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348151348151B002U1VYXYA2OWICGEW5H54IC. Limandri0041342828800Good organic instant decafI like this organic instant decaf coffee. Instants are typically awful tasting and this one isn't....thank you Mount Hagen for helping me find something that is good tasting and organic.
348152348152B002U1VYXYAX9W6HKYJDGNOHeath M.0051338076800Good stuffI was looking for a good alternative to the K cups we went to at work. This coffee fits the bill. Good taste and ready in seconds. I will also take it with me on vacation as it is easy to pack and travel with.
348153348153B002U1VYXYATNPYXDG9WAOXwhit0051331424000great productThis instant coffee taste great and dissolves quickly. I love that it is organic. It is good for the environment and me!
348154348154B002U1VYXYA22U8V3UVVBP7MJoseph L. Kolb1241326067200pretty goodi'm not a real fan of instant coffee as i prefer the fresh ground stuff, but sometimes one has to settle for convience. this is pretty good instant coffee. about 60 servings per jar. it is pleasant tasting. to get an extra boost, i put a little of this coffee in with a packet of ginseng coffee and that gets me the lift i need for the morning. either way, enjoy!
348155348155B004DIHEEUA1NR8TU1TM9Y1FH. E. Blumberg0051329868800Delicious -- really!I must admit I bought these chips as a gag gift(no pun intended)for my husband. We visited Scotland last year and he ate haggis a couple of times. The chips are delicious! You'd never guess that they were haggis-based. The thick cut sustains the smoky, peppery flavor. They go well with beer, especially Guinness, and make a change from other flavored chips. Of course, they're not a particularly healthy choice but what potato chips are?
348156348156B004DIHEEUA2EBTMNK33YDVHStewart Cossar1251296777600Love theseLove these and my American girlfriend also loves them, even once she found out what they were!

Hope they become available again soon.
348157348157B004DIHEEUA1GFVIOK7C2UUdessert diva "dessert diva"0151294704000Haggis isn't aweful!These crisps are delightful. Even those not adventurous enough to try haggis, should enjoy them! And what fun to serve your friends...and let them guess the flavour!
348158348158B0007P0YT0A3HQDE3N4QXYTDG. ArBuckle81151208649600Better than sexI had gotten them for the wife, and She said the bars with all these bubbles in them makes the Mint Chocolate taste explode out in your mouth, "Like sex in your mouth" she said with a smile.
348159348159B0007P0YT0AY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051332979200Mmmmmm. Delicious! Hard to Resist!I do a lot of grocery shopping at a nearby Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market. They're an English company that has only recently invaded southern California and Arizona. They're quite welcome, I might add. In any case, they carry a lot of foreign products, primarily British, and I enjoy trying them out. For example, they have a small selection of English candies. My wife used to live in London and she says that European candies are better than American candies. She says that they tend to be less sweet and more flavorful. I would agree. So, everytime I go to my local Fresh and Easy market I indulge in one (and only one) of their Candy bars. This trip I bought a Nestle Aero Mint Chocolate bar. Mmmmmm. Good. Excellent taste! And not so sweet that it hurts my teeth. Delicious! I'm going to have to go to this store less often. Things like this are just too hard to resist!

Gary Peterson
348160348160B0007P0YT0AV6823XS14U41Kimme "Kimme"0051327622400My Favorite Candy Bar!For some reason Aero Bars are difficult to find in the US, but they are gaining traction. While some people say the bubbles dull the chocolate taste or that they have a difficult time with the texture, I tell them to try one of the flavored aero bars and not to expect a typical Nestle chocolate bar. They are also softer to chew and bite into-which makes them better for some people that have a hard time biting into hard chocolate bars.

The mint chocolate one is my favorite! The chocolate on the outside is darker and more of a dark chocolate compared to the chocolate in the other Aero Bars.

Give them a try and be open minded-bubbles in the mint make the taste more infused and fresh tasting!
348161348161B0007P0YT0ACNE7BP3D4DWVGoldie "Goldie"0231317081600candy baryuck!..didn't like this at all! This candy bar was gross..that's all i can discribe it for you sorry..i don't know what i was expecting something creamier and very good but not in this candy bar
348162348162B000O160KEA17V9XL4CWTQ6GChandler181951246665600the only sweetener we use after doing some researchI have spent the last year, after a long discussion with nutritionist friend, doing some strong reading on artificial sweeteners, ingredients, and FDA testing results.

I won't bore you with all of that as it's certainly easy enough to get with a few hits of google, but suffice it to say there is STRONG evidence that we should be concerned with other sweeteners; even the most populara ones were refused by the FDA many times before (**cough, cough**, lobbyists) they were passed. And with very interesting results in health later.

Even Splenda, which says it's made from sugar, is processed and bleached rendering it unnatural.

That said, even though I am always concerned about a healty weight, I had concern about using stevia...not because of health...its totally natural and shows no ill effects (it's about to be used in all the major diet sodas in replacement of artificial calorie free sweeteners) but because the early stevia on the market had a licorice taste.

Well, that's been corrected...

big fan of stevia. I think it's a strong threat to any other calorie-free sweetner and could vastly improve some health issues. Plus the fact that many new studies show other no calorie sweetners can cause real sugar cravings. I debate if this has happened with me...I sometimes think it has though when I have a diet coke.

stevia is now a staple in our tea and coffee!
348163348163B000O160KEA2PBYE78BDY029Shannon Morgan "health conscious mom"8951233532800No fillers - just SteviaI like that this one is 95% steviosides. There are no fillers to contend with. And, of course, it's nice and sweet.
348164348164B000O160KEA1W3PW2MPIG9WMD. V. Foster7851229904000Great Product!I used to purchase the Stevia Plus product. However, I found it to sometimes get clumpy and hard in the packets, making it hard to mix in my tea.

I saw this product advertised, so I tried it. It tastes great and I have so far had none of the issues I experienced with the Stevia Plus product. I highly recommend Simply Stevia.
348165348165B000O160KEA3TY1MOSZLSCHUMaureen Shea81051215302400Stevia rulesThe teeny packets are a little awkward, but other than that it's perfect in my beverages.
348166348166B000O160KEA2UIYBQQZFFHY3Marvis Smith5651229040000I am so glad I found thisMy daughter researched and found stevia. It is hard to believe that most people have never heard of it. I got the boxes of 100 to pass out to my friends and family. I love it and it is much better for me than artificial sweetener or sugar.
348167348167B000O160KEA3OU1VXFHXX0BDMarvin A. Conn2251276473600Not sugar, very sweetIt is hard to describe this product. It is sweet, but not overpowering like those 'fake' sugars. Works well as a sweetener, with one small limitation. Because so little is required, it is difficult to work with. I use about a half of a packet for a tea, which makes it plenty sweet. However, half of almost nothing is hard to measure.

It is worth a try.
348168348168B000O160KEAQ0C8S304IUGVAl Doland2251270857600Goes a long way.Good stuff! We were using 7 or 8 Splenda packets to make a pitcher of ice tea and we've cut back to 4 of these. The powder is very fine
348169348169B000O160KEA12OFCVJOHRPWXC. Slaughter2231258502400SteviaThis is a handy product because it is so convenient to carry in you wallet or pocket for access to a good sweetner. I have to mention though, even though it says no bitter after taste, that licorice taste is still there.
348170348170B000O160KEA1EF2SG1BYBT9WR. Rutz2231256860800not badI don't like the taste as well as Splenda, but I can use it. I also bought a liquid Stevia product to try, and I like the taste of it much better than the powder.
348171348171B000O160KEA11LW9EP7NTMH7D. Gaspard2211225584000didn't care forI was trying to replace spenda in my diet. This sweetner left me with a nausiating feeling. I didn't return it, but did throw it away. It may have been the concentration of this product, but I couldn't get the right amount right in my coffee or oatmeal
348172348172B000O160KEA2YQ126W9VCCXFM. Kirsch "Cyber Reviewer"81111238803200Bitter, bitter, bitterLooking for an alternative for Splenda, I found Truvia in my local grocery store. Truvia is granular like sugar, sweetens well, and even causes Strawberries to produce Juice--something that Splenda, Equal and others do not do.

So I searched for Truvia on Amazon and found this product as well. I ordered a box and just tried it. Yuck! It is a fine powder, not a granular substance; the packets are very tiny and hold very little substance. It is difficult to dispense over a quantity of food (like a bowl of Strawberries), and gives the food a bitter taste like Saccharine.

I'll be heading to the store for Truvia soon!
348173348173B000O160KEA3BF7BFYZ44SARdlittlehen1151318118400SteviaThis was a great product and a good value. I intend to buy more in the future. no after taste and very sweet. I used it in both iced tea and coffee.
348174348174B000O160KEA31YXVEJT7HSO4Samual Adams1131265414400tastes funnyI thought it had a taste like saccharin. try it before you buy 400 packets like me!!!
348175348175B000O160KEA35DCWKE5A5ZFBTimothy Quigley "Who Dat"0051331510400No fillers!Before my review, I should mention some good news! "a 2009 review study found that stevioside and related compounds have anti-hyperglycemic, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-diarrheal, diuretic, and immunomodulatory actions." (From Wikipedia-there you can find links to several studies on Stevia)
Ok, my review: I actually bought this locally at "The Restaurant Store" and though I don't remember how much I paid, I know it was a good deal. I used to put 3 packets of sugar in my bottle of tea. Now I use only about 1/3 of a packet of "Simply-Stevia" to get the same amount of sweetness. I did notice it had a little bit of it's own flavor, but as my co-worker pointed out, it's just a flavor we're not used to, because we're used to the taste of cane sugar and "corn sugar". I think the people commenting that it's bitter, has a licorice taste, or that it made them sick just put too much in their glass. I made the mistake of using the whole packet my first time because it looks like so little, but Stevia done right with no fillers (like this product) is 250x SWEETER than sugar! (That's the benefit of Stevia--you use so little that there's no glycemic impact) I don't think the other reviewers are taking that into account. Also, the person that compared this product with Truvia doesn't realize that Truvia is mostly erythritol (-a sugar alcohol--that's what makes it granular!) sweetened with a little bit of stevia. "Stevia In the Raw" has added dextrose (aka GLUCOSE! or grape sugar!--lookit up!) If you're looking for fillers and are not concerned about your blood sugar, go ahead with your Truvia or Stevia in the Raw, but if you're looking for pure stevia, I recommend Simply-Stevia--but use it SPARINGLY--it's very sweet!
348176348176B000O160KEA33K45IE4XIWH6Camperkat "Camperkat"0041320969600Pretty Good FlavorI've tried the fake stevias...Truvia, PureVia, Sun Crystals...the latter is now discontinued and the former two are chemical-tasting and bitter.

I've tried NOW (the one with silica) which is OK, but still has a semi-chemical taste.

I've tried Whole Food's 365 liquid stevia, which has alcohol in it and therefore doesn't mix well in my coffee or tea, but which works great mixed into plain yogurt to make it sweet without too much of a weird taste.

SweetLeaf is an excellent product, containing only inulin and stevia...but it does take 2 packets to equal the sweetness of 4 teaspoons of sugar in my 12 oz of black English tea. So yeah, you do have to use more of this product--but it has an excellent flavor without too much chemical aftertaste.

Simply Stevia, the one and only product that has JUST stevia and nothing else--is super-sweet and super-condensed... but in the packet form, it's hard to mess up and use too much. The flavor is very good, very little aftertaste--but you have to find the right amount for each beverage--it takes more to sweeten coffee and less to sweeten my tea, for example. But it is very good overall, and I'd say you can't go wrong with Simply Stevia or SweetLeaf.
348177348177B000O160KEA2VZ5HU86HFRXCHans C. Anderson4751217030400Easy as Pie!Excellent product for anyone concerned about blood sugar issues. Transaction was fast and without a problem.
348178348178B000O160KEA1Z5GRDXBY9JCZStar Gurl0111264550400YUCK!I was looking to substitute my sugar intake and found this product. I used it in my morning coffee and within 10 minutes I was nauseous and went to puke. I'm not saying don't buy it, just be aware.
348179348179B000O160KEA1P9NJ7JQZRHCTProfessor X0111259452800Sweet & Low without the cancer.If you like the (bitter) taste of Sweet & Low, get this. If you don't, don't. Couldn't get through one cup of coffee (and I only used 1/2 of the tiny packet).

I'm gonna give "Stevia Extract in the Raw" a try. It's made by the folks at "Sugar in the Raw." (And, no, I don't work for their company.) Here's what they claim:

"Stevia Extract In The Raw gets its delicious, natural sweetness from Rebiana (aka Reb-A) -- an extract from the Stevia plant. This extract is the sweetest part of the plant and has recently been isolated to provide pure sweetening power without the licorice-like aftertaste that many of our predecessors exhibited. All you get is the sweet flavor without any calories."

We'll see. Simply-Stevia is simply nasty.
348180348180B002TM541CA28BY3RSOIAW0APatricia L. Schwatka0051276992000Gavottes Crepe Chocolate Praline Dentelle CookiesThese are great as a "light" snack... Very Good, but not a great deal of flavor..

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