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348121348121B000FED3SWA2R0F2DJTLJ5DLNicole A. Mabry0041223337600Great taste but Came a little staleThese taste really good, i'm not sure if it's because of what they use instead of sugar or not, but mine were pretty hard. It could have been they were stale but if you've had old or stale licorice, sugarless or not, then you know what i'm talking about.
The taste is pretty good however, i could tell the difference between regular and sugarfree, but it's not overwhelming or bad in any way.
I would buy these again.
348122348122B000FED3SWAAKZC1WMY7DRTMe "Likes to Read"0051219881600Very yummy!!!They taste great. They didn't give me gas as the other reviewer suggests. Everybodies different I guess. They arrived quickly and I like they Subscribe and Save discount.
348123348123B000FED3SWA33MMQ6A3NEZIGK. L. Burke "bookie"0051207699200Sugar Free Red VinesGlad to find this product online! All of the stores around here
have quit carrying this item for some reason...even Wal-Mart.
Thank you Amazon!
348124348124B000FED3SWAFIS5X5CNUQLKM. Roth "Random Mystic"0051194566400The best sugar free licoriceAll the stores where I live only sell Twizzlers and they are horrible. They taste like plastic. The sugar free Red Vines however taste great. They are soft and chewy and really taste like strawberry. I love them. They are fat free and a good snack. The price was very reasonable. I will get again.
348125348125B000FED3SWA1YPBROE720KPWBregenkloeterich0041172966400Pretty Tasty for Sugar-FreeI have eaten a fair quantity of these over the last few months, and they are not bad at all! If you are looking for a sweet sugar-free snack, then they fit the bill. I have experienced no digestive issues with these at all, unlike some other sugar-free sweets.
348126348126B000FED3SWA3QQVHLUKUOMPFM. H. Thurman1211233619200bad candy! stay!This stuff I expected to be like Twizzlers. It was more like plastic. Inedible. A huge waste of money.
348127348127B000FED3SWA2SNI0MYFPH6B2Amber M. Garnett0121239667200YUCKY! Not worth my weight watchers points!I bought these with the hopes I could eat them at the movie theater and save myself the extra calories. I started Weight Watchers 3 months ago and you can have 7 vines for 2 points which is really good. I tasted these as soon as I got them in the mail, YUCK! They are super hard to chew, it took me 20 minutes to chew 1 bite and I thought I was going to rip a tooth out. They have a horrible waxy weird aftertaste that is really bad. My husband likes to chew on them for hours (because 1 will take you an hour to chew!) but he hates the taste. I would spend your money on something other than this.
348128348128B000FED3SWAOQC2BMT4CH0IE. Siemens3711169856000Tastes good but should have a warning label--CAUSES GAS!Ok, these tasted good although they were much tougher than the sugared brand. I ate about a serving and a half and so did my husband right after we got them. That evening we both had bloating and terrible flatulence. It was the holidays so I didn't immediately attribute it to the vines. I brought some to work to satisfy my afternoon sugar cravings and ate another serving sitting at my desk. Later that afternoon I was in an important meeting bloated beyond belief and trying not to embarrass myself. I have since thrown out all my other bags--these things create at best a very embarrassing and uncomfortable several hours and at worse a terrible health problem. I think they should be taken off the market or at least labelled with a warning "may cause significant distress to your digestive track and embarrassing flatulence!"
348129348129B000FED3SWA1SPEMLCEYNUNVrena0211303430400where's my stuff?it's been over a month since i ordered. i cannot track it. i cannot reach anyone by phone, e-mail or snail mail to check the status of my order. i'm pissed & will probably never order through amazon again!
348130348130B007UIJC68A2T2DGAHFK57DACulinair4U0051334534400Save the ChimpsWe at Culinair4U made this combo especially for the Chimps from "Save the Chimps" and "Chimp Heaven".
They truly appreciate your donations. Thanks and God Bless.
348131348131B001EQ54YQA36Y4XHEHNGZ7BArmyWife767751312502400If You Have to Make It Yourself, Use Dream WhipWe are currently living in a country where whipped cream is not always available at the grocery store. Thanks to Dream Whip I can make whipped cream myself. It is easy and ready in minutes. Thank you, Dream Whip! If you have to make it yourself then use Dream Whip!
348132348132B001EQ54YQA15PZBOO42Q39IR. Schuster6641249430400In case of a cool whip emergencyI need Cool Whip for two recipes but can't buy it in Australia. I bought the Dream Whip, tried it to make sure it would work and am happy to say, as a substitute, it will do what I need it to.
348133348133B001EQ54YQA2HCT225KA5PDPCathy3351335916800Great to have on handI started using dream whip probably over 40 years ago, long before cool whip and I still think this is a great product. It doesn't break down like cool whip does so if you use it as a frosting it doesn't turn to water. You can color it and flavor it and use it in all kinds of dishes and doesn't take up freezer space and always on hand.
348134348134B001EQ54YQA2LGHZWEGCVAELJ. R. Brookens "bobntheboys"1151321315200Good stuffI grew up on the stuff! Always liked it; still do. Less fat and very good flavor. Beats Cool Whip, but not the convenience.
348135348135B001EQ54YQA9GKPESKMUDBSherrie Casteel1641272326400Dream WhipReceived the shipment quickly. We will use most of both cases while making pies for our Relay for Life dinner pie auction.
348136348136B001VIWH2YA3HGMP3OGQUPEGSherry B "Sherry B"0051331424000Newmans Own Organic Dog Treat SalmonThis is a great pair with Premium Edge Salmon and Sweet Potato dog food. My allergy-prone Labradors have not had an ear or skin problem in a year. Also does wonders for their coats.
348137348137B001VIWH2YAZIL8WXENJONIDeanna Alpert0041319932800My Schnauzer loves these...... of course she's not really particular when it comes to treats. But I'm about to place my 3rd order for these salmon treats, and I do give them to her by the "half/broken heart" (a Newman customer "in" joke, ho,ho ho).
348138348138B001VIWH2YA2505V2J1SLA2JScogginsunl0111294704000BlahFrankly, my dog won't eat them. The dog across the hall will sometimes. However, we have discovered the dog across the hall will only eat them when she is actually hungry. They feel like cardboard, I'm guessing that is what they taste like. I prefer to only buy organic and USA made products for my dog, but this one I will pass on. I have purchased the sweet potato and the chicken, my dog just doesn't like this brand. Try Zuke's, my dog goes apes for that brand.
348139348139B002U1VYXYA2QBSNI6LEAKZ9Susan Moyer7851305158400Good Instant CoffeeMount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee is the best instant coffee I have tasted. It beats Starbucks. Mount Hagen does not taste like instant coffee, but like freshly brewed. When using instant coffee, this is the brand I will be drinking from now on.
348140348140B002U1VYXYAJMMNUSU2S0QXC. Huang3351306972800Organic Makes DifferenceIt's so much tastier than non-organic coffee! It smells very good and has no funny-sour aftertaste. Making coffee with it at home instead of buying at Starbuck's saves me a lot too.
348141348141B002U1VYXYA3Q685TU0THNW7Bindi2251282089600Yummy Coffee!Very smooth flavor and I am very glad I gave this a try. Best instant coffee I've tried so far.
348142348142B002U1VYXYA266D79D8QSHV7OrganicMama4551321488000Exactly what I've been searching for!I've been looking for a way to have coffee at work (at my desk) that doesn't bother my stomach...b/c I love coffee too much to give it up. And since I'm talking about at work, it needs to somewhat convenient.

Problem solved! Cuisinart Perfect Temp Tea Kettle with Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee. No more brewing an entire pot (and I even had the small pot, but still had to deal with filters and cleaning.)

And it's environmentally friendly and delicious - both important! It's the small changes we can make in our lives that will snowball.

Did I mention it was delicious!? I usually use a little cream, just to cool down the coffee and soften it a bit - but I do love a good cup of black coffee. I can drink this one black and I savor every sip!!!

Highly recommended!
348143348143B002U1VYXYA101RRYMZM4KYVAnn K. Richards1151344124800Deilcious, but too expensive to buy againI will just have to brew some organic decaf to make my iced coffees as this is not an affordable option. I wish it were about 1/2 the price.
348144348144B002U1VYXYA2I4QY3PLHX9VBDelilah V.1151332633600Wow! Really great coffee!I went off caffeine about a year ago to alleviate anxiety. In the process, I have been trying to find a good substitute for coffee. At first, I didn't drink any decaf because there is still a small amount of caffeine. So I tried several substitutes. My favorite is Dandy Blend. However, there are days when I really want the flavor of coffee.

I have picked up many whole bean, swiss water decaf organic coffees and they are great. I picked this up on a whim because sometimes I don't want to actually brew a whole pot of coffee but actually just want one cup.

This product is not only delicious, it makes it super easy to prepare just a cup with hot water. And it doesn't taste like instant coffee. I am truly impressed. This will be a staple in my cabinet now.
348145348145B002U1VYXYA1J0ZLOHU9OL27A. M. Martin1151326153600Good coffee!Mount Hagen Organic Coffee has been appreciated by even the most ardent coffee drinkers in my family. They are always surprised that a freeze-dried instant coffee tastes so good. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys coffee.
348146348146B002U1VYXYA2F51T94TWCZXUQ. Hartman3451321401600Good instant coffee? Whaaat?I found this in a local shop the other day and decided to give it a try. I've tried a handful of other instant coffees and they've all been terrible. This stuff, on the other hand, manages to be quite good! I was very pleasantly surprised. Drinking it black, it falls a bit short of my fresh brewed at home, but doctored up with some cream and sugar, I can't tell the difference. I will definitely be ordering some more of this when my current supply runs out
348147348147B002U1VYXYA2EEK654Q00XKOMichael Armani0051350518400At least as good as fresh Mcdonalds or Dunkin's dripThis may be claiming a lot, but mix it right (1.2 grams / 150 grams water) and compare with McDonalds. Doubt you can tell there is a difference, because there really isn't. Like most things freeze dried, it is fresher than fresh because flavor was locked in during first-production, and it wasn't sitting on the shelf nasty like. So it is consistent.

It is a light columbian mix. The powder looks light tan - that's because freeze dried powder is lyophillized - it puts so many tiny holes in the powder that it deflects light. The real color of the product is seen when you mix it and wait for the powder to absorb water. A nice, clean, rich light brownish black. It has the fresh notes of a good coffee. Nothing too complex - no choclatey or bitter notes. Better than a great backup, possibly a workhorse.

All I ask for is more bold varieties with more complexity. Good job to the company for this one.
348148348148B002U1VYXYAMSLWQTMCR3R5dlyn0051346198400Great for a quick breakfast...I put a spoon of this into my protein drink every morning. It mixes well in cold water with one of those plastic cups with the metal mixing ball in it and tastes good with choclotae or vanilla flavored protein drink options. It has made my mornings and breakfast, both things I dislike, easier and as enjoyable as they are going to be for a night person. It does not have the weird film on top of it that most instant coffee has so you can't tell by looking that it's instant. A co-worker tried my protein drink one morning and still doesn't believe how I made it! It's worth the price for the ease and quality of the product.
348149348149B002U1VYXYA23QDFX20OLTAFB. Pearson0041346112000Great taste for priceIt's definitely better than Nescafe Clasico, which was my old supermarket go-to. Mount Hagen is perhaps the best instant coffee I've had at this price point. (I think Starbucks VIA is better, but I'm not willing to pay that much regularly for instant coffee, and I drink a lot!)

While delicious, it will never fool you into thinking it is a real cup of Joe, however.
348150348150B002U1VYXYA15GIKVBMTH7CCAkaShiro "MC"0051343347200Great taste instant coffee!this coffee does not leave strange aftertaste. not too bitter. easy to melt. love the fact that it's organic. cannot be better. i'll buy one more for my mom. love it!

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