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348631348631B000E46GFAA1TZ5V3J0R8N3Elunchpackinmama0051321920000My kids favorite!We love these bars at my house. My kids (including 2 picky young children) could eat them all day long if I let them! They're not too fond of the berry flavor but this one, chocolate, is a big hit. They're just the right size to toss into a lunch box too and aren't messy. They're easy to chew too so even my 2 year old can enjoy them.
348632348632B000E46GFAA2C4GSU570BTMCAudra V.W0051314662400Great Gluten Free snack!!!!I am 24 and recently found out I have an intolerance to gluten. I have been dying to find gluten free alternatives to foods that I was used to eating or snacking on. When i was at Walmart one day I saw these in the gluten free section and decided to try it out (I was missing being able to grab a small, sweet treat). I was really worried I wouldn't like these since I have been used to "regular" food my whole life, but amazingly I loved them. They were the perfect snack that I can put in my purse and take to work or on the golf course with me. I recently went back to Walmart to get some and discovered they no longer have a gluten free section, I was devastated because there are not a lot of things that are gluten free that I like, and I had finally found something and now I can no longer get it. I am so happy it is available on Amazon though, I am for sure going to get them ordered!
I sugest atleast giving them a try, not only are they gluten free, but they don't have processed ingredients in them, always a plus.
They really are a great little sweet snack for whenever you might be in need of a chocolate fix :)
348633348633B000E46GFAA3Q7B07R75CRXJElise A. Moyse "BOOK LOVER"0021280275200Defnitely for kidsThis too-sweet bar is gooey and not in a good way. It's way to sweet for an adult's sensibilities although I'm sure kids would love it. I ate two and gave the rest of the case away. Not to my liking.
348634348634B000E46GFAA1V8E2W84J6BADgfhen0021277596800koala crispy barsmy kids like all of the flavors but chocolate. They say they just don't taste very good.
348635348635B000E46GFAA1AO7MPQSWRM89jc "jc"0051256342400easy breakfast/snack for fussy kids...My kids love these and while I know that there is a quick breakfast I can feed them when we're on the run...
348636348636B000E46GFAAJSY7O99FJ6G6Bamjoker0041246838400Solid GF and organic productNot delicious but its pretty good and fulfilling. It's a good choice for road trips. Its nice for those of us that eat organic and gluten free which makes it hard to find something to eat on the road, these fill the need. Peanut Butter is my fav or the Envirokidz crispy rice bars but the chocolate and berry are good too.
348637348637B000E46GFAA1EP22TU1P4MCNAndrea Brosnan0041241913600Good SnackMy kids love this bar. AND it is gluten/wheat free, so I really love it. Good to take in the car, snack box, lunch box, treat after lunch, etc. & it is organic. They like the chocolate but did not like the peanut butter at all.
348638348638B000E46GFAA1O09EL5DG2RDML. A. Simon0051231718400Great snack!This is a sweet alternative to rice krispy bars, that are gluten free. Perfect for lunches and travel well too. A nice treat!
348639348639B000E46GFAA2KFKVK07ROL99JS mom0051222732800Great snack-time food at schoolI put in my kid's backpack for him to eat during the snack time at school. He loves it.
348640348640B000E46GFAA3PH4ZOVNB7PZEMr. G0041217808000koala crisp barsPrice was great for this product. Kids enjoy this more than the cheetah bars but both are superior with less sugar than typical granola bars.
348641348641B000E46GFAA3BGQEXKXA0FABP. Musselman "Super Mom"0051216944000They are GreatWe love Envirokidz! All their items are great and the price on Amazon is the best.
348642348642B000E46GFAA2W8ZF66R75R8TGloria Campos0041212451200Healthier SnackGreat taste, crunch and my kids enjoy it. It doesn't get 5 stars because it's a bit dry if you eat it without a drink.
348643348643B000E46GFAA2HOA352TOCY91Grace0051189382400What a great snack!I've been trying different gluten-free snacks and this one is by far the best one I've's not as sweet some other brands, the texture is not grainy at all (some gluten-free snack bars or cookies made me feel like I was eating sand!), and its total fat per bar is minimal! I just logged on now at Amazon to buy these in bulk!

Two thumbs up for this baby! :)
348644348644B000E46GFAA2LT7VAZSXUDAMM. Goodin0051181606400LOVE these!!!These bars are really good! I'm in college where most of the students are commuters, so many students bring their own snacks.

One day, one of my girl friends brought this bar to class. They looked yummy, and a few days later I found them at my local grocery store! Love at first bite!!! Perfect for me to bring to work or school! Every once in awhile, I'll spread a layer of Smuckers Natural chunky peanut butter on it, which is totally yummy!!!
348645348645B000E46GFAA3SKM1WWVXNFWEKevin A. Decker "Relationship Author, Educato...3551161993600A staple in Lunch Box CentralWhen my kids started kindergarten they needed to pack a lunch everyday. My wife realized that this was a teaching opportunity about nutrition, making the right choices, and responsibility.

Each day the kids pack their own lunches from Lunch Box Central. Each lunch must contain a protein (usually yogurt), a grain (some form of cracker or grain filled bar), and a fruit (apple, banana, or fruit cup).

EnviroKidz Organic Crispy Rice Bars are a grain staple in Lunch Box Central. They are less than 25% fat (25 fat calories out of 110), and low in sodium (90 mg). I wish they were higher in protein (1 gram), fiber (1 gram), and lower in total carbs (20 grams). They are convenient and the kids enjoy them. They're a reasonably healthy choice.

The kids are happy, they're learning, and they're eating well. My wife is pretty smart!
348646348646B000E46GFAA2Y5VC6FWT7JZEJD "Jeff"1251262131200Great Gluten-free SnackThis is one of the first food items I found after being diagnosed with Celiac disease over 1 1/2 years ago. It tastes great & chocolate is my favorite flavor. I have it as a breakfast bar, snack, dessert, and it's only only 110 calories (something I now have to watch due to weight gain). Peanut Butter & Berry flavors are great as well. I typically buy these in bulk from Amazon; the price is comparable to what local retail stores are selling it for (i.e. Wegmans, Whole Foods, etc.).
348647348647B000E46GFAA26X7W5UM5QFT4Grits1341178928000Just plain good!I love the cereal on which these bars are based, so I wasn't surprised that these are also great. The only reason it doesn't get a "5" is so I don't water-down that rating by making everything I like a "5." Make no mistake - these are great, there's just not something to make the bar stand out in a class by itself. Perhaps if there was some way to increase some of the nutritional figures without using artificial vitamins, etc., that might do it, but it's still comparable nutritionally to a very good quality brown rice. You're likely to be very pleased.
348648348648B000E46GFAA3FDUGMYJVHWVsomebody'smama41311194825600too much sugar!Yes, these bars are reasonably good and your kids will probably eat them. But they are not "healthy". Brown rice is good for you, but these bars are coated in sugar. When its called "cane juice" its still sugar, and organic foods can also be junk foods. Cane juice is the second ingredient, which means there is way too much of it in there to be "good" for your kids. Don't let ourself be fooled into thinking this is a healthy choice - its organic junk food.
348649348649B000E46GFAA3HHARDLYC7D8LLili "Lili Simonetti"02011231372800RETURNED ITEMI never Authorized this purchase, so I refused shipment and returned (as AMAZON told me to do)
348650348650B006RI82FEAQLKRXPZ5H9T4grumpy hick11113341888005 stars for the jam, 0 stars for the packingWhen I opened the box, I saw that some of the jam had dribbled on the inside of the box. Two jars were lying on their sides, leaking. I didn't uncover the other four but they may have been leaking too.
Whoever packed this just wasted $28.00+ because I am returning the whole sticky mess and buying the same thing direct from Bonne Maman. It's more expensive but I know it will be packed with care.
348651348651B006RI82FEA7GJ32MHIVQV7Preservelover1211332288000Blackberry preserve messJar lids were loose, packing carton was flimsy, blackberry preserves were everywhere and the whole mess had to be thrown out.
348652348652B004I3VNFQA3UCN2RGY7O6S1Joanne "Gotta Eat, Gotta Cook"5551313107200Excellent and freshI used a vanilla bean from this package making a vanilla ice cream (from JENI'S SPLENDID ICE CREAMS, an excellent book by the way). It was fresh and pliable and full of vanilla 'seeds.' The price is very good (10 vanilla beans for $9!). I would purchase again.
348653348653B004I3VNFQA2USUO7NBXAUYZGreen One0051328486400I would buy it again...I like the quality and price of this produce and will buy it again when this order runs out. I would recommend it to anyone looking for quantity AND quality.
348654348654B000TH7RQYA1XYGW2XJ6UH6NBeth W0031313712000Refund requiredPlant arrived dead, they refunded my money. There was some question as to when the PO got it to my house so maybe it's their fault. The company refunded all the money I was charged, I guess I have no complaints
348655348655B001EQ5BW6AFDKZLIIV7J0KGizelle7731269302400Lumpy, lumpy, lumpy!!!This product worked beautifully after I spent about 45 minutes trying to get all of the 1 and 2 inch lumps out!! I don't know how long this sugar had been sitting in the warehouse or what weather conditions it was exposed to but I made this purchase anticipating a finely powdered fondant sugar and what I got was very hard lumps that had to be broken up before they could even be sifted!
348656348656B001EQ5BW6A3MPXVY67NKG1IMama Duck0021344988800Clumpy product Not worth the money
348657348657B001EQ5BW6A2VOEDWC5LAG9TSunny Day0051296345600India Tree Fondant & Icing Sugar, 2-Pound Jars (Pack of 2)Product arrived quickly and in good condition.
I used this for confectionery work and it worked nicely.
This sugar is finer than the 10X confecctioner's sugar you get at the grocery store.
348658348658B001EQ5EM8A2R3XFLY1XGKKNYolita de Houston2251308096000Laci Le Beau Super Dieter's Tea Bags.I could not live without any more. I find there every single thing that I used to buy at overpriced stores, including this tea which I feel it helps me to control my appetite. I used to buy a small box at Whole Foods for practically the same price I now pay for twice the amount. Besides, the tea smells really fresh, not like the other one that was on the shelf who knows for how long. Thank you, you make my life so much more easy!
348659348659B001EQ5EM8A2MKCPPFZFJQVQB. Blanchette1151289347200simply works and it works well!First off...this stuff tastes great.
I wish I could drink it all the time, but if I did I'd be in the bathroom more often than not.
This stuff works better than any pill or suppository that I've ever tried and unfortunately I've tried more than my share.
348660348660B001EQ5EM8A2UHH2I95RTWETB. Perry0051310688000Feels GoodNot only does this tea cleanse your bowels, but you just feel good. I really believe that it does remove toxins from your system. After using it for 2-3 days straight, you just feel so good ... kinda light and fluffy feeling. Good stuff!

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