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348391348391B000F2RIQCA3U2U4Q1Z6TKV7J. Lorenz "JJ"0051264723200Great tasting seasoning for chicken....however, if your close to a Sam's club or know someone close you can buy this for
$6.12 per bottle instead of the inflated price here.
348392348392B000F2RIQCA2ALL7M3QJMKCKHuskerAZ0051255996800Please buy this so they don't stop making it!This is the most amazing combination of spices that can be used on chicken and pork (though they have a different pork formula, we use this and it tastes great). Lawry's has stopped making it in smaller sizes--just this industrial size. They also sell it it Costco and Sam's, according to their site. Big size or small size, my spice cabinet is incomplete without this. Just add it to the chicken before grilling, baking, or frying--it's that easy. It's great--order it--you won't be sorry!
348393348393B000F2RIQCA3QIQM6FOKD1IST. Chism "tchism"0051252195200Best seasoning for chicken!!We have been using this seasoning now for over a year. I hope that the report that they are no longer making it is wrong!

We love to use this on chicken or turkey! Great for grilled boneless and skinless chicken breast. Just rub with olive oil and sprinkle with the seasoning and grill to 170*. You will love the way it smells while cooking and the taste is second to none.

I just bought two more bottles to make sure we'll have some around for a while.
348394348394B000F2RIQCA2IW4QOGCKALM6Gary J. Rachuba0051238284800Great product!This is a great product, however, purchasing on-line is way too expensive. I later found the same product locally for one-third the price. If you have a Sam's Club near you -- it is much cheaper there.
348395348395B000F2RIQCA24STIJB22RM67R. Richardson "Wing Rider"0051225411200Great valueI had always bought this in the retail stores like Safeway, Von's or Albertsons but they quit carrying it. The value here is great. I paid the same price for 24.5 oz as I used to pay for 8 oz. I'll by all my spices on line from now on...
348396348396B000F2RIQCA1YMVLMX5DBVNINaomi Migliacci0051194393600BestI love this seasoning. I used it on turkey and chicken!! None of the stores where I live have this anymore. I am so glad to find this!!
348397348397B000F2RIQCA1XIIQLQFCQPPFD. Brown0051190592000Simply the bestI've tried a lot of other seasonings and rubs but this one is at the top of my list. We eat a lot of chicken and the whole family agrees on this one. I was disappointed the grocery stores stopped carrying it but was delighted to find it online.
348398348398B000F2RIQCA21D8XK1TOCQKCMike61111273968000Way too Salty!I see this product got a lot of excellent reviews but I disagree 100% with the other reviewers. My wife and I are food critics, so we know when something is good or not. My wife and I immediately thought this seasoning was way too salty. It was so salty that it almost was not edible. It also tasted like Lawry used seasoning salt in the "Perfect Blend". This made it way too salt. If Lawry reduces the amount of salt by 60%, then I think this product can live up to its name. I found that McCormick Montreal Chicken Seasoning is the "Perfect Blend" for chicken. I am sorry I am venting a little bit, but Now I have to throw a 24.5 oz bottle of Lawry's seasoning in the trash.
348401348401B0046LJ97YA28NEA0ZJGJNKKRoland Petrov "tea store owner"0051329350400Kwong Sang Mint TeaThis is an excellent mild green tea infused with strong natural mint flavor. The tea is not gunpowder, which is traditional to Moroccan Mint, but if you like Moroccan Mint and are on a budget, you'll be pleased with this tea.
348399348399B000F2RIQCA1F0T20VNLE3JOIrwin Rubin "viorubin"2611312329600Almost all Salt--Terrible!The ingredients are different from the label. I ruined a chicken with this seasonong which is so salty as to be indigestible. Salt is listed as the first ingredient but in the description Garlic is listed first. Terrible seasoning.
348400348400B000F2RIQCA1322G8EEEJEH0tried it0431324684800looking for pork seasoning by lawryI was looking for a pork seasoning by Lawry that I bought a while back and my family loved it. Since you didn't seem to have it, I tried the chicken. Not the same.
348402348402B0001VWBJGA2PR6NXG0PA3KYGiordano Bruno4451248048000The Marriage of Sweden and IndiaCardamom is the essential spice in Swedish sweet breads and pastries; without cardamom, a Danish pastry is just a Missouri sticky-bun filled with jam. Adventurous Swedish cooks - both of us - also use cardamom in fruit glazes for roast chicken.

But cardamom is quintessentially an Indian spice, one of those that Vasco da Gamba and Cristoforo Colon sailed over the edge of the world for. It's included in most "garam masala" spice blends. It's also one of the prominent flavors in 'tom ka gai', the Thai chicken-coconut soup. Indian shoppers in San Francisco buy it in one-pound sacks or larger. Some Indian people, especially older men, chew cardamom like candy or gum, to improve their breath and their amative fervor. Cardamom ice cream is rapidly becoming popular in Cambridge, Masssachusetts, as well as in the SF Bay Area. Coffee drinkers from Austria to Afghanistan, and especially in Turkey and Lebanon, often flavor their beloved drink with cardamom. Chocolate and cardamom also blend well; adventurous Mexican cooks - me - sometimes add cardamom to 'mole poblano', the chocolate-chili gravy used with turkey and chicken.

Once ground, cardamom loses its flavor very quickly; a small bottle of cardamom powder is convenient but should be used within two weeks at most. Serious cardamom-lovers buy it whole, in the pod, and grind the small black seeds as needed, in a 'dedicated' coffee mill or with a mortar-and-pestle. The green outer pods shouldn't be wasted; they can be used to flavor stocks that will be strained, or added to the grounds in a filter cone to make coffee. More intense cardamom flavor in coffee requires adding the well-ground seeds.

Cardamom and most other 'aromatic' Indian spices lose their flavor with prolonged heat. They should be added very near the end of any cooking process, especially in curries. Anglo-American curry powder is a debasement of culinary art; it's mostly turmeric, which should be stirred into the frying oil early in the process while the aromatics are reserved for finishing.

There are two sorts of cardamom available in American stores and here on the amazon: the small green pods and the larger black pods. They have somewhat different flavors, the black ones being stronger and earthier, but in most dishes they are interchangeable. Both kinds of cardamom are more intense when fresh, so a 4 to 7 ounce package is appropriate, assuming that it will be used up in two months or less.

Here's a puzzle for bold chefs: what large bird should always be served with a glaze of lingonberries, chipotle chilis, cardamom, and shallots?
348403348403B0001VWBJGA3U4ICPTPFQ75PV. T. Slagle "wildmustang1262"1141280102400SpiceIt was good but we have to be careful with the shells while cooking with rices or others. Do not eat the shells. Just take it out before serve. Thank you very much
348404348404B0001VWBJGA3QBKYANO0T7O0joe man.5751158192000the soulmate of coffeewell now i no longer have to wait for friends to send me arabic coffee from palestine, i can make it myself here in the US of A. i typically roast a handfull of cardamon and then mix it with the Arabic Yemini coffee -also from amazon- and grind it realy fine. this makes a perfect cup of coffee.

cardamon is also great on ground meat, i usualy add it to my burgers and they taste fabulous.
348405348405B003QOD7B6A2R1P40IBYYANTWindyW0051292025600Yummy!I took a chance and ordered a case of this. I love tea, but lately I think that it's been a little hard on my liver or something because I have been experiencing some nausea which I have associated with my tea drinking, so I thought maybe ginger tea might work better for me. And it does. This tea is smooth-tasting and yet the ginger taste is fairly strong--so don't get it unless you like ginger.
348406348406B0057FSX3YA1G9WRE72195UJLeah "amazonregular"0141336089600lucky leaf was betteramazon stopped carrying it. this is thicker and less limey. Still good, but I wont be ordering as often. 20 words?
348407348407B001BM3C4MA13U57G5QF9P2PD. Borchert0051265500800great replacement for regular corn nacho chipsMy family loves these chips! We can't stop eating them once we start! I did have a bad case once though. The chips were stuck in cluster balls. I called the company and they sent me coupons for free bags and % off of more bags. We haven't had any problems since.
Great product!
348408348408B001BM3C4MA3B4T4YD12U1R8Tropical girl0041263686400Thin & crispy but too saltyI love blue corn tortillas and their products. I had been eating the Guiltless Gourmet brand Blue Corn Tortilla Chips for many years but ultimately found their chips a bit thick & bland. I decided to try out Garden of Eatin, and I am glad I did. Thinner and crispier than the GG brand with a richer blue corn flavor. If I didn't know they were baked, I'd think they were fried! My only complaint is the excessive salt which is super obvious on a dark blue chip. I just brush the extra salt off but this can be a pain. I'd buy a salt-free option if they offered it in their baked blue chips, but they only offer it in the fried blue chips. For now, these'll do. I like eating dipping them into my homemade, low-salt guacamole- YUM!!
348409348409B001BM3C4MA292RIQH3B7Q77Jasmine0021262649600Too salty and nearly expired.I ordered a case of these chips from Amazon because I like the regular Garden of Eatin blue chips and usually like baked chips better than fried. I ordered a case (and put myself on subscription) to get the best price and figured I could eat a couple of cases a year. But these chips are too salty - eating them actually burns my lips! And all of the bags in the case I received from Amazon on January 5 have "best by" dates of February 3, 2010. How am I supposed to eat 12 bags of too salty chips in less than a month? Since Amazon does not allow returns on this item, I'll probably just donate my case to the food bank. I highly recommend that before you order this item, buy a test bag at Whole Foods first. And don't order a case unless you can use it within a month. Learn from my experience!
348410348410B001BM3C4MA2UR44HF5K9FE5A. Berger0031262649600like stale popcornThese 1.5" rounds are cut too small for dipping, and may be too fragile for proper Tortilla dishes - so it's a shame I'm now stuck with a case of them. considering the soy is at the end of the ingredient list after various oils and before the salt, then such soy is just a marketing gimmick to help excuse such a disappointing blue corn chip. Target's Archer Farms Organic Blue Corn With Flax Seed Tortilla Chips - are much better and cheaper. Thank you Amazon for double boxing this and sending out a 3 Month long dated product during a 50% off sale.
348411348411B001BM3C4MA1RHOH7NO04WCACookin' 4 7 "organic & homemade"0051255910400Watch Out Whole FoodsThe chips are great, with a family of seven the only shelf life I worry about is keeping them there. Really though, did you see the price? Like $1.12 a bag. Whole foods may finnally have someone to hold them accountable destroying health food stores. Thanks Amazon, for carring the brands whole foods wont bother with any more and for having prices that you can feed families with.
348412348412B001BM3C4MAV8HGBJ1OORNFMrs. Murphy0051255132800Love these chips!These chips are great. I love the hot and spicy seasoning. They are too spicy for my 5 year old, but my 8 year old loves them also.
348413348413B001BM3C4MA3F99BOVFQFCZZJohn B. Stoll0021255046400most of the chips were in very very small pieces bad shippingchips were very good but there must have been a shipping problem all the chips were in small pieces
348414348414B001BM3C4MAY8VHSO8K2D2RVelma Mitchell"Granny" "Velma Mitchel...0031254614400Nature goodnessReally great tasting chips. I really did not expect them to be as hard as they were. Good if they are cover with a cheese sauce.
348415348415B001BM3C4MA12JQNDSRZGCYCW. Witt "W Witt"0041252800000Great little chipBought these to try with our new eating life style and they have proven to be a great little addition. The flavor is super, the blue corn is a favorite and brings its own unique flavor to our dishes. This will be a repeat buy.
348416348416B001BM3C4MA1ZXF1M6IZEBS1C. V. Bessette "Mother of two"0051252713600Yummy and good for us!My family and I love all of the Garden of Eatin products. Yes, they are just a snack but it is a product that we feel good about putting in our bodies with either hummus, salsa or guacamole.
348417348417B001BM3C4MAS2OWHLJE8RODTrusted Tech0021252454400Good, as long as they are still freshI bought these chips in May 2009, and they were best eaten by 9/12/2009. When I first got them, they were very tasty and exactly what I had expected. I would have rated them 4 or 5 stars then.

However starting in early August, there was a definite odd taste that was starting to creep into the chip. And here in early September they are totally inedible. My guess is that the oils used have gone rancid in the chip, since they are using natural oils. Normally this is a very good thing, but the longevity of the product is sacrificed due to it, which is a problem when you are buying chips in 12 bag packages!

So if you are purchasing these chips please make sure you are able to eat them quickly, they will not be any good about 1 month before the best eaten by date. I had to throw away about 5 bags....
348418348418B001BM3C4MAPP8XWYYV4PAADebra Chong "ECommerceMaven"0051248480000Great healthier chip snackGreat for a change in tortilla chips. Tasty and not bland like some blue chips. Not too salty. A bit healthier than most similar snacks.
348419348419B001BM3C4MA2J4IRVIMRWPSZA. Crank0041243555200chips were stale, but my money was refundedI purchased these chips since they are so much cheaper than what they cost on the grocery. they did not expire for about 2 months, but the first 2 or 3 bags we ate were stale, plus many were broken up. I wrote amazon and they did give me a prompt refund, so their customer service is excellent.
we have since opened some more bags and they do not seem as stale, but I still do not believe they taste as fresh as the ones from grocery.
I may try reordering these since they are such a good deal and hopefully can give a better review the next time.
348420348420B001BM3C4MAF7DZ97VNSEWNMichael L. Love "free is a verb"0051236643200I agree with Richard, an excellent findDo without the salt. These chips are great, and you can taste the excellent unique blue corn. This company is very savvy, so that these chips are also very healthful for other reasons. I eat some about every day. They are really irresistable, so I like the healthful aspect. Be careful not to eat too many!


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