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348751348751B004GWSWCQA3AGQAXTX6VRJ3David Michael "Kahuna"31611333152000A BigShinyNoisy Keurig OfficePRO BRICK!March 2012 - In 2011, when StarBucks broke away from Tassimo Bosch over a contractual dispute, I was completely disappointed, and wondered what other Options were going to be available, in the meantime, I purchased a warehouse supply of StarBuck's Coffee & Cappuccino and started searching for a New Coffee Machine, and then ... in November, I found out that Starbucks was offering the "K-Cup" Version, for the Keurig Coffee machines, and the on-line Reviews for this model were all 4-Star or better. I ordered and received a Brand New B145 OfficePRO model, a supposedly 'Heavy-Duty' unit ... for offices and heavy-duty use.

In January, I started to put the Keurig thru it's paces, along-side the Tassimo, and frankly the Tassimo is still SUPERIOR, in the way that it Brews for Better Flavor, has a Faster Brewing Cycle, and heats the H2O to the Optimal Temperature, than the Keurig, which BTW, is/was a lot NOSIER than the Tassimo. In all fairness, this could be a 'technical' problem with the Bar Code settings on the K-Cups. Note , that I continued to also use my Red Tassimo unit, as it is/was the only coffee unit to use the Milk Creamers, as Keurig still does not offer that option, anywhere!

In February, I left on a 3-week trip, and as I always do, I turned off all the unnecessary electric Household appliances, and took off.
When I returned back this month of March, I was so PISSED to find out that the Brand New Keurig was totally INOPERABLE!
Nada! Zip! Zero! Despite, doing everything that was Recommended on Forums (don't go the Keurig Forums, as they are so Worthless!)
Right now, I have a large, fancy Keurig BRICK that I am attempting to get a Refund for, so stay tuned!

Comparison of the Keurig OfficePRO versus the Tassimo Bosch:

* Start-up Time: Tassimo Win's, as it starts to Brew immediately after you turn it on! Keurig has a 'Warm-Up Phase, until an Indicator light's up, to let you know that it's ready to brew.

* Brewing Time: Tassimo Win's, as it's a bit Faster, regardless of the Size of the T-disc, and because you literally have no "start-up" time.
So Logically, this will play a factor in the Brewing Time, as well. In fairness, we are talking about a 2 to 3-minute gap, that this could be interpreted as being a bit too Subjective, but, that's how I roll ...

* Brew Strength: Tassimo Win's again! I tested a Medium StarBuck's T-disc Grind, versus a Medium StarBuck's K-Cup. The Keurig's strength was more like MILD, than Medium.

* Unit Noise: Tassimo is significantly quieter than the Keurig unit, by a factor of at least 3!

* Water Capacity: Tassimo has 67-ounce removable water tank (without water filter) and accepts MAVEA water filters;
The Keurig B145 Water reservoir holds up to 48-ounces. Tassimo Win's!

About the UIF (User Interface) and other features, worth mentioning:

* Tassimo - On the Front Faceplate, it has 1 Large 'Chrome Button Wheel', that handles all Functions + an On/Off switch. Keurig - Has 5 controls on the Slant Top/Front aspect and 1 large one in the rear with two functions (brew and for drain).
* Tassimo - Has a "Add + Cup Feature" to adjust for a larger Size cup, that is available only during the brewing cycle.
* Keurig - Has a built-in Selector for 6, 8 and 10 ounce cups.
* Keurig - Has optional "Automatic shut-off" button. Tassimo does not, although I found myself turning off the Keurig, as the Automatic shut-off timer has a long LAG time.
* Both have a Removable drip tray for travel mug use. The Tassimo has an Adjustable Cup Platform for Smaller cups, AND can be removed for Taller 10 to 12 ounce cups, as well as, for Cleaning.
* Size: The Tassimo > W 8" x H 11" x D 13, at 9 pounds; Keurig larger footprint at about 18 pounds.
* WARRANTY: Tassimo > 1-year parts-and-labor warranty; Keurig > 30 DAYS! I just found out!!!!
* Disclaimer: Tassimo > No; Keurig > Yes!

At it's best showing, those few weeks, the Keurig OfficePRO would have received only an overall 2.5 star rating.

Postmortem - I was hoping that the Keurig would eventually replace my Little Red Tassimo Engine That Could ... however, now, I find myself with a Nice, Shiny, Noisy BRICK, that I'm trying to return and get my money back. If not I will sell it for Parts!
Meanwhile, The Little Red Tassimo Engine That Could ... Keeps Chugging along ...

* Update - Just read the GREAT NEWS that StarBucks is releasing their own CONSUMER Model of a Coffee/Cappuccino Maker this Fall !!!

Stay Tuned!
348752348752B004GWSWCQA2SA5RRR9HLATL. Show32311320969600I just wanted 1 cup of coffee!I purchased this model from my local Staples for $129 for my home. I brought it home and followed the 1st time Prime instructions. First of all when it turned on it was extremely loud! So loud you could hear it all over the house. It shook everything on the counter tops. I know it doesn't have "quiet brew" technology but does it have to sound like a fighter jet in my kitchen! To make matters worse NOTHING came out, not one drop of water. All I got out of the machine was loud noises. I'm extremely disappointed and have to return it to the store today. I'm not sure I even want a replacement because if that's how loud they really are, I think i'll pass. My roommate gets up at 5 am and if I get woken up by the house shaking due to him making coffee every morning, I'll end up throwing the the thing right out the front door.
348753348753B0039BSM1GA2W0U5EJIPOIYTRicky Chestnutwood1241336003200Excellent papers.Excellent papers. Very thin but strong. Imparts no flavor on the "tobacco". Water marks are a sexy "X" pattern. It is an insane amount of papers for the money too. I ended up giving some of them out to friends. I stopped smoking "tobacco" recently(gotta go to college and get a job), so I don't use them anymore, but I think of them fondly. Only downside is they don't handle the weight of the "tobacco" well.
348754348754B007RJEIPAABLRTHL1QJATES. Wong "Ree"0051349395200Good choice for my Spot's Stew BabyMy 14lb mutt loves this flavor, more than the chicken flavor. She's not a picky eater, but she hovers over her bowl after every meal. She didn't do that with the chicken, lamb, nor salmon.
348755348755B007RJEIPAA1PL48UQXSV57VWalking Sticks "Hotel California"0031346198400Spots Stew new flavor for the birds.Turkey, Duck and Pheasant may sound good to you if you are a human but neither of my two dogs like it. (They don't like the wild salmon either.) BUT they are spoiled and finicky but yours probably are too. They love the lamb which Amazon was out of in the smaller bags so I saw this new flavor and gave it a try. Spot Stew is the only dog food that doesn't make my American Eskimo's skin not break out and he loves the taste as does the other Eskie. I gave it three stars because they will eat it if I supplement it with some chicken.
348756348756B0081H85EMA2VG7ZFW53QS1KB. Hernandez0051347408000Surprised!I really like this chai tea. It's got a strong chai flavor. I've replaced my morning coffee with it. I am sipping a cuppa it as I'm writing this review as an afternoon refreshment.
348757348757B0081H85EMA3RETBF7ST5LJKCATHERINE E. JORDAN0111348876800This price is a rip-off!The tea is great. But it gets 1 star for rip-off pricing. I just bought a box of 12 at Safeway (9/12) and paid $6.99. That would make 24 cost $14 and they want to charge $20???????? This is simply outrageous. I got on-line to find a discount on quantity and found this out-of-line pricing instead. For $1 more than they want to charge, I can get 36! The tea itself is very good tho' it does leave some aftertaste of the spices. I do like it and plan on buying more, at Safeway.
348758348758B0000DIYU6A2BODNXCBUTYDJSaffron Dreams3351170633600I LOVE this flavor!!Hands down, this is Jelly Belly's best flavor ever!! It tastes EXACTLY like buttered popcorn, with a slightly sweet taste that will leave your mouth watering for more. A lot of people find this Jelly Belly flavor gross but I think it's just that they aren't used to the flavor.

Mmmm!! Just looking at it is making me hungry.
348759348759B005IYFRUQA2VVXTDQ5RNB33S. Mercado161651326931200The best option yet for our Keurig Brewers!Just bought a few of these along with the paper filters. I've been refilling and reusing the regular k-cups and although cost effective and environmentally responsible, a big mess. The biggest issue I had with refilling was that it was a pain and it was a bit messy. I could also only get a few good uses before the filter deteriorated.

Now here comes these new EZ-Cups! These are simple to use. Throw in a filter, add your favorite roast, snap on the lid and brew. There is a spring and a tamper built into the EZ-Cup so that when you snap on the lid the coffee gets tamped/compressed a bit so that the hot water flows through uniformly. The best part is that the cleanup up is a breeze! Open the lid to the EZ-Cup and toss the filter and used grounds. Ready for the next cup! No mess and I think very convenient. Brew quality is excellent as you can choose your own favorites and control how much coffee to use. These just work!

Great idea!
348760348760B005IYFRUQAQ6I11L2GVRAWdapuch8841332115200needs slight but easy adaptationAs is the cup allows water flow thru too quickly thus brewing a rather weak cup of coffee. Simply cut off the bottom of a used K-cup about 3/8" and insert into cup. Proceed as normal and the water will flow more slowly thus brewing a normal cup of coffee. Just keep reusing the insert. It is a no brainer but I got the idea from another reviewer at another site. Best gismo I bought for the Keurig coffee maker!
348761348761B005IYFRUQA2SSDO8KAOZCWUJ. C. Rogers "JC Rogers"6651341273600Love this!I buy EZ-Cups and use the filters to make my own brand of coffee. It works, and I get a great cup of coffee!
348762348762B005IYFRUQA1KWX1BN3HD36Bc kelly6651331769600best gadget everTruely makes the best cup of coffee. Will never have to purchase those expensive premade cups again. We each use our own coffee blend and are totally happy with this eeze cup and filter product.
348763348763B005IYFRUQA2VMB1J58SUVMCbarbarahl8951341273600Hope this is helpfulI initially had a hard time getting a good and consistant cup of coffee from the EZ cup. To be honeset, I didn't buy the EZ cup because it was ecofriendly, or even because it would cost less per cup. I bought it because I love a good cup of coffee. They are few and far between when using K-cups, and even with all of the blends available in K-cups, there were some I liked that I still just couldn't get. I wanted this to wok, so I followed another reviewer's recommendations and cut the bottom off of a K-cup. This was to slow the flow of coffe through the device. Unlike the other reviewer, I didn't find that a 3/8" disk did anything, so I experimented. I wound up with a plastic disk that was cut just inside the protruding rim that you find on the bottom of each K-cup. It seems to slow the flow enough to strengthen the brew. I also used 2 TBSP of coffee per cup. I am getting a great consistant cup of coffee. I can make it allot stronger which is one of the reasons that I have a problem with K-cups. I used the EZ cup filter with fresh ground coffee. I agree that the EZ Cup spring tamps down the coffee and it seems to work better with more coffee and the plastic K-cup disk. Now I finally can get a strong cup of coffee regardless of whether a dark or lighter roast. I really think this has made the difference between a convenient coffee maker with mediocre coffee and a great cup of coffee. I hope you find this review helpful.
348764348764B005IYFRUQAZWYW9S9451E1zippitty "happyandhealthy"3351344643200better cup of coffee, less wastethis works exactly as promised. My coffee was stronger, more full body. And I'm not polluting the earth. Worth the money
348765348765B005IYFRUQA9X63F97G1542normacarr1151344988800EZ-CUPEZ-Cup for Keurig Coffee Machines By Perfect PodSaves lots of money when you use this cup instead of Kurig and you can use your favorite brand of coffee.
348766348766B005IYFRUQADZWNF9RC2L5Gwynn David Conaron "Shawabti"1141340323200Need to modify B150 to useThis is a little pricey for the quality. It can be made to work with the B150 but you need to modify the K Cup holder. There are two ribs in the holder that need to be removed with a Dremel or similar tool in order to use it. The first time I put the cup in it didn't fit. After removing the two ribs it works fine. Makes no difference when using standard K-Cups after the modification. Just be sure not to put a hole in the side of the holder or it won't work anymore. Also would be pretty sure this would void the warranty.
348767348767B005IYFRUQA25PD4OPY2ZM6PKEVIN1151337731200EZ Cup is a good product.I bought my EZ Cup over a year ago so I could "roll my own" k-cup. I like to choose my own blend and the process is easy and quick. So much so that I really enjoy making my cup of coffee.
348768348768B005IYFRUQA1MKP3TYQ4LJISNadine L. Johnson0051350432000great alternativethis product is a great alternative to the cup that comes with the Keurig. I also appreciate the use of a filter with it so one does not have the sludge in the cup bottom.
348769348769B000K7E9Y6A3AH5JYRIIT87ERuben M.0051343779200Arrived perfect!I'm generally wary of purchasing foods of any kind online, but these arrived in great packaging and with great timing. Recommend!
348770348770B000K7E9Y6A2QV1URFTKQS0Dlightbabe0151299888000Great gift idea!I've sent this gift box to my nephew who loves this chocolate very much. It came in a very good condition and he was very happy with it. It came earlier than expected and I would recommend this to everyone who would be interested in giving it someone or who would buy it for themselves.
348771348771B000FFS93KA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"1151176336000Tea for Creative MoodsNumi's tea sampler has a lot to offer if you enjoy mild teas. If you prefer stronger teas, then you may want to creatively mix and match for a new experience.

Delicate Tea for Calm Mornings

The Numi "Morning Rise," organic breakfast blend has elements of smooth perfection when blended with milk powder or cream. This tea has a mild dreamy flavor when using one teabag. You may want two if you prefer a stronger morning blend. If you are looking for an elegant tea, this blend of Fair Trade Certified Keemun, Darjeeling, Ceylon and Assam black tea is sure to impress. Morning Rise is a delicate tea that awakens you slowly to the day and seems to bring a new clarity to the mind.

Dreamy Vanilla

Numi teas are blended to an elegant perfection. Numi "Decaf Black Vanilla" is no exception and will please anyone who loves mild black tea with a hint of vanilla. For a richer experience, use two teabags per 8-ounce cup. This tea is perfect for drinking at night when you are relaxing, reading poetry or starting a new novel. The vanilla flavor is enhanced with a dash of cream or even an little vanilla syrup from France. I can recommend Rieme French Vanilla syrup or even a cane sugar to add a caramel twist.

Delicate Ginger with hints of Anise

Numi "Golden Chai" is a delicately spiced Assam black tea that I like to blend with the Numi "Chinese Breakfast" tea made with Yunnan black tea. Together they seem perfect and I like using two teabags per experience. This creates a flowery tea scented with anise and cardamom and spiced with cinnamon and ginger. If you like making chai with milk, heat some milk in a saucepan and then add one or two teabags. It is much more convenient than having to look around for all the separate ingredients and the spices and tea are perfectly blended.

Afternoons in Africa

Bushmen's Brew "Honeybush," "Jasmine Green Tea" and "White Nectar Osmanthus Spring" make a good combination for a honey/floral tea. Adding in a little honey enhances the experience. With this blend you can enjoy white tea with Osmanthus flowers, green tea with jasmine flowers and honeybush tea with a mild flavor. You may enjoy this as an ice tea in the summer.

Lemon Iced Mint Tea

Numi's "Gen Mai Cha" Toasted Rice Green, Simply Mint "Mooccan Herbal Teasan" and Rainforest Green "Mate Lemon Myrtle Green Tea" can be steeped together to create a delicious tea to pour over ice. Add honey while the tea is hot and lemon juice just before serving.

The Lemon Iced Tea was the best experience of all the teas

and I can see myself buying a box of each tea so I can make

this tea again.

~The Rebecca Review
348772348772B000FFS93KA2I5LVVQ7WXEH6JEFFREY SMITH "Jeff Smith"0051287619200Numi Organic Tea - Assorted Full Leaf Tea+Teasan Teabags, 18-Count BoxNumi, numi for the tummy! Yes, their teas are refreshing and full of flavor. My wife just loves these teas! Especially with our grandkids.....
348773348773B000FFS93KA1BE8V5S9IYE9EEvgenii Puchkaryov "voyrakhcuP iinegvE"0051229904000A great way to get introduced to NumiTry this or other collections to get a taste of Numi teas and select the ones you like most. Then sign up for regular deliveries, save some $$ and enjoy :)
Seriously, these are very nice teas, and they make simple casual gifts too.
348774348774B000FFS93KA3R837WD90AWIRDennis R. Johnson "D John, OR"0041206748800Numi Tea is very goodI have been buying this tea from grocery store and it was much better at Amazon because of the selection.
348775348775B000FFS93KA2M0NY167XYFSUSavannagal0151272240000Love This TeaI love this tea. The assorted packs can be hard to find in my area. When I do find them, they are cheaper, even with tax, at the store. But often times they are sold out so buying through Amazon is a good alternative.
348776348776B004IZYMU2A1YJC95NDOYA5PRed Riding Hood "Red Riding Hood"4451330473600Victorian Floral ArrangementSent this to my mother as I thought it looked so beautiful in the photo. As soon as she received this she called me describing how wonderful it was, took a photo and sent it to me, and continued to go on about how wonderful the fragerance was as well. Had never purchased flowers through Amazon. Great experience!
348777348777B0018V2J0EA1UZ5G9P3H5PCXGalley Goose "Space Cadet"2251309392000A Real Treat for My Pooches!I keep these treats in the garage because they have have a rather unpleasant odor to me--but not to my two dogs (an Italian Greyhound & Aussie Shepard). When I head to the garage from the kitchen and reach for the high shelf, my dogs go bonkers, knowing that a trachea is on the menu. We then head to the backyard--and the dogs split up so they don't have to share their spoils! The dogs are somewhat thirsty afterwards but it doesn't upset their digestion or bowel movements. I will buy more!
348778348778B0018V2J0EA2N1LTNLLU3O6NLinda Kelly "Lynne"0051332892800FAST SHIPPER! RELIABLEFast Shipper..the item always arrives before promised. The items are fresh and the package is sealed tightly! Reliable and items are just as described. Great Deal!
348779348779B0018V2J0EAAQCZE6OBY0F8senneh0051326240000Great chew and healthy tooI agree with the other reviewer that the product smell is a little unpleasant, but not overwhelming. The chews don't last extremely long for my big dogs. These don't chip into shards or get really smushy so I feel safe letting them chew without supervision. I like knowing that they are getting a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, especially since one has arthritis. I used to order these from "Only Natural Pet Store", but they are a little more expensive there and always seem to be out of stock. I'm so glad that I found these on Amazon.
348780348780B006DQCJ36A1S5I4CLIJYS55Star Light0051341964800Tasty healthy snack, but if damaged unable to request returnI love this product, the texture is different than similar ones I have tried. Unique because these are nice and crunchy, but almost melt in your mouth. Satisfies me the way candy or chips would, but are better because pineapple is so much healthier. This was the first time I ordered these from Amazon. I ordered the three pack and two out of three were great, but one package had a hole in it and the pineapple was too chewy and actually un-edible. Unfortunately, Amazon does not accept returns on this product.

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