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347581347581B0061IULW2A3EBJDZ5N1UEI5Patricia0051345161600Nice, great iced.I liked the flavor of this tea and did not notice any odd aftertaste or bitterness. I usually have herbal tea cold, and the H&B Peppermint Tea worked just fine. I would buy it in the store and would recommend it to a friend. Good stuff!
347582347582B0061IULW2A7T1NIWZHTC4PSeven Kitties "7kitties"0051345161600Excellent!I am a bit of a tea snob, and peppermint teas are almost always a disappointent--too bitter or too 'green' tasting. This, though, is spot on perfection, cooling and flavorful, no bitterness even when obviously oversteeped.

Mind you, it's just mint leaves. No caffeine. Making it a perfect beverage for after-dinner. Peppermint aids digestion, and calms.

Short and sweet, it's the best peppermint 'tea' you're going to get outside of fresh leaves. Will buy again!
347583347583B0061IULW2AG6JWI77UMETSKenpo-Jujitsu Teacher "Phil"0051345075200Nice, strong flavor.This tea had a strong, but pleasant full flavor, and a nice aroma. I really enjoyed it.

I found it to be very soothing.
347584347584B0061IULW2A37KG9AQK1PN10William B. Dwinnell IV0051345075200This is what peppermint tea should taste likeThis tea has a refreshing, mildly sweet peppermint flavor. It reminds me of tea my mother used to make from fresh peppermint leaves. I've tried many peppermint and herbal teas, but many of them are a little flat.
347585347585B0061IULW2A2H1W8V6R9TJ9EJ. Jacobs0041345075200Makes a nice cup of herbal teaI've enjoyed this peppermint tea. It brews nicely, has a smooth flavor and is a nice way to relax at the end of the day.
347586347586B0061IULW2A2VRAT69JDAD3WJason Whitt "Whittmeister"0041345075200Excellent TeaI've had peppermint infused teas many times. Some good - some not so good. This is a peppermint tea done right. I'm happy to say that I can recommend it equally, whether hot or cold. While the color isn't particularly inviting (dark brownish-green), the flavor is. The primary flavor is classic English tea to me, with a pleasant but not overly strong peppermintmint note. I highly recommend as a fine change of pace tea.
347587347587B0061IULW2A2PSC7LUNIDEAHDmitry Kristal0051344988800Surprisingly good, maybe a tad strong for some, but there is a way out.This is a good herbal tea for peppermint lovers out there. Brewing it in just 1 cup seemed to be overpowering, but I simply mixed it with more water until I got that perfect strength that I wanted. There are times however where I will not mind the strong taste. Peppermint tea aids in digestion and elevates mood. It is also a good home remedy for a cold.
347588347588B0061IULW2A3MFORLOKIOEQYJ. S. Green0051344988800Great Taste and Not BitterI like to have peppermint tea around for those times when my stomach is giving me trouble. I find this tea to be excellent in both quality and taste.

The tea is very simple: 100% peppermint leaves. The box says to brew for 3-5 minutes, and it did achieve a good flavor at that point. However, one measure I have of the quality of a tea is if I can leave the tea bag in while I drink, and have the tea remain tasty. This tea tastes great and does not turn bitter at all, even at the bottom with that bag in place the whole time. The bags are individually sealed, which is good for preserving the flavor. For those interested, the tea is blended and packaged in Canada, and the box is 100% recycled.

Summary: A great choice for pure peppermint flavor. Highly recommended.
347589347589B0061IULW2A2E2PA6UNK1E05Labarum0051344988800Excellent Taste and SmoothThis is the second Higgins & Burke tea I have tried and thus far I have been favorably impressed. This example, a peppermint tea has an excellent aroma that has one looking forward to it as the tea brews. It has a distinct flavor that is clear without being overwhelming. Most importantly, it is smooth and tastes naturally minty without the artificial aftertaste I have found with various other mint teas. Everyone in my family has enjoyed this product and it will likely make a wonderful evening drink on a cold winter night. I have also used it in making iced tea (sun tea) and it is just as successful there. This one is a definite winner!
347590347590B0061IULW2A2U6GHU2EMC5M5Rawim0031344988800Generic Peppermint, Nothing SpecialIt's peppermint tea, but it is not great peppermint tea.

I like many other reviewers admit that it is a peppermint tea and it tastes like peppermint and has a mild menthol-ish kick, but other than that it was just very bland and not at all flavorful.

I really like my teas to give me some flavor, and this tea just doesn't deliver in my case. I have tried increasing my steeping time and all I get is more of the blandish flavor, that strong mint kick I like from my peppermint teas never comes out.

Now I realize that this may just be a problem for me and I like unusually strong tea, but I don't think so. Most teas I get at cafes and what not are strong enough for me, but like I said this tea just doesn't do it for me. It is also possible that like others I may have gotten a batch a weak leaves? Who knows?

Overall the teas is plenty drinkable and I will probably finish the box, but I don't think I will be buying getting this brand again. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will try to answer.
347591347591B0061IULW2A3G007LQX6KGODSevereWX0051344902400Higgins & Burke Peppermint TeaI very much enjoy drinking peppermint tea, I have two or three cups every evening. Of all the peppermint teas out there, I much prefer the ones that are nothing but peppermint leaves, with nothing else mixed in. Higgins & Burke is one of those teas that use only peppermint leaves. My normal brand is different from Higgins & Burke, as I figured all teas made with nothing but peppermint leaves would pretty much be the same. To an extent that is true, but only if you kill your tea with sweeteners or other things that alter the flavor of the tea. Drinking the tea plain, there is a subtle, yet noteworthy difference in favor of the Higgens & Burke tea. Something about it feels just a little fresher, a little smoother, a little more fullness in the flavor. I was pleasantly surprised by this, since I was expecting no difference at all when compared to my usual brand. I'm making the switch to Higgens & Burke.
347592347592B0061IULW2A1X2LENOF84LCQD "D"0041344902400good tea, a little weak thoughI like this tea and like mint teas but this one really needs to be a little stronger. It is better with 2 tea bags but then that makes the cost even higher. I like herbal and natural teas, this is good if you like your tea a little weak, it really is a good product just expect to use more than one bag if you want a stronger taste.
347593347593B0061IULW2A1XAR9ESZ5Q6CVLars Bergstrom "LarsBerg"0031344816000Fine, but not quite as tasty as StashI drink peppermint tea pretty regularly, and rely on the Stash (available in 100-count boxes here on Amazon for 5 cents a bag cheaper). This tea was quite good, though not quite as sharp as the Stash tea. If you like it more plain, this may be your best bet, but otherwise, I'm planning to just stick with the Stash.
347594347594B0061IULW2A1J1QS7I60O018Jonathan Sabin0051344729600Excellent, hot or icedThere is some variation between peppermint teas. My wife is more of the peppermint tea lover than I am, and there was even one occasion where she tossed a box in the garbage after trying a single bag. (Fortunately, tea isn't all that expensive!)

We both tried the HIGGINS & BURKE HERBAL PEPPERMINT tea and were pleasantly surprised by its clean, "mintiness." I poured mine over a tall glass of ice, and it did not get all watered down as a result.

I don't know that it'll convert me into a huge peppermint tea fan (my wife will be more than happy to finish the box!), but this is really good stuff!

- Jonathan Sabin
347595347595B0061IULW2A3TPNC3TKGCCEIRaquel S. "Avid Amazon Fan and Kindle User"0051344384000I'm a coffee drinker - and I really like this peppermint tea.My hot beverage of choice will always be coffee, but Higgens & Burke Peppermint Herbal Tea has satisfied that hot beverage urge as well when coffee is not available. The peppermint flavor is surprisingly good. Its minty/menthol effect is clean and soothing.

I enjoy the different ways I can enjoy my H&B peppermint tea, depending on my mood. I've enjoyed my tea lightly sweetened with either Splenda or honey, some times with or without cream, alone or with toast (whoa, so good with toast!). I've not been disappointed by this tea yet.

I'm not a tea connoisseur, but I do like this tea a lot. I appreciate that it is made with 100% "premium" peppermint leaves and that it is caffeine-free. As I read the benefits of drinking peppermint tea has, I do believe I will stick to Higgins & Burke's peppermint tea on a regular basis.
347596347596B0061IULW2A3Z9QN0RCOHEYBibliophile By the Sea0051344297600This brand is a new Favorite!I don't drink a lot of herbal tea except for "peppermint flavor", as I have a sensitive stomach an peppermint tea has always seemed to sooth my upset stomach. The problem is that although I've tried different brands, I've found that some are just too strong, leaving me with heartburn in addition to a not so perfect tummy.

This brand (HIGGINS AND BURKE) seems to be the perfect choice for me:

1) not as strong as some other peppermint teas
2) extremely pleasant taste
3) no heartburn or belching after effect

Would definitely recomment this one.
347597347597B0061IULW2A1KEK09ZA6J9P8Colleen M. Schneider0051343952000mmmmmmminty.....I have tried the Higgins & Burke brand of green tea and earl gray and have enjoyed both, so was anxious to try the peppermint tea. Again, high quality, well structured tea. Delicious peppermint flavor, strong on the mint and delicious both with sugar and without. I've found with the three teas I have tried that the quality is uniformly excellent no matter what type of tea I was trying and I would definitely buy all of the flavors that I have tried so far. I would say the peppermint is probably my favorite so far as it would be refreshing as both hot tea and ice tea as well.

Overall, a great product and a good quality tea.
347598347598B0061IULW2A2PU5IDX61XJ7ADeborah Price "Artlady"0051343952000Love it!!This is probably the best tea I've ever had. I was so pleasantly surprised at the peppermint taste. Most peppermint teas just taste like mint. This one is a definite peppermint taste. Quite a difference.

I like a little stronger tea and this was exactly that. I put one tea bag in a cup of water in the microwave for two minutes. Then let it rest for three minutes. I like mine sweetened. So, I added stevia as a sweetener. It was perfect! The best I've ever had. I could even re-use the tea bag for a second cup. It wasn't quite as strong but was still very good.

Definitely on my list to buy. Excellent! I think I'll go have some now!!
347599347599B0061IULW2A1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"0051343865600Very nice, soothing, and flavorful Peppermint TeaSit down, put your feet up, and take a break with a nice cup of tea. Chances are, you do not often have the opportunity for this kind of quiet luxury, so the tea better be superb. And this herbal peppermint is flavorful and delicious.

Peppermint tea typically has no caffeine, so you can enjoy this any time of day or night.
347600347600B0061IULW2A2BVNVJOFXGZUBJ. Howard0051343865600Natural peppermint, beautiful smell; very nice!Amazing peppermint smell when you open a bag. Nothing special about the tea bag itself. The flavor is great. It's all natural; nothing but peppermint leaves. The packaging is very nice; English brand. All in all, a pleasure!
347601347601B0061IULW2A3JHC8O59WDHFZSilea0041343779200Good and strong.I drink herbal tea in two ways. The first, and honestly less common way, is to pour hot water over the teabag and drink it hot. Sometimes i even take the bag out after a few minutes. The other is to pour cold water over the teabag and let it sit for a few minutes, making basically a weak impromptu iced tea when i don't feel like drinking plain water.

This tea was good for both types of drinking, though it might even be a little too strong for the cold-drinking method. You could probably get two to three cups of hot tea from a single bag.

The flavor is clean and fresh peppermint, with none of the mustiness that one sometimes finds in mass-produced mint teas. The bags are individually wrapped, and they're the kind with a string attached that you can use to anchor the teabag to the handle of your mug if you choose.
347602347602B0061IULW2A1PYNMASUM1MD8Bohdi Sanders, Ph.D. "author, martial artist,...0051343779200Very Smooth - Good TeaThis is very smooth, good tea. I have a habit of getting busy and letting my tea steep too long. This can make most teas have a bitter aftertaste, but I have noticed that this tea does not get too strong, even when steeped too long. This has a nice, smooth peppermint taste. Peppermint is one of my favorite kinds of tea; I use it for digestion/stomach problems. Personally, I like this tea.
347603347603B0061IULW2A3C2JQC6R2K52Cladyfingers0051343779200My Favorite Brand Of Tea For Many ReasonsHiggins & Burke has quickly become my favorite tea brand. Their teabags offer more robust flavor than others; the peppermint is no exception. How relaxing to sit down with such flavorful brews.

Higgins & Burke quality goes beyond good taste. Whoever designed the box should get a promotion. Thank you for providing the little diamond cut-out which allows for easy dispensing. No more fumbling with box tops. I can also pack a few in my purse for travel as each bag is individually wrapped.

The only drawback is item availability--I sure wish I could find Higgins & Burke teas locally. Thankfully Amazon stocks a wide variety. That helps but consumers have to buy in bulk, usually six boxes of one specific type tea. Perhaps the company would consider selling a variety pack or mix & match--six boxes with six different flavors. That would be a nice way to sample other varieties.
347604347604B0061IULW2A9KLAL1CXZ0W5E. Barron "alphabetjungle"0041343692800Mild, pleasant peppermint teaHiggins and Burke's Peppermint Tea is pleasant hot or iced. The flavor is very mild, and even if you leave it to brew well beyond the 3 to 5 minutes recommended on the box, the taste does not change. My one criticism for this tea and for Higgins and Burke's chai tea as well is that it isn't quite strong enough. I've about decided that these are designed to be brewed in a tea cup and rather than an 8 ounce mug. So if you like a mug of tea with an intense flavor, you will need to use two tea bags. For this reason, I give these tea bags four stars, rather than five.
347605347605B0061IULW2A2YB7DLC3FOR7WPamela V ""MS V""0031343692800Needs more flavor!Even though we steeped the tea in extremely hot water and the color had a nice caramel hue, the flavor of the tea is too weak for my taste. It's supposed to be peppermint. It has a hint of mint but that's about it. I've tried it hot and iced and I wouldn't buy it, even though I will always choose flavored teas in restaurant when I have the opportunity to do so.
347606347606B0061IULW2AKE6DXEN3GWPCCyndi Beane Henry "Texicanwife"0051343692800A Cup of Tummy ComfortI really enjoyed this wonderful peppermint tea. It is quite mild, even when allowed to steep for several minutes. The peppermint does not totally overpower you. A light touch of menthol is hinted at. I have some nasty little tummy troubles, and find this definitely helps to soothe away the tummy upset and pain. I highly recommend this delightful tea!

****DISCLOSURE: This product was provided by Amazon Vine in exchange for an independent and non-biased review.
347607347607B0061IULW2A1AKU188I6NRF0StevenJM "stevenjm"0051343692800Refreshing!The peppermint tea is very enjoyable. The taste and scent are not overwhelming or overpowering yet there is the true taste and aroma of peppermint. I also tried it over ice and found it very refreshing.
347608347608B0061IULW2A2M9D9BDHONV3YA. Bennett0021343260800Not the best tea in the market place.I love the flavor of peppermint but that barely comes through in these tea bags. I was sorely disappointed by the bland, almost missing flavor in this tea. My aunt barely dips her tea bags in the hot water because she like her tea to be really WEAK and half full of cream but I drink mine black without sugar and enjoy a robust flavor. This tea is not very good and I will give my aunt my remaining bags. I won't be buying this Higgins and Burke Teas ever again after I tried a second flavor with the same tasteless results. Unless you are like my aunt, I can not recommend this company's teas.
347609347609B0061IULW2A199FRO0YFMGEDOlivia0041343260800Like it very muchI use this to make a two-cup. It is a full flavored, full bodied mint tea.
Compares to other brands, it is less minty than Stash or Celestial Seasonings, but fuller body of tea. I wonder whether it is "roasted longer but with more substance"? Do it need to be roasted to make tea?
347610347610B0061IULW2A1TXRF98SLKL2OAaron Contorer0051343088000Lovely bright flavor! Very enjoyable.I have enjoyed mint tea, both plain and mixed with black tea, for many years. I have to admit that this is probably the best one I've tried. Peppermint is sometimes too strong, and spearmint too weak and musty, but this particular peppermint is "just right."

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