taste and texture are different enough to dislike the Linketts. I used to be able to eat these interchangeably, so I don't know if there have been manufacturing changes or not. I still have 10 cans to go.

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