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347761347761B000BYCIPUA3SWJKJTJF59GWfriendbrook0021343347200100 Count Natural Rawhide Mini BonesGreat timely shipping. The rawhide was very thin and brittle. Other rawhide bones of this nature that I have purchased before from other vendors have been a littler thicker for the same dollar value.
347762347762B000BYCIPUA1VO7HA1MQY8SUJeff the aeroE0051343088000My dogs 80 lbs and 35 lbs love em!Both dogs love these which is great because finding a bone that they will both eat has been pretty hard. The little one doesn't like big bones and the big one devours little bones. These are the compromise I was looking for.
347763347763B000BYCIPUA3IJUJ5OIZ7Q3YGeorgia Reviewer0051335312000A favorite with our dogs!The size in the description is accurate; so, be sure to read it. These are mini bones. We are a three dog home with one dog in of the small, medium, and large classification. We initially bought these bones with the intention of them being for our small dog. All three of our dogs love these rawhides. In fact, our largest dog will snub rawhide chips, twists, and larger bones, even flavored ones, in favor of these mini bones. They are the definitive favorite rawhide treat in our house.
347764347764B000BYCIPUA1AW9JWXCYUOVSTheodore A. Char "triple T"0051331942400just the right size for any dog...i have a 45 pound mutt who loves raw hide bones.

i hate having those nasty 1/2 eaten slimy bones laying all over the house or hidden under my pillow.

makes a great special treat when leaving the house - and the price CANNOT be beat. look at the cost of a pack of 6 bones in a bag at the grocery store!!
347765347765B000BYCIPUA2TGUBIYNHN6QMschmo430051322438400Great productIt's hard for me to give a review for something I haven't (and hopefully never will) ever tasted, but my dog and my mother's dog go nuts for these. Price was good, dogs love them, I give them two paws up!!
347766347766B000BYCIPUA3LHFJBWYOLWW9darlyn1230041316390400knotted rawhide dog bonesThese are cute little bones with knots on both ends made of rawhide. I ordered 100 of them. They're perfect for small dogs but I should have realized how small they were. My malinois has one gone in second. Overall a good product.
347767347767B000BYCIPUA2CCV8S6PDOINVGaliana Chance0051314748800Tiny but awesomeYes, these are tiny - when they shipped to me, the package containing all 100 of them fit in my mailbox! But my strong-jawed 35-pound pit bull mix will spend 5-10 minutes with it, which is way longer than most small / inexpensive treats. I love that she finishes it, so I don't step on nasty slimy rawhide leftovers. I'll buy these for as long as they have them.
347768347768B000BYCIPUA36QJ5QGFDZ1JNJackie Cromwell "TinkGeek"0051313539200My dogs say "thank you!"These are perfect for my Yorkie and Westie. They aren't as hard or as thick as store bought bones the same size but I actually like that fact. These are a little bit easier for my dogs to chew. My dogs love them and getting them in bulk makes them much cheaper!
347769347769B000BYCIPUA14JDYUDAVA48Qgpy0051311638400excellent small dog treatthese bones are a perfect treat for my smaller dogs - under 30 lbs each. They are small enough for my little guys to chew on but last long enough to occupy them for at least half an hour. They are even good for my bigger dog as a reward that won't disappear in a gulp after clipping his nails.
347770347770B000BYCIPUAVBV4TMJ4VJS6Vicky Phillips0031308096000Brand New 100 count 2.5" Natural Rawhide Mini Bones Item #200The size was fine; however, they give off a very very strong plastic smell. I ordered them because the Milk Bone Brand was no longer available - the Milk bone Brand does not have this strong smell. The smell causes me to wonder if they are good for my pets.

My pets ate them and they seem fine - regardless of the smell. Therefore, I updated this review.

Brand New 100 count 2.5" Natural Rawhide Mini Bones Item #200
347771347771B000BYCIPUA2OUHXKFBA8WF8Thea0041307404800Smaller than they look in the pictureThe bones are very, very small. I'm a petite girl and they're shorter than my pinkie finger. My dogs like them just the same though. Would be perfect for a small breed dog. My labs eat them in a minute
347772347772B000BYCIPUA1BIG3EBHNV5FAGary A Freiburger0041307404800Mini mini's but big enoughOur puggle goes through a mini rawhide every night as a treat. We'd been buying them in 10 - 15 packs from the local big box pet store so I decided to see if I could save a little money by buying in bulk via Amazon. Although these rawhides are the same 2.5" size as the ones from the store, the rawhide is thinner and I would guess that they weigh about 2/3rds of the others. However, they were much less expensive and, aside from going through each one in half the time it took to eat the ones from the store, the dog doesn't seem to mind. It's probably healthier for him to eat the smaller ones.
347773347773B000BYCIPUAQ1T376ZEIPJOM. Davis0051306886400Great For Puppies Too!We have two Golden Retriever puppies and they love to chew. I am writing this to the sound of contented puppies, chewing! These are a great buy!! We received a package of 200 bones!! Yes, they are small, it says that in the description.

Best of all the package arrived THE NEXT DAY!
347774347774B000BYCIPUA20KRH1FDYQKYQNathan A. Sweet "Nathan A. Sweet"0021278115200MehThe inner bag in the packaging was ripped open, so bones were everywhere upon opening. The inner bag looked like it had been sealed at one time and cleanly cut open. Thought I was buying new bones? Also, I feel the price is a bit high.
347775347775B000BYCIPUA2PA5S28V2HT8EC. Moran0051275264000GREATIt's hard to find the small rawhides that our dogs LOVE. It was great to find them and the prompt service was wonderful. WOOF!!!!! Our dogs say THANKS!
347776347776B000BYCIPUA3EB7LZY4SO8S4Shelly "food/cooking enthusiast"0051274486400Good buy for small dogsI have ordered these several times and my Bichons love them. Helps keep their teeth clean and keeps them busy. Good price, good quality.
347777347777B000BYCIPUA3K873BWRX8HF9Lynn0051273881600Hard to find bonesMy dogs love these bones so I was so excited when I found out I could get them on Amazon. They were exactly the same as my dogs had before so they loved them.
347779347779B000BYCIPUAKI78DTKJMCNZMs. Phyllis Dannemiller "Book Reader"0051192924800Rawhide ProductsThese little bones were great for my little dog.
She really loves these. Guess what? My older dogs loved them also.
347780347780B001P3NU3KALVIS23688FYZTXDogLover151541306281600My dog's love theseI have three dogs, small (5lb), medium (20 lb) and large (60 lb) and all three of them love these chews. I first learned of this brand of chew at my vet's office, I had one of my dog's teeth cleaned and they suggested these (as well as the C.E.T. toothpaste) to help maintain the health and condition of my dog's teeth. I have used this product a little over two years. I each dog one chew (small for the small/medium dog and large for the large)at bedtime each night. They remind me every night when I go to bed by standing by the cabinet where the chews are stored. The only disadvantage, which is a minor thing but worth noting so you don't get surprised, the chews can leave a colored-residue on whatever bedding they are on while they chew it. My dogs like to jump up on my bed to eat them so I place a towel down for them to eat on so my duvet does not get soiled. The residue does not stain, it comes out with regular washing.
347781347781B001P3NU3KA1SJ0L93H1FGM8Linda A. Salmi111251252713600My fur-babies love these chewsI have two Chihuahua's. One will eat anything, and the other is very picky. They both love these chews, and they keep their teeth clean.
347782347782B001P3NU3KA10NAWFCE58ZZUvu7751277942400hygiene chewsC.E.T. HEXtra Premium Oral Hygiene Chews with Chlorhexidine, Medium Dogs, 30 Chews
These work great for reducing tartar on dogs teeth and recommended by my VET.
347783347783B001P3NU3KA11QYGVZ3CKNDTEditorWannabe5531324944000Prefer the Chews WITHOUT ChlorhexidineI have ordered the C.E.T. dog chews both ways: those with the Chlorhexidine, and those without. I prefer that our dogs chew those without the Chlorhexidine for two reasons: First, the ones with Chlorhexidine have an obnoxious odor for me. But most importantly, one of my dogs has a terrible diarrhea if he has the Chlorhexidine chews. I will continue to order the C.E.T. Premium Oral Hygiene Chews WITHOUT Chlorhexidine for my pets and give the WITHOUT Chlorhexidine chews five stars!
347784347784B001P3NU3KACW24ETZ063G8Jerry4451304121600Quick treat and they love emLike the title says "Quick" your dog can devour one of these and will come back for more. This version of the product is pressed together and easy to chew. They are dental chews and I can vouch that they help keep a dogs mouth fresher. I buy these for a quick chew bone.

Look for Virbac to see what works for you, the rawhide version of these runs large, so for a medium size ie;25-30# get the small dog selection.
347785347785B001P3NU3KAEHBER91ITBGDebbie "Pup purchaser"4441245456000Bailey loves theseMy puppy loves these. Since he's twice the 11lb. mark, I thought I should switch to the Medium dog size, but I think they were too hard on his baby teeth. He chewed some of the Mediums but lost interest in any that were thick. The medium and bigger sizes are regular rawhide whereas these are uniformly sized pieces which appear to be manufactured. I would give them 5 stars if the company provided more information about the product.
347786347786B001P3NU3KA28V6MIXI2O4XHJimV3351312761600Dog's Happy, I'm HappyI have an old mutt who had bad teeth and nasty breath. Because of his age, I was hesitant to have him anesthetized for dental cleaning, so I started giving him one of these chews daily and have seen a huge improvement. He really enjoys them, too.
347787347787B001P3NU3KA21VUIEIOB85CWS. vandanam3341275782400My Maltese loves em but my Yorkie does not :-(My 2 year old Maltese loves the chews and it really helps keep his teeth clean, but unfortunately, My 2 1/2 year old Yorkie would not even touch I guess its not for all the dogs.Have been giving them for almost a year now to my maltese without any problems. I ended up using Petzlife spray for my yorkie. Coming to price..its much cheaper in amazon when compared to what I used to pay to my vet.
347788347788B001P3NU3KA1W026J3M201AJZip3351238025600Good chews, recommended by my Vet. Cheaper on the ZON!!These were recommended by my Vet for my two pugs. Supposed to be very good for their teeth/ gums. The dogs love them. Plus they're cheaper on the ZON, especially with PRIME!
347789347789B001P3NU3KA2F53HMP2JHIK9Anonymous "B."2251304294400My yorkie loves these!I only give her a half since she is not quite 2 1/2 pounds right after I brush her teeth, and she gets so excited knowing it's coming! A bag lasts 2 months, so I am very happy with my purchase!
347790347790B001P3NU3KA3SNYJRLEFS7YGTu N. Luu4531259798400First time reviewing a product from amazon..CET doggie dental chews!I bought this after reading great reviews from other buyers thinking my dogs would react the same way, enthusiastically. I was a little sad when they didn't seem to want to chew it. After about five minutes, all three dogs just walked away from their chews. I'm sure it is good for their teeth and my dogs are just picky chewers. They prefer greenies and the old fashion raw hides. I think yorkies are the most difficult dogs to find treats and food for, they're so finicky! So my point is, before diving into buying a big bag from hearing only positive reviews, try buying a smaller bag to test it b/c all dogs have different taste. I've been looking for good dental products for my dogs to chew and something that they would actually chew, I guess it's back to the search. Btw, the delivery service was prompt and would surprise you. Ordered it Friday, came Monday!

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