Amazon Fine Food Reviews

349021349021B000FMZO90A2NQ4DLRMJSGD8Lizzieliz0051324252800Nom Nom NomFirst bite and I was o.k. but then I ate a second and a third and almost the entire bag. I found them at my local world food store and bought 8 more bags.
349022349022B000FMZO90A2CLDRW7GVDOZ1D. Meyer "Fun Mom"0051324252800Can't keep these in the house! (Ceasar flavor)My boys love these so much (and so do I) that I can't just buy one bag at a time and they never last longer than about 10 minutes once I walk a couple of bags in the door. Solution? Amazon - buy in bulk. I try to buy them once a month. If I bought them more often, they'd be eating too many of them all the time!
349023349023B000FMZO90A2QMVL33Q2TBUQC. Larkins0041322438400Easy way to get veggies into my 2 year oldMy son loves these, but they can be expensive. Getting them from amazon is much less expensive- especially since my son can go through a bag a day (and there's actually peas in there!) I have to say that they are a love 'em or hate 'em kind of thing. They have a crispy cheese puff texture, with a salty pea flavor. My advice would be to get a bag from a "natural" type grocery store first before you invest in a dozen.
349024349024B000FMZO90AWCTZEYDIZJ74Lucky Puppy0051317945600They are deliciousThese are really a great product. They are hard to find in Markets so I searched on Amazon, fortunately they had them. I will definitiely keep buying them via Amazon.
349025349025B000FMZO90ACQ180K4JYOOEMommaKW "MommaKW"0041316476800Just bought my second CASEMy 20 month old has been eating these since he was about 16 months old. They are a great snack for toddlers. He calls them "peas" and I don't mind giving him fistfuls!! Made with real peas & rice I feel so much better giving him this than a pretzel or cracker. I can bring them anywhere in a baggie or plastic container & they are the perfect snack. Kids on the playground are always trying to get at them & other moms are like, "What are those?" Love my peas! Cannot say enough about how great these crisps are!! Only downside is that I wish the bag was re-sealable. Can't tell you how many have spilled out in my stroller or diaper bag.
349026349026B000FMZO90A3JH11695DHVGBFamily Man0051316217600A must for yeast-free sugar-free dietThese are a fabulous treat. I've been on a yeast-free, very low-sugar diet to get rid of a systemic yeast problem. This is my favorite quick snack that I can eat. They are delicious, nice and crunchy, and a good source of protein. My kids love them but I try to keep them for myself. I highly recommend them!
349027349027B000FMZO90A2HYHT45PHNIIGAramat "Aramat"0041313971200Interesting flavorI like these a lot, but 12 bags is just too many for one person to eat before they go stale. It's one of those snacks you eat 'til you're sick of them, then go back to a few month later.
349028349028B000FMZO90A1O365Y00JPPLZCentral Florida Mom0051312329600Tasty snacks!I found these Snapea Crisps a while back at a local grocery store and enjoyed it so much that I decided to purchase an entire box with 12 packs (it came out less expensive and I was able to share them with friends). I liked that it was baked and that it was actually made from snap peas. If I recall correctly, the product's website explained that the peas are dehydrated and made into a powder form, in order to eventually make them into it's appealing snow pea shape. I enjoy the lightly salted flavor as well the crispiness of it - makes it difficult to just eat one. Also, my toddler and preschooler enjoy them, so I feel better about giving them a snack that contains peas. I'm not a fan of ceasar salad, so I have not ventured into the ceasar salad flavored crips, but so far I've enjoyed just the original flavor.
349030349030B000FMZO90A1CSDOK1R1XSDDDiana0051308009600LOVE SNAPEA CRISPS - so addictingI LOVE Snapea Crisps. I first had them while on vacation with a friend's family. They are so addicting and (hopefully) pretty healthy. I love snacking on them, they are the perfect combination of salty without being overwhelming and heavy. I feel like a fatty for buying a whole case but it's just more economical to buy in bulk :)
349031349031B000FMZO90A3CBRLRMR2EI34J. Charney "educated consumer"0051307923200Yummy!!!!!They're just really good, they have some protein compared to potato chips but they still have fat and salt so they do taste good. But the sodium % of daily value which is 22 pieces is only 4% so that doesn't seem bad at all, I think there are bags of potato chips and pretzels and oh the worst are those corn chips, they are just like pouring a bottle of salt down your throat, these taste plenty salty to me. They're addicting so watch out! I also ordered some other snacks that maybe I can mix things up. Such a lucky find these crips, I just was hungry before my sewing lesson and stopped into a convenience mart and saw them, that was lucky, funny thing it was called Lucky Mart I think. I don't live around there and dunno if they have em here and don't feel like looking so I figured just order the 12 pack online. I read the snapeas mostly come from Canada and that they have good farming standards so hopefully it isn't so bad that these aren't organic. Trader Joes green bean crisp also sound good, haven't tried them.
349032349032B000FMZO90A25WRHCEAWDBNJJane Doe0051307923200Yum!My husband's favorite snack for beer. I like it, too. It's baked so it's not as greasy. I'm glad Amazon has this for sale since I can't find this in my area.
349033349033B000FMZO90A6TOGEJT5XSCIGrace Blue Jay0041307318400Crispy, Crunchy Snack!Snapea crisps are a fun and delicious snack for me. My only complaint is that they are not exactly gluten free,
there is a chance that there could be cross contamination. So I take a risk every time I eat them. But other than that, they are a tasty, crispy and crunchy snack. (I don't really like peas but when I tried these I really liked them!) So grab yourself a bag of original snapea crisps today and you'll be hooked!
349034349034B000FMZO90A2MQILM9YVE6E0Cordelia Ryan "Cordy"0051304985600Addicting and Delicious!Okay, my husband can't stay away from these things. If he opens a bag, it's gone! Maybe they aren't the healthiest thing around, but they have to be better than regular potato chips, right? They taste very good, but maybe the taste is acquired, because the first bite I tried it was like, "huh"? But, funny enough, it just got better and better, and now I also find them delicious. The price here is good, as my local grocery charges almost double per bag. Only critique is the package it comes in doesn't say how they're made. That would be interesting...
349035349035B000FMZO90A27K7QTMX8AM9XPat Brigman0051303430400Great What everThese taste good as a snack or on a salad. They carried them for a while at Wal-Mart then they were gone. I introduced them to a friend of mine and her family fell in love with them also. This is the cheapest place I have found to order them. When I get them my friend and I share them and they go FAST.
349036349036B000FMZO90A22H7F8FPZULYHMommies2cuties0051302480000Great healthy snack option!Myself and my kids love Snapea Crisps...both the original and the caesar flavors! It's is a great option for a snack instead of potato chips.
349037349037B000FMZO90ANPOEB1II4WRBMizBee0051302307200Super SnacksSnapea Crisps are a splendid snack for husbands trying to loose weight. One third of a pack per night, while watching TV will keep him happy and satisfied !!
349038349038B000FMZO90A3DZNOVW8A5T1SEliannawhm0051302048000Great snack!These are great on salads; but, they are best right out of the bag! The Caesar flavor is a wonderful addition to an already great snack. We eat these in place of chips.
349039349039B000FMZO90A1WY3IF08IW8FRElizabeth0051300665600BEST SNACK!!!I've stumbled upon these crisps at Trader Joe's. They are hard to find elsewhere. They are the perfect snack for ANY occasion! I am obsessed with them; everytime I go to TJ's, I snag at least three bags. After I convinced my mom to try these, she is now obsessed as well and keeps wanting me to ship her a few bags to her house in Arizona since she lives in such a secluded area. For her birthday, I am shipping her 12 bags -- she's in for a surprise! Hope she doesn't find this review before the 27th ;)
349040349040B000FMZO90A938T1H2VZEF4Victoria Gates "Victoria"0051299715200Yummy Chip AlternativeI like these they are a yummy potato chip alternative. They are not 100% healthy by any means but they are still much better than your typical "stripped of nutrition" fried potato chip. I like them a lot actually, I say give them a try.
349041349041B000FMZO90A3LLZURSGL5GMNRICHARD G.0051296345600SNAPEA CRISPSAbsolutely Love this Product!!!!!!! They become addictive!!!!!
Very difficult to find in stores though.... PUBLIX was carring them, but for some reason, they are not available now.
I signed up on Amazon for Auto Ship, etc, but was informed, they no longer do the Auto ship.. Oh well.. What a shame.
349042349042B000FMZO90AJ8UXAL2M1S1GS0nicFR0051296259200Great and healthySnap peas taste so good!
I don't use it with my salads but substitute it for a snack whenever I'm in the mood for any kind of chips!
349043349043B000FMZO90AM1H9HW5AAPW1WARezDOG0051296086400Took a chance and glad I did!These went on sale for under $10 delivered for 12 packs! Never had them before but glad I bought them because they make a great snack! Although the taste is hard to describe they are tasty!
349044349044B000FMZO90A3173BUN91R8RFChris St Pierre0051295827200Great FlavorMy wife and I absolutely love these crisps. I was bummed, however after my first subscribe and save purchase it will no longer be sold by Amazon. These crisps are unbelievable in texture and taste. I don't know how they are made but they are gooood!
349045349045B001E5E0EMA24NUQIZMVO4U6G. Alhazzaa0051252195200True Napoli tasteI am making coffee with a napolitan cafetera,,, taken from Napoli it really represents the true Italian taste of coffee
349046349046B001E5E0EMA2MEM2LOCXQ3RRDee0051251244800KimboWhile traveling in Rome, I discovered Kimbo coffee. I have tried all the "other" brands in my Starbuck's espresso machine and find this brand to be the best espresso to make at home. We are currently experimenting with Kimbo Export and Arabica varieties. The Kimbo decaf is pretty good too. You can not beat the price!
349047349047B001E5E0EMA23HHNN2TTB161L. B. Bridges0051208908800The best expressoThis is the only expresso I use in my Bialetti expresso maker. Its the best, from Napoli, naturally.
349048349048B0048B35HMA3AF42J6XZZ20QF. Meraz0051339459200It is, what it is!!!It's granulated onion, certainly not powdered. I get it here, because I can't get it locally - you can only get the Tone's powdered crap at Sam's Club. Much more satisfying flavor, and you can use less and still get the flavor profile you desire.
349049349049B0048B35HMAIB9JMOFXDXJARetiredAndHappy0051332547200BBQ powder.Perfect. Just what I needed and at a super low price. Perfect. Just what I needed and at a super low price. Perfect. Just what I needed and at a super low price.
349050349050B008BONWIEADNTJOUHN9G47KDunc0011349654400Bummed!I was so excited to order this for my new coffee maker! Got it in the mail today and brewed it right away. Total dissapointment, tastes horrible. Guess I will have to stick to making it myself!

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