Amazon Fine Food Reviews

347731347731B001E5E3MQA2QANSFAHGYUEEA.Bug "Amy"5651197417600Excellent lemon flavorI almost didn't buy this flavor after reading a few reviews where people mentioned they could hardly taste the lemon.
I tried it and was pleasantly surprised at the delicious lemon flavor! It's now my favorite flavor.
I don't know whether the people posting that they can't taste the lemon used enough or if they didn't shake the bottle first or what.
It is the best one so far. :)
347732347732B001E5E3MQA1B8W8OP9JPLNYLaura G. Williams2251318204800Excellent sweetener for iced tea!I need to order some more since this makes unsweetened iced tea delicious! This product creates a good-for-you, every-day drink!
347733347733B001E5E3MQA2V9DTXTQ5YIMKA. Hudson "papillon_lover"2241279238400Great for sweetening, not for lemon flavorI bought these after I bought Mr. Coffee TM70 3-Quart Iced-Tea Maker . I tried using Stevia packets but noticed the Stevia would clump up at the bottom and would not separate even when stirred. Loving the taste of lemon with my tea I opted for this flavor. However, it does not taste like lemon. It sweetens really well, better than expected. However, you cannot taste the lemon in it at all. I will still buy liquid Stevia in the future since it works but will be leery about trying any `flavored' ones.
347734347734B001E5E3MQA32BDOL342KN5MJ. Draper2251197072000Great Stevia ProductWe put this in our water and it gives the water a sweet lemon flavor. It makes water interesting. Works great for getting the kids to drink more water.
347735347735B001E5E3MQAKFX56PERQPDIBlanche M. Gilbert "Weight Watchers groupie"2231192579200Lemon?I guess I couldn't tell that this had a lemon flavor to it, it I didn't read it on the bottle. It is sweet, however, as promised.
347736347736B001E5E3MQA1N5A2XKQHS1KIveghead421 "veghead 421"2251192406400perfect lemonThis is great. It is so easy to use and vesatile. it is a great product for those who have to restrict sugar intake.
My favorite use for Sweetleaf liquid stevia lemon drop is to
add some drops to a bottle of water to make lemonade. it's the perfect thirst quencher after mowing on a hot day. especially if you mix it and put it in freezer to get extra cold while you work up a sweat.
347737347737B001E5E3MQA2YIZ3AJUHEY6GK. Henry "turquoiseladykins"2251186185600Love this Stevia flavor!This is wonderful! I Love my ice tea with it, no matter what type of tea, whether herbal, regular or mixed, this Lemon drop stevia is so Great! Will be back for more! :o)
347738347738B001E5E3MQA3304DPOR4VSI5Susan J. Mcpherson2251185321600Liquid SteviaI like all of the liquid stevias. I have a hard time ridding my diet of diet pop. Using the stevias is great, healthy, and delicious.
347739347739B001E5E3MQAW5EBDI290HM1E. Delgrande "Del Grande Culinary Arts"4531298505600add zest !I usually purchase this "lemon drop" from Whole Foods. Now am onto this site for periodic scheduled deliveries,
1 recommendation is to "zest" 1 "meyer" lemon - then, slip this zest into the glass vial( container) of stevia. This adds the fresh lemon flavor we crave.
347740347740B001E5E3MQAPKVG66TWSGP9Jennifer Terry4531173744000Not very lemony!I bought this thinking it would be great to add to water to get a weak lemonade-like drink. Unfortunately, it's not very lemony-tasting and it takes a good bit of it to flavor a 20-oz bottle. The stevia has an odd taste, something like a cross between saccharine and Splenda, so it takes some getting used to for a die-hard aspartame lover like me! I had also hoped it could be carried with me in my purse for when I refill my bottle on the run, but apparently it needs to be refrigerated after opening, so that's not gonna work, either! ;)
347741347741B001E5E3MQAKOQ0ZTRDGQDOCheryl A. Benefiel "cbaby 56"1151323216000What a great deal!I have been on the HCG Protocol Diet. I had bought the SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia Lemon Drop on their official website. It was more for 1 bottle on their website than for 2 bottles on Amazon. I will definitely buy more from Amazon. They also have other flavors if you don't like lemon. What a great deal!
347742347742B001E5E3MQAJJWENTE3K047L. Griffith1151309305600Great ProductWhen I first purchased the Lemon flavor I didn't think I would use it that much but I use it all the time and LOVE IT!!
347743347743B001E5E3MQA2KUUWP4ZZMOBPJolly Green Giant "You can try Birchbox too! ...1121272153600Great sweetener, nice lemon scent, where's the lemon flavor?My daughter brings flavored lemon water to school everyday and I was looking for an alternative to her Splenda based lemon water. I thought this would be a great solution. Unfortunately, even though this is a very nice sweetener the lemon flavor is barely detectable. The scent is great though! In tea this is fine, but as a sweetener/lemon flavor enhancer for water, this is not a good solution- stick with real lemons and stevia.
347744347744B001E5E3MQA2K3TFNY72T46Zbusyperson7 "busyperson7"2321311811200Not As Good As The OthersI have tried just about all of the flavored Stevias and this one isn't as good as some of the others. Very weak lemon taste and not that sweet. I was disappointed in this one.
347745347745B001E5E3MQA1693M6HSL21XWlisa3330051350950400Great stuffI don't much like to drink water but this product enables me to drink the amount of water I should be drinking every day.
347746347746B001E5E3MQA1UNY6G2E23BBGwogger540051348617600stevia lemon dropI have been using stevia lemon drop sweetener for quite some time, I put it in my water along with organic lemon juice and its very refreshing, and helps me to get the recommended amt of water drank, without it there is no way I'd be drinking enough. Also I only order from Amazon because the shipping is much faster and the product is always packaged so the jars aren't broken. Fast shipping is very important to me. Also I occ put lemon stevia in unflavored greek yogurt and like that very much also, adds no extra calories and has a great sweet flavor. I definitely give sweetleaf lemon stevia and Amazon a BIG 5 star rating.
347747347747B001E5E3MQAUUFW7PTUHLTMamaSylvia0021333497600Weak flavor in this water-based itemWhile waiting for my Amazon order to arrive, I bought a lemon-flavored stevia in a glycerin/alcohol base and was quite pleased with both the flavor and the sweetness - it made a nice lightly flavored water although I had to shake it every time before drinking. So I was surprised at both the extremely weak flavor and mild sweetness when this water-based liquid arrived. It never did make a satisfactory flavored water, and even when I tried to use it to sweeten my hot tea, I was not pleased with the result. So I'll be giving it away.

When reading any review, remember that people "taste" sweetness differently. Some people don't really taste stevia as sweet, while others find it *too* sweet. I can purchase this same brand in a glycerin/alcohol base at my local organic grocery, and I will be doing that to see whether I like the glycerin solvent better, or whether this particular brand just doesn't mesh well with my taste buds.

Edited to remove a reference to sucralose, an unrelated product.
347748347748B001E5E3MQA22YCBZ3XIV5TUAndrew Chaplin0051331078400good stuff!This stuff is perfect in tea or plain water.

Highly recommended!

I've also purchased the Vanilla flavor to use in coffee.
347749347749B001E5E3MQAO0Q2PNJM8X36Happy to Be Nappy "Chery"0031323302400Sweetleaf Stevia Lemon Drop ReviewI purchased the lemon flavored stevia to put in my water bottles to add flavor to my water. I am trying to kick my crystal light habit and was hoping this would be a good replacement. I would definitely by the product again the only reason I gave it 3 stars is because the lemon flavor is pretty mild. I know its because I'm use to stronger flavors such as crystal light but it is worth it if you are trying to cut back on your intake of other drinks and increase your water intake.
347750347750B001E5E3MQA22S7E0MPLZ9GAGenefl0041322179200As advertisedexcellent product as described. Lemon tang is there to taste. 7-10 drops and your set to go
Taste is lemon tang and give my tea a healthily kick.
347751347751B001E5E3MQA3CTN2UOYLYRU7Sallie Matlack0051265155200Liquid Stevia with lemon flavoringI really love this stuff - and it's healthy. Its all natural stevia sweetner with a lemon flavoring. I love it in my team in the morning and the only local supplier went out of business.
347752347752B001E5E3MQA3JRR0IK62QDVBMomOfTwoHighEnergyKids1211295654400Plain awful!I am seriuosly having doubts about some of the other reviews for this product! First there is no lemon flavor at all. Second, there is a sickly sweet taste to it. And finally there is a wierd after taste that leaves you gaging with cotton mouth for about 30 seconds. So disappointed in this product, truly wish amazon would except returns for this product. Total waste of money...
347753347753B001E5E3MQA1GOKRS2UG3470Jacqueline Hall "Ebony Brown"1251212019200Lemon-flavored liquid steviaWhat a refreshing treat to add to your bottled water during the summer. Since it's difficult for my hubby to drink much plain water, this product really helps with his water consumption. Great product. Amazon usually has a good price, too!
347754347754B001E5E3MQA2IP6DSJP2Q1YWAlan J. Laduzinsky "Big AL"2411193616000Sweet Yes --- Lemon NoI bought the two pack. I could not detect any Lemon Flavor. is this a quality control problem?
347755347755B000BYCIPUA16SHO7F4BKYCOwho knows "who knows"7921157500800Rawhide Mini BonesBelieve the product name/description...they are mini! They are only about 1.5-2" in length. Not worth 20 cents a piece
347756347756B000BYCIPUAXZ9XEFDEZ09WJeff L. Cox "Fran"2251258416000For toy dogsI have toy fox terriers and small rat terriers. my dogs love this rawhide mini bones.

if you have small dogs get this for tham i have not had any thing bad happen the dogs eat the hole thing. this would be good for pups like any toy breed.
347757347757B000BYCIPUAIZGR8ZLYP6TFsvburque2251172188800THEY'RE GREAT!!!!!PERFECT size & natural flavor for both my jack russell & retriever/chow mix! Yes they are "mini" BUT they're easy for them to handle, chew on, and digest. NO leftover or unfinished hide pieces that go to waste, like with bigger bone chews. And Rawhide Depot is the BEST ... have never missed a shipment from them and always arrives promptly!!! A TREAT WORTH THE SMALL INVESTMENT FOR YOUR CANINE BUDDIES!!! :-))))
347758347758B000BYCIPUA3RZMN211ZL2UAKristal Smith "Silently Obsessed"3431187827200MINI- Is an understatmentThey REALLY need to post the length of these bones so no one else gets the wrong idea. I was a little disappointed when i saw how small they are. Perfect for anything the size of a toy dog (10 lbs or less) anything more than that there would be a risk of choking.
347759347759B000BYCIPUA1Z9CYMKL9KBH0Pamela J. Karr2311203638400Talk about mini!I should have read the other reviews more carefully before purchasing these for our Australian Shepard. These bones are so tiny he just looks ridiculous with them. Even more, I have to watch him with them because they are so small that I am worried they are going to get lodged in his throat while he is trying to eat them (which takes less than 5 minutes).
347760347760B000BYCIPUA17STCFZ2NI75ALorie A Freisthler0011345593600Way overpriced!!!Ridiculously overpriced for how mini they are... could have bought a bag of these at Target for less than $10.

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