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348421348421B001BM3C4MA1YKVTUDRNJZ7Lee0051236124800Blue Corn Chips Taste Really GoodThese corn chips are crispy and taste great. And very few broken chips in the bag (I like my chips whole). I just wish they weren't blue. Why would they go to the trouble of dying them blue?
348422348422B001BM3C4MAGHF93XN5A411Dan Brehmer0051234137600I love the sesame in these chips, you will too!I love sesame in general. It makes foods more satisfying. There are two brands of blue corn sesame chips I know of; this one and one by Kettle. I think I might prefer the Kettle brand a little over this one since they use sprouted corn. Somehow that improves the flavor a little. These are still a 5 star product though. Sadly, I just searched for the Kettle chips and found they have been discontinued, so not only are these a great choice for sesame blue goodness they are your only choice!

Of course chips like these are pretty high in fat, so it is not a good idea to eat them too often. They are quite addictive as well. For a little addition to a lunchtime meal you will not be disappointed. I hope you like them as much as I do.

348423348423B001BM3C4MA3S8FG6DVBZLPUChip Champ0031232928000NOT a Black Bean chip!Although labeled "Black Bean Chips," unlike the (now unavailable) Trader Joe's version these are CORN chips with some black bean thrown in. That's misleading. They should be labeled Corn & Black Bean chips. They don't taste bad, as far as chips go. But they are definitely nowhere near as good as the old Trader Joe's variety.
348424348424B001BM3C4MA28GM4WTGV8ZHEwillmay "willmay"0051232755200Good quality with a quaint, natural tasteI've been eating these chips with my lunch every day for over two years now. I love the taste first of all. Unlike two other black bean corn chip products I have tried (and more and more chip makers seem to be making black bean corn chips now), these are what they say they are: corn chips with black beans in them - - no lime or herb or any other kind of "flavor enhancer".

I like the price of the chips here on Amazon. A 7.5 ounce bag sells for around $3 a bag, sometimes less when on sale. Here, the case price works out to about $2.25 a bag, - and delivery is free.
348425348425B001BM3C4MA2OAYIM13WIXCHMary D. Haper "Gramma to 3 boys"0051232496000Multi Grain Chips good!These chips are very good in taste and with more than the usual grams of fiber, a good choice. They came very fresh and in good shape--no crushed bags.
348426348426B001BM3C4MA2DM9OFZL6RR7SDr. Dawn0051231545600Great snack!These chips are more expensive in the store, when you can even find them. I have ordered them from Amazon a few times and have received them in good condition every time. Amazon has a great return policy if you ever have a problem with the contents on receipt.
348427348427B001BM3C4MA10KYERWZTXXI6bright-future0021231200000sesame blues chipsMy husband really likes seaseme chips so I ordered 12 packages, however I only got a 11 packages and all were crushed. This was a very bad job packing box and shipping. I won't order again.
348428348428B001BM3C4MA228P3VH7SFBHGJ0051224892800Best ... chips ... everHands down, there isn't a tortilla chip that I crave more. Exactly enough heat to be interesting, but not overwhelming.
348429348429B001BM3C4MA3DJJMYVLDD0MMTimothy G. Hullquist "Retired"0051189123200Taste is GREAT!!!!I was sure that there was never a chip that I loved enough to give it 5 stars. But while traveling I bought a bag of these chips ($3.97 I might add) at a natural market type store and just loved them (other than the price).

The chips themselves don't have a high oil or greasy taste that some enjoy, but the selection of spices and herbs that Garden of Eatin' has developed is just GREAT.

I have bought three cases so far and just love them!
348430348430B001BM3C4MA3J4K0AYA39U56C. Williamson0051184284800Great snack with or without dip.These chips are great by themselves or with salsa, pico de gallo, cheese dip, sour cream dip--probably any dip you like. They have just enough salt, but not too much. They're my favorite tortilla chip.
348431348431B001BM3C4MA3O3T8AWZOETXDr. Mom to Three0041183420800Kid Friendly Tortilla ChipsThese chips are just the right size and strength for dipping or snacking, especially for kids. They survive the trip to school in a lunch bag pretty well. For some reason the taste doesn't quite measure up to the regular Garden of Eatin' tortilla chips, but they fill a niche.
348432348432B001BM3C4MACAIEIV03NBHYJ "Mom of twins"0041180051200Too salty!Otherwise great. If you're a saltoholic like my husband you'll love these. I got these for the kids' lunchboxes but ended up not using them for that because of the salt.
348433348433B001BM3C4MA1EP7ITUDTNXC6Patrick Leonardi0051174348800Tasty little chipsI tried a lot of Garden Eatin's chips. These are also very good if you like little chips instead of big triangular size ones. Great when having Mexican food.
348434348434B001BM3C4MA1EP7ITUDTNXC6Patrick Leonardi0051174348800Excellent ProductI usually find these at my local health food store. It's a great, tasty product, which I think most people would enjoy.

They are great for entertaining when you have family over or friends.
348435348435B001BM3C4MA2R4VQ631HT8ELDerek Legler0051168300800Tasty and HealthyMany snacks labeled "healthy" today still have hydrogenated oils in them. Garden of eatin' snacks do not. The taste is wonderful. Great with salsa and/or guacamole. The sesame seeds add a nice flavor without being overpowering. My favorite chip for all occasions.
348436348436B001BM3C4MA56SHVW3WRHNGLisa M. Snow0051163203200The best corn chips out thereAlthough these are way more fun than regular white or yellow corn chips, they taste pretty much the same as any other color of natural corn tortilla chips. These chips are blue because the type of corn they are made from naturally grows blue - there's no blue dye here! Garden of Eatin' is my favorite brand for chips, because they put so much thought into all their products, from the organic corn to the cold-pressed oils. They even use filtered water!

The chips I got were all really fresh, delicious, and crunchy, except for one bag out of 12, which had a good date, but tasted a bit stale. To my surprise, not many of the chips got broken during shipping, although I'm not sure I'll be that lucky to get unbroken chips everytime I order these.

If you've never tried these, I suggest getting just one bag from a local store, and wait to order from here till you know you like them. If you already know you like blue chips, get them here, as this price is unbeatable.
348437348437B001BM3C4MAACHTQHK9Z9MXdc5811192060800STALE Tasting!don't be fooled and misled by believing these chips are "healthier" or "better for you". Same fat grams and calorie content...but what is worse, is that they taste stale, not enough nacho flavor and are so hard!
348438348438B001BM3C4MA6ZJ3X7HNFPO7Jane Twain3511292716800Deceptive packaging-it does have GMO ingredientsEither these folks are completely ignorant or they think putting " no genetically engineered ingredients" on the front of the package will cause us to to ignore their list of ingredients on the back. Canola oil is made from genetically modified rapeseed. They also say it may have Safflower or Sunflower oil, but I'd
rather not take part in that lottery. I'd like to send back this lot, but I'm not willing to bet, they would not have the nerve to sell it to the next unsuspecting soul, so it will go straight into the trash can ,where it belongs.
348439348439B001BM3C4MAWKG86DDP4WXMmarybethh "mountain mama"1221197936000Nothing but crumbs!!Do not order these online. They are shipped in the flimsy box that the grocery stores use. No additional packaging is used to protect the inside. My box was crushed on three corners, adding to the already crushed chips. I wound up feeding them to the birds.
348440348440B001BM3C4MAKXCQP3DLGW7FA. bauman "Mother, Wife, Artist"3621152230400BlechThese were not good at all... too spicy. Too "limey"... the crunch factor was really awful... felt like my teeth were going to break. (Love the name... the chips were AWFUL!) Wound up throwing the bag away.
348441348441B001BM3C4MA208FJQHIK5PNMsusan1311189123200don't botherMy chips arrived completely pulverized. They were shipped with no extra packing. Bummer
348442348442B001BM3C4MA3CCUOA7UWYDF5T. Ferrell2531236384000Good chips, terrible packagingChips are good, but Amazon ships them in their original "ready to ship" box, which turns out is not really so ready for shipping. The box arrived in tatters; miraculously, the chips survived relatively intact. Hopefully will continue to be so lucky in the future.
348443348443B001BM3C4MAHWXH8CA96IBXAlan Kaye293151153526400The best chips ever invented, truly the pinnacle of human acheivement and civilizationFate has smiled upon you today, for you have stumbled upon a review of the best corn chips on the planet. Yes they really are that good.

I'm not in thrall of the whole "organic" thing generally, but I have to say these blue corn chips themselves are somehow FAR better than competitors. Crisp and thick cut, a strong corn taste. You probably don't think a chip can have a strong corn taste, but these do, because unlike competitors they're not cooked in a month old batch of mystery oil.

The person who came up with this "red hot" flavoring is a genius, this is the best flavoring for chips ever invented. It will make your toes curl and your eyes roll back into your head. It is only a little hot, but it builds up a bit if you eat the whole darn bag, which you almost certainly will.

I also recommend their plain blue corn chips for dips, but for the love of everything that is good don't get the unsalted ones.
348444348444B001BM3C4MA3R6PI47EF3F83Richard Cumming "RC"161641165622400you won't miss the saltI ordered these chips by accident. I meant to order "with added salt." I know, not a healthy choice but hey, I love salt! So, I ended up with a whole case of these unsalted chips. My wife said, hey these aren't salted! She was pleased. She worries about my diet. So, I had some chips. They're delicious! Good crunch. Very fresh corn flavor. Excellent with salsa. Sometimes a guy has to be wrong to do right!
348445348445B001BM3C4MA1TDGLDUNPABKIColeen O'Hanlon121411314748800No more non-GMO on labelBought the nacho chips regularly for my kids but the last delivery came and there was not a non-GMO label on the package anymore, they still use organic corn but use non organic canola oil and any non organic canola is most likely Genetically Modified, which is something I do not want in my body. Will not buy this product again.
348446348446B001BM3C4MAAJAN7GE1QUUGMa B "bernadina"91011235606400No thanksThe first shipment was stale. The second case was not as stale but stale nonetheless. I'm not sure if it is staleness or just plain grossness. I like other chips by Garden of Eatin'. Will the birds eat them? What do I do with all these chips? Amazon was great about sending me a replacement when I complained about the first case.
348447348447B001BM3C4MA3HZZYLFH0R3971d655480 "1d655480"5511286668800Chips Rancid Despite December 2010 exp dateI opened a bag of these chips. I thought I detected a strange odor but put one into my mouth anyway.

The chips were definitely rancid. I tried several other bags and discovered the same rancid taste.

I threw them all away. Caveat emptor.
348448348448B001BM3C4MA366K8ZPVIM9OWKelly Obrien7811239235200ickyWe love garden of eatin. These are just icky. I love tamari but these don't taste good.
348449348449B001BM3C4MAFBAML6LS05KBStephanie L. Cobb91111256169600If you want fiber, don't buy!I specifically ordered these chips because the nutrition information states they have 4 grams of fiber per serving. They taste good, so I ordered the case from Amazon. (In fact, I even signed up for subscribe and save) When my package arrived today, the bag says they only have 1 gram of fiber per serving! I called Garden of Eatin' and was told that there was new analysis and testing done which shows they only actually have one gram of fiber per serving. That's a huge difference! The customer service rep said the testing was done in September, yet the nutrition information on their own website still shows 4 grams of fiber. To me, that is false advertising. How hard is it to go in change that information on your own website!

So, bottom line, if you don't care about the amount of fiber...these are really tasty chips. But if the amount of fiber is what attracted you to them, don't buy!
348450348450B001BM3C4MA3KW8U52DHBD0EM. Rodak3311288310400Not A Good ChoiceOnly one star because the chips had a rancid, old taste and smell. The chips were in date but the oil in the chips oxidized. Amazon fixed this problem with a refund.

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