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347996347996B001P3NU3UA31BPR6USXQJSNLaurie A. Dressman "Nurse Dixie"1111327017600God awful smell when the dogs were chewing!I'm not sure what they put in these chews, but our family almost had to leave the room when our dogs were chewing. The dogs liked them, actually ate them probably too fast but wow, add some dog saliva and run for your life! Won't be getting these again. Alas, my dog still has lousy breath despite the claims of oral hygiene benefits.
347997347997B001P3NU3UAKHAIBT3ZFGFRMarkLeo1111322352000BEWARE! DO NOT BUY IF YOUR DOG HAS SENSITIVE DIGESTION!!!I purchased this type of enzymatic chew to help control tartar build up on my dog's teeth. I even verified that the additive Chlorhexdine is safe by contacting my Vet. I must say that my dog loved these chews but they made her very ill for several days after just the first one. She suffered from runny bowels and vomitting. The clean up alone was dreadful and so time consuming. Of course, she's worth it, but I would never want to put her through this kind of debilitating experience again.
347998347998B001P3NU3UA1OEG5GSKDJMVLR. Jones1131322179200My dog loves these, I hate themMy dog loves these things, item as advertised. However they stink! They especially stink once they get wet from dog slobber. Two rooms away we smell the awful stink. One time my husband gave the dog one of these while I was sleeping, and the awful smell woke me up. Now it's an outdoor only treat.

We've had no choking scares which I see people mention, but my dog enjoys chewing things up, and thoroughly chews up everything before trying to swallow.
347999347999B001P3NU3UA2G4SCKF6X8YAUDaisy1151320796800Great productWe have been giving these to Daisy, our golden reteiver for about a year. She really loves them and do a great job of keeping her teeth clean. We don't have to worry about teeth problems or bad breath. I would recommend this product to any dog owner.
348000348000B001P3NU3UA364PHUCEP6KQVJeffrey W. Grey1151320710400dogs love themi have 4 beagles, and they all love these chews. too soon to know if they're really keeping their teeth cleaner than they otherwise would vet recommends them, though. one issue i have is that the sizing of these for medium dogs is kinda small, and one of my dogs pretty much chews twice and swallows. i'm going to move to the large size and see if that makes a difference for him.
347971347971B001P3NU3UA3T3Z95O5WE96Hannaver0051220140800So yummy!Our vet recommends it and our Dog just loves these chews! As soon as I open the bag, dog knows that sound already and runs towards me to get her daily yummy chew!
347972347972B001P3NU3UAT4ZUIMI30FPEjadetiger0021219276800Danger: 5 lb puppy swallowed one in less than 10 minutes (Petite size labeled for dogs less than 11 lbs)After reading all the great reviews for this product I was excited to try the CET HEXtra Premium Chews Petite size. The product is labeled for dogs 11 lbs and under. My Cavalier puppy weighs in at 5 lbs, so this should have been the appropriate size. My puppy went about chewing happily. I watched her chew for a few minutes, the chew was the holding up well. I answered the door, looked down and saw her swallow the chew. I tried to fish it out of her mouth but it was too late.

I hope this review is helpful to someone looking at this product. Do not believe the size guide, size up. I gave the product 2 stars because the puppy liked the taste.
347973347973B001P3NU3UA28ECZ1DY9ORTRJohn J. Flannigan0051199750400Dog Chew ReviewThese must be pretty taisty because my little dog loves them, & I know his teeth are getting cleaner.


347975347975B001P3NU3UA276OI0NHBYORXRebecca N1251297814400My 12 year old dog has perfect teethOn the advice of her vet, I have been giving her these her whole life. She is a 5-lb dog (yes, I give her the medium size - the small size is "particle board" like rawhide, and it's not the same experience) and typically, little dogs get tooth decay and lose their teeth young in life.

She LOVES these chews, and every vet and dog lover has been amazed at the quality of her teeth. Should be noted, that I've read from multiple reliable sources that tooth quality in dogs affects their life span since it affects their nutrition in older age.

I truly believe these chews have extended my dog's life - AND her quality of life. They are worth every cent.

(They smell like instant chicken soup, by the way)
347976347976B001P3NU3UAF83KDUZOP339JS1231266624000These are not the same as from the vetThese chews are not the same as the ones I get from the vet. Virbac adheres to strict quality control where all the chews are supposed to be the same thickness. I don't know if Amazon gets all the leftovers but the chews in these bags are all different thicknesses. Some are regular size and some are extremely thick. This is a concern for me as my dog had over $2,000 worth of dental work done and I don't want him chewing on anything too thick. These bags are cheaper than the ones I get from the vet and it shows.
347977347977B001P3NU3UAT4ZUIMI30FPEjadetiger1221219276800Danger: 5 lb puppy swallowed one in less than 10 minutes (Petite size labeled for dogs less than 11 lbs)After reading all the great reviews for this product I was excited to try the CET HEXtra Premium Chews Petite size. The product is labeled for dogs 11 lbs and under. My Cavalier puppy weighs in at 5 lbs, so this should have been the appropriate size. My puppy went about chewing happily. I watched her chew for a few minutes, the chew was the holding up well. I answered the door, looked down and saw her swallow the chew. I tried to fish it out of her mouth but it was too late.

I hope this review is helpful to someone looking at this product. Do not believe the size guide, size up. I gave the product 2 stars because the puppy liked the taste.
347978347978B001P3NU3UAA20078QX9JK8Riley Rocks "MDR"0151316822400Just like at the Vet's office - Only a whole lot less $$$!These chews are among some of my Westie's favorites so I was pleasantly surprised to be able to buy them from Amazon, and at about $8 less per package than what the Veterinarian's office charges. Glad to be able to keep a good stock on hand and bought 2 packages for only a couple of dollars more than I would have paid for one. Great product at an excellent price!
347979347979B001P3NU3UA3K5FC4M9M0YMYM. Hammond0141236643200Great the first timeI ordered this product and was very satisfied, my dogs loved it and it arrived in three days. I don't know what happen the second time. The product never got to me. Amazon was very helpful and got me a refund. Thanks
347980347980B001P3NU3UA1Y15R4BCHDMOPbrer rabbit1311276819200Not a good idea for my dogs.Thought this sounded like a great idea for my two little dogs....In fact such a good idea I purchased two packages--one for each dog. No way would my dogs touch them. I even tried soaking in beef broth. All attempts in vain. They would not try. A bad idea for this household.
347981347981B001P3NU3UA3ENKL54U0ADWNYellow Lab Owner1311264291200My dog almost choked to death on this product!I have two yellow labs, ages 12 and 11. The 12 year old nearly choked on one of these "treats" whole. I had to reach down into her throat and retreive it. After chewing on it for about 15 minutes she tried to swallow it and it was still very whole and got stuck. I don't recommend these for any older dogs whose teeth may not be able to handle chewing these.
347982347982B001P3NU3UA11ATMWV9U51YFJohn Ehrhardt "johnehr"71511225065600Choking HazardPlease be careful with this product. My pug almost died today choking on one of the dog chews. I assume that the larger and smaller ones are fine, but my pug who weighs about 16 lbs (within the 11-25 lb suggestion) could not swallow the chew and got it stuck in her throat (after she chewed it until the point when it got wet and pliable). Thank god that my wife and I were in the living room to witness the accident. My dog fell over in convulsions while choking and my wife physically yanked the chew out of the dog's mouth. I think that this sized chew is very dangerous and you should think twice before purchasing it. If you do have a similar dog and want to buy this product, please supervise him/her!
347983347983B001P3NU3UADZM7KBKRNLDAmazongirl252551235088000My dogs love this...and it's good for them tooA former vet tech of many years, we recommended CET chews to our clients. Back then, they didn't contain chlorhexiderm, but were quite effective as a dentrifice for dogs. With the added chlorhexiderm, they've only improved! My dogs find them just as palatable, but with the added benefit of anti-microbial properties most chews don't contain, it's something I can feel good about giving them.

My dogs really enjoy these treats. I don't give them daily, just a few times a week. I strongly suggest pet owners be present when pets are using a chew. These should not be used a pacifier when you are away. Supervision is always a good idea as you never know if choking could occur.
347984347984B001P3NU3UA30TLPE2MSA58BBILL BIXLY637511272412800PoisonPOISON "Chlorhexidine" POISON
We have two beautiful Saint Bernards. After using these for some time, it began to be a routine that they would BOTH have to go outside to vomit after their supposed morning treat and dental care. We investigated this chemical that the package warns you about, "Chlorhexidine" and stopped using the ignorantly designed dog hating treat. No more sick dogs.
If anyone likes their Dog at all, they will READ the package. Notice first the ingredient, "Chlorhexidine" then the warnings.
There's good vets who don't sell these, and BAD vets who like the profits.
Of course, Pharma and all their "vet/doctor" salesmen will say this product has been tested, used for years, found to be safe in thus and thus quantities, and on and on.
Well, the chemical Chlorhexidine is used to KILL bacteria. GOOD AND BAD!
It's used pre-surgically, washing the body and prescription only mouthwashes.
Your dog, like all living beings has a body especially a digestive tract, FULL of very much needed bacterium.
The company knows this, and to protect themselves even warns that "serious" problems may occur, especially if your dog "licks" the surface first? Wow, and how is a dog supposed to NOT lick a dog chew he's sucking on for hours and yet consume it?
Do some research on what this stuff WILL do to your dog people. Unless your trying to euthanize your dog with a long, painful, and; "conveniently- racking up a massive vet bill to diagnose" and non treatable death sentence, STOP FEEDING THEM THIS POISON. And YES, they are the same "intellectual scientists" who've managed to put half our nation on "safe for you" psychotropic drugs.
Ironically, "prolonged use of this poison will cause tooth discoloration," leading to possible other side effects of tooth decay."
Japan stopped using "Chlorhexidine" on catheters and other medical devices in 97' after many became sick and one died.
Causes numerous (still discovering more) problems with cats. Deafness, respiratory problems, in 96 in Mitchell South Dakota they discovered it was the cause of a plethora of severe issues with cats and had to stop using it. The believe it was from the cats "grooming" it off their coats after surgery. Too many problems to report here, do your dog a favor and do your own. And don't look get your information from the doggy sites. Look up the problems with the chemical. Is it like declawing your animal? "And they tell you it doesn't hurt them when they rip the dew claws out at the puppy age?" Yeah, I'd like to declaw a few vets (Pharma salesmen) and have them give me a report?
Most importantly, you do not want to kill ANY bacteria in your dogs system. PERIOD, that's why they've generally for so long, been so healthy, let's not screw that up as we have our own body's with infections causing Irritable bowel diseases etc.
347985347985B001P3NU3UA297M5LSSD0ACHLon Townsend212351207353600Great for Dogs TeathMy Vet recommended these for my dogs. They completely remove the plack from the dogs teath and eliminated very expensive cleaning of the dogs teath. It also eliminates putting the dog to sleep while cleaning the teath. I take my dogs in about once a year and my vet looks at the teath and just says they look great - no cleaning required. Before I found these, the dogs teath had to be cleaned about every 2 years. Plus my dogs love the flavor of these.
347986347986B001P3NU3UA1OTCR84QPOAAJE. Pearson91051257206400Doggie Dental Chews -- best price aroundI have been using C.E.T. HEXtra dog chews for my dogs for several years -- he now has great teeth, before he was showing tartar build-up even though he was quite young. Amazon has the best price and delivery on this hard-to-find item.
347987347987B001P3NU3UA37GFKV81AL1VFD. Miyao3311323907200Please be careful. These chews pose a strong CHOKING HAZARD.These chews come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses which means some chews will be easier to chew than some of the others. I have a German Shepard/ Lab mix and she is now almost 4 and is a really strong chewer. I really wanted this product to work because keeping my dogs teeth healthy and clean will help her living longer. My dog choked on this so badly that she couldn't clear her own throat and luckily I was watching her to notice that she needed help. I reached into her throat and pulled it out. Stupidly, I thought this would be a one time deal so I gave her more of these and just a few chews later she ripped off another large chunk and choked on that again.Since it was so far down her throat I could only shove the piece down and it cleared her throat. She laid in my lap for 30 minutes after that incident. I threw the bag away and wrote a review and there were many other similar events like mine.

Please be cautious and watch your dog if you think these work for you. All it takes is one treat to choke on to create irreversible damages. The manufacturer has very minimal consequences if your dog dies because of their C.E.T. chews.

I have purchased the other types of these exact chews, but this company creates different listings for the same exact product because the other listings have poor reviews. Also, if you look at most of the reviewers who give this product 5 stars only have 1-5 reviews...that makes me suspicious of those reviewers as it seems they are some how motivated to give this product a 5 star review. Most of those 5 stars reviews are not even confirmed as actually purchasing this product.
347988347988B001P3NU3UA22VIWWP3KLAX9Truth Seeker2251322956800Dogs love them.I have 2 little guys and I cut the strips in half. I tried the ones for small dogs...but they are pressed strips not chews. The dogs didn't care for them and they don't last but a minute. I tried both the plain ones and the HEXtra Premium with Chlorhexidine. They like both of them but I think prefer the taste of the ones with Chlorhexidine. And, they don't cause the problems that the rawhide chews do...I recommend.
347989347989B001P3NU3UA2T1LZWRGLYJTTKate2231273449600Good but strange odorMy dogs love these and they are great for the teeth and breath! However, they have an odd smell when the dogs are working on them -- kind of like a not-so-great-smelling beef stock. Kind of icky. So having this scent in my living room for the period of time it takes them to chew these is rather off-putting and I am looking for another chew for this reason. If the dogs had a doghouse or were going to chew them outside, it would be five stars from me, all the way!
347990347990B001P3NU3UA1Q0SF4DEB9T30D. Rubinstein "Photo enthusiast"2251270080000Your dog will love these chews!My Vet recommended these to help keep plaque off my 12 year old dog's teeth. Beside helping his teeth, it keeps him busy for hours. It was helpful to read other reviews that mention not to leave your dog home alone while chewing on these in the rare instance it may cause a choking problem.Amazon's price was much better than the Vet's!
347991347991B001P3NU3UA1E7S2OXF6NENBPatti Van Matre2241252627200GreatWe have a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and the size for her is just perfect. I really like the results on the teeth.
347992347992B001P3NU3UASDIQ57WDLH4LR. S. Frantz2231252281600Virbac CET HEXtra chews PetiteMy Maltese-8 years old- has been downing one of these chews each day for the last two years. He gets regular teeth cleaning and we brush his teeth 2 or more times each week. He feeds on a good quality kibble with a minimum of scraps. He loves these chews. Since using CET HEXtra he has lost 6 teeth because of gum disease. Draw your own conclusions.
347993347993B001P3NU3UA1GHFYVWSBZZZNPhyllis C. Burch ""love to dance""2241211846400CEt Hextra Premium Chews PetiteThese tasty little treats are excellent for puppies. They are easy to chew and great for their fragile teeth. They are NOT messy and dogs usually take a whole day to chew one.

I first bought a 15 pc. pack at my Vet. He said that this was great for small dogs and puppies. My puppie loved them. But I had to travel quite a distance to my Vet. So I scanned Amazon to see if I could get them anywhere else. Luckily, Amazon had it listed with a double pack (30).

I highly recommend this product, especially since it it Vet recommended and my picky dog loves them.
347994347994B001P3NU3UA33ET49VM69165DemHome "JD"4511286928000Worth a try.I had high hopes for this product. Unfortunately, my dog doesn't like the smell. He refuses to chew it. In fact he rubbed his nose raw trying to bury it in the carpet. My advice is to buy one bag at first, as a test, in stead of the three I did.
347995347995B001P3NU3UA1XXT7D7DR4821Donna Goldman "Donna"1151336780800Highly recommended as "treat" with added oral benefitsI have 2 male Cavaliers, ages 5, 25lbs, and age 2, 11 lbs. My 5 yr old dog gets yearly cleanings but he was still getting bad breath type issues; the little one just turned 2 and he doesn't have these problems - yet. I decided to buy this product because it can be substituted for treats and contains Chlorhexidine which the Vet said is a special added ingredient needed for good teeth and breath. I strongly believe the chews have substantially improved my dog's breath.

Besides the oral benefits, the dogs are very happy when I ask them if they want "chips" (which is what I call the "chews". The dogs lick them all over and I'd say for every 2 out of 3 they will keep at the chip until gone. It takes over a few hours for the bigger dog to finish one. Be advised that these chips have a really strong, pungent odor but absolutely do not leave stains on fabric which is really important. Over time I've come to like the odd smell.

The only thing I strongly dislike about the product is its really hard for me to open the bag; it is sturdy plastic with a resealable plastic zip but its so tight near the pull apart zip that it's hard to get to open.

I recommend this product and order two bags at a time. The Amazon pricing is good and I'm a prime member (which I love). I hope this review helps.

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