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347911347911B001E6IUMYA315S3F1NHG7Y8cdromm1131322697600CRUNCHY IS THE RIGHT WORD... HEY WHERE'S MY TEETH?Yep, they're crunchy! I thought I'd lose a tooth
or two just trying to eat them. They are very
thin and not easy to eat. I am thinking I may
take them all out of their packages and bust
them up with a hammer and make granola cereal
out of them. It's better than struggling with
eating them as they are now.
347912347912B001E6IUMYA3BH3XJBBU7FF2The Dragon1141259539200Love this variety packIf you like granola bars, this comes with a nice variety. Also got the Cinnamon only and Oat's N Honey only packs since those are my favorites. Items were fresh -- rcvd. mid-Nov and "Best By" date is July 2010.
347913347913B001E6IUMYA1F1A0QQP2XVH5TomWilly1151242345600Arrived in great shape. Awesome productI buy snacks for the office and this variety pack is perfect. And best of all, no hydrogenated oil! Arrived in perfect shape.
347914347914B001E6IUMYAK3OX76C7MQLGLisa Delgadillo "L. Del"1151240444800Crunchy Granola barsshipping was awesome got the product very quickly. I thought it was a great buy..we are totally enjoying our purchase.
347915347915B001E6IUMYA1Z2YZVIHSK4BXSteven Noren1151240099200Snack timeI love this stuff took a while to receive but in great condition munch time at a great price thanks Amazon
347916347916B001E6IUMYA3FKGKUCI3DG9UPaul Moskowitz1151238025600The extra calories you may needI have been a fan of Nature Valley granola bars for years. They come in many varieties. My favorites lately have been the Peanut Butter bars, but I also like the other types. So, I was pleased to learn that Amazon now offers the bars in a variety pack.

Certainly, Oats and Honey are a classic combination. Oats go way back. Samuel Johnson included a definition of oats in his 1755 Dictionary of the English Language. Samuel Johnson said: "Oats: A grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland appears to support the people." Little did he know that two and a half centuries later, England's colonial offspring would enthusiastically endorse oats as a food for people.

Earlier this month, I spent a week skiing in Colorado at Vail, The ticket counters were equipped with baskets of the Oats and Honey bars provided free of charge. It was a nice gesture considering the almost $100 daily ticket price. The granola bars pack 90 calories for a single bar, and obviously double that for a two-bar pack.

I took the Oats bars with me skiing, but I also depend on them for hiking. An extra 180 calories is what you may need to give you enough energy to get up the last 180 feet to a mountain summit. The taste is good. They do not melt. If you get tired of the Oats, there is always a choice, e.g. Peanut Butter, etc., to provide variety.
347917347917B001E6IUMYA2Q97B2EF0L7BZDonald Evich3451168300800Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, Variety PackAs good as those purchased in local grocery stores.
347918347918B001E6IUMYA210GGI9IB8N0Adufajjulia71021227571200Half of them were stale - Buyer Beware!I didn't realize how stale they were until I bought a new box in the grocery store. If they are not crispy to the bite, they are stale, and many of these were.
347919347919B001E6IUMYA3C82GUNZRFDYSKareem Saeed Bey "K. B."2351285718400Not a total loss.First of all, let me say I love Nature Valley products. However, I placed this order on 8/27 and received it about a month later. As Bill Joel would say, "Don't ask me why." Since I'm reviewing the product, however, not the shipping, I still have to give it five stars.
347920347920B001E6IUMYA1IHQZG8PQGEADaryl0041340841600HealthySo you gotta drink water with these because they are very hard, but if you are looking for a healthy snack with very few ingredients. These are perfect. I eat one or two of these a day. Sometimes I get tired of them but they got an easy 200 calories so I keep eating them. Take on hikes for a quick pickup and during the day.
347921347921B001E6IUMYA308W7KL8KJDZCPhotography Buff "vintage photos"0051317168000Nature VAlleyMy husband likes these bars with his coffee each morning. We like to buy them in the variety pack and also in the 6 pack from Amazon.
347922347922B001E6IUMYA2BLJGGWN8GTXQSean0041314662400Good granola bars good value here
347923347923B001E6IUMYA3PTZXLRDS9I7AS. Leake1251244332800yummyIt's nice to get these so much cheaper online. They're a great healthy snack to have around the house.
347924347924B001E6IUMYA303YO1B5DKTHTArun "Techie"2441175904000Good healthy snackServes well as an in-between meals snack. Got a good deal on Amazon.
347925347925B001E6IUMYASRDL5L9ZJV74A. Aaronson0151243641600Good deal.I always buy Nature Valley.
These are good and a REALLY good deal!
Two thumbs up!
347926347926B001E6IUMYA1FV6KPK4FD3JAChristine E. Harrelson "Ski"152611255564800Not Healthy - Don't Be Fooled!Look at the ingredients, folks! How many different types of sugars and syrups are in there? If you think this is healthy, you are wrong!
Now if you want a sweet candy bar, this stuff is great. It does taste good, just please don't think you are doing your body a favor by eating these over loose, lightly sweetened granola or a bowl of fresh fruit or vegetables :)
347927347927B001E6IUMYA3QC17U9MN2MCESteven A. Fletcher2521261267200Too CrunchyThese granola bars taste good, but they aren't kidding when they say that they're crunchy.

I'm a little worried that if I keep buying these, I'll break my teeth.
347928347928B001E6IUMYA1H80WDFOR94Q5Injured Panda2811287532800Get tired of these after a weekI know food is highly subjective to taste. But these things were good after a couple days of eating them for breakfast and after about a week I was sick of them. I can't even think about eating one right now, just terrible tasting bars.
347929347929B000LQJ6KSA3KNTGD4UZH1BVKenneth E. Strong2251295049600Great Product, Rediculous Shipping CostThe Panni Potato Dumplings were wonderful. I cannot find it here in our area of the country. A friend did recently get some in St. Louis and bring it to us when they visited. Just like I remember mother making when I was a kid in Germany and later when we moved back to the states. My only complaint was that the shipping was too expensive. From now on I'll stock up in St. Louis instead of buying here. Bairly arrived for Christmas but it got here THANKS!!
347930347930B004ZM7SO0A14BJKXKQ8JVZUJoseph H. Puig0051339804800Good product so Hartz discontinued itAnytime something works, the manufacturer decides to discontinue the product. This product originally sold for less than $3.00 at Walmart. Now because it is discontinued, you can't buy it for less than $15.00. Great job Hartz!
347931347931B004ZM7SO0APHU2AMWS9QQTScout Mom "Scout Mom"0051333843200Great treatsMy poodle loves these....and they are NOT made in China. I have bought other treats she ignored
347932347932B004ZM7SO0A37AEHUCMLF15Wgm0051311206400Cheaper at WalmartMy Yorkie loves these treats! However, you can get them much cheaper at Walmart. I paid $2.77 regular and often find $1 coupon online and in the newspapers.
347933347933B0002AQ6ECA1HB6QCNV4YJ3OGr8Cook "5dog_ma"0031297987200DOGGIES DON'T LIKE THEMI don't know why but my dogs are not interested in these treats. They love chewing on other brands of bully sticks but not this one. I guess they all have their favorites like people do. They don't compare to bully sticks which are meatier and tastier looking. But who knows, your dog(s) may like them?
347934347934B0002AQ6ECA1ZOY5I7RKF68AMelinda "Goldi's mom"0041290038400Picky eater loves BeefeatersMy darling dog is a picky eater. We have given away a lot of snacks because she refused to eat the snack. She paused on it for a little while but she eventually chewed one. After that, she would eat one every time we put it out for her. She likes beefy chews and this one meets her criteria.Beefeaters Beef Twists, 5-Inch (Pack of 75 Twists) Its so nice to give her a good treat with a good price. Of course, I would like to see the price cheaper but it is comparable in price to others and this one meets a picky eater and wins.
347935347935B0009WY4W4A21TJNTXRFX2NQC. Beh3351279584000My Absolute FavoriteAs a curly-haired gal, I have tried my share of products. I have a few that I've liked over the years, but this curl gel is my absolute favorite.

Before this, I had not tried gel because I am not a fan of how crusty it can make curls look. After going through a lot of products, I had been using TIGI Curls Rock and was pretty happy with it. I decided to pick this product up on an impulse because it was so inexpensive and I am always looking for new items to try for my curls. I am glad that I did!

I used it as directed, putting a bunch of gel into my wet hair and then drying it with a diffuser. I found that when my hair is slightly damp, twisting it around my fingers with this product makes it form more of a ringlet curl, which is a fun change. When it is dry, there is no residue or crunchy feeling at all and it holds the curl all day. The only thing is that it doesn't work as well against frizz, but I found that using the Tresemme Tres Two extra hold hairspray fought off any frizz and made sure my curls were defined.

I would definitely buy this product again.
347936347936B0009WY4W4A31777OH416IWMA. Bell "movie fanatic"1141282348800TRESemme Curl Care Bouncy Curls Defining Gel, Extra Hold, 8-Ounce BottlesI would agree with other reviewers that state this gives great definition to your curls. I would also agree that it does not help with the frizz that comes with curls, or while defusing your hair. It does give excellent hold as well. My major complaint with this product is how thick and heavy it is. I have fine hair, but I also have lots of layers. What I don't like about this product is that it tends to way my hair down alot and makes my hair look like it has less volume than it does. Also, when using this product your hair may tend to clump in some sections, so you may spend extra time seperating it to create more volume. I don't use a diffuser because my hair tends to frizz more when using one and also my hair tends to run slightly dry, as all curly or wavy hair can. I don't want to have to use a diffuser on it and dry it out more than it already is. I would also like the product more if it addressed the frizz that naturally comes with curly and wavy hair, without having to use more products and thereby weighting it down more.Overall, I like the product alot, but I think I am going to give Garnier a try and see if it doesn't work a little bit better.
347937347937B0009WY4W4AV79XSIJNGK4ITravis J. Biggar "Knows Too Much"0051341964800Wife loves this stuffShe has naturally curly hair that takes some serious work to style and maintain. There are very few products which truly work for her and this is one of them. Two others are Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series Light Conditioning Hair Detangler and Aussie Miraculously Smooth Tizz No Frizz Hair Gel.
347938347938B0009WY4W4A2HKCVY4WYYJN1VADawgs0051337212800Works Great!I have naturally curly hair that will frizz if I don't put product in it. This gel keeps my curls looking natural and very pretty. The best part about it ... it doesn't leave my hair looking crunchy or all gel'd out.

Bottom Line ... Works wonders on naturally curly hair.
347939347939B0009WY4W4AA485W71ZNXKBMichelleA "860michellea"0051328572800Only hair gel I will use...I love the whole tresemme styling line. I use the spray gel and hair spray as well. Nothing holds my curls without stiffness or stickiness as well as their products. I have spent a lot more on salon products and I think the results of Tresemme are better and half the cost! I use subscribe and save so I never run out! Cheaper than the discount chain stores this way.
347940347940B0009WY4W4A1ICRSIYTOXPKUIsaac Saboohi "Zubu"0031309305600NOT STRONG ENOUGHSmells great but doesn't have the necessary hold for curly hair as it describes.
I tried TIGI BEDHEAD and American crew. They are much better products

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