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347532347532B001E5DSC2A295YHM3KNFAOFJ. Thompson0051344297600Great olives!!!These are great olives, I first got a can of these in a gift basket at Christmas time, looked them up at amazon to see if they carried them and of course they did, so ordered them in a bigger can size. Have served them at all my them!
347533347533B001E5DSC2A2HF4YP9OZQILKMike Tripoli0051335398400AWESOME OLIVES. SAY NO MORE!A friend brought these to a picnic years ago and I was hooked. These are some of the best olives, period. A very subtle flavor, just delicious. I buy them by the case and "treat" myself to them now and then. I've also given them as gifts and no one has ever complained. Fan for life!
347534347534B000EH4Y06AKIKW0EF39KE7Richard A. Clark "Theodore Burkett"4451193702400RiceSelect Orzo Tri-Color Pasta, 32-Ounce Jars (Pack of 4)When the stores in my neighborhood stopped selling it, it was like losing a dear friend. Tri-color orzo is perfect for summer salads, adding needed color and variety. A terrific replacement for rice.
347535347535B000EH4Y06AFMB9JPLQNWVTKaren Edwards4451191456000Use it all the timeI am on my second case of Tri Colored Orzo. I use it in salads as well as casseroles. My husband and I both just love it.
347536347536B000EH4Y06AAUN4K2ECSZQDD. Evans "DfromGA"2241167782400Yummy source of fiberThis makes a very nice side dish that's high in fiber for my family.
347537347537B000EH4Y06A1N2E0HRA9JUGCowgirl Butterfly "Italian Food Lover"1151244678400RAVE REVIEW OF ORZO!I first learned of Orzo on the Food Network Channel, tried it (just plain Orzo) and loved it. My local grocery began to carry the Tri-colored Orzo and I bought that-loved it-particularly because of the beauty the three colors added to any dish. Then my store stopped carrying this brand and the Tri-Color orzo. I came home, got on-line and bought it thru Amazon. I was very happy to find it; it's one of my favorite pastas. I have given it as gifts and everyone loves it. Thanks from a very pleased customer.
347538347538B000EH4Y06A30R8VFR16RE32K. McAllister1151232150400Wonderful :)This is my first experience with the tri colored Orzo and it was an instant hit with my family. The taste is just perfect--it doesn't overpower the flavor of the sauces, veggies, or meats in the meal. The texture is soft and easy, and it really goes with anything.
My kids were tiring of my usual "rice" and this provided a nice change.
Give it a shot--you'll be glad you did.
347539347539B000EH4Y06A22DY1RQ0PJ590J. G.1151223424000Great productI wish it was a bit cheaper in price but this is great for a tri-color orzo/bean salad.
347540347540B000EH4Y06A1C19WLTO01L95R. Klein0051288051200Great OrzoGreat Product. Looked and looked for this product in area stores - glad to be able to find the large size available on line.
347541347541B000HS98WGAYRU4F5RYOUGXPen Name0051349395200It was a popping party!!These were a great addition to my daughter's 1 year bday party!!! They arrived on time and in perfect condition! I will remember to this again for future bday parties!!!
347542347542B0061IULW2A3FKGKUCI3DG9UPaul Moskowitz0051340841600Pure PeppermintI have tried other teas from Higgins & Burke including Green Tea, and Earl Grey. They were quite good with good flavor. Now I have tried the Peppermint Tea, which is caffeine free. In fact, the ingredients consist of only peppermint leaves.

Each tea bag comes in an individual packet, which preserves its freshness. The tea brews quickly into a nice dark color. The tea has a pleasant peppermint aroma. The taste is clear strong peppermint. This tea is as good as other peppermint teas that I have tried. It will go well for occasions when caffeine is not desired, in the evening, for instance. I definitely recommend it.
347543347543B0061IULW2AVMY3G61UEG9PKen McCormick "kmccormick12"0051340755200Pure PeppermintI have tasted many different peppermint teas over the years, some of which I have really liked. But this may be the best of them all. The taste is pure peppermint, and very good peppermint at that. There is only one ingredient listed, "Premium Peppermint Leaves," and I believe it. There are no distractors from the peppermint taste.

Taste is subjective, but if you like peppermint tea you should at least try this one.
347544347544B0061IULW2A2UK25KI4T6GCIE. M. Griffith "auntleesie"0051340755200Refreshing Summer Tea - Think Iced!Higgins & Burke Peppermint tea is all pure, premium peppermint leaves and is caffeine free. Brewed just as you would any other tea bag tea, its refreshingly cool flavor is ideal for iced tea on a hot summer afternoon. Because peppermint leaves are naturally sweet, much less sugar will be required to make a pitcher of southern-style "sweet tea". Each box contains 20 tea bags; you'll only need 3-4 tea bags per pitcher of iced tea. I like to add a squeeze of fresh lemon to mine. You'll love it hot as well with a splash of milk.

Peppermint is a well-known upset stomach soother and natural antispasmodic, so if you suffer from acid reflux or chronic heartburn, this tea is for you! Brewed and diluted, it can also be used as a suburn soothing body spray or added to a tepid bath to ease pain. Cool the spent tea bags and place over closed eyes to reduce puffiness or irritation from summertime allergies.
347545347545B0061IULW2A281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"1251342137600Pure Peppermint - Delicious with HoneyI have tasted a number of excellent peppermint teas in my life and I must say this Higgins and Burke tea tastes very pure to me. They claim to be using "premium" peppermint leaves and I believe them. I like drinking this tea sweetened with honey. The aroma and the flavor are superb. I find this tea very calming and refreshing. I use two tea bags per mug of tea which makes it a bit stronger. I especially like drinking teas in the winter but this is one I'd drink all year long.

~The Rebecca Review
347546347546B0061IULW2A1F9Z42CFF9IAYMediahound0141342396800Good peppermint teaThis is good peppermint tea that I don't think you can go wrong with. That said, it's also not something to write home about. If it seems like a good deal, I would recommend purchasing it however I didn't notice much difference between this brand and other brands of peppermint tea so I wouldn't recommend you necessarily spend more on this brand.
347547347547B0061IULW2ALDV8DDZWWPYEMiss Darcy1151348099200The sharp tang hits the spot just rightI usually buy whatever mint tea is on sale, so I've tried several. Often, the Lipton herbal brands are so mellow you can hardly tell that they're mint. They're good when you have stomach problems, but that's about it. In contrast, this has a sharp wake-up tang that is really nice. It's not bitter---just strong. For those reasons, it also makes terrific iced tea.

I like my mint tea to taste like mint leaves---not toothpaste. This one definitely hits the spot, and I will certainly buy it again.
347548347548B0061IULW2A3Q4TYJVAM4IRMOmar Siddique1151344124800Nice smooth all-peppermint teaA pleasingly smooth all-peppermint tea, it steeps to a nice, tannic-looking color.

A single bag steeped for 5+ minutes works fine for my large 16oz mugs, and leaving the bag longer doesn't hurt the flavor. It's drinkable cold, but better hot. Steeping time is usually based on a smaller 6-10oz mug, so the low end of the 3-5 minute recommendation would likely be too weak for me.

It's rare that I'm in the mood for a non-caffeinated tea-- I usually want the health benefits, or the caffeine, or the flavor of "real" tea (usually green, sometimes black or white). But for those times (particularly in cold winter months when I want hot bevs all the time) or for my more caffeine-sensitive guests, I like to keep mint herbal tea. The smooth but distinct peppermint flavor of this tea makes it a good choice.
347549347549B0061IULW2A1IQV6AI7L9NOKFeelah the tigress1141343865600It's really hard to screw up peppermint...First off, let me say that I am a very experienced tea drinker. I make my own tea blends out of loose leaf teas/herbs and because of this I don't often buy boxed teas anymore. When I saw this available in Vine though, I figured, why not get some? You can never really have too much tea! Plus, plain peppermint is so basic there's no way it could be bad - I mean, it's really hard to screw up peppermint, right?

Well... Yes and no. This peppermint tea is okay, I suppose, but I've had better. That's weird, as I honestly don't know how you can screw up peppermint. The menthol bite is still there (a little), but it just has a blandness to it, and also a bit of an odd aftertaste, almost like it's blended with black tea (even though it isn't according to the ingredients). Maybe the tea is a bit old, and that's what's causing it. I don't know, maybe I've been spoiled by the awesomeness of loose leaf tea. All that being said, this tea is still okay, and if I didn't buy loose leaf tea, I'd be fine with it.

So, do I recommend this tea? Well, yes, it's fine. If you aren't the sort who already has a ton of loose leaf tea on hand and just wants some easy individually bagged tea to make a quick cup, I'd say this is a fine enough peppermint tea. If you do want to make your own loose leaf tea blends, I'd recommend picking up some peppermint AND spearmint, as I feel like they are both tastier blended together in tea. If not, then this is a good enough choice for peppermint tea!
347550347550B0061IULW2A22VNXHU6IZ5MTJason P. Pumphrey "the movie & music man"1151342656000pretty tasty peppermint teaWell, I'm a tea person (as I dont drink coffee or coffee items) and this peppermint tea is pretty darn tasty.
I like it tea both hot and iced.
The box comes with 20 tea bags, the usual standard for gourmet tea bags.
This is the first time I have tried a Higgins and Burke product and I liked it, I would say it's up there with Tazo and Celestial in quality.
347521347521B001N879WAA2O6X3T4989IVWamallolo0041328400000not badI tried this product hoping it will be similar to starbuck's white mocha..
unfortunately its only (sweet) .. no flavor of white mocha at all..
I had to made my own mix to have a nice one, where I add coffee & caramel sauce..
it tastes good with this mix..
347522347522B001N879WAA8O12DCHIADYULovey "Model T Widow"0051325548800Absolutely Delicious!Rich and creamy and delicious. I love that it's not as sweet as traditional cocoa. Add a pinch of cinnamon for a extra special treat that really hits the spot on those cold winter nights.
347523347523B0008IUV5IA2X8LH8QS1JJVDThe Metaphysical Chef "The Metaphysical Chef"5551189209600A Honey of a HoneyThis is honey that any beekeeper would prize. Its rich, deep, complex layering of taste and unique to Tasmania wild flower(Eucryphia Lucida)aroma make this the perfect honey for that big flaky butter croissant or thick slice of brioche toast - even just a crusty roll and butter works well with it. It has the serious flavor that many honey's lack today and will hold its own with any import from Greece or France. On thick Greek Yogurt its a unique treat. I thought it was a great buy compared to those 8 Oz jars of specialty honeys selling for much more than the price of this 500 gram (1.25 lbs) jar. Definitley an "in the know" product at a bargain price.
347524347524B0008IUV5IA1PVSEXI32HWSFThomas C. Heagy "heagy1"4451184284800Best Honey in the WorldI am a honey fanatic and have tasted honeys from all over the world. My favorite is Golden Nectar Real Leatherwood Honey.
347525347525B0008IUV5IA3JAJMIYRABIF0M. Karapcik "Mike"2251209081600A unique honeyThis is wonderful. It is not as strong as I expected, and surprisingly less sweet. It has a complex, savory flavor that, unfortunately, I can't quite compare to anything. There is a hint of caramel, a hint of wood rosin, and perhaps a hint of bourbon or brandy.
This will most likely be a regular addition to my pantry.
347526347526B0008IUV5IARLOKY9BO8RRBLikes books a lot1151201219200All hail to those little Tasmanian bees!This is the best honey ever! I used to get it years ago in New York, but had not had any for a very long time. This winter, with all the talk about the effectiveness of cough remedies, I read about honey being a good alternative to cough syrup. My husband had a nagging one, so I thought why not get him the best! Who knows about the cough part, but it is just great, great honey! We absolutely love this honey! So glad I found it again on Amazon!
347527347527B0008IUV5IA1VB1W7918UA21food lover "S.J.M."1151199577600The one perfect honey! It's a five-star delicacy. (the stars shown don't respond)After I first tasted this kind of honey, it's become a necessity in my cupboard. My local stores don't carry it, but thankfully, the computer has made it possible to replenish my supply of this Tasmanian delicacy. I just bought two jars of it---one to give as a gift, and I know the recipient will become another fan of this unique product. My order came promptly, and in perfect condition, of course.
347528347528B0008IUV5IA6X4DEGHJ6PEHSusan Shaw1151191888000indescriblableI was not sure what I would get and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Its so novel and delicious in pound cake. I will be ordering it again.
347529347529B0008IUV5IA2BIGH7LHGX9WZmelissa morse0051303603200Honey of the gods!I've never really been a true honey fan until now. This stuff is AWESOME!!!
Really amazing flavor. I love it on everything or even just by itself.
347530347530B0008IUV5IA2NI6J9DIF400EFrank Ranche "A Classy Bum"0051260921600Absolutely delicously uniqueI first tasted this honey at a local coffee and tea shop in NYC about 25 years ago. There is nothing quite like it. It has such a unique taste, that whether on a scone, muffin, croissant or in a pot of tea, it will brighten your day.
347531347531B0008IUV5IAL7ASCO6NWTJ6Aristides P. Caringal0051233705600Heavenly Delight!Absolutely, and without question, this is the best honey ever. If you do not want to take my word for it, go ahead, buy it and give it a try! I first came across this honey at a TJMaxx store here in Michigan. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it anywhere else, after I ran out of it. Thankfully, it can be ordered online! This is heavenly!

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