Amazon Fine Food Reviews

347461347461B003D5LIEQA2X66OW62XEVKHTheresa M. Garrison "Divine Eye"4451288569600The best Walkers shortbreadAs a fan of Walkers shortbread products I was amazed and incredibly pleased with the homebake line of shortbread. These fingers are light, buttery, flaky and have a melt-in-your mouth deliciousness. They are perfect with a warm cup of tea with a friend.
347462347462B003D5LIEQAO74EQEE63OTKDr. Wayne B. Hanewicz0051347667200Walkers Shortbread HOMEBAKE CookiesFresh, delicate, and tasty. Among the best cookies I have ordered. They are better than the "non-baked" cookies. Also, they were shipped promptly.
347463347463B003D5LIEQA2G4YTSGOOKE3Dsandra d. murphy0051331424000The best shortbread cookies ever!These cookies are always a hit, and I love them with my morning coffee. There is a large Tin which I have also purchased which makes a good thing last even longer. The smaller packages are great to give as hostess gifts.
347464347464B003D5LIEQAHL4368A8Y91IRuskie "Polock"0051320710400The Best!There is no substitute for the excellence of Walkers!A sinfully rich and full bodied cookie,these make for either an excellent tea snack or an "reading a book" enjoyment.Affordable and highly enjoyable!
347465347465B003D5LIEQA1ESSV8IJKREJ6jsue0051317340800In my auto re-orderI have re-ordered this several times now. They are sweet, crunchy, with a buttery base. Usually one satisfies my sweet after dinner taste. This one seemed to be a better value than the other Walker's I perused or ordered.
347466347466B003D5LIEQA1MWELI06S74PUTulips0051305504000yum yum for shortbreadThese newer shortbread cookies from Walkers are so yummy. I used to buy their regular shortbread fingers in the store and loved them, but these are a bit more rich-tasting and have a wonderful buttery flavor. The original ones are a little bit harder. These are a bit more tender. I recommend them highly.
347467347467B003D5LIEQA2KKVL1FROYZ88tough2please0051296259200Awesome shortbreadThis stuff rocks. I have been a long time fan of the regular Walker's shortbread, but this tastes even better and has a better texture. If you like their regular shortbread, definitely try it!
347468347468B003D5LIEQARXU3FESTWMJJMary Jo Sminkey "15 years of Amazon Reviews!"0121309910400Not as good as most WalkersI'm a HUGE fan of Walkers shortbread so thought I'd order this 3-pack, particularly since it was available on Subscribe-and-Save. Sadly, I didn't like this Homebake recipe nearly as much as other Walkers cookies. It was kind of dry and not as buttery and sweet. They kind of remind me of plain scones with a lack of flavor. I'll stick to the regular Walkers shortbread in the future.
347469347469B003D5LIEQA1Z7XOJKH4MOLVshortbread1811292112000TerribleI bought 6 boxes of this product based on the two reviews. My experience was entirely different than the previous two.

The cookies were tasteless and dry. It was like eating foam insulation which had been dried in your walls for a number of years.
347470347470B0007ZGUYSA2ZHG543W3BF46Shogungts0031300665600Not Enough CoffeeThis rub was OK, but there wasn't nearly enough coffee flavor in it for me. I put the rub on some chicken 3 hours or so before cooking it and could certainly taste the seasoning, but the coffee flavor was lacking. I plan on cutting this with ground coffee next time I use it.
347471347471B0007ZGUYSA39XJVAKR4QZBPB. Gross "Green Weasle"0051197590400This rub "ROCKS" on steaksI sprinkle some of this rub on my steaks every time. Don't freak out about the "java". I'm originally from Texas... I know steaks. The Java works.

Try it on chicken too.

Boneless chicken breasts take on a nice color, with a bit of the "Java" sprinkled on the top.

The taste... well...

The taste is like you're sitting on a ranch, with the sun just setting on the horizon. Your sitting back, enjoying a hot coffee from a percolator (that's a none-electric coffee maker for you youngsters), sat upon a Tuscan Grill (another Steven Raichlen product to check out) kept hot by smoldering mesquite embers.

And to top it all off... a nice iced tea.

And for the record... CHARCOAL... not gas. Propane grills are only good for heat, not flavor.
347472347472B000V9G1EEA3ONZP93YK5ZQRS. Angelo3351275436800Nips Sugar Fee Coffee CandyThese candies are the BEST! I love buying them from Amazon. Wal-Mart use to carry them, but you never knew if they were going to have them in stock. Then I saw them on Amazon, and with the subscription service, they are cheaper than Wal-Mart, you get them delivered to your door, no shipping charges and you don't run out. Great price, WONDERFUL Candy, delivered to your door, no extra cost to you...what else can you ask for.

Great value!!!! "Dr. Steve"3351264982400You won't believe they're sugar-free!Really delicious! Start out firm and become chewy (careful if you have loose bridge-work!)and are a great treat if you are trying to avoid sugar/carbs and like the taste of coffee candy. Remember that these are sweetened with "sugar-alcohol" which has a laxative effect if you really overdo it, but a few over the course of the day really satisfies the sweet tooth without all the carbs of regular candy. I think they're great!
347474347474B000V9G1EEA1LFQGHEWHVZ6RRosa L. Shell "Rose Shell"1151282089600Great PriceThis was a great price even with the shipping charge added on. Prefect for diabetics and weight watchers.
347475347475B000V9G1EEA1H4QWLST1N3D0K. Hamacher1141259366400Great tasting candyI love eating these candies. The only reason that I am not giving them a 5th star is that they are very attached to the wrapper. I can be a bit of a sticky business to get them from the bag onto the tongue, but the taste is worth it. And 10 calories per pop is not too much given their rich flavor and sweetness.
347476347476B000V9G1EEA35Z2AE1Y0MHK4Sherwin J. Klein1151258848000Sugar Free NIPSHave been using product for many years. Quality never deminishes.

AMAZON service great as usual!!!
347477347477B000V9G1EEA3GGFIJRICWW4LJames M. Mcgann "jaime71037"3451226793600Coffee sugar free NIPSExcellent product at a great price! Wal Mart continued to run out so this order was necessary. Great response and I will order from this source in the future.
347478347478B000V9G1EEA3N44L7VFEWY9ZH. Potthoff3451211155200DeliciousI am absolutely addicted to these candies. I'm on a lo-carb diet, and need to supplement my sweet tooth with sugar-free candies. These are my favorite, and getting harder and harder to find!
347479347479B000V9G1EEAL11REAKVCKNWValerie A. Brunmeier "GalVal"0041328054400Poor packagingWhen the candies arrived all of the package seams had failed. I had to repackage the candies in zip-lock bags to preserve them.
347480347480B000V9G1EEA1SKEFQX9B8I8Fzane in NV0021316304000Poor packagingI have no problem with the product, although about half of it was melted and needed to be thrown out. The packaging needs to be improved.
347481347481B000V9G1EEA1CQKL5XW6AKO2conic-ellipse "conic-ellipse"0021315440000Not Ordering AgainAlthough these candies are delicious, I am experiencing the same thing as some of the other reviewers. It's a melted, sticky clump of goo. I am having to throw away about half of the candy simply because it is all melted together.

Of the candies that are as a single piece, they are melted. The wrapper is very difficult to get off of the candy as it is often melted into the candy. The thin plastic wrapper tears and sticks to the candy. Whenever I eat one of these, I go ahead and eat two simply because I'm going to have to wash my hands after removing the sticky candy from the sticky wrapper and putting the candy in my mouth.

With the amount of product I've had to throw away, any savings I've earned by buying in bulk from Amazon has been lost. This is one product I will buy locally from now on where I can inspect each package of candies prior to purchase.

It may be that the Amazon warehouse is too hot to store these or they are melting during transport. The candy appears to have a very low melting point so it might be wise to store any that haven't already melted in your refrigerator.

Sorry Amazon.
347482347482B000V9G1EEA2Y2QLPDH94HQQVera Tehayel0021314057600Too Sticky to UnwrapI have been purchasing Sugar-free Nips for a very long time. Often, one or two of the candies will have melted into the wrapper, making it very difficult to undo the wrapping. However, this time almost ALL of the candies were in that condition. I do not think I will be purchasing Nips for a while.
347483347483B000V9G1EEA36BE8S4Y32YGDJerseyTomato0021310774400Didn't work out for me as a work snackIt's not that these taste bad or anything; I think they taste as good as the regular Nips I used to get years ago. But I like to keep things in my desk to hold me through to lunch or dinner, and I'm trying to stay with things that are low in calories, won't promote cavities, and won't look unprofessional while I'm eating them. The problem with these are the packaging, the size, and the stickiness. You have to untwist and peel the wrapper off a very sticky piece of candy, which means you have to wash your hands afterward. Being fairly large and chewy, they're hard to have in your mouth without it being noticeable.

A better choice for me has turned out to be: Werther's Caramel Coffee Sugar Free Hard Candies, 2.75-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12) They are small, hard, smooth, easy to unwrap and have a nice coffee flavor. When I run out of my current supply of sugar free hard candies (I stocked up on Cremesavers when I heard they were discontinued), I'll be signing up for the Werther's on Subscribe and Save. Sorry, Nips.
347484347484B000V9G1EEAC2E5B435TCKCstain0051304553600a great little candythey are small, sweet, and even the sugar free taste good (not calorie free). also, they are a good price when you buy the larger quantity.
347485347485B000V9G1EEA3TEAQO3R9CSF7Beate Fisher0051298160000Nips Sugar Free Coffee Candy is the bestHave been enjoying this candy for years.
I have 2 pieces just about every single day after lunch.
Low in calories, no sugar, little fat, but great taste.
You will be tempted to chew them, just be careful with your crowns and fillings.
They are sticky like caramel. Enjoy.
347486347486B000V9G1EEA2LXQS4JIVWW0QFrancesca Wilde0051294876800Bet you can't eat just one!!!You would never know that this is a sugar-free candy. They taste as wonderful as the ones with sugar and are half the calories.
I liked them so much that I ordered two cases this time. THey go very fast in my house.
347488347488B000V9G1EEA2ZAGOKRFY90944 Nephews "numoneaunt"1211222905600MeltedThe product was garbage. They were all stuck together like they were old or like they sat near the heat. Although the taste was very good, no one wanted to each any of them because they were one big mess.
347489347489B000V9G1EEA37JO9VRJHLGUXRoseann Williams2411272067200Poor customer serviceI ordered two cartons of Nips sugar free candy based on the picture on The ad clearly states 0 sugar carbs. They are not. Amazon won't refund my money. Buyer beware. Very very very poor customer service.
Roseann Ellenton, Fl
347490347490B000V9G1EEA17GK9E70O7Y9RGrandma in Oregon0141289174400tasty treat....but not Carb Free....I think this is a wonderfully tasty treat, but it's not carb free.

These sugar free products are often made with sugar alcohols (hydrongenized form of sugar) and they still have carbs, so if diabetic (as I am), remember to count at least half the carbs noted on package into your calculations. Some diets say that you don't have to count sugar alcohols.....but if you are diabetic, you do need to count them as they do contribute to blood sugar rise. It got 4 stars because I feel a little decieved when says sugar free, one expects to be carb free too. Very tasty though

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