Amazon Fine Food Reviews

348961348961B000FMZO90A2MUR7MC2LW5VSOcean "<(o0)>"1611332892800HORRIBLEHorrible. That is a word to describe these treats. To start, you pull one pea out of the greasy bag and you really can't distinguish which one is the pea and which one is the rice flour. Almost undistinguishable. Second, the pieces are SOAKED with corn oil, literally. Just leave the bag out at room temperature and you'll notice. The description of the product says it is OVEN made but there is no advantage if you soak them in oil!! Fake fake fake nutritional benefits. As described in the package, 9gms of fat in 1oz. it might be understated.
Flavorwise is average. Taste like pan-fried tempura-texture like pea, pre-soaked in Mazola oil.
348962348962B000FMZO90A3N3SLZSU86UEGValerie Shepherd "stichesco"0611335312000GREEN CHEETOSPlease dont trick yourself into thinking these are anything like snap peas. They are green cheetos. If you like greasy fatty corn y cheesy cheetos then send yourself into any early grave with these green ones! You will pack on the pounds with this high fat high refined food. If you too are dissappointed with this product you may be looking for roasted green peas. Those are actually whole peas. Or just go to the produce section of your grocer and buy a pack of fresh snap peas!!!
348963348963B000FMZO90A11YOTONCPRQ9SSH1921306368000These are not "veggies."There's a slightly odd taste about this product that I can't figure out from the ingredients. These are not a substitute for veggies as some people reviewing seem to think. They're basically a potato chip replacement and just as unhealthy but slightly lower in fat. These are definitely "junk food" and should be eaten with that in mind in terms of frequency and quantity. The fact that they're called peas is only because they're molded to look like peas. Read the label!

I won't order them again mainly because of the weird off-putting taste.
348964348964B000FMZO90A19F3R88WJUB7AD. Meyer21311188864000blah--times 2To each his/her own. I was suckered into buying a case (and the regular ones) on a Friday sale. I'm now trying to give them away a package at a time. They are blended, pureed, formed into peapods, but NOT any remote resemblance of an actual green bean. I hate them (although one of my sister-in-laws and parents have ordered 3 more cases). Like I said--to each his/her own. I personally hate them. But if you like salt, perhaps you'll like these---grab a Brita pitcher before you open to sample.
348965348965B000FMZO90A4EOLFG31WLQ7K. B. Rollins3351179100800Amazing snackThese are extraordinary. Crunchy, tender and tasty. I use them in salads, added at the last minute like croutons. Also terrific for snacks.
348966348966B000FMZO90A1JXZCSUJQRKCUJohn J. Reed "snack crazy"3351178409600great taste for a "healthy" snackTerrific taste and crunch - yes, better than chips - but be careful 3 servings to a bag. Calbee Snack Salad Snapea Crisps, Original Flavor, 3.3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
348967348967B000FMZO90A30DL9EJQNGJOZKris2221329955200Not What They AdvertiseWhen I bought this snack I was expecting dried snap peas, which is what they lead you to believe from the packaging. However, they are a far cry from this. They are really a smashed blend of many ingredients bent back into a pea shape. There are a few benefits like fiber and there is some sort of pea in it but overall there are still some poor ingredients in my opinion, especially when I was expecting dried snap peas. Also, the flavor was very bland. Almost like cheerios, or a stale corn puff. Somewhat overpriced too, although I bought them from the grocery store not Amazon. I wouldn't recommend them.
348968348968B000FMZO90A16ADGGD2C06PYhfarnz2251306195200yummy snackI feed these to my kids for a relatively healthy snack. They like them a lot. My baby likes them.
348969348969B000FMZO90A2BU7DCHHJY19E'joy to the world'2251211068800Great healthy snackI first found these in a health food store, that later went out of business. I now have friends and family addicted to them. They are a great tasting, healthy snack. I hope to get a local store to carry them as well.
348970348970B000FMZO90A3J174PVEY90YTBunnyMum "avid reader"2251175212800A veggie my kid likes? No way....Okay, so I realize this isn't a real veggie... merely a veggie that's been pureed and turned into a pea pod shaped chip. But man they are GOOD. What's more, there aren't any bad ingredients in this product AND they're baked, not fried! Better still, my kid prefers them to chips. So while I don't totally win the "Make Your Kid Love Veggies" award with this snack, I feel I'm one step closer. Oh, and I love them too!
348971348971B000FMZO90A3BI8K0KB2CEAWBrian C. Henkel4551161734400They finally came to AmericaI've been over here in Japan for the past 3 years and haven't made too many visits to the states. I will be returning next week though. However, this stuff is definitely one addictive snack. In Japan it's marketed by the same company as "Saya Endou". Not a strong flavor, just something to munch on. Not too salty and not too sweet. Kampeki (Perfect). A purchase of the snack is a victory against terrorism.
348972348972B000FMZO90A1VQ1H8A3RF3A2partygirl1151346976000fantasticGreat. Love these and happy that can be found on line. would love if you carry the snak size bags because i open a bag i tend to eat all
348973348973B000FMZO90A24JZTN9PXA6E7Jim K. at Union City, Ga1151342396800Another Bag, Please!These Snappy Crisp salad peas are lght, crispy,tasty and when I start, I have difficulty to stop eating a them.The saltiness is just right for balance in health and flavor. I'm just a little concerned about the freshness and flavor variation from suppliers. While both were very good,my first shipment from Amazon was better tasting than what I got at a local supermarket. jrk.
348974348974B000FMZO90A1GQTYBOZ1D3Y0Monica1151337212800Delish, and a good priceI love these Snapea crisps, and so do my kids. Now, I realize they aren't exactly a health food, but as far as junk food goes, I consider them to be on the good end of the spectrum. Thanks for carrying these, Amazon!
348975348975B000FMZO90A135XHGMBR0OWFFrances R. Dickman "Duchess of Westbury"1151336953600Terrific SnackI love these as a treat when I am desperate for a snack. They are a little high in fat but the overall calorie count isn't too bad.
348976348976B000FMZO90A18XL8Y4H4XL2UGREG ADAMSON "Kari"1151333843200Fantastic!!!!I really love these snacks and couldn't find them for a long time. Thank God for Amazon!! I chose this seller to place my order with and it was a great choice. They arrived so quickly and are so fresh that I will definitely be ordering from them again.
348977348977B000FMZO90A15VQSTMR1JN65D. Steed1141332720000Snapea CrispsI wasn't real sure if I would like baked snapea crisps when a manager brought me a bag. After the first couple I still wasn't sold on them but the more I ate them they are really good baked and lightly salted. Multiple managers and I tried to find these again in our local store and was not successful. One manager was told it was a promotional item to see how well they do and not sure if they would be carrying them. I go to my trusted website Amazon found them and made my purchased. These are healthier and better than reaching for potatoe chips - I purchased these now with my veggie chips in place of regular chips. It took my family time to get use to them but when they ran out of their regular chips then they start eating the snapeas and veggie chips.
348978348978B000FMZO90A3D8J0S5DTTL1VSusie Q1151327363200Delicious and a healthier snackThese are super addicting. They taste sorta like sunflower seeds but have the consistency of a puffy cheeto. They could be healthier, but they are a good replacement for a salty snack. I've only tried the original flavor but boy is it yummy. I buy this every week at the store and will soon buy a whole case. My husband is addicted to them as well.
348979348979B000FMZO90A315S3F1NHG7Y8cdromm1151320796800It's VERY EASY To Wolf Down A Whole Bag In One Sitting!!I love these too much. It's *VERY EASY* to wolf down
a whole bag in just one sitting. I'm glad this is a
12 pack box! I can plow through a box of these in
record time if I'm not careful. They are good on
salads, yes, but they are fantastic right from the bag.
I actually eat them instead of potato chips. Since
they are made from peas, that's got to be better for
you than potato chips, I imagine. Even if you do eat
the whole bag, you will have only eaten around 300
calories, so it is not the end of the world. Try
doing that with potato chips (ha ha). Once you have
tried these, you will want more. Everyone I have
offered them to does. Try them, you'll love 'em.
348980348980B000FMZO90AAVXMXW482KZXR. Fravert "Book lover"1151320624000Addicting snackI love the original snap pea crisps. I eat them right out of the bag as a snack. They are addicting and I crave the flavor. They are high in fiber and lower in fat and salt than potato chips.
348981348981B000FMZO90ANR3A4KFZNU2SMaxine Terry "Maxine"1151319068800Tasty Green ThingsThese are a great and almost-guilt free snack. Crisp, tasty and slightly addictive. The bulk price online is very economical. My local grocery store charges $5.99 for a single package. If you want to save money on "treats", here's a good place to start.
348982348982B000FMZO90A38P2967UVAULBDominic Giafagleone "lovefro"1151313020800Addictive! Insanely addictive!I found them in my local grocery store. After I opened the bag before I knew it they were gone. I had to look around the floor and general area thinking I must have spilled some, but no these are almost maniacally snackable. Not to oily not to salty and the appearance of a health food, they might just be too good. The ceaser flavor is a little too strong for my tastes; but that did not mean I couldn't finish the bag. I can not recommended these enough.
348983348983B000FMZO90A30ESEDL8HT8BUC. Harris1131307923200So-So.I love peas, but I don't love these. I found them a little bland, to be honest, and the texture is just like Cheetos. Better for me than salted peanuts though!
348984348984B000FMZO90A1574S23MT2UXTMG1151305072000Delicious!My kids LOVE these and so do I. We prefer these to chips anyday. Much more economical on Amazon than at our local store too. Delicious!
348985348985B000FMZO90A1HPOQ9NZHBFKRita1151304726400Great Way For VeggiesIf you're tired of potato chips, these are a find. Nicely salted, crunchy veggie you can take anywhere. Eat out of the bag or drop on a salad for crunch instead of croutons.
348986348986B000FMZO90ARS31JIN5NZVKjanzito1151303516800Excellent salubrious snack!We all love these crispy, tasty snap peas. We use them as dipping sticks for hummus or even bypass the hummus. They came neatly stacked in a box and all 12 packages remained crisp, tho they didn't last all that long in our house.
If you want a nutritious option other than fresh veggies, these are perfect. Enjoy!
348987348987B000FMZO90A1V2UJVWXG0C30happy 11151302912000snack salad snapea crispa-better than potato chips!!These are GREAT!!! You can put them on salads. I just eat them out of the bag. Wonderful ,healthy alternative to potato chips!!
348988348988B000FMZO90A3LICQ0NVWE048New Mom1151299888000My Son's AddictionMy mom got my 2 1/2 yr old son HOOKED on these, and now - at 5 - they are his go-to food. He gets time packed in his lunch each day for school; he wants them as his after-school snack; on weekends he'd be happy if I opened a bag & let him eat the whole thing.

Glad we found them on Amazon since finding them local was tough. We buy 2 cases every 3-4 months so it helps!
348989348989B000FMZO90A2BJFQBDQ0S8E1Donna T. Thomas "DonnaBahama"1151298937600These are my favorite and only snack...SnaPea Crisps are one fabulous food, or snack. I do not feel a bit guilty eating an entire bag, the way I would with, say, Doritos. They are full of nutrition and hit the spot, in the middle of a long day. And they taste wonderful. I plan to keep ordering them by the case, and I won't mind that my two dogs root in and steal a bag or two, lol.


DonnaBahama...getting my veggies, whether I want to or not.../-:
348990348990B000FMZO90A1FZXI01D1FQ0ZMichelle L. Walling "Newbie Mom"1151298246400Yummy toddler snack.These have been my daughter's favorite snack since she was about 8 months old. The primary ingredient is peas so it is a nice, sneaky way to get some extra vegetables in her. A lot of the other "vegetable" snacks are mostly potato starch! I love buying them by the case. I split it with a friend and they end up costing less than half of the price at our local grocery store.

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