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348901348901B000FMZO90AJW6KG5ATLE8HK. Olsen-Keyser "BookChick"0051196899200Soooo Addictive...Maybe a little too addictive, as you are not supposed to eat the whole bag at one sitting - no, that is bad. Remembering the Weight Loss Mantra, "Everything in Moderation!", I am reminded of an article I read about how easy it is to NOT lose weight or even gain it by eating healthy snacks - just because it is healthy doesn't mean you can eat the whole thing! So keep the portion control in mind and buy with confidence because these things taste great!
348902348902B000FMZO90A2WKYCCXDLG9O3Toscadiva0051195862400New super snackNot only do these delicious snacks taste like fresh,Spring peas, they look like slender pale green pods. They have a delicate, satisfying crunch, look festive scattered on a salad or can be eaten right out of the bag. Just a few healthful ingredients, low calories and intriguing flavor have given me a new favorite. Still not found in any of my local stores in a really big city, order yours now and see what I mean!
348903348903B000FMZO90A27WPNZY7T8ZG8Blindy "blindy53"0051194048000Snack PeasWonderful healthy snack and is very affordable. A great way to get your children to eat their peas!
348904348904B000FMZO90AE23TVGWVLJIXS. Larsen0051193961600The Best SnackMy whole family loves these Snapea crisps. They are a healthier alternative to other snack foods and my 5 year old daughter who is a chip fanatic chooses these over fried chips. She is eating gluten and dairy free and the original flavor fits right in with no sugar too. I highly recommend them!
348905348905B000FMZO90A1Y0KWMCTI5XP7Joan Fradelis0051192752000Great Taste!!I bought these in Maryland and was addicted!!! I cannot find them in SW Georgia and was lucky enough to find them on Amazon :)
My FAVORITE snack!!
348906348906B000FMZO90A3HXJ7Z3V44DBAM. Benthin "Mee"0051191888000My delivery arrived this morning!Calbee Snack Salad Snapea Crisps, Original Flavor, 3.3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

I just LOVE them. Unfortunately, most of the time they're sold out but thanks to I got my fresh case today. Snapeas taste better than potato chips and they also seem to be somewhat healthy. Good choice!
348907348907B000FMZO90A3JTXVDHE7I6BUC. Barry0051190764800Snapea Crisps are amazing !I found this product in a store while I was visiting Kentucky, but do not live there so I tried to get it from the store (and other stores) on line, but to no avail. Finally I found it on Not only was I happy to get it but the shipping was free if over a certain amount. So I ordered a lot more than I initially was going to. This product is so good, and healthy. I am very pleased with the product, the shipping being free, and how quickly they started shipping it to me. And since I was a member the ordering process was very very quick and easy.
348908348908B000FMZO90AB1BRQX9QO43QRobin L. Wright "karefree99"0051190764800SuperbCalbee Snapea Crisps are without a doubt the best new snack around - even my 18 month old granddaughter loves them.
348909348909B000FMZO90A3HECIA1Y13032K. Landon "Karla"0041187222400excellent snackI love the Snapea Crisp snacks. The Caesar flavored snacks have a light flavor coating...not too spicy or salty. Just right. All my co-workers snack on this. I highly recommend it!
348910348910B000FMZO90A2G1S120RAA0MNK. Matlinga0051186617600Great snack!These are great tasting as a snack or in a salad. A+++ Will be buying again!
348911348911B000FMZO90A2G1S120RAA0MNK. Matlinga0041186617600Nice and CrispyThese are good! If I hadn't had the original, I wouldn't be disappointed. Great in a salad! Or as a snack. I like the original flavor better. So do the other people I had taste test both.
348912348912B000FMZO90A2C83LATANFP3PC. Goodman0051186617600SnapeasThese are a terrific snack for anybody. It's a great way to get kids to like eating vegetables, and they are crunchy & salty enough that your mouth feels as though you're having chips even though your brain knows you are behaving better than that!
348913348913B000FMZO90A2W8CPGG0COAF2Carolyn "Carolyn"0051185753600Peas never tasted so good!I found this snack at one of my local stores. I brought them to work and everyone wanted some. So I started buying them by the case and bringing them in for those who had no store close to them. Than one day someone found your packages on line and since than I have sent thme to my sister in PHX and my friend as shipped them to her mom on John's Island, SC. I love the taste and the crunch and find that one serving is never enough. I have and will continue to recommend this product to anyone looking for a "bust of cruch" in their mouth.
348914348914B000FMZO90A2V9D9VYJ12SYAT. Robinson "Teaching Mama"0051185667200A sneaky way to replace chips.YUMMY! These are great little snacks and while I'm tempted to hide them from my children, the fact that they are getting a bit of nutrition from them wins out. A great snack that has replaced other crunchy yuckier things in our pantry!
348915348915B000FMZO90A29VUC9WD06ED8Marie Wagner "PeaPod"0051185408000Better than potato chips or popcorn!I just love the Calbee Snapea Crisps so much, that I went on the internet to try to find the best price possible for my favorite snack! I found that Amazon has everyone including my local stores beat hands down on price especially when you get free shipping. I eat the Snapeas right from the bag as a snack. Mine have never made it to a salad. I didn't even realize that was what they were supposed to be used on top of! I like both flavors equally, but eat more of the original since I think overall they may be a tad more healthy. Calbee Snack Salad Snapea Crisps, Original Flavor, 3.3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
348916348916B000FMZO90A15VP7DTOVEIQZLinda L. Hammond0051185235200Delicious Snapea CrispsI purchased the Snapea Crisps recently in Alabama while on vacation. My family along with myself enjoyed them very much. I tried to purchase them locally when I returned home but was unable to locate them. I went online and found them and ordered a case. They are a very good healthy snack.
348917348917B000FMZO90A3KEBTLZFJVKBGPinky0051183334400The Perfect SnackThe fact that I ordered myself a case of these rather speaks for itself. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of offbeat snack foods, and these are my favorite of all time. Slightly sweet, slightly salty, slighty greasy, everything in perfect balance and a very nice mouthfeel. Heavenly!
348918348918B000FMZO90A380T92BVTKVAVJ. Banks0051182816000Calbee Snack Salad Snapea CrispsThe crisps are simply delicious. I feel like I am eating something sinful but they are healthier than potato chips or cheese puff snacks. I was hooked on them and ordered two cases after tasting just one crisp. It was absolute genius to make snap peas into a tasteful snack. I recommend this product as a healthier alternative to Cheetos or potato chips. Enjoy!
348919348919B000FMZO90A36X5AMJ11LXUEMary B. Lombardi "newKnee"0051178496000Health Food MagicThis is a great organic, tasty snack food. Just enough crunch to satisfy the munchies! Something this good for you and tastes great ... what more can you ask for???
348920348920B000FMZO90A3GR1W9KZ62MTJMarion Bates303251153180800most addictive way to eat least I pretend that they're healthy. These are SO TASTY...and not a chemical burn...some time ago the company revamped the recipe and it no longer includes MSG or other scary multi-syllable preservatives. I am obsessed with this snack and they're tough to find locally. Check 'em out.
348921348921B000FMZO90A38STJS73GCEC9Lorna Doone "Sleepy2002"252751153180800Everyone loves these, including toddlers!!We discovered these when my son was 3 years old, he is now 4 and still loves his "pea pods". Also, all of his little friends are also into them. With 5 grams of protein a serving they are not a unhealthy snack, great for the beach of wherever. We are big fans, and highly recommend them!!
348922348922B000FMZO90AQX68X3ZLUGEQElissar Khalek212531184025600Good in ModerationAlthough I enjoyed the taste and texture of the Snapea Crisps, I found eating them in small quantities was important. They are somewhat greasy and are not as healthy as they may seem in regards to calories.
348923348923B000FMZO90A1CGPCJ60L17UZkris10marie7751153180800Yum!I'm excited to find these for sale on Amazon, and at a very reasonable price! I just tried them for the first time a few days ago, and was wishing there was a nearby store that carried them. Everyone I've given them to has liked them, even those who are not normally healthy eaters. These crisps are reminiscent of puffy corn snacks (like cheetos), but with a different light flavor. The calorie content is similar to other chip-type snacks (150 per serving), but these have the nutrition benefits of peas--protein (5g per serving), calcium (6% DV per serving), and iron (4% DV per serving). I haven't tried the Ceasar flavor yet, but intend to do so in the near future. :)
348924348924B000FMZO90A16459DAS8ND87oneintheweb "oneintheweb"243031267228800LOVE THEM...but HATE GMO corn oil.....I contacted the company and they acknowledged they do indeed use GMO corn oil.... though they did also say that they would submit my concerns around GMO food products up the chain, it was unlikely they would change ingredients any time soon. Bummer. This is a GREAT snack, but I won't let my growing, developing, child have much... this will be my guilty pleasure......but it would be SO MUCH BETTER if you could trust the ingredients for your children too.
348925348925B000FMZO90A1B1ERGGIV47SBT. Leach "Jr."8951200268800The Next Generation of SnackYou know, they used to say that smoking was good for the lungs. Now, we're told that a greasy little snack in a bag is "healthy." But, while this isn't an apple or a cup of yogurt, Snapeas are a far cry from bright orange Doritas or Ding Dongs. They are baked (not fried), and perhaps there is merit to the pea foundation, as opposed to the potato or corn chip format. They are major addictive - full of unique flavor, a pleasantly crisp but foamy (as in styrofoamy) texture, a dash of saltiness, and just enough oilyness to satisfy. Try these and then spread the word.
348926348926B000FMZO90A1AX69446LX31Di'm a mom5551174348800Great for toddlers, too!Our whole family loves this snack. These make a great toddler snack (they're kind of puffy, so if you don't actually chew them, they'll just melt). My 2-year old has been eating these for a year now, and is constantly asking for his "Peapods?" A portable snack, far superior nutritionally to the typical cookie, cracker, goldfish, pretzel and other processed junk most kids are eating. These are just dehydrated snap peas, corn oil and salt (and there's still LESS sodium in these than Pepperidge Farm's low-sodium goldfish!). A great alternative to the usual snack highly processed of white flour, sugar, salt and/or chemical preservatives. They're better for you, and they taste great. We love them.
348927348927B000FMZO90A212J89H5P9GB3nazir "nazirv"7851173830400Great taste!This is an awesome tasting snack. The cheapest place near us is Trader Joe's and they sell it for $1.50. Amazon is even cheaper! You cannot just eat one.....we finish the whole bag each time we open it!
348928348928B000FMZO90A1IKXSG9BPYE9KS. Dimascio "great fan"4451185062400great fanthis product was introduced to me during a CURVES low carb/low fat exercize and lose inches program.

I was surpized how tasty this product is.. I have shared a bag or two with friends and they are surprized...even those who are not vegetable eaters.......the product is well liked......

The serving size is 22 pieces, great for those a low carb / low fat reduced eating program....
348929348929B000FMZO90A33JSWX8604IJZjcmojzis3351344470400the most addicting snack in the marketI tried the first baga a few months ago and then I move to 2 bags...ten 3...then i ordered lots of them. I love this product you dont get tired of it. Is a healthy and great tasting snack. Once you open a bag forget about it is gone in a matter of minutes!

I love it!
348930348930B000FMZO90AVK8NCLIBYKXDRik "Rik"0051158883200Incredible snack!What a find!!! Made from peas, nutricious and taste incredible! My kids love them as well. I can find them at one local grocery store. Happy Amazon now carries and at a good price.

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