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347641347641B001CDQCFQA1JIH3YNFGDOM4beachgal0051341619200Great giftGot it for my brother as a gift. He's really into making old standards when it comes to cocktails. Seemed to really like it. Very nice packaging with descriptions of each "flavor." I'm still waiting for my old fashion. :-)
347642347642B001CDQCFQA1BO2FJC3XD0QFDominic Paul Mercadante0151324252800Great BittersFee Brothers Bitters are some of the best that I have ever tasted. Fond as we are of cocktails these have become our go to standard. The Classic and all of the citrus varieties are particularly good and versatile.
347643347643B001J1K6USA3HTFYXLBXM5GEanonymous4421262476800Feeder is unsafeAfter several months of use and following instructions for care/cleaning, the mesh bag started to slip out of the handle while my baby was holding and chewing on it -- which allowed the food to come out of the bag -- which my baby could then have choked on -- which misses the whole point of using this thing in the first place. Also the rubber letters on the handle (that spell "BabySteps") started to peel off in little pieces! I don't want my baby eating that...
347644347644B001J1K6USA2LQWDVAZ0RUV1Crissy0141278460800Didn't really useI purchased this because I liked the idea of it and I used it with frozen fruit for a couple of weeks but I ended up just giving my daugther regular solids instead of taking the time to puree and freeze.
347645347645B004CH2PL4A29WE7SXPNU4O1pureradiance0051343779200Best Sugar Free Gum w/o artificial sweetenersThis product is great. I've tried 10 different SF Gums and this hands down the best tasting and has the best consistency.
347646347646B002LFGO02A18RFB3VX2NUNLBoz0031351123200Buttery oilThe popcorn popped up light but lacked a strong buttery flavor. Need to use slightly more than recommended amount to achieve better flavor.
347647347647B000HDL1KIA3O0QU9M0GQOG2Maria Camp1151346457600Wonderful. Easy. Tasty. Vegan. Even has a little fork.One of the best things about this product is that it does not require refrigeration. It is quite simple to prepare in a microwave and is very enjoyable. It doesn't take long at all. Just make sure not to use too much water or you'll dilute the flavor from the sauce. I don't do an exact measurement. I turn on the faucet and let a bit get on the bottom. It doesn't need a whole lot. This may require some experimentation for each person. This is my favorite boxed meal. * I put the noodles in before the water. Just let the water get around the noodles, not on them. - As for those with peanut allergies, I don't know if there are peanuts somehow in the sauce or anything, but there is a package of peanuts that comes with this that you can use or not. I prefer it without the peanuts.
347648347648B000HDL1KIA1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman1111334707200Pasty, nasty, don't botherThese noodles replaced another, excellent brand on our grocery shelves. (Annie Chun, fyi.) Both brands make similar flavors--Kung Pao, Sesame, Peanut, etc.

These noodles have a pastiness that is unpleasant and no really good flavor. I like this variety of convenient pre-boiled noodles for a quick lunch at work; they are easy to make up in the microwave and come in a bowl of their own (though I put mine into a ceramic bowl as I don't like eating out of plastic if I can help it.) Sometimes I am too busy to go out for lunch and hot noodles are very pleasant. But these are NOT pleasant. No, indeed.

These are dominating our grocery shelves but they don't deserve to be there. Bad taste and texture. Just bad. Don't bother.
347649347649B000HDL1KIA1HN0WW8H4MYC6Nicholas Moses0051349740800Maybe the best instant meal for your $3.50I'm amazed that the average reviews for these are so low. I started buying these freshmen year for quick, on-the-go, several times a week meals, and it has been two years but I still eat them occasionally. Yes, the sodium is absurdly high, and they aren't super high quality cuisine, but they take 3 minutes to make, include some sort of vegetable matter (?), are vegan/vegetarian, and are super cheap.

Give these a try, and you won't want to make Ramen again anytime soon.
347650347650B000HDL1KIAXSV2IRQX2C20JAScribbles "Kindle is charged and ready!"0031345680000Time to Try it Again?I purchased a package of the Spicy Kung Pao Noodle Bowl in August of 2012. The label says, "new & improved."

So... for those of you who didn't like it the first time around, it may be worth another try.

Two things to note:

Calories per bowl = 460
Sodium per bowl = 1350mg (56% of daily recommended amount)

I like these noodle bowls but do not eat them often due to the sodium content. A bit too high for one food item.
347651347651B000HDL1KIA37L5CRD2A63R5MD0011341619200AWFUL! Slimey and smells like melted plastic...Wow. I was really excited to try these; unfortunately, after struggling through about six bites, I had to throw it away. Immediately out of the microwave, the bowl reeked of melted plastic. At first, I thought I had melted the bowl, but after inspecting it and attempting several bites, I discovered it was the scent of the noodles and broth. The noodles were super fine, which I like; however, I couldn't get past the super slimey feel. They almost seemed like they had a glue-like consistency. I only cooked for two of the recommended 2-3 minutes. I don't know if you get different results with the boil and pour method, but I disliked them so much I'm not willing to give that a try.
347652347652B000HDL1KIAP8YBC5H3NB2Nblake3511313712000authentic astronaut kung pao lab gunkThis product is EXTREMELY salty and sweet with an after taste of preservative chemicals. The peanuts taste like what i imagine astronaut food tastes like... completely stale and awful. I just ate 1/4 of a bowl and had to throw it out. Everyone in my work area is complaining about the stench... one of them happens to be a Korean girl. Run far far far away ... simple ramen noodles or even cup of noodles is 999% better than this laboratory experiment of a food.

To the people saying this tastes authentic... HUH? Not sure what your definition of authentic is but this stuff hardly tastes like food.
347653347653B000HDL1KIA2BZZBJZA3EXLFScottjk1211320710400** Pure Garbage **This stuff is absolutely HORRIBLE. Do the board members of these companies actually taste the garbage they sell?

Pure garbage.
347654347654B000HDL1KIA26TW2W2Y4MEG2B. Myers1251266883200convenient, tasty, authenticI just tried the spicy kung pao noodle bowl and found it very tasty and authentic. The packaging made it very convenient and easy to prepare, and I could easily eat it at my desk while working with no mess. I highly recommend it!
347655347655B000HDL1KIA2S5FRGW01RPDXEric Chapin "ascii256"2411263859200Reformulated and now nasty.This used to be my favorite lunch but recently Simply Asia reformulated this into an entirely different product. The old product has a slightly sweet and spicy peanut sauce and a peanut topping. The new product has a spicy chili-based sauce (and no peanuts.)
Hopefully the new version will not sell and they will move back to the old. Bad call on the part of Simply Asia.
347656347656B007HAUP0GATYAEGPXEN658Olga Koval "Olga in O.C."0051345075200The tastiest hot sauceNever met a single person who didn't love this hot sauce. Great on burgers, eggs, steak, etc? Not crazy hot.
347657347657B002UKOA6SA33O566JLBE905Thomas H. Andrews "Tom"2211262908800MORE DISCLOSURE NEEDEDUnless I missed it the seller does not divulge the

For this price $5.94 plus a hefty $6.95 shipping, one
would expect 7 - 8 ounces of chipotle (a bulk purchase,
as 8 oz is alot of chipotle!).
Yet 8 oz would be reasonable amount of chipotle for
someone paying the $12.89 total in this transaction.

Otherwise a good int'l food supermarket might be a better
deal cost wise.

So please indicate the chipotle weight offered here, and why the shipping
is so high.

The same request, please, for your other diced/dried ancho, jalapeno, etc.
347658347658B0058P27NAA1AD4XP47VS56YFoodie1 "Foodie1"1131324598400Excellent mustard, but it's about 1/3 the price directly from Woeber (incl. S&H).I can understand profit, but a 200% markup? Really? When it's available from Woeber all day long and you can buy all different kinds - i.e. get 3 different mustards instead of a 3-pack of the same :(
347659347659B0058P27NAA270Q40B1EQQRPF. C. Newtom1151320969600Woeber's Reserve, Champagne Dill MustardI love the Dill Mustard. It is different and delicious too. I received my product in a fairly quick time but it took a while as it came through the US Post Office by "snail mail".
347660347660B001E5DZHAA1GAD1UHLT4V2Alia de Gourville4451264550400Best granola bar I've ever hadHands down, this bar is amazing. It is very filling, but seems so light and fluffy while you are eating it. Unlike most bars that seem sickly sweet and artificial, this bar has a very light sweetness to it and is not glued together with a sugar cement. This really tastes like something you created in your own kitchen from scratch.
347661347661B001E5DZHAA1VMVOA3Y6V8VLL. G. Lewis2251254528000ExcellentThese Cascadian Farm Granola Bars have turned out to be the perfect thing for those mornings when this non-breakfast eater (I know, I know) is a bit peckish, for a mid-morning bite when I usually first get hungry, or for a travelling snack. They are nice and chewy, full of flavor and just a bit sweet. This and the Fruit & Nut variety are my favorites. I haven't found a granola bar I like better.
347662347662B001E5DZHAA1H0E3JPWOIWYSRobert J. Diaz II "rocketrob"2251229817600Fantastic, Tasty TreatThe Cascadian Farms product line is really quite fantastic. These Harvest Berry Bars are tasty and chewy, and they can really help to hold you over between meals if you are hungry. I highly reccomend them.
347663347663B001E5DZHAA830AACMEKEQGMegan Bewley2251186444800Best granola bars I've ever tasted.Most people think organic/natural foods have little desirable taste. These are the best granola bars I have ever tasted. Even my 3-yr-old loves them! He eats them every morning for breakfast.
347664347664B001E5DZHAA23JFATICR3KZ1Tai Chi4551164931200Cascadian FarmsThese bars are delicious! Tried them for the first time from a Friday sale and wish I had bought more. Don't usually buy organic but there is definitely a difference. These bars are sweet, sticky, with large berries and just a pleasure to eat. Looking forward to the chocolate chip ones.
347665347665B001E5DZHAAYUEEY1Q2RPZ9notxe "dvd guy"1141345507200Tasty, but wayyy too stickyTHESE ARE GREAT HEALTHY TREATS- BUT THEY HAVE TO STAY IN THE WRAPPERS AS THEY'RE EXTREMELY STICKY/TACKY. I got some of the sticky on my fingers and was hard to get off...If you touch anything, it is like a glue. Otherwise, great stuff!
347666347666B001E5DZHAA22F7Z69MLQX5GHero of Shapier "So you want to be a hero?"1151337731200Delicious!I ordered a subscription from Amazon because it was MUCH cheaper than buying in store. I keep these bars at work for breakfast or when I'm craving a [guilt-free] snack. They are soft and full of flavor. If anyone is wary of ordering through subscription, have no fear - you can cancel, modify, or restart your subscription at any time with just a few button clicks.
347667347667B001E5DZHAA2IXDIAQ035EHWnewenglander1151332288000DeliciousThese granola bars are as tasty as candy to me and it's hard to eat just one. I actually like the harvest berry better than the chocolate chip! Filling and organic - I just wish they were gluten-free too. :)
347668347668B001E5DZHAA3TZULGWU7XLY2J. L. Bartlett1151213574400YummyI love them and my children like the as well. They taste great and are healthy.
347669347669B001E5DZHAA1ZY38LDNQJ2QRBenny Chan1141194998400Taste Great, will buy moreIt taste really good, perfect size for snack. The only reason I gave 4 stars, not 5, because the products had short date.
347670347670B001E5DZHAAX2I0KU4KNPNXM. Nigro "Skepsis"1151188950400Great Product...Great CompanyCascadian Farms makes awesome granola bars. They all taste great, you can't lose. The harvest berry bars are the best in my opinion but, they're all really good and organic.

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