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348717348717B004GWSWCQAYIDEZ4SGFKK5OlManRivah "Country Boys Can Survive!"3341327276800Robust machinePurchased a Keurig B70 Platinum a couple of weeks ago and today sent it back for refund. I read some bad reviews about the cheap Chinese valves and pump, but, I thought I might get lucky. Nope. Failed in less than 2 weeks.

It, periodically, wouldn't brew the complete cup and kept saying "Prime" the unit. I'm not about to put up with a $200 Coffee machine that fails in 2 weeks. Farther research of some of the 4 and 5 star reviews revealed that some folks were rating it high, even though they were having the same problems.

Keurig is really tarnishing their reputation by not fixing these problems. I understand their Customer Service does replace the units after having the customer jump thru hoops, but, that doesn't diminish the fact that they are selling a faulty, expensive machine.

Thanks to the great Amazon return policy, I went that route and sent it back for a full refund.

I purchased the Keurig Office Pro. Now this is a robust machine. Soon as you unpack it you notice the heavy duty electrical cord. The pump is probably the old model pump that works. True, it's not as quiet, but, it works. It doesn't have all the digital display and timers the B70 had, but, we didn't use them anyway. It's just too easy to just turn it on when needed. The power switch is right on top, not hidden in back like the B70.

The Office Pro has 3 cup sizes where the B70 had 5 or 6. We only used the sizes that the Office Pro has anyway. The Office Pro has a drain feature that the B70 didn't have so you can drain the interior tank for transportation. Don't figure to use this, but, it is there. The water reservoir is a little smaller, but, sufficient for our uses.

We haven't had this model but a few days so can't comment too much on longevity. It appears this model will out last the other models easily, but, time will tell. Sadly, we didn't buy this from Amazon because their price was $40 higher plus shipping (not a Prime item). I don't mind paying a few bucks more, but $40 is another thing.

I would recommend this model and have to concur with the reviews.
348718348718B004GWSWCQA3VUOFN7NICXQGJ. Paroline "boxmonkey"3351325116800Great for home use too!I purchased this machine for home use after trying it at a friend's house.

About the OfficePRO:
This machine is pretty great. Although it's advertised as for offices, it seems to mainly mean that it's made from more durable parts and can generally be found for a bit cheaper than the consumer grade devices, presumably because Keurig expects to make up the difference in all the extra K-cups sold. I like that it has 3 cup sizes, 6, 8 and 10, has the option to automatically turn off after 2 hours in case you forget about it, and unlike any o the consumer grade brewers, has the ability to drain the internal reservoir. The OfficePRO is supposedly not compatible with My K-Cup, but I haven't tried it. Using a Keurig to brew your own coffee is kind of missing the point of a device like this: convenience, 1-step cleanup. If you want to grind and brew your own coffee and deal with the cleanup, use a coffee brewer or french press.

About Keurig coffee in general:
There are a lot of varieties to choose from, so you should be able to find something that suits you. I'm a bit of a coffee snob, won't drink Folgers, instant coffee, or gas station coffee, consider Starbucks to be barely acceptable. Fresh ground, recently roasted beans in a french press are always going to win out over Keurig coffee, but this is about on par with Starbucks, so for the price and convenience, it's the best way to get convenient coffee. Unlike Tassimo and other "pod" systems, K-Cups are sealed airtight, so even though the coffee comes pre-ground, it never tastes stale. To me the "bold" coffees all have a bit of a burnt aftertaste...but some people I know like them. Best bet is to get a sampler pack and try as many different kinds as you can.
348719348719B004GWSWCQA3C5YTECM6E6ZJaustinTX3351324944000so far love it!Bought this as a Christmas gift for my father-in-law and as a surprise my husband bought me one too! I scoured reviews on all the keurig machines and this one is no frills and has good reviews and is supposed to really last.

Some reviewers complained about the noise but I don't think it's a big deal at all. Maybe it has to do with the counter tops (ours are stone). I imagine if it was on a surface such as formica it would be super loud.

The water heats up fast. We even use the hot water to heat our baby's bottles as it heats up hotter in a shorter period of time than the microwave.

Just like many of the other reviewers, both of the aforementioned machines were purchased for less elsewhere (Staples and Office Depot). I don't know why Amazon charges so much for this product.
348720348720B004GWSWCQAWPYBUMPDXKNJDan Hearn5621328918400Should probably come with ear protectionWhen my Keurig Platinum finally wore out, I reasoned that a "commercial" unit might be a good long-lasting replacement. I used some of my Keurig loyalty points and bought an OfficePro direct from Keurig at half price. From the start brewing was LOUD. I mean like starting a blender or bean grinder loud.We have a fairly large house and it could be heard in the upstairs closet, as far away from the brewer as you can be and still be in the house.I called Keurig, and a tech listened to the machine over the phone. She agreed it was the loudest coffee maker she'd ever heard, but after a conversation w / a supervisor told me that the machine was performing as designed. Since I was within the 30 day window, I returned the machine and replaced it with an Elite model. Keurig was good about the whole thing, even sending me coupons for enough k-cups to offset the return shipping. I suggested that they make a note in the product description about the above-average sound level, but I doubt that happened.
If you're planning to use this machine in an environment that is naturally loud, it might be a fit, but in any kind of a situation where a normal level of sound is expected, the OfficePro, while producing a good cup of coffee in a timely manner, is, IMHO way too noisy.
348691348691B004GWSWCQA3GOEFCWETC23EC. Perry778051301961600Bulletproof!So after having returned not one, but two, of the Cuisinart Keurig brewers due to broken water pumps, I've settled on this commercial grade Keurig OfficePro B145 brewer for home use. I bought the unit from my local Staples for one hundred thirty-nine dollars, tax included. This model comes highly rated by both office and home users, and I couldn't find a single review online complaining of the broken water pump problem that seems to plague many Keurig models. The Cuisinart Keurigs were great, but neither of them lasted beyond the four month mark, which is terrible considering they cost around two hundred dollars a piece. They each just gradually stopped brewing full cups of coffee, and it seemed as though the pump just stopped doing its job of pushing water through the machine. Anyhow, the OfficePro B145 model is bulletproof and every component feels solid to the touch. It does not hold as much water as the Cuisinart Keurig, but I'll get over it. It is also considerably louder than the Cuisinart model as it doesn't have the QuietBrew technology, but I think the QuietBrew technology may be the "Achilles heel" of the Cuisinart Keurigs and other Keurig models as the pumps simply don't last. There are just too many reviews online for many Keurig models complaining of broken pumps. I'll update this review if I experience any problems, but, for now, I'm loving this bad boy!
348692348692B004GWSWCQA2MRY2C2LADFIVhbere434351313625600Exactly what I wanted.I have wanted a Keurig for quite some time now for home use, but wasn't really sure which model I wanted. After plenty of research, I settled on the Office Pro.

The major complaint I read about this model was that it wasn't exactly quiet. Those reviews are correct, to an extent. I don't think it's so loud as to be any more distracting than any other noise in the home. It's certainly a lot quieter than my vacuum and my washer. I can't hear it in the next room, and neighbors haven't complained about the noise in the surrounding apartments.

I have read review after review of the home brewers with the quiet technology, and I noticed that the one common complaint with those was that the pump failed after a couple months. I'd rather deal with a bit of noise than with a dead coffee maker.

We are avid coffee drinkers, and we always use travel mugs in the morning. There isn't a setting for a 16 ounce cup, but we get around that by brewing two 6 ounce cups with a singular k-cup. It give us the perfect amount and intensity of coffee, and leaves enough room for cream and sugar.

I love that everyone can have exactly whatever kind or flavor of coffee that they want. No more having to drink chocolate peppermint coffee in the morning because I wasn't the first one up and I don't want to waste a whole pot. I also love that it's always a fresh cup of coffee. No more burnt, old coffee. Just a nice fresh cup.

I find that there is a nice variety of K-cups as well, and if you shop around you can usually get them at a great price. My local Bed, Bath and Beyond carries them and you can use a 20% off coupon on them. Impact Office Pro also carries them online, for even cheaper than Keurig's site with their coffee club discount.

Speaking of prices, I got my Office Pro for a lot cheaper. Staples has them for $129.99 and you can use a coupon. My account rep at Impact Office Pro went a little lower than the Staples price, and then even took my $25 Staples coupon, bringing the price down even more. So shop around and see where you can get the best deal!

A word of warning, the my k cup reusable filter offered by Keurig does not work with this model. However, the solofill refillable k-cup does work so if you want to use your own coffee, buy the solofill k cup.

All in all, I highly recommend this brewer. It's a great addition to our home.
348693348693B004GWSWCQA1W82PKFI6VT9Cfrequent Amazon shopper262641323561600my fix(sorry for the length of first review but I thought my experience would help)

The B145 is a commercial-grade model and not intended for home use, as clearly repeated on Keurig's website and on the packaging. My purchase, and my remedy below, were done at my discretion.

I researched Keurigs for several months before pulling the trigger. We have an original (older) B40 at our office that pumps out 20-25 cups per day and still runs like a champ after years of use. Since this is a consumer-grade unit, I was optimistic on the projected longevity. It has the older pump and yes, it makes a fair share of noise which would probably get old running early in the morning. I read tons of reviews on Amazon and was interested in the quieter B60 or B70 before reading all the stories about pump issues. After reading reviews and watching Youtube videos on the sound comparisons between old & new pumps, I decided to try the B145. I ordered it from a popular local office store (with online coupon code...check those out) for a great price. I knew it would be the noisier pump but wanted the reliability without having to fuss with the pump to keep it primed. When you want coffee in the morning, you really aren't in the mood to plead with the machine, right? It arrived the next day and I set it up. I read a couple of reviews about the B145 not priming for the first time...unfortunately mine was one of those. I didn't feel like hauling it back to the store and being inquisitive, I figured I couldn't make it any worse by tinkering (my own choice, I'm not suggesting anyone do the same). Since this model has the drain feature, I managed to get it primed after about 15 minutes of tinkering by doing the following:

The unit tried to pull in water but there appeared to have been an air-lock in the line so I held the return nozzle closed while it tried to pull in water. *** Please note, this machine DOES make substantial noise when it is dry...this is normal with ANY pump that is run dry. After about 30 seconds of little-to-no water being pulled from the tank, I shut it off, set it for drain and initially held the return nozzle for a second or two while attempting to drain. It spit some air and a little water into the tank before running empty. I then reset for an initial prime and watching the water level in the tank, it pulled in a little more water this time. I had to repeat this sequence about 3-4 times and each time it pulled in more water (and drained when the valve was reversed). I knew the boiler was full as it was now pulling in the same amount of water during each drain & prime. I put an empty cup under the spout (no K-cup in the holder) and pressed Brew. Voila...a full cup of hot water! *** Please note, once the pump is primed, this machine makes MUCH less noise than when empty. In fact, it makes alot less noise than our older B40 at the office. One tip I found was to place a suitable-sized pot holder or rubber mouse pad underneath and the machine does not vibrate anything on the counter. I've operated both the older and newer models and was pleased to learn that once primed, this model only makes a low hum when running (comparable to the newer style pumps).

My opinion is the possible air-lock problem probably affects several models of Keurig brewers, thus the frustrations by owners. These small bladder-style pumps do not like air bubbles in the supply line, whether it's during initial prime or after months/years of use. Clearing the air-lock seems to fix every one of the pump-plagued units that have been repaired from what I've reviewed. My feeling is that if Keurig can implement a fix to keep this condition from occuring on both consumer and commercial-grade models, they would have much happier customers. The partial-cup complaint can also be due to a clog in the K-cup needle(s), fixed with a straightened paper clip. Obviously, if you're under warranty, you should consider that route before attempting repairs yourself.

I love this machine and have coupled it with an Ekobrew refillable so I can use any coffee variety. My machine heats up in the morning from cold in about 1 minute, so a timer is not needed. It has an auto-shutoff option, a descale indicator and three cup sizes to choose from so nothing else is needed. Even with my initial problem, I wouldn't have made a different choice. I only gave 4 stars due to the out-of-the-box experience, but now this machine works perfectly!

Keurig B145 OfficePRO Brewing System
ekobrew Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Brown, 1-Count
348694348694B004GWSWCQA17U5VLTR8RE6JL. Pounds171741305417600So far so good.I purchased this from our local Staples, for about $40.00 less then what is listed here. The one feature of this I liked over the other one I had (can't remember the model #) is that it has a drain feature.
The 6 oz setting isn't really needed in our house, we either use the 8oz or 10 oz. Also, it is louder then the other model.
In reply to the other review about how it vibrated and made a VERY loud noise when priming, I experienced the same issue, I called the company about that, and what happens is, you have to lift up the reservoir (which is already filled with water) and set it back down. If it's not setting down just right, it can't siphon in the water, which causes that bad vibration and LOUD noise.
It has a really heavy duty cord and just seems really heavy duty.
I did see it is around $89.00 at the Keurig website, but saw that after I got this from Staples. If you have never owned a Keurig, just keep in mind then once you own one, you WILL be addicted, and, the k cups are pricey.
I got this for my 83 year old mom, and now she can enjoy fresh, hot coffee anytime she wants.
348695348695B004GWSWCQA17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley161641320624000This is a good machine, but I've changed my opinion about the Keurig systemI was first exposed to Keurig-made coffee at a luxury hotel and ran out (to Amazon) and bought a B70. I have since purchased about a dozen Keurigs for friends and family. Here is what has tempered my enthusiasm; they don't hold up over time. I don't expect things to last forever but most of the people that I have given the Keurig to only get about two years of use out of them before their pumps fail. I replaced my B70 with a Breville and it just recently passed away.

Before I let myself calculate just how much money that I have spent on an "easy" way to make a cup of coffee I purchased this unit. Overall I am very pleased with it. It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of my other K-cup coffee makers, but it's got enough of the features that I need (however, I do miss the clock.). One thing that is really nice is that it has a drain feature, something missing from my other Keurigs. This allows one to drain the unit of the water that is deep inside the machine, preparing it for transport or storage.

The one real feature that caused me to buy this model over the others will take a while to prove itself, and that is DURABILITY. Being designed for office use the B145 is supposed to have a more durable pump. I have to admit that I am skeptical, but we will see and I will update this review periodically.

Update: 4/16/12 I have used this machine several times a day, every day, since I wrote this review and it is still performing fine. So far, so good.
348696348696B004GWSWCQA135HNSNWRWBH2jjmom141451306627200Love it!After reading all the negative reviews regarding the water pumps on the other Keurig machines, I decided to try the OfficePro. So far I'm very happy with it.

It is a little loud, but it only lasts for a few seconds while the water is being pumped. I'd rather put up with the noise rather than have a machine that only lasts a few months. The coffee comes out a little strong for my taste, so I use an over-sized mug and use the (same) pod twice at the 6 oz. setting, then add some soy milk. (Could be the coffee -- I use Gloria Jean's Hazelnut bought here on Amazon.) Gloria Jean's Coffees,Hazelnut K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) I also got the Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha which was way too sweet for my taste, but my son loves it. Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha, 12-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 3) I also got the Keurig Carousel which I'm really happy with. Keurig 5071 K-Cup Carousel Tower I saw the carousel today at Target, where it cost $1 more (plus tax).

The best part is, I found this on a site called eCrater (seller coffeehots) for $87.99 -- no tax, free shipping. I ordered it last Tuesday, and had it on Friday. I was wary of ordering from them (found them Googling, looking for coupons), but they had a lot of recent positive reviews so I took a chance, and was very pleasantly surprised. The model I got was the current B145 model, complete with an 18-pack sampler of K-cups. Set-up was a breeze -- there was a quick set-up guide that walks you through what to do; I was drinking my first cup of coffee within 5-10 minutes of taking the maker out of the box. : )

When you register your machine with Keurig, they send you a code so if you buy 2 boxes of K-cups, you get 2 free. I ended up with 4 boxes, plus 3 samplers for $39.05 (free shipping, because my original order was over $45). The Keurig website is a great place to go to see ALL the K-cups offered -- over 200 of them. Plus they sell samplers that contain 5 K-cups for around $3 -- a great way to be able to test obscure flavors (like Southern Pecan) without buying a whole box. There are a lot of customer reviews there too, just like Amazon, which was really helpful. (That's where I got the idea of running a K-cup through twice.) The prices are comparable with Amazon's but with the free Prime shipping, I think Amazon wins out. Still, it's a good place to get flavors that Amazon doesn't offer.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase. Now I can have a fresh cup of coffee whenever I want, and I don't end up having to throw out the occasional half-a-pot. And it's so convenient compared to making a pot of coffee -- no filters to worry about, no loose coffee grinds, no washing the pot, the different flavors, etc. I love my new toy! : )
348697348697B004GWSWCQABBGK4ICNSURLJust a Mom141451303862400So far, 5 starsAfter weeks of "studying" the Keurig coffeemaker choices and being spooked by the mixed reviews, I happened upon the commercial model, the OfficePro. Like the other reviewer, I found it at Staples for much less than listed here and less than the price of the other home models. Out of the box it didn't seem to work. There was a terrible deafening vibration and noise, and no water would transfer to the heating chamber for the priming process (the first and only step before being able to make coffee). I put it aside, annoyed, but decided to give it one more try before I packed it back up and returned it to Staples. For some reason it decided to work and it's been working flawlessly since.

My particular OfficePro came with a coffee sampler which was nice because once you have it out of the box, it's great to be able to make a cup of test coffee. The first cup of coffee I made smelled just like wonderful restaurant coffee and nothing like the stale bitter coffee I was making every day (and pouring out half of) in my gross coffee pot. Since then I've been trying all sorts of coffee and experimenting with sizes and even using the K cups more than once. If you brew a small cup, you can run one more small size cup through the K cup (a bold variety) without it being too watered down - yay, a money saver. The husband and I like lots of cream so the smaller size yield suits us just fine. The 8 oz size is plenty for our mugs. I saw some complaints where the water chamber is too small and has to be refilled all the time, but as we're not using this in an office setting, it's been absolutely no problem for us. Filling the water chamber is fast and easy. Initially I used tap water in the machine but have switched to bottled to ensure that it continues to work well. Aesthetically it looks really nice and tidy tucked back into a corner on our kitchen counter and the bonus is that I can refill the water and open and close the coffee pod without having to pull it out from under the overhead cabinets; there's plenty of clearance. It makes some vibration and noise when the water heats up but the noise is very temporary, maybe about 5 seconds.

So far we've had this about a week and it's fantastic with great tasting coffee and tea.
348698348698B004GWSWCQA1VYJUUE1MEG46E. Williams "dew drop"121251308787200Bulletproof is right!UPDATE: Old morning routine - stumble around in the kitchen, tripping over the dogs' beds while I rinsed the coffee pot, dug out a filter and filled the basket with coffee, poured water into the coffee maker, and waited 10 minutes for the pot to brew. NEW MORNING ROUTINE: Stumble into the kitchen (some things never change), drop a k-cup into the machine, put my coffee cup under the dispenser, and Nirvana pours from this lovely machine in under 30 seconds from heat up to fresh cup of coffee! And if I want a second cup? Pop in another k-cup and the magic happens all over again. This makes me ridiculously happy, and now I know why so many people love their Keurigs!
I bought my Keurig Officepro B145 from a vendor on ecrater for under $90. Was able to use paypal so I didn't have to give them a credit card. Came brand new in the box, with a variety box of k-cup coffees. I also registered it on the Keurig website, which entitled me to two FREE large boxes of coffees with the purchase of two large boxes. This coffee maker is a dream come true! Set up was very simple. It did make a loud rumbling noise when I primed it by brewing a cup of water the first time. But by the time we popped in the first k-cup and hit brew, it was working fine.
Heats the water very quickly - from the time I turn on the power until it's ready to brew a cup is under five minutes. If I leave the power on, it takes maybe 20-30 seconds to brew a 10-oz. cup of coffee.

This machine does not use the k-cup adapters - you need to get the solofill brand of adapters if you want to use your own coffee. If you worry about the impact of all that plastic on the environment, do like us. I rip the foil top off the used k-cups and dump the coffee into my compost pile. The plastic and foil go into the recycling.

I just LOVE being able to simply pop a k-cup into the lid, hit brew, and 30 seconds later I have a cup of the most delicious and HOT coffee. No pot or filters to clean. Simple and simply delicious.
348699348699B004GWSWCQA38X9XX2ZRR0ONAS131431326672000FAST PRIME HEAT SINGLE SERVE BUT... Length:: 0:37 Mins

From a cold start, 90 sec to heat, 30 sec to brew. While already on, reheat and brew, 45 sec!!! But not compatable with reusable K-CUP??? Whats up with that??? I am considering returning this item.

According to other reviews the OfficePro line may have a better pump compared to the Home line. Although louder and more vibration, equilavant to a loud aquarium air pump. I considered the compact B130 DeskPro, or even the other Mini editions can take up to 2-3 minutes to brew.

Other considerations, this has a water resevior where the B130 did not, I quickly came to apreciate the benefit to having the resevior. Was disapointed unable to hook up a water line, that would have been great. The metal drip plate rattles during the pump priming setup, it is very annoying but just removing the plate and just using the bottom plastic catch below to hold the cup for brewing works well. Note another reviewer suggested using a mouse pad underneath to help with the vibration noise. Unable to reproduce rattle for the video, appears to have gotten better aftere a few days. Be sure your countertop is level.

As earlier mentioned perhaps the biggest negative is the OfficePro line is not compatable with the reusable K-cup filters, as I prefer larger, stronger coffee and would like to use more/my own coffee grounds. Note one could run a double 6oz size to get 12oz. Another reviewer noted that the EKOBREW is compatable. So I will give that a go.

Note it is highly recommended to use DISTILLED water to prevent scalling. It will be interesting how this unit stands up over time, currently just using filtered water.

Oh yeah got this for $120 sold and shipped by Amazon.
348700348700B004GWSWCQA3G4FIUEPUP9ZJChef Leo9951319155200excellent!So what am I, who rarely drink coffee, doing reviewing a coffee brewer? Most of my friends and in-laws are avid coffee drinkers, and when they plaintively asked for coffee, the routine was: find coffee maker in basement, rinse carafe, locate fresh coffee and filters, and, eventually, get a pot of coffee. Then I tried a cold-brew coffee process; it's excellent coffee, but you have to plan ahead, because steeping takes several hours. Not good for drop-in guests. And people who wanted decaf at the same time were out of luck.

Then I saw Keurigs in use in my office, and even being used to brew coffee and hot cocoa to order at a museum cafe. I buy Gevalia coffee to serve the aforementioned friends and in-laws (and to give at Christmas), but Gevalia only makes the pods for the Tassimo machines. Unfortunately, the selections available for the Tassimo are very limited, and it seems a little fiddly to use. As one blogger put it,the Tassimo/Keurig rivalry is like Beta and VHS, and Keurig is clearly winning. But I read review after review that blasted the Keurig home machines for breaking down after a few months, and, for a machine that costs over a hundred bucks minimum, that's unacceptable. Then I found out about the Office Pro. I went to our local Staples and saw an Office Pro and a home machine side by side on the shelf, and it was no contest; the Office Pro was much more sturdily built. I, too, had a Staples coupon, and I was able to get the machine for $116, including tax.

It's very easy to set up; I had no difficulty priming it, and I was making coffee for my husband right away. Helpful hint: the removable water tank had a strong plastic smell; it didn't seem to affect the coffee, but it did affect the tea. I ran the tank through a short dishwasher cycle, using only a small amount of detergent, then rinsed it repeatedly after it came out. Problem solved. Helpful hint two: use filtered water or bottled water for the best taste.

The brewer is incredibly fast; it takes a couple of minutes to heat up, then it's ready to go. There are something like 200 varieties of coffee, tea, cocoa, and even hot cider K cups made, and there always seem to be good deals on K cups somewhere. Dunkin Donuts even makes K cups now! The My K Cup will not fit the Office Pro, but the Ekobrew fill-your-own cup does, so my Gevalia won't go to waste.

Now, everyone is happy. When my band comes over to rehearse, everyone can have what he or she wants. If I want tea or cocoa, it takes less than a minute.

For some reason., Keurig really discourages commercial machines in a home setting, which is really shortsighted. Yes, it's briefly noisy when the pump is going, but my commercial fridge and freezer make a lot more noise. But this machine, unlike some of their home models, is built to last, and that's really what matters.
348701348701B004GWSWCQA223YB2Z2S0R7NRichard Ivey7751331596800Keurig B145 OfficePRO - Simple and EnjoyableI decided to simplify my coffee consumption habits by getting a K-cup brewing system. I did a lot of research on the various models and found an alarmingly high number of pump problems with most home models. I made the same decision others made and purchased a small office (commercial rugged) system for home use.

It shipped quickly and set up easily. After priming it I made a cup of coffee and about a minute after pressing brew I had a fresh cup of coffee. Simple, clean and easy, what more could a person ask for? BTW, this unit makes a little bit of noise, buzzes some and you can hear the pump and air but it is not loud or alarming. The whole brewing process takes a minute and the noises last for 30 seconds or so.

The included K-cup selection is nice and I enjoy the variety of choices for coffee, tea and hot chocolate offered in many stores.

This brewer will accommodate 20oz travel mug, brewing straight into my mug. This seems to be a solid unit and I recommend this to others.
348702348702B004GWSWCQA1TBMDZ52JIH6AE. Mccloskey "EM"7741328400000Good Keurig Single Cup Coffee MakerMonthly update: 7/29/2012
Sorry, there will be no more monthly updates. I no longer support Amazon. Note that I purchased my Keurig at a local brick and mortar Staples, not at Amazon.

Amazon has betrayed its customers by the announcement that it will begin charging sales taxes next year -- in exchange for goodies Amazon will get from various state governments. In this betrayal, Amazon is cutting its own throat, starting with the loss of this customer. In addition, Amazon has decided to get into the political fray in a big way in Washington, again cutting its own throat. All in all, I don't predict a good future for Amazon unless it changes its ways.

Monthly update: 7/5/2012

This is the end of the 5th month of use. The machine is still working fine. Usage has dropped, not because of any issue with the machine but because it's summer and we're not drinking as much coffee.

Monthly update: 6/8/2012

This is the end of the 4th month of use. The machine continues to work fine. It is noticeably loud for a few seconds when it first starts. We ordered ekobrew refillable K-Cups from Amazon. I'll post a separate review for them as they have nothing to do with the machine itself. Bottom line, they are a disappointment. We used Starbucks coffee as a test. The brewed coffee had a debris film on top. Stuff the filter didn't catch.

Monthly update: 5/5/2012

The machine has continued to work fine. We use it every day. Nothing new to report.

Monthly update: 4/14/2012

The machine is still going strong. No problems to date and nothing new to report except that it still works. We make about 5-10 cups per day.

First monthly update: 3/5/2012
The machine continues to operate well. I have three observations. The first is that it really is loud. I mentioned this in my original review, but want to emphasize it here. The other is that the water tank holds about 6 cups (8 oz each) of usable water. Total capacity of the tank is larger, but when it gets down to a couple of inches left in the tank, the "Refill tank" light comes on. I've gotten into the routine of refilling the tank while a cup of coffee is brewing. 30 seconds is just enough time. And third, I really like the simple brew size switch that sets the size of the brew in ounces (6, 8, 10). You just rotate the switch (round knob) to the desired setting and then press it to start the brew. I did not like the digital menu method used in the old trouble strewn Breville model. It sometimes changed the setting on its own. Next update in April...

What a relief! I went through months of torture with a Breville coffee maker that didn't work. Then I found this model directly from Keurig. The non-working Breville has been "retired" and is now sitting in the basement waiting to be sent to its final resting place (not a kitchen counter).

The OfficePRO doesn't have the fancy menu system that the Breville had. Instead it has simple indicator lights to tell you it's heating, the water tank needs to be filled, descale, etc. That works for me. The important word here is "works". It doesn't come with the special custom k-cup that you can use to brew your own coffee. My Breville had one. I used it once. It was too much hassle and defeated the purpose of instant brewed coffee.

In the picture of the OfficePRO you see a round button at the front of the top to the right. That's the Brew button. When it's ready to brew, it flashes a blue light. It is also used to switch brewing size from 6,8 or 10 ounces. I normally keep mine set at 10 onces. It takes up about the same counter space as my old Breville. It came with a sample selection of 18 k-cups. When you register you can buy two packages of 24 count k-kups and get two more free. That's a pretty good deal.

Now for the important part. This is a "commercial" Keurig brewer. As its name implies, it is sold for use in an office. It is a perfectly fine home coffee brewer. To me "commercial" means "sturdier" to handle the demands of an office where presumably more people would be brewing coffee more often. I got mine from Staples, an office supply store, for $110.49 ($129.99 minus a 15% teacher rewards discount of $19.50). I would have purchased it on Amazon but they were more expensive at the time. I'm glad to see that the Amazon price now matches Staples. Compared to the $249 for the Breville, this was much less expensive.

When the coffee maker is first set up, it goes through a priming process in which water is first pumped into the machine from the tank on the side. By the way, the water tank, which holds 48 ounces of water, must be filled manually. Some other Keurig models have connections for direct water lines to the machines. The priming process took a few minutes and worked exactly as described in the manual.

The first couple of cups brewed had a little "off" taste. After that the machine settled in and has been brewing good coffee.

Long term reliability?

If you do web searches on the Breville and other brands, you will find many mentions of problems with "descaling". The machines tell you when descaling is needed. Then you have to go through a descaling process involving running vinegar through the machine to eliminate mineral build ups in the internal tubing. After our Breville said to descale, it was never the same afterwards. We did multiple descalings and then descaled after that. But it just slowly died until in the end, after about one year, it wouldn't work at all without extraordinary and time consuming measures. The reason you buy a machine like this is to be able to brew a single cup of coffee fast without a lot of bother. So my main concern in buying this coffee maker was to ensure as much as possible that I won't run into the same descale problems as the Breville. Other reviews of this machine indicate that it doesn't have a problem with descaling. I will be updating this review once a month to comment on any problem I have encounted with this machine. It would be great if others did likewise, no matter what brand they have. I know this doesn't help now, but after month by month updates over a long period of time, we'll have good information on reliability. In the case of brewers like this, be warned that long term reliability is an issue.

I feel confident in this machine because of other reviews and because of the brewing process itself. This machine is much louder than the Breville during the brewing process. Basically the process involves pumping water from a tank on the side of the machine into the machine, heating it and then running it through the k-cup and into your coffee cup. The pumping part of this process is perhaps 10-15 seconds per cup. Note that I haven't timed it with a stop watch so that's just a wild guess. When pumping the water, the OfficePRO makes a loud humming/buzzing sound which is much louder than the Breville which makes a similar sound. In the OfficePRO, it feels and sounds STRONG, like it won't have trouble pumbing the water. The Breville, while quieter, seemed weak and indeed failed in its mission to pump the water and therefore brew coffee. Ironically, although the loud sound the OfficePRO makes while brewing coffee makes me confident in the machine, it is a loud humming/buzzing sound. So I took a point off the rating for that.

I wish there were a way to give 1/2 star increments in the ratings, because I would have rated the OfficePRO a 4.5. But with the star system I was forced to rate it a 4.0 -- because of the brewing noise. It deserves 4.5 though because I would rather have the noise (only when actually brewing) then a quieter machine that doesn't work.

Only time will tell if this machine outlasts other machines that have descaling problems (including some other models of the Keurig brand). To hedge my bets, I got a 3-year extended warranty for $17 from Square Trade. I normally don't go for those things, but with the potential issues this type of appliance could have in the future, I feel the $17 is well spent.

I hope this helps.
348703348703B004GWSWCQA2RL1RS6PWUHWIJennifer Ackerman5551337472000Better than expected! My worries have been totally negated!I am writing this review after four weeks of using this multiple times daily. We love it.

Yes, it makes a bit of noise when taking water from the reservoir, but it's only for a tiny bit of time and to be honest, I don't even notice it anymore, even if my husband is using it in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping in the next room with open doors between us.

Although I'm American, I don't currently live in the US and so the variety of available K-cups is dismal (or at least the ones that can be shipped to me without paying a fortune in extra costs, that is). And so we use the ekobrew Cup, refillable filter for Keurig Brewers, Brown, 1-Count and it works perfectly. Now we can have any coffee grounds we want and can buy it locally but still have it work in our Keurig.

My big concern when getting a Keurig is that I thought the main selling point was that it was instant brewing, but I didn't want a machine that had to constantly be plugged in and on and drawing on electricity. We have switches above every outlet in our house so that we can turn them on or off at our convenience without unplugging each appliance. As such, I always have all currently unused electronics plugged in but not receiving electricity until we need to use it. I thought that doing this with the Keurig would negate the instant brewing purpose, and if we didn't have that then why not just get a regular coffee maker? I gave into my husband anyway and we set this one up immediately and I soon realized that even from a totally turned off position, the time from setting up to a steaming cup of coffee is still extremely minimal. In fact, I turn it on, prep the ekobrew cup, grab a mug, and by then the water is heated and ready. I don't even notice a wait time.

Even though this model doesn't have an iced coffee setting, it is one of my favorite things to make and easy. To defeat the watered down taste from the ice cubes, I just bought really strong coffee to mix with the vanilla grounds I like the best for iced coffees. If I'm making 6oz, then I put just a little bit of strong grounds, and if I'm making 10oz then I usually mix the grounds half and half. Works every time.

The only bad thing that has come with this Keurig is the fact that my coffee consumption has skyrocketed since I work from home. It's just TOO easy to make so I can't even use the excuse that I don't have time during my work to step away and make a cup because it's even faster than my bathroom breaks :)
348704348704B004GWSWCQA1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman5551319068800Ok! I'm impressed! Great office coffeeWe serve office visitors tea, coffee, water or soft drinks as a courtesy. And the boss (moi) needs to be sufficiently caffeinated in order to stay cheerful. This means that the cup of coffee I drink with breakfast (at around 6am) may not last me all morning, so I sometimes want a second cup at work at mid-morning. And in winter, when it's horrible out, it's nice to have tea or something hot (cocoa? decaf? herb tea?) maybe, in the afternoon.

We went through a number of coffee pots. First, the Mr. Coffee type, the standard pot with filter holder. It works fine and we still use it for refreshments at events when we need one or more pots of coffee to serve the guests. But as a one-off, it isn't so useful. I can't keep it on all day for the occasional guest who wants coffee (gets overheated and cooked) and the bags of coffee go stale. And of course it doesn't make tea or cocoa.

Then we tried a Melitta One:One. This uses the same, or almost the same, pods as the Senseo and these were available, until recently, at our nearby grocery store. But the coffee never was really great, and the pods go stale in their bags, and sometimes they seem D.O.A. (that is to say, stale already in the sealed bag.) That may be because the Keurig ended up being the single serve coffee maker "People's Choice." So other pods, etc, are not as popular and may not move as quickly off the shelves. Our store simply stopped carrying them at all. And in their place, you guessed it, K-Cups.

Yes, the K-cups cost more than the pods, yes, the plastic disposable is not as "green" as a biodegradable paper pod, but those cups keep the coffee fresh. And because the Keurig is so popular, there are many brands of coffee and varieties to choose from.

The first time I had Keurig coffee, I was less than impressed. I like my coffee really strong. And I kept getting cups that looked like tea. But if you choose the right blend, you can get something that will take the paint off a barn and put hair on a billiard ball. (I favor the Tully French Roast which is so robust, that a six ounce cup is too strong even for me.

We laid in a supply of herbal tea, decaf and yes, my favored French Roast and so far, the experience has been excellent. Now, when we have a guest, we have something that can be brewed in a minute or two, and we have something to please nearly anyone.


The reservoir is on the left side of the machine and easily accessible by pulling off the lid that sits on top. It holds something less than a quart of water, enough for multiple cups of beverage. The reservoir, being on the side, is easy to fill (the Melitta had a pull off reservoir on the back. It was better to take it to the water filter than fill on the machine as it was hard to fill without spilling.) The Keurig is easy to fill as the top portion of the reservoir is wide.

We primed the pump, ran water through to make sure it was clean, then refilled the reservoir. It doesn't take long to come to temperature. Brewing is equally quick (not even half a minute.) Disposal is easy, pull up the lever on the pod compartment, and pick out the cup, discard. No messy wet pads. I can see the reason this won the single-serve competition.

There is a choice of cup size; 6 oz (like a Euro-sized coffee cup), 8 oz and 10 oz. This allows you to make a cup or a mug, and also to adjust the strength of your brew. I was pleased that the 8 and even 10 oz of the French Roast were sufficiently strong. This was not true of the Breakfast Blend which is a lighter roast; in that case, the 8 oz seemed ideal to me. Your tastes will vary.

And the coffee was excellent. The key is to choose your favorite blend and thankfully, now there are many makers of K-Cups, so there is sure to be something to appeal to most people. We found three selections we really like (Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Herb Tea, Green Mountain Breakfast Blend and decaf, and my French Roast of course.) Later, we'll add cocoa and other teas like an Assam or Earl Grey.

I'm really happy with it so far, and this is a lot easier for serving visitors. We like it a lot.
348705348705B004GWSWCQA2HE7GONG8WZJDwellness md7851302393600Cheaper at Staples.comI love this machine as well. Great for high volume use at the office. However, it's $120.00 at and free shipping!
348706348706B004GWSWCQA1J1S9E53DNAP6T. Howlin "bookie monster"4451345939200Eighteen months, still going strong!There seem to be a lot of folks here who complain about the noise of this machine and while it is noisy, it's a commercial grade product with an industrial style pump in it. It's going to make more noise than the home style ones and even Keurig says on their website that it's not recommended for home use and isn't UL certified for home use.

One person who gave it a one star on here was using the drain feature everyday - apparently they didn't bother to read the instructions on the machine. The drain button is for storage and cleaning, not for emptying the machine daily.

Don't trust the descale light - I'm sure it's accurate but descale the machine every 3-6 months whether the light comes on or not. Also, understand your water if you are using tap water and if you're using bottled water, understand it even more. Our tap water is from a well and is, fortunately, fairly soft - 87 on the total dissolved solids meter (which goes as high as 999). However, I've tested various brands of bottled water, some of them have been over 200! So get your water tested or buy a $12 TDS meter from Amazon and know what you are putting into the machine.

Ours gets used daily, makes 8-10 cups and is on continuously for about eight hours. We clean it as recommended, descale it every 6 months because of our soft water and it has performed flawlessly for eighteen months. Our previous Keurig was a home model, lasted two years and finally died. I'm hoping this one goes for three to four years at which time I would expect it to die. One negative reviewer said they were upset their home Keurig died after three years and that Keurig was only giving them a partial credit towards a new one ($70!) - good thing I don't run customer service at Keurig or they wouldn't have liked what I told them.

If you're looking for a basic brewer, no bells and whistles other than cup size and auto-off, then this is the machine for you. It will be (should be?) more durable than their home models and provide the same quality coffee. There are some complaints online about a plastic taste with this brewer. Because of that, the first thing I did was thoroughly wash the water reservoir and then did a descale with white vinegar and then a thorough rinse. Haven't had any taste issues whatsoever.

People also complain it's too expensive a way to brew coffee. They are apparently happy with their Maxwell house coffee in their Mr. Coffee and so shouldn't invest in one of these machines. To me, seventy-five cents for a cup of coffee to rival Starbucks is money well spent and I get to enjoy it in the comfort of my own home. Shop around for the k-cups, there are huge price differences online and even in retail stores. I just bought 108 k-cups of Sumatran for fifty-eight cent a cup shipped to my door.
348707348707B004GWSWCQAZQECZ30NYNUAThe Happy Dentist4451337385600OfficePro is a ProI have an OfficePro in my dental office waiting room for my patients and staff. Obviously it is used often. It is never turned off. I've had it for three years without incident. On the other hand, the home version B60 that I have at my house began giving trouble after one year even though it is used maybe two times each day. It died this morning, so I'm ordering the OfficePro for my home.
348708348708B004GWSWCQA1QTAEH19A4XUQJimmy Ray "Just apply Occam's razor."4451329609600Better Than Our Recalled Tassimo, So Far So Good!Our Tassimo T65, along with other popular Tassimo models and many t-discs, recently got recalled for an exploding hot water problem. The "fix" is a new install-it-yourself t-disc holder assembly (still waiting for ours) + newly designed t-discs. After growing increasingly frustrated with the recall, the shortage of our favorite coffees and concerns about Tassimo's long-term viability, we (my wife and I) decided to join everyone else on the planet and buy a Keurig.

After reading many reviews, the Keurig B145 OfficePro seemed to make the most sense - reasonably priced, decent reviews and didn't appear to exhibit some of the problems the consumer-grade Keurigs are known for. Took the plunge and bought it from Amazon (I really value/appreciate the simplicity of their return policy) and so far we're very happy with our purchase.

My first impression after unboxing the B145 (shared by other reviewers) is that it is a substantial machine and probably deserves its "Office" designation. Be aware that it's notably taller than the Tassimo, which presents a very minor issue in that in our kitchen we have to make sure the machine is either all the way under our kitchen cabinets (near the wall) or pulled out enough so the lift-handle can clear our decorative cabinet bottom-edge molding, which drops an inch+ below our standard-clearance cabinet bottoms.

Unlike a few other reviewers, there was no problem whatsoever priming the machine, nor do we think it's any louder than our Tassimo was (probably quieter after the initial prime). We're currently enjoying trying all the coffees (some more than others) in the included 18 k-kup sampler and appreciate the expanded selection and pricing of the 50-pack coffees on Amazon. All-in-all a solid purchase (so far) that I/we can easily recommend.
348709348709B004GWSWCQA2EWUI2IXE7E0HD. Lo "Luvs2Read"4441323129600Great Machines!I was torn between the B40 and the B145 Keurigs - both have great reviews but the B40 was about $30 less. I ended up getting the B145 OfficePRO through OfficeMax on BlackFriday for about $130 (OfficeMax gave me free shipping and a $20 giftcard back on the purchase). I opted for the commercial grade brewer based on the water pump issue with the non-commercial grade Keurigs. Set up was a cinch and I had the unit primed and ready to go after about 7 minutes. Yes, the unit gives off some noise while the water is heating, when it's pumping new water in to heat, and also when it's brewing. That being said, I think some of the reviewers were being dramatic when they claimed it shook everything on their counters. From start to finish, there is some noise but we're not talking a stampede of elephants. It's just normal Keurig noise - it's over quickly - I can't believe people would be that put off by the noise. The B145 has 3 brewing sizes - 6, 8 and 10oz - I thought I would opt for the 10oz all the time but no, 6 and 8 are my go-to sizes. I usually drink from a 14oz travel mug that doesn't fit under the Keurig - so it's a hassle to brew my coffee in one mug and transfer it to another - not a huge issue, I just bought a new travel mug. I don't use the 10oz size because I like my coffee bold tasting and even the bold Keurig k-cups are too diluted for my taste at 10oz. Even the 8oz is pushing it. I also read reviews wherein people use the same k-cup twice. I did not have positive results doing that. Basically I'm using two k-cups at 6oz for a 12oz cup of coffee. It seems expensive so I am getting the solo reusable cups so I can fill them with my own coffee and hopefully save some pennies. I thought I'd miss the programming and clock feature from my previous Cuisinart coffee maker, but this Keurig brewer is so fast I have plenty of time to brew my coffee in the morning. I would definitely recommend this brewer and advise people reading reviews not to be put off by those who claim the unit is too loud.
348710348710B004GWSWCQA2O7GDWNVZIZNPKaren4441322870400finally, one that lasts!I love my Keurigs. I bought one from Costco, and it was great...till it wasn't great anymore. The pump quit working. So, being Costco, I took it back. Same thing happened with the replacment. So back it went again, only to have it break again. At least whenever I took it back, I got more K-cups each time. So after a year, and literally 5 machines, I just gave up on the idea. But then I was at the Dr.s office, and saw this one....and the receptionist said it was at least two years old now. Then I was at the car dealership, and same thing, and same comments. SO I bought this one at Staples. Guess is a bit louder (but my kitchen is far enough away from my bedroom that it doesn't bother anyone. After all, I used to grind my own beans with a Quisinart Burr Grinder, and that was noisey!

Good purchase for everybody..heavy duty pump. But I still decided to use only filtered water, just to make sure it doesn't screw up the pump!
348711348711B004GWSWCQA3FZ7DQFJRZSGGKathy J "Shopping Diva"3351345852800Brewing Along with Keurig's OfficePROI wanted to use my new coffee system for a while before writting a review...but I guess 4 months is long enough. I selected the OfficePRO model because I felt it had to be built strong enough to endure multiple users in an office setting. I have nothing but praise for this unit. I researched the Keurig line for about a year before I made this purchase, and I couldn't be happier. One thing I discovered when reading the material is that the mfg. suggests leaving the unit on at all times. That has worked well for me since I find myself making a cup of coffee or tea when I didn't even know I wanted one. It doesn't take up much counter space, and the sleek design is quite attractive. It does make the noise that some customers complained about, but it's only for about 5 seconds before brewing, and 15 seconds after brewing. Small price to pay for a perfect cup of coffee or tea every time. I highly recommend the B145 OfficePro.
348712348712B004GWSWCQA3APIZV2W92NIQbad43351336348800excellent productI would recommend this model. works great and brews a quick cup of coffee. The one thing I found is it doesn't accept the k-cup for your favorite ground coffee. You need to purchase the ekobrew cup instead.
348713348713B004GWSWCQASVMD19XFJEDBSteve R3351335916800I Love it!I'm working in a war zone here in Afghanistan. Noise was not an issue. funny thing is, All the guys agree that this product is about the same volume as any of the other systems my company sent previously. One of the guys was commenting it is the same as his home system and after using this one is considering trading to is. (I think I'd wait awhile Myself.)
Heats quick and the coffee is the best. so many choices also. Highly Recommend.
348714348714B004GWSWCQA3EIDZZBKPSOGHRenee O. "SunnyO"3351331596800Too loud?? Oh please!!! Works great! The best Keurig value!!The comments about the "noise" generated during brewing are just ridiculous. There is a 10-15 second humming sound generated as the pump siphons water for heating. My old Krups drip brewer was louder! I've have the unit for several weeks and it works great!
348715348715B004GWSWCQA2QM966IQ9YOEVJam Meister3351330905600ExcellentI originally purchased this for my wife to use at work. I was impressed by other reviews describing its sturdiness. We ended up liking it so much that we keep it at home. It's well built and heats water quickly. The 10 oz mode brews coffee that looks a bit diluted, but stronger coffees such as Green Mountain Dark Magic Extra Bold taste excellent time after time. At around 60 cents a cup we save a lot of money and time versus Starbucks or McDonalds. Excellent product.
348716348716B004GWSWCQA2AYHI7DXOA3W9Lakshmana Moturi "jack of all trades but mast...3351328486400OfficePro even for home.I got this for our work place so all my co-workers can enjoy some delicious coffee too. I definitely recommend OfficePro even for home use. I used to get a latte everyday for about $4-$5. So in one month it almost paid for itself. The K-cups are expensive but in my case they are a bargain.

Has three cup settings (6,8,10 oz) I really like this feature becoz the flavored coffees are usually medium/light roast but using the lower cup size options makes the coffee bold and flavorful.
It easy to use.
Has a big water reservoir.
No clean up after making coffee (other than removing the k-cup)
Turns off automatically.

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