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347401347401B000BF3AGUA2EQBXVH23EEM1D. Templin0051230336000Best veg hotdogsMy boyfriend's family introduced me to these and I am grateful. They taste great and are versatile in recipes.
347402347402B000BF3AGUA1QKA7EPEB1TFYJoan Tyler "crimsonstar722"0051222905600Almost Super-Links!!!!These are the closest thing to Super-Links I have found. The links are smaller in size but taste almost identical.
347403347403B000BF3AGUA1UA8WK13SZJ2US. Anderson-McPhaull0051216857600Awesome!Loma Linda Linketts, 20-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

My family and I just love linkettes!The texture is firm and not mussy. The taste is subtle enough that you can add your own spices and/or sauces. We eat them with eggs for breakfast as sausage, we use them to make hot dogs for lunch and for a dinner I have diced them and put them in pasta sauce! They are really yummy and our children beg for linkettes...hubby likes them too! They are an essential item in my food pantry and this is why I purchase them in bulk from Amazon. It is a great vegetarian food item. Try it! You will not be dissapointed!
347404347404B000BF3AGUA3NAZAWUN1WMTZR. M. Hayes0051216771200for the vegan & vegetarian loversFor all you vegan and vegetarians out there, you can enjoy the taste of a goooood hot dog without the rubbery, bouncy kinds you get from the grocery freezers. Plus, if your friends are the skeptical kind who won't eat vegetarian foods, try these for size! Your friends may eat them all before you will. You can search the all the stores to find these and if they sell them...they are priced TOO high compared to ordering a case which equates to half the price for each can. You can try the Seventh Day Adventist, but you better get there before when they're first delivered or you have to wait until the next ship rolls in. Ordering from Amazon is wonderful. The best store that delivers to your door. Loma Linda Linketts are the wayyyy to go!
347405347405B000BF3AGUA3H2PEUJ20LOBRTerrie Wiggins0051207353600Good ProductLinketts are a good source of protein, although some say they have to much sodium. They taste good hot or cold (don't expect it to taste like a meat hot dog). Buying through Amazon is less expensive than the stores.
347406347406B000BF3AGUA8H051ALMZJOBVegan Brit in the US0051195171200The BEST "hot dog" out there!Over the years we've tried many different types and brands of vegetarian "hot dogs", and this is THE BEST. For a time when we couldn't find Linketts we bought some other brands; they were okay, but JUST okay; better than nothing, but not really what we wanted. Since we have Linketts again we haven't touched the others. It's no wonder these keep going out of stock; they are wonderful. When I first saw "Linkies" as we call them many years ago I refused to try them because they looked too much like meat. I'm glad I got over that because I'd have missed these vegan treats all these years.
347407347407B000BF3AGUA3A683IXN1DK32Roy Dubs0051190419200soy dogsMy family does not eat 7 year old daughter has never eaten meat. She loves soy dogs and after trying different products she and we like loma linda linketts the best.
347408347408B000BF3AGUA3Q59GYQF2G38Annushka0051180915200Can't live without them!My husband is vegetarian, and our 6-year old son and I are not, but all of us are fighting over the Loma Linda Linkettes, especially when they are just fresh out of the can. They keep well in the fridge, and we found they have to stay in the liquid from the can to keep the taste. To me, they kind of taste a little fishy, which I like. We eat them cold with ketchup or without, or warmed up with a side of sauteed onions and tomatoes. Mmmm... I think I'll go have one right now!

The only problem with them is that they disappear from both brick-and-mortar and online stores. Just like now, Amazon doesn't have them all of a sudden and they had no idea when they'll be back when I called to inquire. Hope Loma Linda doesn't discontinue them, we don't really like any of their other products.

Also, they may not be the healthiest thing on Earth. True, they are veggie, but I don't think it's a natural pink coloring and I am not sure about other chemicals they use in them. I don't really care though, it still beats eating mad cows!:)
347409347409B000BF3AGUA2WDEL0OW57UGBL. Nguyen "Lisa"0051173916800YUMMYI also live in Dallas Texas area. You can get these at the ABCS veggie market! I LOVE THIS!!!! Very yummy stuff!
347410347410B000BF3AGUA8ADLX025E3KUJennifer F. Linder0051170979200love these hot dogs!I have been eating loma linda products since 1970 and i love them all. These are the best hot dogs I've tasted. Amazon has prices lower than the Seventh Day Advenst stores too.
347411347411B000BF3AGUA3KNENT5T23UUMDaryl G. Williams0051170720000Best Vegan dog I've hadI'm a vegetarian trying to be vegan. My kids and I love linketts and prefer them to any vegan dog we have tried yet. Their flavor is not too strong or too weak. Tastes great plain, on a bun or with baked beans.
347412347412B000BF3AGUA2Z2QSDBK270Q8randyreal61211323561600Yuugh!!These are the worst tasting Vegan Hot Dogs i ever tasted!! The Big Franks are good But these taste Awful!!! I have to throw them out! They are that bad! They taste like Metal They fall apart, And the Liquid they come in is really nasty! This should not be Sold!
347413347413B000BF3AGUA2QE11XW8MO4REBeau E. Janzen "livininpajamas"0151233964800The ONLY Veggie Dog ChoiceThere is no alternative...these are THE BEST! I'm so glad I found these at a discount. I have been eating these for 30 years...they are amazing. You can eat them cold right out of the can for a quick delicious treat too
347414347414B000BF3AGUA1UPO54VSAC1Q4Winona Dennis "Teacher"71711215561600Neither Healthy Nor DeliciousI don't understand all the 5 star reviews here. I am a very health conscious eater, and I usually like meat alternatives. In fact, I usually like health foods that others find disgusting. However, this product has a ridiculously grainy texture and little flavor. More importantly, it's not remotely healthy! It is made primarily with wheat gluten, which is not exactly a health product and has little nutritional value. The amount of controversial food colorings, preservatives and corn syrup in this product are also disgusting.

I used to be a strict vegan (for three years) and a vegetarian (for 13 years), but I've come to realize that eating products like natural, organic turkey dogs are a much better choice than eating wheat gluten and soy protein concentrate products. This product is a great example of vegan not necessarily meaning healthy. I got a package of Linkettes at a big discount, and I would have been really upset if I had paid full price. At least they last for years, so I'll use the rest as my emergency food stash.
347415347415B000BF3AGUA2FVDWZFJOOD5VJasbir Deol "jessi"01911227312000ExcellentBy Looking at the can, I thougth it was different product. When I opened the can, I found what was expected
347416347416B004LHOCI4AKH00JX78KHOFaith761151346112000The Cleanest Ginger Flavoring I Could FindThis was the only ginger flavoring I could find that was not loaded with chemicals and other crap I do not want to eat. I have used this is my Kombucha and am very impressed with the flavor. I will also use this flavoring in my asian lettuce wraps in the future to see what I think. I really did not want 3 bottles, really only wanted 1 bottle, but 3 was my only choice for this brand. Very impressed with the flavor.
347417347417B002NGQSIMA2TDDRXLQMXHX1Guglielmo0051341792000Pure heavenSome Polish friends gave it to me in Italy, where I live, and from that moment on I have become Prince Polo addicted... great to have the chance of ordering it from Amazon, because in Italy you cannot find it, and from Poland I could not find any shop delivering it to me.
I am available even to pay the intercontinental delivery... you judge...
347418347418B002NGQSIMA1DXDI0AEOJDNErangerjen0331277424000YumDelicious! I didn't even know that one of our favorite treats came in dark chocolate.
347419347419B0029NUSF8A1PXGYUNXFJH1Wnick adams8851320278400Great for Indoor Cats on a BudgetI do cat rescue work, which means I get to keep the special needs cats. Most of my gang is over 12 years old. I started them on this because it sounded like a better cat food than the commercial stuff I find on sale, and the money for it was in the same ballpark. Since I have put all 15 on this food the "Hawking up Hairballs" has went down to a small fracture of what it has been for years. And they eat much less, which means litter boxes are not as busy, and they are more healthy. Its a good deal for me, and a great deal for their health! For the price, its the best I can find! And I would know after 30 years of cat rescue.
347420347420B0029NUSF8A25864T3A6RQICReading Raven "Book Adventurer"4451264032000Cats Yummy DelightMy three siamese love to eat well. I first started them on this food about seven months ago and they simply love the taste. Since they are household bound, they get all of their proper nutrients from this food. I have noticed softer & healthier shiny fur, cleaner breath, and more alertness in them.I would highly recommend this cat food for your cats.
347421347421B0029NUSF8A18JI1981VCVKFA. Johnson "Mrs. J"3351337040000Verifiably Vet ApprovedIt pains me to have to disagree with reviewer K.Wessel. The information in that review is incorrect. This product is healthy for cats. Maybe not so for humans, but healthy for the digestive tract of a cat. My five year old Siamese neutered male is stupendously healthy, satisfied and very happy. He has maintained his exact weight for three consecutive years. We have his vet records to back up these statements. His vet is happy, his mom is happy, and best of all he (Tu'i Tonga) is happy. If you have questions, please consult your vet. A cats digestive needs are much different than a humans. The ingredients may sound awful to us, but it's not our health we should be concerned with when buying pet food.
347422347422B0029NUSF8A2T3R6XXD9PAZBOnly Child "SHines"2251327276800Good Food from AmazonMy kitties and I love this catfood. Had some problems with the boy kitty after neutering and he went off his food for over a week. He was wasting away. When he got back to having an appetite (no amount of treats or special foods would tempt him) he went back to chowing down on the GoodLife Recipe food, and regained all the lost weight and muscles he had lost. I believe this food saved his life.
347423347423B0029NUSF8A132I7J24U5DKWJessica VandeLeest "Mother of 2 Boys and 3 Cats"2241319673600My 3 cats eat it... guess it's good.My three cats seem to really like this cat food, although I think they would be happy with any cat food. Every feeding they act as if I never feed them. As a pet owner I looked more at price and quality. Decent price, decent quality. I am on the fence weather I like this product or the new Purina One Beyond better for my cats. I think I will stick with The Goodlife Recipe primarily because it is cheaper through amazon and it is just a lot easier to have food automatically at my doorstep when I need it. Believe me, you don't want to run out with three cats swooping around like vultures at food time! If amazon starts carrying the Beyond with Subscribe and Save, I could be swayed.

In the past, when my oldest cat was younger, I would buy the cheapest cat food money could buy. This caused him to be over-weight and his coat was dull and he just didn't look good. Once I got him to a normal weight with a high protein food of Purina One Healthy Weight Formula, I began looking for a lower price food to maintain this new lower weight. They have been eating this food for over 6 months now and coats are great and all three cats look very healthy.

I gave it four stars because, although it is a decent food, I know there are better out there, just not as convenient as this item on amazon in my price range.
347424347424B0029NUSF8A73HPJDXJYD15Charlotte Brownlee1151331424000Goodlife Recipe with Chicken Food for CatsEven though this dry cat food has nutritious ingredients, my cats don't seem to like it. Maybe it's because other food has more tasty, but not nutritious, additives.
347425347425B0029NUSF8A28N5JXHBL61KRDeepa Reddy1141326240000Healthy Food For Our Feline FriendsWhen my parents first got their cat, they tried every cat food brand - dry or wet - it didn't matter, their cat would not eat more than a few bites. Then they discovered The Goodlife. That is all their pampered cat eats.

A few years ago, when I adopted my lil feline buddy from the shelter, I wanted the best for her. I tried the expensive, all-protein brands, but my cat would have various stomach issues. I finally switched her over to The Goodlife and again, voila! For the past 2 years, that is all she ever eats (plus her treats).

Currently, I also am a caretaker for a feral cat colony in my condo complex and feed them a combination of the store brand stuff and The Goodlife. They are healthier and more lively than I could possibly hope for.

Plus, with Amazon's Shop N Save program, I never run out of food for my feline best-friend.
347426347426B0029NUSF8ACLUXWYUXMZXAAubitthehobbit1141320278400Not the best, but better than mostI have two boys...well first we had one. He was a little panther zipping and yowling around our house and would anything, especially bagels...I still can't keep bagels in my house. Then we decided he need a playmate. That's when we came across Octavious or "silky" as his current human called him. And he was silky, such much so in comparison our first cat felt like velcro when petted. We couldn't afford Science diet and they seemed to hate the plain taste of it. We started mixing the good life with it and we have noticed more energy, more love from them and softer shiny coats. Less itchiness too.

Yes it has corn, but guess what so does half the things you eat. I am not concerned on wheat/corn debate as my cat goes after my bread, my bagels or anything tasting like wheat.
347427347427B0029NUSF8AS4G9HE52750Npattirest1151319414400cat's meowI have 2 brothers that are cats and they have had this food on and off their whole lives they love it. It's healthy and at times hard to find at stores so I prefer to order it online.
347428347428B0029NUSF8A3ECK8B7F645P2R. Silvia "Sunlitme"1151318636800Very Happy with it!We have 4 cats a little over 1 year old. We started out feeding them Blue Buffalo but they were always very gassy and 2 of the cats were getting plump.. while another was too skinny. So we ventured into trying other brands healthy or otherwise. They can be a bit picky but they eventually got used to anything. "Their" favorite was the Purina stuff... but that's just like us loving junk food isn't it...while the 1 skinny one did attain a normal weight the 2 plump ones became quite fat! So eventually we picked up this Goodlife brand, for indoor cats. They took to it well and before we knew it the 2 fat cats are down to a healthy weight. The skinny cat is looking a little skinnier too but she has maintained a healthy weight with this stuff. It's been about 5 months now and they are all still very healthy and I am very Happy with this brand and this particular recipe (indoor). It has been a perfect balance for all 4 of our cats. We did try the all ages a couple of times but it doesn't seem to satisfy them as well and they eat a lot more of it.
347429347429B0029NUSF8A3SNFSO9HWYON2Susan M "SOM"1151316649600Excellent Kibble for the Kitties!I have two adult Siamese cats (they are actually Tonkinese) and they have the healthiest, softest coats. They have also had less hairballs - not that it is a "hairball formula" food, but I have definitely noticed a decrease.
347430347430B0029NUSF8A1EZ68IXD13AE0knitsafghans "knitsafghans"3411271462400sadly cats (not fussy eaters either!) won't eat itMy 3 cats are not at all picky about what they eat. They'll happily gobble everything from Meow Mix/Friskies through Royal Canin and Iams. But this food - no way - they will not touch it. Sad.

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