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348511348511B001BM3C4MAGBM0KSDNT601Kimmer0011326499200Received OUT OF DATE Products!!!Received OUT OF DATE Products!!! NOT HAPPY and do not know how to go about letting AMAZON know. Do not order these chips!
348512348512B001BM3C4MA1FTHM1279ELHCtwain0031324512000not correc sizeThis product is not the 9 ounce bag as advertised but is actually 8.1 ounces. Apparently rising prices are forcing the manufacturer to put smaller amounts in the bag, but this is foolish since if anyone reads product labels it is the people that buy organic foods. The manufacturer should wise up and just raise their price to reflect the increase rather than skimp on the bag size. Organic food consumers are willing to pay more for a premium product, but get upset when the company or marketer does not deliver on what they say they are going to deliver on. As for, I can only think that this is an honest mistake and that they did not update their product description. But, for a company that specializes in the latest and greatest computer tech, this is falling short of the mark. To sum up, this is still a good product, but both the manufacturer and the seller need to get it right.
348513348513B001BM3C4MAXRV07XDS6V89Char K0041321488000The bags not contain only 8.1 ouncesLike the chips
348514348514B001BM3C4MA29B5X3L5G0S6QMiss Adeola O. Ogunbanjo0011314921600Very old stockI received this product from Amazon who sent me the oldest stock possible. The postage alone cost about $60 and i ordered about $60 worth of the product. Most of the items I received were only 2 to 3 weeks from their sell by date and are rancid or stale. It was a huge disappointment receiving these and I will never order this product again.Neither will i recommend anyone buy this product from Amazon. It makes you think that Garden of Eatin products are not good but I have bought them before at my local grocery store and they tasted great,so I know for sure that the problem is with Amazon stock. For me, thats $120 wasted as returns are apparently not possible. very very disappointed with, because i shop at very often and have rarely been disappointed and even when there have been disappointments, they are immediately rectified. does not allow refunds or returns on this item, so beware!
348515348515B001BM3C4MALL51PH9IIA5XPamela Jo Stamper0031311552000Garden of Eatin' Tortilla Chips, Blue, No Salt Added, 9-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)This is a good product, BUT, buy the larger bags. They are the better value. These are excellent for anyone who must limit their salt intake.
348516348516B001BM3C4MAYWYWW2MD28T8Analia Ramos0041310428800Healthy tortilla chipsChances are you will be dipping them into something savory enough. The very low sodium content makes this the perfect chip for the healthy conscious. They are not always 2/$4 @ the grocery store, so I thought this large box of 12 was reasonable.
348517348517B001BM3C4MA19ZK2D5664XKLSharath Anmangandla0051301529600Great TasteEveryone in our family liked these chips. Great taste and healthy compared to other chips. If you like spicy food, you will enjoy these.
348518348518B001BM3C4MA1QTPS4ASOX4FVEineam0051299369600Our favorite chipsThese chips are the whole family's favorite. They are just the right size to share, but not so big that they go stale before they are gone. Not greasy - very crispy. What more can be said about tortilla chips?
348519348519B001BM3C4MA3LBKH53BK4VVWJOHN G AMERY0051298332800GREATEST SNACK FOR THE DIETARY RESTRICTEDBlue chips are the answer for anyone who loves their tasty, crunchy snack, but are restricted to salt content.
This product provides a very tasty answer.
NO SALT is the ultimate answer.

Happy John
348520348520B001BM3C4MA2N1WT1EBTWTBVThe Fam0051294876800YummyI took a chance and yes it did pay off these are really delicious I will definitely be buying these again.
348521348521B001BM3C4MA3NVUUYGCD4UXASouthern Belle00512945312003g. Fiber Per Serving!Love these tortilla chips made with organic white corn! They are perfect for dipping in salsa or eating right out of the bag. 3g of fiber per serving and there are 8 servings per bag. Mine were fresh with an expiration date of June 2011. I will be buying these again.
348522348522B001BM3C4MAZOYVQTM4DWAXtechrockstar "the techrockstar"0051294185600Delicious!These might be the best chips I have ever had. The "Used By" date is March 2011, but I had to cut this bag open as it was sealed up so tightly (this is the first bag of chips I've had to cut open..if I really reeked on it I could have got it, but I didn't want it to explode in my face). No worries, you will be happy you got these.
348523348523B001BM3C4MA2MZ6K6A57WP42Perla0051291939200Chips 4 R Salsa Gift BasketsWe're a upcoming Authentic Mexican Style Salsa Company formerly from Tucson, Arizona, now located in Bend, Oregon. We wanted to make gift baskets for our customers and needed products to fill them. The Garden of Eatin' Blue Tortilla Chips fit the theme and hit the mark. We will continue with this product for any additional Gift Baskets we'll need as our business grows.
348524348524B001BM3C4MA30YI6DATYYVVXmartha perez0051289606400Spicy....but ohhh so goodGreat tortilla chips, every bag so far has been fresh, crispy and so tasty. They also keep well, opened a bag and a week later still was just as fresh as when I first opened it. I just hate when chips just get stale on you just after a few days...Trust me not these!
348525348525B001BM3C4MA2A8KWCE8RKB9TDavid Glazer0051281916800Tasty ChipsOnce you pop one in your can tell these ain't Doritos and that it is a quality the secret is to buy em on sale...
348526348526B001BM3C4MA2JZVE0Y19VLL0Tass0011277164800blue chipsThe chips are okay Not near as flavorful as the regular blue chips. Nice size bag for a family.
348527348527B001BM3C4MA10B49ZO696DLODouglas0051276473600DeliciousThese are our favorite chips. We get very excited when we order the next box and enjoy the fresh and healthy taste.
348528348528B001BM3C4MA45VR3HRDC8FSheba0051276387200Greatest ChipsWhat a treat! I've ordered these several times and keep comin' back for more! Organic, cheesy and delicious...great snack.
348529348529B001BM3C4MA348IT6M7H8A67Bufster30051273968000Baked Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Delicious!I love these Garden of Eatin Baked Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. Blue corn is a nutritional powerhouse full of anti-oxidants and higher in protein than either white or yellow corn.

These are tasty and low in sodium and low in fat because they are baked!
348530348530B001BM3C4MAJE5S2MH4SERAJ. Erlich "Dr. J"0051271894400Delicious and good for you!These are organic super yummy tortilla rounds. I really like them. They are on the salty side, but that's good for me.
348531348531B001BM3C4MA2BRWNOXBMZVFBCarebear0051267833600YumWe had never tried red chips before and wasn't sure what we would be getting, we were pleasantly surprised. They have a great flavor and texture.
348532348532B001BM3C4MA29BWC41573AF8S. Little "RuffRuff"0051265673600no more stale chipsi like nachos. i don't like stale chips. i eat nachos on my day off from work. good price good chips. i happy. thank you garden of eatin.
348533348533B007M0J9VCA286DE9E19S9ILSooz0031350777600Causes dark eye circles on my light dogI switched my dog to grain free a few years ago as he has itchy, sensitive skin and taking out the junk helped. I have a great dog-sitting situation with my upstairs neighbor, where we take turns caring for each others dogs, and when I found they were also serving their dog a high-quality non-grain food (not wellness), I switched to the same food to make it super easy to just to hand off the dogs and not worry about the food. All was well, until the company stopped making that food recently! The upstairs neighbor decided to change to this food, and I was happy to follow along as it fits all the requirements of high quality, etc., and it's easily available online and at Petco. But I noticed something dog's bug eyes are relatively watery (due to being, well, bug-eyed), and the tears have taken on a very dark color since switching to this food. Not to mention he's itchy again! I didn't want to give up on it without a good trial, so I switched him to another high quality food for a bag (doing the proper transition, not to worry), and sure enough the dark tears lightened considerably. I switched back to Wellness for another bag, and man, those dark tears are back. It's definitely the food.
348534348534B0040OUK84A3JV590AXZK3LWLadybug0051339027200mouth watering goodWhen I ordered my first tin of Quality Street Chocolates i figured it was going to be ok, my dad raved about them so much OMG went through them like nothing had to hold on a minute before I ordered the second one and lost but not least the third one gotta slow down addictive.
348535348535B0040OUK84A87S3I86X2GE6AAA0051324512000Great ChocolateThis is one of the best chocolates out there. It reminds me of my childhood. It has a rich taste and contains different varieties of flavors.
348536348536B005S1MLLWA2KGSCOR96GML7Lady Xavier1151333411200The best chai EVER!!!Holy moly this is the best pre-made chai I've ever had, hands-down, and I'm very, very picky. Oregon chai? SIckeningly sweet. Dragonfly? Boring! But this stuff? It's complex, very spicy and only slightly sweet. I became an addict when I had a dirty chai (for the uninitiated, that's a chai latte with a shot of espresso...try it, it'll change your life) at a local coffee shop and it was seriously the best hot beverage I've ever tasted. I went back to find out what they used: Tipu's Chai. I can't stay away from that place now, I go at least twice a week to get my fix, and have started making approximations of dirty chais at home too (a bit of very strong coffee can substitute for the espresso). It's so good that once I start drinking it, I literally can't stop until it's all gone.
348537348537B001ELLA1MA1QYIDY9FBN2I6A. K. PATTERSON "Annie"2251181347200Morel MushroomsMorels can be difficult to clean. These were not. They were tasty and made a wonderful addition to an otherwise terrific meal.
348538348538B000EVQWKWA34402I4ECPTNPcake-oh3331229990400Love Haribo... but not theseI love Haribo gummi candy... gold bears, fizzy colas, happy colas, plain strawberries. However, these (which I hoped would be like the plain strawberries but with the added cream flavor) are way too sugary sweet. The "dusting" of sugar is more like a gumdrop coating of sugar and takes away from the Haribo gummi texture that I love. My family liked them okay (not as much as other gummi candies, but much more than I liked them).
348539348539B000EVQWKWA2DXWGQ6ZB8BYWShraZ2251201132800YUMMY HARIBOI loved Haribo candies when I was young living in France. I was disappointed to not see much of choices besides the gummy bears in stores. Amazon saved my life by introducing some great flavors. The strawberries are so good
348540348540B000EVQWKWA3ARP400N9CN3QSarah Swimmer1151198800000Yummy StuffI just bought a bag of these last night at a local Market, and these are DELICIOUS! I nearly ate the whole bag in one sitting. I strongly suggest these to anyone who loves this divine combination of Strawberries and Cream!

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