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348091348091B000FDP6ISA2RB0XAVKBEJQ1Skippy's DAD3711269820800Salty, Not Hot at all as expectedI am so disapointed with this buy....
These sardines are so over salted and no even hot at all...
So scally and smells funny....
I bought 2 packs of these and ended up giving it to my friends
who have thesame coment as I....
I am still looking for the one perfect or if not, at least near perfect
"HOT" sardines around.... Amazon has the best deal by far....
348092348092B0048IFT3SA3U54UFSRDZMOQKaren Gioia1151301788800So Simple, So Good!Unlike the other reviewer, I really love this gravy. Its not like my mom used to make when I was little and eating normal things, but as far as a premade/easy gluten free gravy, this is the best by far! It isn't seasoned like my mom's turkey gravy, but I have had things similar to this.
I am so glad this product exists! It is real gravy, its not flavorless goop like the other products I have tried! :)
348093348093B0048IFT3SA1AX69446LX31Di'm a mom1511290729600really badI was hoping to find a gluten-free gravy comparable to traditional gravy for my own personal Thanksgiving dinner (I'm the only one in my family who is gluten-free, and I couldn't ask the host to make a wheat-free gravy just for me). My own attempts from scratch have been okay in flavor, but lacking in appearance or consistency (they either looked like white gravy or were lumpy), and the gluten-free mix packets have been a flavorless disappointment. So when I found this pre-made gravy, I was ecstatic. I thought it had to be better than the packets and my previous attempts. I toted it to my sister's house on Thanksgiving and heated it just before dinner. Before I was about to slather it all over my Thanksgiving plate (I LOVE gravy. LOTS of gravy)...I grabbed a spoon and took a pre-dinner taste-test.

OMG, I'm glad I did. It is absolutely disgusting. It resembles NOTHING of real gravy except the color. The taste is a cross between Elmers glue, melted plastic and candle wax. I couldn't allow it to touch any part of my plate and went the entire holiday gravy-less (and was not happy about it).

I don't write many reviews, but I can't believe anyone thought this stuff deserved a package and a price. I threw the entire box out, and I am better for it.
348094348094B007BLAULUA15FHFN52183LFCharles A. Lane5551171497600great companyFour bottles of carefully wrapped Tunisian olive oil arrived promptly all the way to Alaska. This Spectrum olive oil is sealed under nitrogen to avoid oxidation.
348095348095B000EUD4ZOA246DH13LC4QR1btgchar3351314921600Wonderful and Healthy ChocolateFirst off, I have to admit the guy who thought it actually contained bat and wrote a review is hilarious. Read it if you are looking for a laugh. Otherwise, considering this chocolate is supporting an endangered species of animal the manufacturing is amazing! This is the best dark chocolate I have ever had. And the nutrition facts aren't that bad either considering this is candy.
348096348096B000EUD4ZOA1AGQ2GG8HLO97Debbie Lembke3351288915200Endangered Species Intense Dark Chocolate with Cacao NibsThis is all you could want in a dark chocolate. It's rich and deep with the crunch of the cacao nibs which makes it the perfect chocolate bar.
348097348097B000EUD4ZOA2TVFLF707IWJFD. Hurst3351273795200Best of the bars!I LOVE this bar - it's my favorite - just the right taste of deep, dark chocolate and the cocoa BITs give that extra biter texture and taste that makes this special. It is not like a crunch bar - but textured - makes me not eat it all at once so I can enjoy a bit more... If you don't like texture, you won't like this - bits are hard, not really crunchy. I have also tried the dark (Black panther) and mint (chimpanzee) variety of the dark selection. The Black Panther would come in as my next favorite - smooth dark chocolate without being bitter.
348098348098B000EUD4ZOA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"2251334361600The Best Dark Chocolate EverMany dark chocolates are waxy or are too bitter. This Endangered Species natural Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs is creamy and crunchy all at once. The dark chocolate melts seductively on your tongue and then you bite into the crunchy nibs. It is truly very satisfying. This is the best dark chocolate ever! I'll be buying this again. Just so you know the ingredients include: Bittersweet chocolate (chocolate liquor, beet sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla) and cacao nibs.

~The Rebecca Review
348099348099B000EUD4ZOA3E1VS736GN73PColleen Hugg2251275264000Excellent!My favorite of the Endangered Species series so far. One square equals only 28 calories so if you can just eat one or a few it is great when you are managing your weight. It still feels and tastes like a treat! Mmmm.
348100348100B000EUD4ZOAH14F9TYDABNHM. Abendroth1151328659200One of the bestFor those who don't know, cacao nibs are small pieces of the cacao beans from which chocolate is made. They are roasted much like coffee beans, and even have a somewhat similar nutty flavor, in addition to being chocolatey.

If you like dark chocolate and you like it crunchy with nibs, this is one of the best. It's like the gourmet version of a Nestle Crunch bar. The nibs are evenly distributed at a density level that adds the perfect crunch without being overbearing, and provides a snap of darkness that contrasts somewhat with the sweetness of the chocolate in which they are embedded. My other favorite from Endangered Species is the 88% dark panther bar. This one is a little sweeter than that, since it's only 72% cacao, so it should be more palatable to people who find that level of darkness to be a bit too much.
348101348101B000EUD4ZOA2MVRR773PQMN6The Passionate Mind "Mom and Reader."1151314748800Absolutely Best of the LineI've long been a fan of the Endangered Species Chocolate company, and have tried all of their dark chocolate bars, and several of the milk chocolate. This one, though, has the all-round best chocolate flavor of the line, and honestly, of any dark chocolate I've ever tasted. I wouldn't necessarily call it intense . . . it's a full, nicely round, not-bitter-at-all, dark chocolate. The cacao nibs lend a lovely little crunch and touch of nuttiness, keeping the mouth feel interesting and satisfying. It's just sweet enough to do the job, and yet has just a little over half the sugar of comparable brands (Newm@n's Own, anyone?). This is a chocolate connoisseur's treat. No fluff, no sugar-overload. Just chocolate. Mmmmmm . . .

Now, if I could just buy them by the gross . . . ;o)
348102348102B000EUD4ZOA6MJSN38NZZL0G. Canning1151279584000mmm! yummy!This is my all time favorite dark chocolate and a great deal when purchased on Amazon. Never run out- buy bulk with low shipping cost!
348103348103B000EUD4ZOA2MI94Y6VJBKGOCliveous R. Ogg III0051341360000Great BarsI have been eating the Endangered Species bars for several years and had not ever tried this particular flavor. I really have been missing something special. The Nibs add a special flavor and crunchiness - Friends I have shared them with love them. Just one more way we can play a role in the survival of endangered species.
348104348104B000EUD4ZOA31BRE1E807U37Bach0321326672000Not the bestIm not a fan, I bought the ones with and without the nibs, and I dont like either. I didnt know what nibs were, but I dont think they enhance the chocolate at all.
348105348105B000EUD4ZOAHYRTWABDAG1HE. Thomsen "arvig"113811283817600Yet more false advertisingI'm sorry, but I just have to be honest. This chocolate has no flavor of bat in any way shape or form. I did a review of the chocolate from the same company with the chimpanzee on the label, and noted no flavor of chimp in it. I was forced to give it a one star review, but did try to be fair and say the chocolate itself, if it was sold as JUST chocolate was fine. Now they continue this trend of such false labelling and have no bat flavor in this chocolate. What gives? Yes, as chocolate it's fine, much like the so called chimpanzee flavored bar I tried earlier this year, so consider this a four or five star review if the lack of bat flavor doesn't bother you. But doesn't a chocolate bar with let's say raspberries on the label contain a raspberry extract, jelly or something else with raspberry flavor? Why wouldn't one with a bat on the label contain no bat flavor? I may try the other chocolates by this company, I'm curious to see if the one with the panther on the label does taste at least like some sort of cat, if not an actual panther. But I am disappointed yet again by this company. If you're going to claim to flavor your chocolate to taste like animals, include the animal flavor!
348106348106B000UV4YYWAJQ2SCHSL1PL0Kennywirts0051349049600Great product and serviceGreat product and service. I purchased this for a guy that was retiring from our company. I was contacted by David's to see if i wanted to attach a personal message.
348107348107B000FED3SWA3IRO9XBOZR4F5E. Grace3321231804800Good price, but very stale and toughI love sugar-free Red Vines, and have ordered them from another company and received fresh ones - yummy! These spoiled me for life - I cannot tolerate stale ones anymore because they are so much work to chew. I had gotten a subscription from Amazon because I don't like to run out, but they seemed to get more stale with each delivery. I finally gave up and cancelled my subscription. Back to Twizzlers!
348108348108B000FED3SWA34752TXN3EIWGD. V. Brown2231311033600You never know what you'll getI love these, and they are a great treat as I'm diabetic. As many other reviews state, some come very fresh-but others are a bit dry and hard to chew. When you by a box of 12, you may get 12 bags that are not at all enjoyable. Amazon gave me a refund when I complained.

When I find these in a local store, I buy just 1 or 2 bags to see if they are fresh. If they are I will buy up many more and hope they are all fresh. It doesn't seem to matter what the sell-by date is, some are just hard to chew. I have wondered if they maybe get frozen or at least cold in shipment to Amazon or the local store.

Bottom line....If they are fresh and easy to chew as they should be they're great. 5 stars-If your unlucky and receive chewy vines, you just paid for 12 bags of near uneatable junk.
348109348109B000FED3SWA2Y2QLPDH94HQQVera Tehayel1111314057600Taste Like StrawThese sugar-free strawberry licorice sticks taste more like straw than candy. They taste artificially flavored and are not very appealing. I do not believe I shall re-order them.
348110348110B000FED3SWAUGIP6NWVR2PSra'sdaughter "Lion Breeder"1151295308800Extra FreshI was a tad skeptical because of the reviews that said this food item was are fresher than from my local supermarket.....can find only one store that is relatively near me(Las Vegas) that sells them....and some times they're hard, tough and generally non-edible but the ones from Amazon have been amazingly fresh....the only draw back is the reaction to the sweetener keeps me very close to ingredients carefully.....but I love them nonetheless!
348111348111B000FED3SWA3KCKECEO3E2ANK. Dubose2321327449600Buy your Vines Locally NOT through AmazonI agree with the other reviewers who say these Vine are stale and HARD. I had been buying these almost exclusively through Amazon and was willing myself to like them as they were sugar-free and a better option for my sweet tooth. After gnawing through the first batch I got from Amazon, I was notified the Vines were not in stock and headed to a local store and bought a package. HOLY MOLY! It's like night and day!!! That's what Vines are supposed to taste like!!! they were SO soft and I could chew them without getting TMJ. I realized that all Vines are not created equally. I thought, "hey maybe my first Vine batch was a bad apple" and lo and behold, my next batch arrived last week....I rushed to open the package and taste the chewy goodness I experienced from my local drug store Vines and NOOOOOOO Hard as a rock! I value my teeth so I am going to cancel my subscribe and save on these Vines. I will pick them up at my local drug store where I can squeeze the package and make sure they are fresh and not going to give me lock jaw. I suggest others do the same until Amazon works out their freshness problem. Maybe my children can use these to make a craft or school project, because they definitely are NOT edible.
348112348112B000FED3SWA36M810CC9O5PIBob0021350172800Strawberry Red VinesThe last shipment of red vines contained stale, hard candy. Previous shipments were fresher, similar to what we get at the store.
348113348113B000FED3SWA1OJS46U3NK27DKaren Williamson0051341878400Chewy is better!For the bang you get for your calorie buck, these cannot be beat. I'm shocked at how many reviewers complained about the candy being too hard/stale/chewy. I love them like that! In fact, my last order was so soft I was very disappointed, so ended up opening up a bag and sticking them in a fridge to harded them up a bit. Then they were back to perfection. I have also had no issues with the sweetener affecting me in a negative way, however I usually only eat 4 - 5 maximum at a time (the fear of the potential laxitive effect definitely helps limit my portion size). Bottom line: a great find!
348115348115B000FED3SWA11DM7XTQXTLX0Dee Spencer0011285977600Not freshProduct is stale and almost unchewable. I have ordered this product before and it was nice and fresh. This time it is old, tough and hard. I would recommend, do not buy this product.American Licorice Sugar Free Vines, Strawberry, 5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
348116348116B000FED3SWA3CA6SLRNIVEX5Michael P. Kopchik Jr. "big mike"0031285459200just ok!Pretty good flavor, but not very soft. I guess it's the price you pay for sugar
348117348117B000FED3SWA2ZHMIN244K4Y8I Buy Stuff "I Buy Stuff"0051271289600Love these, low cal, low carb, fat-free! But extra chewy!Only 90 calories and 25g carbs in SEVEN sticks of licorice (and zero fat) - that's awesome for me. I love these, love the flavor and their fragrance is just like cotton candy (but the taste is genuine red licorice all the way). Beware though, if you DO NOT like somewhat tough/chew-y/borderline stale licorice, then you may not like these. I, however, love old/aged licorice, so the texture is pure heaven for me, especially when I have my midnight sugar cravings and I don't want to blow my diet and exercise regimen for the week :) Great price too :)
348118348118B000FED3SWA308Z21YEG7I0Rhonda Ballew0021248480000Very StaleI also has a subscription for this item.... I have cancelled it because the last few times they have been stale and very hard. Too bad because I love the product.
348119348119B000FED3SWA35O5U0GIQQ3Q8Alan Hirsch0041224374400Delicious, but tough to chewThis product would rate 5 stars had it not been for a couple of things. First, the pieces are hard. Even when first opened, they are not soft to the chew. Second, they can really stick to your teeth.
Having said that, I would still recommend them for those who want a low-carb sugar-like snack. The taste is good, and I find myself eating more than one at a sitting.
348120348120B000FED3SWA27M0AZEPCO1NUNYC Lover0051223424000Awesome yet Gas causingSo these are really, really great and at 13 (or so) calories per piece, you can't really beat it. However, you will get gas and bloating when you eat these so beware!

Also, the hardness of the pieces, while slightly too much, is not due to staleness but simply to how they are made.

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