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348031348031B001P3NU3UA2SZLKDU3TDU3Zals0031331424000CET HEXtra Premium Oral Hygiene Chews for dogs teethI think the CET Hex rectangular strips probably clean my dogs teeth better, because they are thicker. My dog loves these chews, but I think they are too thin facilitate the removal of tartar. But, I haven't conducted a scientific study, and I could be wrong.
348032348032B001P3NU3UA225QWKDP3QT0OCAS0041331424000CET HEXxtra ChewsThese chews were recommended by out vet. They do the job of cleaning dogs teeth and of course my two dogs love to chew. I think these are better than the standard plain rawhide chews you find at any pet supply store. The enzyme does seem to make a difference in helping keep the teeth clean.
The only negative is that all three bags I received had more small-sized pieces than medium. If you have an avid chewer -- like my beagle -- get a mix of medium and large chews.
348033348033B001P3NU3UA2HDQUKZIRXT58Elaine0051329696000Woof Woof say my three dogsThese are great for cleaning the dogs teeth and the pups sure do love them. I used to purchase them at the vets office for a lot more money. Now I will buy them here and the dogs will enjoy their treats regularly.
348034348034B001P3NU3UARYV88414UGEUSusan Gwertzman "sgwertz"0051329350400Works for my dogsBeen using these dental chews for years for my dogs. It is best to brush their teeth, but I never get around to that. My vet recommended these chews and I think they do help.
348035348035B001P3NU3UA1U2N765WVAP7FMe0051316476800Our Dog Loves 'EmOne of the high points of our puggle's day is getting one of these treats after her morning walk. She does not like rawhide bones (just hides them and forgets about them). But with these treats, she takes it and spends 10 minutes or so focused on eating the whole thing.
348037348037B001P3NU3UA2EWICX48U1RU1Phyllis Zerrudo0051314489600Good ValueWe use these as an alternative to paying $200 to a vet dental cleaning. So far, they're working. The price is very competitive and delivery is quick.
348038348038B001P3NU3UA9AZLUFDDLQ7Uyareach0051314316800Dogs love it!My dogs absolutely love these! They were recommended to me by the vet because they have no rawhide in them, which my dogs choke on. My dogs love the flavor, and it also keeps them occupied for a while.
348039348039B001P3NU3UA7UUZIQSYYDY2tinytunes0051314230400Awesome!I soon as I received the doggie chews i gave them to my dogs (2)and boy are they focus on those treats. the only down side is that they have a strong smell , but hey it for the dogs and they love it!
348040348040B001P3NU3UA338O2MLAFW1NBDiana, Lansdale PA0051312156800Great Dental Chew for DogsMy dogs absolutely love these. They are a great dental chew and easily digestable. Recommended by my veterinarian, but much cheaper to buy through Amazon. My largest dog is 20 lbs. I would recommend the large size despite what is recommended on the package by weight. The medium is small and they have them chewed up in 10 minutes. Large will keep them occupied much longer.
348041348041B001P3NU3UA2ASN6KHXY0QC4Carole Peters0041311638400Dog dental chewsGreat product and good for your dog's teeth - recommended by my vet. This product is sold in sizes according to your dog's weight. The only problem that I have experienced is that sometimes there are a few chews in the package that are too small for my dog.
348042348042B001P3NU3UA2CW132I6EB1UOKim Miles0051311552000My Dogs LOVE These Dog ChewsThese chews are awesome for a teething pup or for a dog. My dogs love them!! We are having some pretty good success with diverting our new pup's chewing/teething habits from our furniture to these doggie treats. They are also good for the dogs, unlike the cow hide chews that sometimes cause torsion in dogs or the ropes that also cause intestinal problems. These are by far the best dog treats I've ever bought!
348043348043B001P3NU3UA3CVLJO80Y4GZLFrankTG0051311552000IrresistableMy dog loves them, they are beneficial for his teeth and they come in small enough sizes that I'm not concerned about them hurting him.
348044348044B001P3NU3UAFH9K2P4YYE6XEdith Nelson0051310428800My Vet recommended these, I get them through Amazon.My dog was developing tarter on her teeth at a young age. Her Vet recommended these chews to help relieve the problem in the hope of avoiding a full blown dental cleaning under anethesia. I also brush her teeth three times a week before bed.
She not only loves the chews and asks for them each night at 8:30 on the nose but also her teeth are so much improved that she won't need the dental cleaning at the Vets.
348045348045B001P3NU3UA2K6CC07GG807FAltbot0031309910400Dogs love it, me not so much.I have a schipperke and what is supposed to have been a schipperke and they both love these. It takes them a good 10-15 minutes to chew them apart. The only downside I'd have to say is the horrendous smell. I can only describe it as a rotting pumpkin stench that I get to endure each time I open the bag. I had bought this type of the CET chews by mistake as the bag looks very similar to the ones in the plain white bag when you're not looking closely to the image and when they arrived I thought maybe the company had just changed the packaging. That thought was gone the moment the bag cracked open. If pungent odors are an issue for you, you may want to look into the CET chews without the chlorhexidine.
348046348046B001P3NU3UA12ON2E18VC82VRussell D Jones "Russell"0051308441600Recommended by vet, loved by dogsMy dog loves the chlorhexidine chews. They were recommended by our vet. As a puppy, he chewed through the small strips really quickly. He's graduated to the 11-20lb dog chews that are more square and tougher. Maybe 15-20 minutes of chew time. He loves them.
348047348047B001P3NU3UA3GTNZZ9GKI5ZAjenjennjennifer0031308355200Ok, but my dog got tired of them quickly..My dog seemed to love these when I got samples at the vet after her teeth cleaning. But then I bought an entire bag and she was over it, ha. I do really like the C.E.T. products since I have a small dog with bad teeth!! One caveat, they have this strong vitamin-like smell that lingers for a while. Suppose that is better smelling than those bully sticks!
348048348048B001P3NU3UAIBKKU7EKM6F2Susan Blake0051307836800Great treat for dogsLove the fact that these are totally digestible, unlike the raw hide chews. Perfect chew treat for my two small dogs and they are cheaper here than at my vets!
348049348049B001P3NU3UA3UW94XUV0XMK1L. Ford0051307404800Perfect for dog's teethWe have a Cavalier King Charles dog. She is lovely. She only eats dry food, however, she was developing some tartar on her teeth. I tried brushing them, etc. The C.E.T. Chews have totally cleaned up her teeth. I recommend them.
348050348050B001P3NU3UA1SVC8NOXWVRAMshadow0051306108800CET ChewsThis product is the same as what I was purchasing from my vet with a great savings. I would highly recommed this to all pet owners!
348051348051B001P3NU3UA3RO00ZUEE0YBUNadene0051305504000C.E.T. HEXtra Premium ChewsThese were recommended by my vet to help elimate tartar on the teeth of my Lhasa Apsos. I bought the original package from my vet but found that I could buy them for half the price on They work well and the dogs love them.
348052348052B001P3NU3UA355CUBJ20M8Q9kodydawg0051305417600Vet recommendedThese chews are a great buy!! My vet recommended them for my dogs to prevent inflamed gums but he sells them at almost twice the price so I will be buying these again some time in the near future!!
348053348053B001P3NU3UA24R7MI0PQ9KGGdog lover0051302566400C.E.T. Oral Hygiene ChewsHeard about these dog chews from a friend and the dog loves them and it seems to really clean his teeth. Amazon's price beat what the Vets are charging and they are delivered to your door. I would highly recommend these chews for your dog.
348054348054B001P3NU3UA3QMBHA5O9QGMSTommie0051302566400dog chewiesOur dogs love the chews and must have one every morning. They keep their teeth in good shape while providing a treat for the dogs. They know where they are kept in a jar on the kitchen counter and run to them first thing after coming in from the yard.
348055348055B001P3NU3UA17G2LIHNN5RZSonline shop-aholic0031302480000Not sure I can keep giving these to my dogI have a German Shepherd puppy (14 weeks old) and bought the medium sized ones because I thought she would be forced to chew them and not swallow them whole. I was wrong. She chews on them until the flavoring on the outside is gone and then swallows them whole---regurgitating it until she is able to swallow it. So now that I know that, I take them off of her when I start to hear it and throw them out. I probably shouldn't give it to her at all but Im hoping that eventually she will just chew them completely. I don't want to waste the whole bag, which is pretty expensive. But technically my dogs loves getting these.....

On the other hand, I have an adult yellow lab that loves the large ones. She is used to chewing raw hide and pig's ears so she just chews it right up with no problem.
348056348056B001P3NU3UA2FRMN36191SW5Victoria Flores0021302134400Vet recommendedI always buy the Dingo brand mini bones. My dog loves them. She gets one after dinner every night. I never let her have a rawhide bone unless someone is with her. My Vet told me that I should give my dog these instead because they help reduce plaque build up on the teeth. The Vet even gave us one of the larger size strips. My dog did enjoy it and had no problem chewing and swallowing it. I found these on Amazon at such a good price, I ordered a bag for medium dogs. After chewing on one for a short time she started swallowing a large piece, choking on it, throwing it up and then starting over again. I took most of it away from her, but she still had a small piece that seemed to be a bit stuck in her thought and it took her a while to get down. She was fine; I didn't have to rush her to the vet butafter this experience, I will never give her these again. We are back to the Dingo mini bones.
348057348057B001P3NU3UAUI080D4OMNBVlvlndwendy0051302048000Great Bones for Canine Dental HealthAs recommended by the vet, I give all my dogs these bones. They are a good teeth cleaner and dissolve after a while, so there's no worry about them 'over-doing it'. I have older dogs, and one had almost no teeth, but she *loved* chewing on bones. So, I tried these, and she was a happy camper, because she could gum the chewie right along with the other two dogs--no competition or feeling left out :)
348058348058B001P3NU3UAB2DGHAB2R0ZGurley0051298246400My Dog Loves These!My vet recommended these for my dog's dental care. He chews on these every night, and his breath is always fresh!
348059348059B001P3NU3UACW24ETZ063G8Jerry0031294099200Dogs like whats on themDogs like whats on them, after that it seems they are just another chew after they lick all the good stuff off of it. These run large in size ie;medium size if you have a Lab. Next time I get these for my amer.cocker and bos. terrier they will be small chews. One more thing,,,you will either like the smell of these or you wont, I like it and my wife hates it.
348060348060B001P3NU3UAPS4LO9U8I39EKevin D. Morrow "Mr. 2L"0051292976000Best Daily Dental Chew for Dogs!!!!!We give one bone or what we refer to as a treat once daily after our 10 month old English Bulldog gets dinner, she absolutly loves them!!!! They were reffered by two vets and one owner of the local pet supply store. Feel bad not supporting local stores but it all comes down to best price and that was here (AMAZON). Our vet said that he has never seen and English Bulldogs mouth/teeth so healthy looking. I will continue to give daily to support a healthy gum/teeth production for my puppy. One negative be CAREFUL and monitor consumption....I swear our dog tries to swallow whole.

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