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348601348601B0002DD6JCA11Y8R5SI2VG1TGray Wolf0041322006400Not their best, but goodSalsa Picante hot pepper sauce is not my favorite Matouk's scotch bonnet sauce. I like the Calypso pepper sauce better.
348602348602B005M4FAEAA7BGRHZUXBOFUbiterat0051318032000Just right !This moong dal halwa, lentil, is well seasoned with the right amount of sweetness. Topped with slivered almonds and cooked in pure ghee clarified butter makes it a nice Indian dessert. Please order this , warm it slightly , and enjoy !
348603348603B0000GHEF8A36J6AVNBP55ZTSome Guy3351280188800this stuff is greatwhile it's intended for mexican cooking, it's just as good as a soup - I use it as a late night snack, throw some noodles in it - and done.

the flavor is outstanding - just like chicken bouillon, but a nice strong tomato backing.

very unique stuff. highly recommend.
348604348604B0000GHEF8APW6R1S9GCKXXDexter3351227744000Knorr bouillon cubesCan't get this product in upstate NY ... very thankful someone is selling it online! Fast delivery!
348605348605B0052P23TYAV928WAFMMI7RAndrea Owens0051350950400Great cookiesPerfect combination of crunch similar to vanilla wafers. A little sweet, I like a blander cookie like Stauffer's Animal Crackers but my tummy won't tolerate the gluten and soy used in those anymore.
These are a good "substitute", though I wish someone would make more soy free animal and graham crackers.
348606348606B00991R5EKAALKAYKKGPT52Momo0051350345600Awesome Cake TopperI purchased this through Amazon for my 8 year olds birthday cake. She was thrilled with it and so were her friends. After I ordered it, I received both an email and a call to confirm what I wanted written on the image and it arrived safe and sound 2 days later. I removed it easily and planted it on the cake (store bought icing works great), put it in the fridge and it was ready to go by the time the guests arrived. So easy!!!
348607348607B000E46GFAA11V6WFPYUV73FE. Esposito4451221523200Great!My daughter and I love these. She loves the chocolate and I enjoy the peanut butter. Anyone with celiac would apprecaite how good these taste.
348608348608B000E46GFAA2EDS2YOGL1541Sew Perfect3351237161600Good snack for kidsKids love Rice Krispie Treats and this is a good alternative. I'm so tired of everything being loaded with high fructose corn syrup. You won't find that in these bars. These are organic and that is great. My kids love these bars and the cereal.
348609348609B000E46GFAA10QQ7QAW8MIEVM. Pascale2231299542400Crispy Rice BarsI bought these because they were on sale, organic, and I needed a "bar" without nuts for the kids. They are ok but not fantastic. The kids will eat them if I put them in their bags but wouldn't pick them on their own. While the ingredients are without all the corn syrup, dyes, sugars, additives, the taste good be improved upon. To be fair, I have six children and 3 of them like them while 3 of them would choose something else.
348610348610B000E46GFAA1GGO0VNCBFA0DKaren M. Szymarek2251279929600Tasty and HealthyMy son is on a Gluten Free diet and finding good healthy snacks that fall into that category, and that taste good enough for him to very hard. He loves these bars. He thinks they taste like cocoa krispies and would eat the whole box if he could.
They are packed full of vitamins and minerals and are organic for those that are concerned about that. These bars are on average, pretty expensive in the stores, but I can purchase them off Amazon for much cheaper and I usually buy them in bulk.
If you have a picky eater, or if anyone is on a specific diet, these might be something to consider. As many know, it is hard to find Gluten free snack products that taste very similiar to regular ones and these really do make the cut.
EnviroKidz Organic Koala Crispy Rice Bars, Chocolate, 6-Count Bars (Pack of 6)
348611348611B000E46GFAA2SZWFJX0783BFWillow2241272240000Organic Chocolatey Goodness!These bars have a lovely chocolate flavor, but it isn't intense. There are no chunks or chips or chocolate, but rather just the entire bar is chocolate flavored.

The organic and gluten-free ingredients are pleasing to me, and I feel they are of high quality.

There is no high fructose corn syrup, thank goodness, in these bars. They do contain invert cane juice, which is 1/2 fructose. So, if you have an intolerance to fructose, keep this in mind.

These bars remind me of Rice Krispie Treats, though not quite as dense or sticky. They can be messy for small children, but what kid doesn't like messy food? They stay very soft and fresh in their individual wrappers, too.

I'd highly recommend this snack for adults or kids with gluten-free diets, or those looking for a yummy and sweet organic snack!
348612348612B000E46GFAAD6XRKDZPAM89Mom of two1151324252800GLUTEN FREE YUMMIESMy kids love these. It's nice to have a gluten free option for on-the-go snacking. These fit the bill nicely.
348613348613B000E46GFAAECX1DOAI6HH1Reve Parker1151302739200Packed with FlavorThese bars blew me away with their chocolate flavor, and my husband liked it when he tried one. It reminds me of Cocoa Pebbles. These bars are as nutritious and perfectly moist as the other flavors by EnviroKidz. Perfect for chocoholics who are also trying to eat healthy.
348614348614B000E46GFAA1AMCQPVDFGO3Dsschellinger1131298764800just so soMy boys would usually only eat about 1/2 at a time which tells me they don't care for them. I think it's the weird aftertaste that I found it to have.
348615348615B000E46GFAA3NOXOHTTQCTE0J. Gigowski "blest mama"1151282608000Yum!My two GF boys really love these bars. They taste just like cocoa krispie treats to me, so I have to limit the amount they get per day. They'd love to eat them morning noon and night! LOL.
The price here at amazon is unbeatable, as far as I've seen. The subscribe and save is a lifesaver for us!
348616348616B000E46GFAA1PAH4CHQEP7NMShabach1111281139200It may be a good item, but my kids wouldn't eat itI tried and tried, because, of course they are good for you. But alas, my children wouldn't eat them. From the 16 year old on down. I've tried them too, and they are a bit bland and hard. Can't really blame them, but how am I gonna get rid of these boxes??
348617348617B000E46GFAA253ERL78IINT6Erin Boaz1151265587200My kids favorite bars...My son with allergies loves this bar! And even my non-allergy kids beg for it! I love how I can get a discount (and free shipping) at Amazon! I do a lot of my allergy-free food shopping here now!
348618348618B000E46GFAA2XL6TZM34HFV3Review Man "Review Man"1151239235200My son's favorite snack, and I like them tooFive stars all the way for these. My son's celiac so we know all about gluten free foods and these bars are the best. I even eat them myself when my son's not around. Highly recommended.
348619348619B000E46GFAA297RLXTOB0FTLMaxine1151236902400MY SON LOVES THEMMy son loves these bars. I have had them and like them too. They are much healthier than the Kellogs Rice Crispy bars which contain tons of artificial ingredients. These have natural ingredients and are low in fat.
They come in other flavors but my son only likes the chocolate ones.
348620348620B000E46GFAATIAD2WL24IPSLaura B1151233878400These are great!My family loves these bars. We all have our own favorite. Three out of five of us prefer the chocolate, one prefers the berry, and I love the peanut butter, but chocolate is a close second. These are great to take along on outings. They aren't crumbly, keep well, and are delicious. Good, portable gluten free snack food is hard to come by, these are just the thing!
348621348621B000E46GFAA3AT8IAWQB3ZGUAlisa D. Sumsion "Alisa S"1151210636800Great taste!!I really like the EnviroKidz Organic Crispy Bar. My kids who are not gluten-free eaters enjoy them as well. Who can complain about a healthy organic chewy chocolate bar at only 110 calories each???
348622348622B000E46GFAA16O1XSC8PAU5CMichigan Mom1131193270400One kid loves them, the other one not so muchI was very excited to find a snack bar made from brown rice. My 7 year old loves them, my 4 year old, who is not a picky eater, does not. I tried one-- they are a bit dry and the chocolate flavor seems a bit "off" to me. These are sold in local grocery outlets and you might want to test-drive a box before investing in a large quantity. If both of my kids liked them, I would definitely purchase again.
348623348623B000E46GFAA2IH1CH06ELRZAKaren J. Ross1151192838400Envirokids Organic Crispy Rice BarsMy picky son complains that he does not like to eat healthy food with no artificial colors or additives. At 9, he argues that these things are "good for him"! Grocery shoppping can be a challenge so I was extremely delighted when he not only ate his 1st organic crispy rice bar, but continues to request them for a snack at school!!! Definately a winner!!!
348624348624B000E46GFAA1I8TVVF6VX2X2franksnbeans "franksnbeans"1151191542400Chocolate crispy rice bar is a hitExcellent option for our 5y.o. Celiac son. Our 3y.o. daughter usually shuns any gluten free alternatives but she loves these, too. And buying on Amazon is the cheapest route, by far, if you can avoid the shipping charge. Haven't tried other flavors - heard negative things about them.
348625348625B000E46GFAAFLY34VD408I7Ruth Harrigan1151189728000Great tasting snackI ordered these after reading the positive reviews here and wanted to return to add yet another positive one. These are tasty, have enough chocolate taste to satisfy and are a very light crunchy snack. The price is great too as well as the convenience of being able to "stock up".
348626348626B000E46GFAA3DGA8POPSYDPTKaplun's Catering, Inc. "Lovely Lydia"1151175040000Great snack!My 3-year old loves these!! It is nice to see her enjoying something she is allowed to eat since she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in December. I can't keep enough of these in the house.
348627348627B000E46GFAA17KNP1347GV5DJinna1141168473600Good Snack TreatA great alternative to the junk-filled mainstream variety. I am hoping they come out with a "regular" flavor as well as the chocolate.
348628348628B000E46GFAA1G6Q2NQMJ2C3XARealAVFan3451181001600I love it!! Except amazon won't keep it in stock.The title says it all. I love it with my morning coffee, gives it the right amount of chocolate flavor and is light and tasty. Not to mention, it is gluten-free, which is a medical requirement for me. My only complaint is availability to order this item has been spotty with amazon. That's been my main disappointment with amazon's grocery "experiment". They need to take grocery seriously and keep better consistency in their product selection. It's not just this item that I've had this problem with amazon, other gluten-free items have suffered the same fate.
348629348629B000E46GFAA3THBTBP493ZH5D. Tompkins2331275609600Not Dairy Free !!!Contains "Organic Milk Chocolate"

Not Casein Free for those on a GF/CF diet.
348630348630B000E46GFAA1K2K0TC7SCUBBAllison L. Paul0041335916800Great breakfast if you're trying to stay gluten freeI used to buy the peanutbutter ones, but recently found out I'm allergic to peanuts. I used to spread peanutbutter on them for breakfast with a cup of coffee - quick and easy, and GF. I've now switched to the chocoate and cashew butter, and this works just as well. Don't love these plain, I gotta put something on them!

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