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348935348935B000FMZO90A3D4YC1ORNYR4VM. Lamb1241231200000They grow on yaMy first couple of tastes were guarded, I was leary, there seemed to be something "funky". But, after a few, they tasted better, and grow on you. I passed 'em around the workshop, and they got great reviews.

A definite buy, I just wish I didn't have to get 12 at a time.
348936348936B000FMZO90A3I6IOAZY7GNN2H. Lee1231199750400Oily and SaltyI haven't had any American junk food in so long, so I found this snack a bit too salty for my taste, and oily as well.
348937348937B000FMZO90AY50S2HZHQO2QR. Foster "rwf"1241188000000Tastes really goodI got these because I was intrigued by the idea of snapped pea crisps. They were much better than I expected. I found that I had to eat the whole bag although one-serving is supposed to be about 3 OZ. There was no good way to close the bag after opening unless you put it into a large zipper food storage bag. I did like eating them, but they might get to be too much if I eat them everyday. They were crispy upon opening and looked like they could easily go stale if left open for long. My DH thought they tasted like french fries. I thought they definitely had a "green" type taste although it wasn't overpowering. I will buy again...but it will be a while since I plan to "pace" myself with these rather than get tired of them. They do have corn oil and salt added as well as other preservatives of some kind.

Also these have the same type of crunch that Baked Cheetos have. They aren't really greasy, but there is a powder residue that is left on the fingers.
348938348938B000FMZO90ATN15YU0KSDKTJ. Evans1251161993600Green, different, and completely yummyIf you judge this snack by the packaging, you might never try them. Baked pea pods don't exactly sound like the most appetizing (or satisfying) snack, but these guys really deliver. As one of the other reviewers said, they are crunchy and light, with a texture similar to Cheetos, possibly a little more dense. They have the taste of lightly salted snow peas, only light and airy. While they might not be as healthy as a raw or steamed vegetable, they're a good alternative if you don't want all of the chemicals and sugars in most packaged snacks. These guys have no sugar at all and the ingredient list is wholly recognizable. I usually buy two bags at a time because they tend to go so fast. Both flavors are delicious, though I prefer the original.

Since it appears that Amazon is no longer carrying them, you might try Wild Oats, Trader Joes or Whole Foods, if any of those are nearby.
348939348939B000FMZO90A2M371TMC52D4HOhioShopper4721322870400Not what I expectedI, too, thought these would be dried snap peas. Boy, was I wrong. The picture on the front of the bag is VERY misleading...when you actually get a look at the product inside the bag, there are no visible "pods" on the snapea crisps. The crisps are actually more like sad, green Cheetos. At this point, I'd rather eat some least they have some flavor. These snapea crisps (original flavor) are on the bland side...even after adding salt to them, they still weren't very flavorful. They also left my hands greasy. I thought I might be able to keep a bag of these in my desk at work to eat as a healthy snack, but I have reconsidered. The crisps don't seem like much of a health food at all. If I want to eat something with 6g of fat per serving, I'd rather go with chips and salsa or a handful of pretzels.
348940348940B000FMZO90A42B2T97LXKX2Vanessa Hill2421325980800Snapea Crisps use GMO'sI bought these for the first time today. I thought they were going to be actual baked or fried snapea crisps - didn't realize they add rice to them. Also, they use GMO corn oil. This will be the last time I buy these, and will spread the word.
348941348941B000FMZO90A21AW5JEIQ1Q55Calvin Curry "KITKAT"2421204502400JUST NOT FOR ME!OK...They kinda grew on me but you can only have so many...(I don't eat much
greasy snack food, Thats problly why) They kinda taste like a bland "Cheeto"
with a slight PEA kick to them. They are puffed like a "Cheeto" as well.
I havn't tried them in a salad as a substitute for Croutons. That might be good!
348942348942B000FMZO90A1E3QQONBB6STLS. Rasmussen0121322784000Not TastyI bought these because I was looking for a crispy low calorie snack to replace potato chips in my diet. THIS ISN'T IT! Although I like Caesar salad this doesn't even remotely taste like anything in one. I wish I hadn't bought an entire case of these. None of my friends like them either so I guess I'll just throw them out.
348943348943B000FMZO90A39ILC0QR4E09LA. Schneider0141301702400Good product. Probably won't order here againBought these after reading the reviews. They are tasty (a little strange at first but they really grow on you). One nice thing is that for me, I can eat them as a chip alternative but I don't eat too many. About 10-15 crisps and I'm done. I have also used them in salads.

I bought a case here and I don't think I'll do that again. I've seen them at my grocery store and I'll buy a bag now and then. For now I have a big box full in the closet. I think it will take a while to get through them.
348944348944B000FMZO90A2EJOOMIMV028Cmam0141299110400Waaay bettr than chips!!These little pea shaped treats are so good. They may not be really good for you but they are good!!
348945348945B000FMZO90A22QIDFJ0XVO5PE. J. Dutton "Betticando"0131279584000Good but not as good as the originalI first tasted the original Snappea Crisps, and absolutely loved them, so when I had the chance to try the Caesar flavor I jumped at it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed at the taste. Not that it is bad, not at all, but I had very high expectations. These are very crunchy, with a slightly sweet flavor (which is one of the reasons I didn't care for it as much). They are baked, rather than fried, so the fat content is not as high as most crunchy snacks. Try them, you may like them better than I did.
348946348946B000FMZO90A3V8VNNDOSYMBTNick J. Fisher0131265068800Tastes great at first.....then...The first few bags were great. Now I get sick just looking at them. Buy a few, but no more than that.
348947348947B000FMZO90A3L6CKDK9Y5VUFN. K. Westphale0141246492800Snapea are not snappy but good enoughThe crips are just that, pea shaped crispy snacks. They are good but, don't taste like peas or pea pods and they are loaded with fat. My guests liked them; I put them out instead of potato chips and they are a nice alternative. Like I said, pretty good but, I was a little disappointed in the calorie count and the flavor; not quite as healthy as they were touted to be.
348948348948B000FMZO90A2JVLJ6J9QJMJYBold Gray Mare0131226102400I prefer OriginalI love Snapea Crisps original but only 'like' the Caesar flavored variety, which taste tangy to me (compared to original).
348949348949B000FMZO90A2M9TVKOINB8ZP70s Soul "70s Soul"3621318377600Wish I'd read the Details more closelyIt's not what I expected. I thought it would be a dried crunchy peapod. Except it's more like a Cheeto without the cheese -- maybe even greasier. If I'd read the product information a little more closely, I may have noticed, "baked snack formed in pea-pod shape from dried peas and a little rice."

They're not so "healthy" either. Make sure you read the "Nutrition Facts": [...]
I love Cheetos but I was looking for a snack with a little more dietary/nutritional value. These aren't it for me.
348950348950B000FMZO90A33M08S06X8I2KMike61121164067200I can't agreeI'm sorry, but these just weren't for me, they have somewhat of a stale taste. I recommend buying a single bag before buying a case if you are at all hesitant.
348951348951B000FMZO90A2II54B3VA45LNProfessional shopper2521343952000Duped!I blame myself for not turning the bag over and reading the ingredients, but I thought these were something else. This item was in the produce section of Walmart and since I love sugar snap peas....well you get the drift. Let me tell you that these are not baked sugar snap peas! They are greasy cheeto-like green things. The put me in mind of those fried potato sticks in the can as far as taste is concerned. These crisps should be in the potato chip aisle along with all the other greasy fattening chips, and not with the produce to make the consumer think she's getting a nutritious baked snack.
348952348952B000FMZO90A3RNVFEQQ6SMSQS. Woodhouse2541327622400Don't let the GMO Haters Scare You Off!!!Let's get this out of the way first: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GMO CORN OIL! Several un-informed reviewers on here feel it is their duty to bad mouth this ingredient and thus the overall product. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. In other words, food that has had its DNA altered. The reasons for such alterations are for better, disease and insect resistant crops. Wow, really a BAD thing huh? After over 15 years of GMO products being in wide use, the statistics show that not only are these products NOT bad for you, in many instances they are BETTER for you! But some people cannot wrap their head around the fact that humanity has improved upon nature.

Now about these pea snacks. Awesome! Tastier and much better for you than a tube of Pringles.
348953348953B000FMZO90AJ1WM9909X8X9L. L. Harrison "Mlakm"3721263945600Not a fan :(WEll.. going off of the other reviews where their kids loved them etc...I do not like them and neither do my kids or grandkids so far. Sorry. I'm sure they are healthy, however.. I was disappointed thining they were freeze dried Edemenis or something like that.. not a formed cracker to taste and look like a snow pea ?! sorry, but these 11 bags are going back.. I'd be sending the full 12, however... one bag was opened and then the hubby tossed it after awhile...
348954348954B000FMZO90A294XIDCE087BBIrreverent "irreverent"0211331769600AAAAAAAaaaaccccKKKKK!!! PRICE WENT UP OVER 50%!!! When can we subscribe for this great healthy snack?A half-pack of this (if I can stop at a half-pack) usually suffices when a craving for SOMEthing to snack on fights the knowledge of blood sugar readings that are borderline for type 2 diabetes. Other reviewers have described it most adequately, with nearly all finding it quite enjoyable, perhaps not TOTALLY virtuous, but much healthier than most snack foods. This is the best price I could find for it, at this writing a dime per pack cheaper [[AS OF JUNE 6 50% MORE!]] than at W**-M***. Amazon does not yet offer it by subscription, which would bring further price improvement and freedom from having to place repeat orders.

UPDATE: THE PRICE WENT UP BY OVER 50%!!! These were $1.50/bag at a "national discount chain," so I can no longer recommend buying them from Amazon. The store had them in stock when I checked, but another store wanted $2.50 per bag. If Calbee drives the price up so horribly everywhere, I CAN NO LONGER RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT AT ALL.

Oh, Amazon, why do you keep doing this to us? This isn't the first time that your price for a beloved item rose by some huge amount.

Ya know what? We can buy a bag of frozen microwave-steamable sugar snap pea pods or edamame (soy beans, either shelled or in pods) and be eating them five minutes after the urge packs us. The bags costs less, contain more pods, and contain no fats or seasonings, so we can control the amount and type of added sinfulness.
348955348955B000FMZO90A2VEEVFYITS8ESBoston Beader0221326499200Lose the GMO corn oilDecided to try these after seeing a large display at a neighborhood food store. After viewing the website, I was disappointed to learn that the peas were dried and processed, and that they use GMO corn oil. Oh well, my search for a healthy potato chip substitute will continue.

Calbee Snack Salad Snapea Crisps, Original Flavor, 3.3- Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
348956348956B000FMZO90A19F3R88WJUB7AD. Meyer4921188864000blahTo each his/her own. I was suckered into buying a case on a Friday sale. I'm now still trying to give them away a package at a time. (You want one???) They are blended, pureed, formed into peapods, but NOT any remote resemblance of an actual green bean. I hate them (although one of my sister-in-laws and parents have ordered 3 more cases). Like I said--to each his/her own. I personally hate them.
348957348957B000FMZO90A1ZMS3LQ95Y7U4cs1411285027200individual packages were not sealedSeveral of the bags were not sealed and had to be thrown away. Poor quality packaging. Won't buy again.
348958348958B000FMZO90A51CRRX6H83N8Super Mom1421274313600We don't like them....I ordered these based on the reviews on this site, and recommendations by other parents of GFCF childen. I really wanted to like them, but my son will not eat them. He's tried a few times, but does not like the taste. They taste OK to me, but this is not the type of snack I typically eat. I will look for someone to donate the remaining 11 bags to.
348959348959B000FMZO90AB189GJ7ZMUICS. Gillins1451155772800Want More!!!I ordered several cases of this item, but only one was sent to my friend, for whom I ordered one. I received a message that they are no longer available. I'm not happy about that at all. Please try to get these back on your website and can you let me know if you do. Thanks.
348960348960B000FMZO90A366507J2S5GR7Sammy0641021208131200Leave a weird sensationThese are a little salty, a little greasy, and a little 'powdery'. The taste is not bad, BUT, I did have the strangest sensation after eating a couple handfuls - I don't have any known allergies or 'texture issues' with food whatsoever, so it was really bizarre: they started to sort of taste prickly, like the outer part was sharp or rough, and it was unpleasant to continue eating them. The closest thing I can compare is imagine chewing on a mouthful of roasted peanut SHELLS. Very very weird. I wouldn't buy again, not worth it.
348931348931B000FMZO90AEP7LPB4T1UNDAhava Wills101611256601600They are yummy, but they use GMO corn oil!!These little snacks are yummy, and kids love them. Unfortunately the company uses GMO corn oil to make them. I just called the company and they confirmed it. I wish there was an organic version, or a Non-GMO version......Calbee Snack Salad Snapea Crisps, Original Flavor, 3.3- Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
348932348932B000FMZO90AJKQDFB4IBRLECUPCAKE1241302652800I dig..ahem, ok.. four stars because I didn't fall to the floor in ecstasy or nada. but anywhoo.. Whilst buying these green bean thingies.. I thought they would taste COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I thought I had them before. haha I was wrong. The first "chip" is like wtf? I didn't even taste it? & then your saliva does it's thang and you want another. The next one is like hmm. ok, let me taste one more to make sure my findings are correct.. everyone in my family likes these. All agree, don't judge by the first nibble :) half a bag is 130 or so calories. Me and my friend ate a bag together while we were playing video games and pretty fast xp so try em!! I recommend. oh PS.. I got the original flavor. In case you were wondering.
348933348933B000FMZO90A3M94MWL9LHNY2Heather Green1241283385600Tasty, but oily.To be fair, these Snapea Crisps taste great. The Ceasar have even more flavor, but contain dairy, which we avoid. The kids love these in the car and they can be quite addictive. Unfortunately, they are quite oily and can become very messy when eaten with the hands. From the packaging it may appear that these are actual baked peas in the pod. They are actually pea flour shaped into pods. If you don't mind the oiliness (comparable to kettle chip oiliness) give 'em a try!
348934348934B000FMZO90A2ZT8WIFB5SKGB. Fitzpatrick1231277856000Delicious, but old productThese crisps are very good, I had never had them before but bought the 12 pack looking to try a new healthy snack. The only problem was the expiration date on the 12 packs is 7/10/10. Considering they arrived on 6/29/10, that doesn't leave much time to consume them at their best and I wonder if a younger product would taste better/be more fresh.

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