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347944347944B002BG38I2A37H0X85YHKMWZE. Douglas Jensen "Doug Jensen"7751300406400My favorite non-dairy "milk"First I tried Diamond's almond milk in vanilla and unsweetened and sweetened chocolate flavors. The vanila is fine if you like almonds, I'm not wild about them. The unsweetened chocolate was undrinkable for me, and the chocolate was OK.

Then I found the Pacific hazelnut, in plain and chocolate. I love hazelnuts. The plain in good, and the chocolate is terrific for a non-dairy milk.

Unfortunately the three grocery stores I go to regularly don't have the hazelnut in either plain or chocolate so I am baffled where I got it. Now I will buy it from Amazon. I like that Amazon has the 8 oz. size, which I didn't know about.
347945347945B002BG38I2A3977M5S0GIG5HJoel Dauteuil6751289952000The Best Non-Dairy Chocolate Milk Ever!!I can't get enough of this stuff - it's delicious and much better for you than the alternatives. And, it's organic!!!
347946347946B002BG38I2A3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu2251334188800Fabulously deliciousI bought a 12 pack of this after trying the Pacific Natural regular hazelnut milk. I love this stuff! I saved about $6 using Subscribe & Save versus going to the store. I feel good about supporting this company because they believe in responsible, sustainable farming. But besides that, this milk is just delicious. Room temperature or chilled, it's equally tasty. I mixed it with coffee this morning and it's great too. I also dilute it sometimes with regular skim milk to dial down the sweetness.

The box arrives well packaged. It's a box inside a box. The inner box is bubble-wrapped for extra protection. Unopened, the cartons do not need refrigeration and can be stored on a shelf.
347947347947B002BG38I2A22ICU0XMVE5X6Ronen1151330646400Anyone who's a Chocolate snob will never be able to do without this again...I found this drink on a whim. And haven't looked back since. All the other positive reviews are TRUE!!! This IS the BEST chocolate "milk alternative" even beyond Almond Milk. I think Almond Milk is still relevant, because it offers a different nutritional profile than Hazelnuts, but they complement eachother. I buy both now (Almond milk and this Hazelnut Drink) and alternate, but I gotta admit, I'm starting to become gravitated towards the Hazelnut because it just tastes so freakin awesome. Pacific Natural Foods did a DAMN good job on this one, and they BETTER not stop this product line. I think it's so new that it's still catching on, but like I said, all the good reviews are spot on. You almost ask yourself "is this really good for me? it tasted just way too good to be good for me" but it IS good for you! Hazelnuts are rich in Omegas, and this drink also has MUCH LESS sugar than most Almond Milks, and STILL tastes better. Just try not to finish an entire carton in like 2 days, I'm not kidding... My friend is adding it to other drink mixes too. On the sinful side every once in a while (at night) add a dash of Kahlua to a glass, and watch out! lol
347948347948B002BG38I2A2S4VF9D4IHVHBP. Rumohr "fashion photog"1151309132800I am addictedAs an adult I learned dairy wasn't great for me, so I have spent quite sometime investigating various kinds of flavored and unflavored nutmilk (soy, almond, hazelnut).

Hands down this is my favorite. It is so rich and creamy that when I have it I just have to sit back and marvel it's not real chocolate milk.

Chocolate and hazelnut of course is one of the best combinations known to chocolatiers on the planet- in Italy the confection is called gianduja- and this product is the liquid form of it.

Buy, buy, buy! I will buy any of it you don't drink back from you!!!

347949347949B002BG38I2A3RYLO1UZE2V8ECookieMonster1151308182400Delicious and LightI totally love this drink and it's sad to say that they no longer sell this product at my local supermarket. I was very happy to find it on amazon. It's like drinking chocolate with a hint of hazelnut 2% milk.
347950347950B002BG38I2A2QZQW3OSN9BHCJ. Reich1251314835200healthy and delicious -if you like chocolateHazelnut non-dairy beverage has a rich chocolate taste and is made with nutritious ingredients. It can be stocked as it's not perishable until opened. My family loves it enough that I was loosing time searching for it in stores which would stock it for awhile and then discontinue it. The subscribe and save lets us have a steady supply available.
347951347951B002BG38I2A2CZCCMIHAPRACsmwall0121340668800Not as great as you might thinkI use the Pacific Natural Hazelnut non-dairy beverage and then I saw this at Whole Foods in California and thought it was the best idea ever, chocolate and hazellnut. Well, it turns out the combination is best left in a candy bar because as a beverage I was disappointed. I didn't like it in latte's like I do the regular hazelnut beverage. It took me a while to consume the entire case and I would reorder.
347941347941B0009WY4W4A3NBBUWPUO50TGR. Falotico0051246838400BEST product for curls!!This is the BEST product for natural curly hair. Eliminates friz and is not stiff or sticky. I've tried tons of products and this is by far the best for my hair. The only problem is that it is not in the stores anymore, I was thrilled to find it on Amazon and for a much better price!
347952347952B001P3NU3UA26UZ1XNGMBCQ3blond redhead "the twins"0051264809600dog chewsonly product that I know that I can safely give my dogs - they love them and they are recommended by my vet.
347953347953B001P3NU3UA1X8SAQLVIUQLGE. Michael0051261872000Hextra dog chewsThese chews are excellent for the dogs' teeth and they love them too. When I need some time to myself or if I am working on something that requires 100 percent of my attention, I give them one to chew and it keeps them quiet and occupied for quite a while.
347954347954B001P3NU3UA3242VBL94L018Matthew L. Morrell "Matt"0051257033600Great productI purchased these chews on the recommendation of my vet. I have been very pleased with the results. The plaque that was present on my dog's teeth was quickly removed and my dog absolutely loves them. The only downside is that they do stink, but it's not that bad. I highly recommend these dog treats.
347955347955B001P3NU3UAQ673GTP9BL3WMomma D0051256169600Dog loves themA friend recommended I get these for my dog. He's a rat terrier that just showed up one day. When I took him in to get neutered and have a dental cleaning (since he already had placque/tartar) the vet also recommended using them. My dog loves them. They do have a strong smell, but once the chew is gone, so is the smell. He hasn't been using them long enough to see if it'll prevent tartar, but my friend says her dogs don't need cleanings because of them.
347942347942B0009WY4W4AN877E8QGY4MSjtv11030051205193600Controls My Hair, Supports Natural CurlsHair gel controls the frizziness of my hair supporting its natural curliness. Convenience of six bottles arriving at my home via Amazon cannot be beat.
347943347943B002BG38I2A3CI9DSB6Z76JFLB "Helfenfreude"121351293148800Wonderfully smooth and great flavor, 10xs better than almond alternativesI have been drinking this since -the- week they released it and for the last couple years, every month or so I've gotten in the habit of going to a co-op store that reliably carries it and getting a dozen (or 15 sometimes, whatever is on the shelf!) and drinking a few boxes a week (thankfully it is $2.25 a box here, 10% off when I buy
a case!)

It is the absolute smoothest milk made from nuts--I am very picky and sensitive to tastes and textures (the "supertaster" test where they dye and scan your tongue? Yeah, I have 14xs the normal taste bud count and twice the depth, crazy but it makes me very aware of nuances for good and bad)... almond ones tend to have a grit; in some the salt and sugar (and cocoa in the chocolate ones) just don't ever quite join the nut blend... and no way am I drinking soy. This is PERFECT to carry with me when I am worried about temperature (so I keep a box of the 4 individuals around but actually usually take the whole 32oz one--I drink it in 3 sittings tops, usually the same day).

Pacific foods also have amazing customer service; funny, I moved to Seattle from the east coast and having consumed it over a full year there, it suddenly was not known (the chocolate variety) ANYWHERE just a few hours from their plant in stores that have more Pacific brand broths, milks, and such than all other brands combined. They were awesome about getting it here for me (also before Amazon carried it); not sure why it costs so much with Amazon compared to a SEATTLE grocer since um Amazon is in Seattle, too, but glad for the backup regardless, hoping I never need to pay this much!

Having had Pacific's oat, almond, hazelnut... And then Almond Breeze (the other good chocolate variety, sweetened that is, the unsweet isn't so palettable)... This is the best. The plain hazelnut milk is super smooth and great for making my own custom flavored drinks when I run out of my loved Alpenrose dairy goods (amazing milk)... This is definitely great for potential power outrages, winter storms... Great backup for perishable dairy goods! It is well worth $3/each, mind you, or grab the $28/case recurring and set it a few months away and see if you aren't hooked!! Seriously, bet you will be :) gonna go drink some right now (I should upload a shot of the cabinet shelf that is JUST 3 rows of this; 3-4 are always in the fridge cause it is so so good!)
347956347956B001P3NU3UA18YBP2M40QHCHD. Broido0041253750400CET ChewsI hope the chews help my dogs teeth, but I can't really tell. I buy these because they are fairly thin. My dogs are old and can't chew really hard thick rawhide. They certainly enjoy them. Every night they line up at the appointed time for their "treats".
347957347957B001P3NU3UA3934EVFFHOD58Alicia Hansen "Alicia"0041252368000Good HygieneThis priduct does seem to help with plaque and tarter. My Dauschund and Yorkie really like the taste too.
347958347958B001P3NU3UA1OKXUVUPD3KI4A. Kelson "westie world"0051250899200Best dentalsMy Westies loooove those dentals. It works very well between the teeth brushing.
I always have them in the house.
Great product, for less then the vets office.
347959347959B001P3NU3UA22ZBD24GLRLSYC. Abdella0051250726400Excellent buy!This is a great product at a great price. Sure beats paying big money at the veterinarian.
347960347960B001P3NU3UAZ9CCIBBA123SJim Rountree0051245715200Puppy loves them, so does vet.Our vet recommends them to help keep our puppy's teeth clean. And the puppy is happy chewing them up. And his teeth look pretty clean which makes me happy. Win-win situation!
347961347961B001P3NU3UA2SBB6ZZGX4DE4B. Latham0051244160000Good product!I received this product quickly and in excellent condition. No problems at all.

This is my first purchase of the CET chews. My 10-yr-old dog used to crave his one Greenie treat per day, but after his last teeth cleaning, he needed 3 teeth pulled. I wanted something that would help keep his teeth cleaner. He seems to like these just as well as the Greenies! I think these chews will be better for him and less expensive for me.
347962347962B001P3NU3UA3DDCQ73D83KN7Mary Jo Burton0051243382400C.E.T. HEXtra oral hygiene Chew for medium dogsExcellent product -- my dog expects one every morning when I open the pantry. It was reccommended by my son (a veterinarian).
347963347963B001P3NU3UA2DB4MX0AC4DEJShebear "Shebear"0051240358400Get these for the health of your dogThese really help keep our dog's teeth health and allow us to extend the time between expensive cleanings at the vet. Keeping your dog's teeth healthy is the most important thing you can do to help your dog live and long and happy life. Highly recommended.
347964347964B001P3NU3UA3FQTA1GSXNL3NSandy Cromer0051239321600excellentmy dogs love these chews and they are ecxellent for their teeth. They are much cheaper here than at my vet's office.
347965347965B001P3NU3UATZD12NEARLKMT. A. Thomas0051237680000Great Dog ChewsThese are great chews for keeping your dog's teeth clean and breath smelling nice. I do recommend using a dog toothpaste and brush every other day also. I have a Cocker Spaniel and they are notorious for having gum problems. She is going to be 12 years old in July and her teeth look pretty darn good with all the work we have done!
347966347966B001P3NU3UAHFTZRF5VT1LDKevin O'Connor "eva391"0051236297600Dogs love it , great priceMy dogs love these things and I have yet to find anything really negative about them , They occupy their time and clean their teeth. plus they were a really good price
347967347967B001P3NU3UA2HZVDKPTX2XYGP. Anderson0041235433600Dog ChewsOur doggie, Chance, loves these. They last for quite a long time but we only give him 2 or 3 a week.
347968347968B001P3NU3UA2SF6WF4MJPBT0A. Gorman0051234310400JR Terrier's LOVE These!!!!These are the best chews for older dogs and have become very expensive at our local vets office. I will order from here from now on!!!
347969347969B001P3NU3UA2Q3V745YKUB3FJ. Murphy0051230595200cet hextra chewsThis product is great for your dogs. It keeps their teeth clean & breath fresh. I try a always have a package on hand.
347970347970B001P3NU3UA3TOT7PX4RLF36S. LIM0051226275200My Dog Loves It!I've researched many dog chews but I ended up with this Premium chews. Yes it's little pricy but it's worth to buy!
My dog loves it!! and it really works as it describe.

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