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347611347611B0061IULW2A2DDVD6SPKZOZKCalamity Jane0041342742400refreshing peppermint, nicely balancedI love almost all things peppermint, and we're big tea drinkers in our house. Last winter, I discovered peppermint tea for the first time at a local coffee house, and have seen been trying to find one as good. I bought a Bigelow peppermint medley tea at the grocery store, and it was lackluster to say the least. When I saw the Higgins & Burke Peppermint tea through the Vine program, I jumped at it, even though it's summer!

It was finally not 100 degrees out this morning, so I made a cup of tea. I let it steep for several minutes, because it didn't seem to have much flavor. After another few minutes, I took out the tea bag, tasted it again, and decided to add a packet of Splenda. Some herbal teas are flavorful enough that I don't add a sweetener, but I did find this peppermint tea to taste a lot better with it because the flavor is a bit too subtle. It has a refreshing mint taste with a lovely aftertaste. I haven't tried it as an iced tea but based on rave reviews from others, I may do that too.

I like that the bags are individually packaged to help keep them fresh longer. That means I can bring some with me when I travel or keep a few in my purse. The box has a built-in dispenser, which is also handy. All in all, it's a lovely tea. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it still isn't as good as the one I got at the coffee shop, but it's still very good.
347612347612B0061IULW2A3QZU3A1L17O3MBiffybeans0051342742400Yummy & good for my tummy!This is a very tasty peppermint tea. Brewed hot w/ a squirt of agave nectar, delicious! Cold brewed, it has a more earthy taste. I like peppermint tea. It's cooling in the summertime and aids digestion. I would definitely buy this tea again!
347627347627B0061IULW2A235UFZGCFN3J5Eva0051341619200Crisp, cool peppermint teaI really enjoyed this tea. I've tried this brand before (the Chai) and really loved it so I had to try the Peppermint. It has a very intense, crisp peppermint flavor. It's calming as a hot tea and cool and very refreshing as iced tea. (For iced, make as directed and then chill in refrigerator for a while before adding ice. Use two tea bags for extra peppermint flavor.)
347613347613B0061IULW2A2EDSCVWEMCUGwhitewave0051342656000Perfect Amount of PeppermintI have a love/hate relationship with peppermint. If it is overly strong (like in Altoids) I don't really like it. This tea was perfect for me. It had a great peppermint taste without numbing my taste buds. Each box contains 20 individually wrapped tea bags. I really appreciate having tea bags individually wrapped as it makes storing them much easier. The peppermint smell was very strong when I unwrapped the tea bag. This indicated that the tea was decently fresh and pure. The only ingredient was peppermint leaves so there wasn't anything to distract from the taste of peppermint. I really loved this as an iced tea. It's very refreshing on a hot summer's day. I highly recommend trying this brand. It's my favorite peppermint tea thus far.
347628347628B0061IULW2AEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns0041341619200Soothing peppermint, caffeine freeI've tried several of Higgins & Burke teas and this one is my favorite. It's has just enough peppermint flavor - peppermint settles upset stomachs, but too much has the opposite effect. It brews nicely and smells heavenly, making break time a relaxing experience. I like that it's caffeine free, so I can drink it even at night before bed.

I like the sturdy box this tea comes in - it's got a tear-away panel for dispensing the packets. Some other teas I use have flimsy boxes that either open repeatedly, spilling the bags, or get crushed. I also like that each individual bag is sealed for freshness.

I will look for this tea again, when the box is gone.
347629347629B0061IULW2A3HAA7H8PBVM78Joseph Oppenheim0051341532800I'm impressedWell, I can't say I'm a tea expert - but I do like iced tea and hot tea once in a while, usually just regular teas, not herbal, not special flavors, etc...the cheapest is fine for me. So, I tried this out of curiosity and simply put, I'm is excellent. I tried it in the morning, but I think it would be fine whenever one desired tea. Usually, I add sugar to my tea, but here there was no need - it tastes great, very understated - the peppermint and menthol work well, even with a nice aroma which enhances the drinking experience. So, no calories, natural ingredients and the claim that it is made from premium tea leaves and Oregon peppermint leaves, calling it the world's finest peppermint - as I say, I am no expert, but I am pleased and it does feel nice to think some extra effort was made in making this tea.
347614347614B0061IULW2A3B620VGG3J6ZPAlexokerry "Alexokerry"0051342656000Cool and InvigoratingThis tea is a wonderful thing. Just opening the package is like stepping on a field of peppermint plants. It makes you feel cool even though it doesn't lower you body temperature. I've been using it as a sun tea and drinking it cold during the heatwave of 2012. I will purchase this product again.
347630347630B0061IULW2A688RIZ2POWSQL. Jenkins "Many hobbies in Texas"0051341532800Wonderful tasteI love dual flavors. I just love flavors and am always looking for ways to make something I already like more flavorful.

That being said, this makes my already strawberry flavored tea have that cool flavor that I really love in the summer and it does stand alone as a light minty tea. I can't wait to try this later in the year for a quick warm up on a cold morning. Now I have this as a drink with my snack in the evening as it is caffeine free.

Higgins and Burke already introduced me to the most flavorful Earl Grey I've ever tasted and they pay attention to the smallest of details like the bag. I never get any stray tea in my glass, and this bag does have a string and tag on it so that I can trash the box if I so desire and still know what it bag contains. I even got a second cup out of one bag.

Wonderful tea...can't wait to gradually try the other flavors as Higgins and Burke is affordable unlike a lot of the others I see. Try won't be disappointed.
347615347615B0061IULW2AZA55FJD7CCZNBetween the Lines "J. Morrill"0051342569600Very NiceReally enjoyed this tea. I've tried A LOT of peppermint teas. Some good, some okay, and some bad. This one rates at the top of the scale. Nice peppermint flavor. Doesn't taste watered down or like someone just dipped a candy cane in some hot water. I grow my own mint leaves, and this is like drinking the "real thing."

Very enjoyable and I would recommend to anyone wanting a nice cup of peppermint tea.
347631347631B0061IULW2A184ZFZZBWEXMSMarilyn C. Martin "Love's Pixiebobs"0051341446400Delicious TeaI haven't been much of a tea drinker, not liking the taste of tea without a ton of sugar, but I do enjoy a couple cups of this in the evening. No need to add sugar for it to taste good, not that sugar wouldn't make it better. No caffeine is a huge plus as well. The pure premium Oregon peppermint, is a mild tasting flavor. I feel like I'm drinking something that is good for me and enjoying it at the same time. I can get a couple tasty cups out of one bag.
Love the minty after taste too.
347632347632B0061IULW2A25KVM6GJBLISZJohn F. Wright0041341446400Subtle and PleasantHiggins & Burke Peppermint tea brews up a nice dark cup of tea with a gentle and pleasing peppermint aroma. Nothing overwhelming. The flavor is excellent and the subtle aroma is nice.

Definitely an enjoyable cup of tea (for someone who tends to prefer Earl Grey).
347633347633B0061IULW2AQJSMLYHE6GN4StarReviewer "SR"0031341360000Peppermint TeaI was looking forward to a nice cup of tea early this morning - you know, before it was a hundred degrees out! - so I brewed some of this. It's okay, but the flavor wasn't very strong. I felt like I was tasting, I don't know, the warmth of the tea more than the peppermint. I brewed a single bag for about 3 minutes in hot water. As I try it other ways I'll update this review. UPDATE: I tried brewing the tea for 5 minutes (the suggested brewing time is 3-5 minutes) and while it tasted a little bit more like peppermint, it still had a weak taste.
347616347616B0061IULW2A1H7Y5XKPGT0OSRama Rao "Rama"0041342569600RefreshingI am a regular drinker of herbal tea, and over the years I have tried several brands. I very much enjoyed the Higgins & Burke Chai recently and this Peppermint tea also makes a nice, refreshing cup of herbal tea. It has lots of aroma and flavor, and the only ingredient is mint leaves. There is no caffeine and hence perfect for late evenings. I tried both hot and cold tea, but I prefer hot over cold tea, since it has greater aroma.

1. Numi Organic Tea Ruby Chai, Spiced Rooibos Herbal Teasan, 18-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 3)
2. Higgins & Burke Chai Black Tea, 20-Count (Pack of 6)
347634347634B0061IULW2A2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"0051341360000Incredibly good for colds!I received this box just as I was catching a cold, so this was incredibly good timing. This was just what I needed for a stuffy nose and scratchy throat.

The box says to brew for 3-5 minutes, but I only had to brew this for three minutes to get a good strong peppermint taste, so it brews up quickly. (A plus, if you're short on time or just impatient.) It has a nice scent to it and does wonders for my poor tortured nose.

The taste is the best part, though. This isn't an overwhelmingly strong peppermint taste (although if desired, I'm sure you could brew it for longer to achieve that) and is a good sipping tea. I was a little afraid that I wouldn't take to a tea that was only peppermint flavored, but this is excellent.

This is absolutely delicious and soothing, a must buy for tea lovers.
347635347635B0061IULW2A3JISS7CQJF8JLJoy V. Smith "Pagadan"0041341273600A tasty teaThe Higgins & Burke peppermint herbal tea is a refreshing minty tasting caffeine-free drink for any time of the day...or night, with no worries about not being able to sleep. I drink it hot or cold; it's easy to make, and I like it both ways. I would buy it again because I like the flavor. I put two bags in a large mug, btw. (The pictures on the box show one bag in a small cup.) The package also says you can use it for a sachet, but there are more fragrant sachets.
347617347617B0061IULW2A34BWLZ9HERHGMM. D. Stern0051342569600A Refreshing BreakI sometimes like a cup of peppermint tea after dinner or before bedtime - it can aid in digestion and/or relax me to help me to sleep. And sometimes a cup of peppermint tea in the afternoon is a simple refreshing break! The problem I have with most brands is they are regular teas with a peppermint flavoring - not what I really want, especially after a meal or at bedtime.

I gave this tea a try, and I had never heard of Higgins & Burke. It is made of 100% peppermint leaves, which are individually bagged. To get the true essence of the tea, it should be steeped the full 3 to 5 minutes - which is true of most herbal teas. It gives a nice, rich color, and the aroma is a delightful, delicate peppermint.

The taste is not overwhelmingly peppermint or minty. It has a more delicate taste, which I think I prefer. I've had some peppermint/mint teas which tasted more like a peppermint stick - just a bit strong! This tea is more delicate, more teasing, and I enjoyed it. I do sweeten my teas, so I think that prevented the "bland" taste that some reviewers are speaking of here.

I will certainly be on the lookout for this brand name, and will certainly try other teas they produce!
347618347618B0061IULW2A1S27P7KJO9I96Eric A. Hofstetter0051342569600Great peppermint flavorThe Higgins & Burke Herbal Peppermint tea makes a great cup of tea - hot or cold. The flavor is very refreshing, not bitter. The tea bags are indivdually wrapped for freshness. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a caffeine free pick me up.
347619347619B0061IULW2A18S2A07LBNVNFBucky0051342483200Stimulates Without CaffeineI greatly enjoyed Higgins& Burke's Higgins & Burke Chai Black Tea, 20-Count (Pack of 6), so when I had the chance to give this Peppermint Herbal Tea a try, needless to say, I grabbed it. And I was every bit as satisfied with this peppermint tea as I was with the Black Chai. I think it's perfect for those times when you need a pick-me-up, but don't want any caffeine. This tea has a stimulating peppermint taste that perks me up quite nicely, but won't keep me awake when it's time to go to sleep. The ingredients list reads "Premium Peppermint Leaves" and that's it. So if you like peppermint and want a nice, refreshing cup of herbal tea, you might want to give this a try.
347620347620B0061IULW2A1XJ3M3JTMD3HZHonest0051342137600TastyThis tea is really tasty. I've tried myriad brands of peppermint tea and I have to say that this is a real competitor. If you've ever had peppermint tea where the peppermint wasn't evident, you'll appreciate this tea. It has menthol in it and perhaps that's the reason that the flavor is so much more robust but it was really good and it didn't leave you guessing what kind of tea you were drinking when you started out.

This may be a one-off but when I sniffed it, it did noticeably clear up my sinuses for several hours afterwards.

It's also caffeine-free so it's safe to have before bed. I would definitely purchase it in the future.
347636347636B0061IULW2A1AES697PC2IW5Kevin Kiersky "oceaneagle"0051340841600Excellent Peppermint Tea +++This is indeed an excellent peppermint tea. It has a great peppermint aroma even before encountering a strong peppermint flavor. This is a rich invigorating tea that clears ones nose and soothes mouth, throat and belly. Like other Higgins & Burke teas, the pure herbal Oregon peppermint leaves are in bags that are enclosed in individual foil pouches. This tea is great hot or iced -- alone or with other tea -- such as a favorite green or black tea. It could become especially liked as a basis for Summer iced teas -- alone or with green or black +++
347621347621B0061IULW2A2GSJUETASGMO0rose thyme0051342137600Delicious, Pure PeppermintExcellent, very good peppermint tea. Sometimes the simplest things can be the best, and this tea is an example of that. Easy to brew and to enjoy. Very happy to sample and review this for Amazon Vine program.
347637347637B001CDQCFQA2G85SHONFVPKNEric Hofmann "Sonthert"212151245196800The Six pack! Perfect for the Home BarI have tried several of Fee Brother's Bitters and I am ordering the rest of them today. The Orange and Peach Bitters are the finest there is. I might be one of the few people that has actually compared different brands of bitters. If you want to have a complete battery of bitters for mixing drinks at home or at a bar, you need:

Orange Bitters
Peach Bitters
Lemon Bitters
Old Fashioned (Angostura-type) Bitters
Peychaud's Bitters

I have used Fee's Brothers at my bar for over ten years, and you can't get some of these anywhere else in the world, if you like mixed drinks, you'll need to buy several of these from Fee Brother's, the complete 8 pack is great. The Old Fashioned Bitters you can get lots of places, and Angostura is quite good, but Fee Brothers is every bit as good. Fee Brother's Orange Bitters is far better than Angostura's Orange Bitters, so I think this set is the quintessential set you'll need. Go ahead, try to find peach or cherry bitters from another company. Get some Peychaud's and a few others and you're good to go.

The idea of rhubarb bitters seems a little strange to me, but I haven't tried it, to be honest, and rhubarb might be a little overkill, so this six pack might be perfect for lemon, orange, peach and cherry bitters. Grapefruit sounds great, look forward to trying it.
347622347622B0061IULW2A2BJ9I0BQ1LH5Sguitarchick240051342051200great peppermint teaI love peppermint tea and am an avid drinker of it - at least one cup every day, if not more. I've never seen Higgins and Burke in my local grocery store, but I hope they end up stocking this product. It tastes great - lovely flavor and very soothing. And I love the fact that it's caffeine free. Recommended.
347638347638B001CDQCFQA3GCR9JQBM0TVKCliffton Mcintire "feralcoder"6621330819200Great Producet, but 2 Major Failures -- Fire your log/ops, FeesBros.The products are great. I love mixing drinks, and these bitters give me a bit of an extended arsenal on some otherwise standard and expected recipes.

But there are 2 major problems. The first, and in my opinion more minor, is in packaging/shipping. At least 2 of the 6 bottles arrived having leaked 1/4 of their contents. When I received my order I opened my large-ish Amazon box of office supplies and was greeted with a wall of fruity boozy KABOOM!!!. This was because the orange and peach bitters leaked all over themselves, their fellow bottles, and into the enclosing box. No biggie, some lost product, but I can deal.

The second and more problematic problem is that the shaker caps don't fit. I wanted 3 dashes of lemon bitters in my manhattan and received 3 oz. It's not a loose fit, it's a non-fit. The cap is way way too loose. Even if you try to shake it cautiously it jumps right off. Not just 1 of my bottles, it's done it on the lemons and the grapefruits. I've only tried 4 of the bottles so far, so that's a 50% catastrophe rate. 2 drinks with fine bases, down the drain, undrinkable.

This set is awesome, but HEED THE WARNINGS, sailors.
347623347623B0061IULW2A2NML53YCHS80SBurgundy Damsel0051342051200Best Herbal Tea I've Ever HadI am usually disappointed in herbal teas - they tend to have lots of aroma and very little flavor. This tea was perfect! The only ingredient is mint leaves - no fake anything to worry about or concerns about trace caffeine. It smells like glass of mint schnapps and tastes divine. I will definitely be buying this again and passing it along to friends.
347624347624B0061IULW2A2AYYKD4OODSLYApril E. "A homeschool Mom"0051341964800Delicious peppermint flavor in a quality tea bag.This tea is perfect as an iced tea (3 bags for 2 quarts) or for a nice cup of hot peppermint tea to settle the tummy or clear your nose/throat. I love the flavor of it as an iced tea, and that it is purely herbal and caffeine free. Even though I let the tea bags steep for 20 minutes for my iced tea, they didn't disintegrate or break open. They held up perfectly, even when I squeezed the last drops of tea out. I'm looking forward to enjoying it over and over again.
347625347625B0061IULW2A1HLJJ6MKZLR3ZRebekah0041341878400Makes marvelous mint iced teaPeppermint is one of my favorite tea flavors. I have tried quite a few different mint teas, searching for the brightest, most flavorful options. The true test for me is whether or not I'll need sweetener to enjoy it. If it doesn't need sweetener, than it truly is a special flavor!

Out of the individual wrapping, the tea bag smells strongly like an Altoid mint - refreshing! No other ingredients mixed in with the mint leaves goes a long way to ensure a pure peppermint taste.

Brewed as hot tea, I found this to have a very nice flavor. I did not need sweetener! It was not quite as strong as I would have liked, but it still did not disappoint.

I also tried brewing this as iced tea. I found the flavor to be much stronger when iced! Mint is so cooling & soothing, it makes complete sense that the taste of it in cold form would have more impact. This was actually the best mint iced tea I think I've had.

As hot tea, this is a runner-up to my favorite mint tea by Tazo. As iced tea, though, Higgins & Burke was fantastic! Plus, when you're through the bags are completely compostable, with no staple holding the tea bag to the paper tag - a finish I can feel good about.
347626347626B0061IULW2ADZIJQN6MNRABTRFB0041341705600Soothing Aroma and TasteI recently received an Iced Tea maker, so before using this tea in the traditional sense which is with hot water, I decided to use it as an Iced Tea. It was very delicious. The Peppermint is very strong and you can really taste and smell it. I don't use sugar in my tea. I like them without and this flavor really stands out. The smell of it is very strong. My wife said it smelled like cough syrup. But, the taste of it was nothing like cough syrup. The makers of the tea, Higgins & Burke, put out good flavor tea. I will add this one to my favorites.
347639347639B001CDQCFQA37SG7G6LBKG8GSueT81031323907200A problemI was really excited to get this. When I opened it, there was a note inside. The note stated to be careful when using the lemon bitters as the oils in it might loosen the drop pourer when used. Well, I didn't have to worry about it spilling when I used it, because it had leaked nearly half the bottle while still in the box. I was out of town for an extended time and my boyfriend put the box on our extra bed and it leaked thru the box on to the linens. It's oily and very difficult to remove the stain. I guess I just expected more since this wasn't cheap at nearly 9 bucks a bottle, and to discover almost half a bottle gone is irritating. I hope they get there issue resolved, but I will think twice about ordering from them in the future.
347640347640B001CDQCFQAHPW56XHNPYW1Andrew Lazorchak "A. Lazora"3321333584000Not my style bitters.I wish I had known previously that Fees are glycerine based bitters, and it my fault I did not research this more. However with the cocktail craze and people buying bitters at break neck pace these days. One should know that "traditional" bitters are alcohol based extractions and give a much different flavor profile than sugar extracted bitters "glycerine extraction".

I will try returning my bitters, which are untouched, as I learned my mistake after ordering.

I highly recommend Scrappy's bitters from Seattle.

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