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349066349066B0007RAZB0A1ER7VSE7NHVZGC. Byrd "jagrsgirl"5541142640000Great with a few extra ingredients added.I am a huge fan of organic foods and have experimented for years on how to get my children to eat things that are better for them. That said, this pasta is as good as any other on the market, but you can make it wonderful just by adding two simple ingredients. After I take the pasta out of the pan to drain it, I add about a tablespoon of light margarine (any soft butter-type spread will work) and about 3 tablespoons of fat free sour cream (you may also use plain yogurt). I whisk the cheese powder into this mixture and then add the pasta back to the mix. My kids finish an entire box EVERY time. Try it!
349067349067B0007RAZB0AQ6AGWKWMTY8HPam Tee "mom,wife,fur-mom,book-blogger"4521136678400Try a Box Before Buying a Case - a review of BTN's Mac & CheeseI like organic. We do organic milk and meat (and vegetables when we can afford them). My children like macaroni and cheese - not my homemade casserole that I sweat and work over--of course lol). But only Mac that comes out of a box. [My hubby likes my casserole btw]

In any case, you would think organic *Back to Nature Macaroni & Cheese* that comes out of the box would be popular at our house but it's not. Simple put, my children won't eat it. We have tried three different kinds --white cheddar, regular, and special shapes--all with the same results.

Perhaps it is because of the *lack of chemicals* that the cheese sauce comes out a little grainy. Or maybe I just made it wrong, but my testy tikes won't gobble this down like non-organic, over-processed wheat Kraft Mac.

Two Stars. Maybe I just had a couple of bad boxes. Or maybe I just didn't make it right that day, but my two (boy and girl) would not eat this macaroni and cheese product. If you are going to try it (products do get IMPROVED every day) then my advice would be to buy ONE box and try it; and not a case.
349068349068B0007RAZB0A3O5HKNLD2NCBLJessica Hiatt0051167436800I think it tastes greatI am a very healthy eater and once you get away from processed foods for a while I believe your taste buds change. That being said, I think the Back to Nature mac & cheese products taste great, especially the white cheddar. I make it with a little more butter and a little less milk which makes for a creamier, cheesier meal.
349069349069B0007RAZB0AYFNND2XCUXF1K. Montgomery0051159574400Like the Mom Below, A Favorite for Us as Well!Back to Nature's Spirals and White Cheddar not only makes me, as a parent, feel good about what my daughter is eating, but it's taken me back to my own childhood when powdered mac and cheese meals were something to crow over. My daughter, like many kiddies, can be a picky eater, but she always comes around when I make her this. Heck, I've even fixed for myself and LOVE the taste. I don't always use organic milk, but regular two percent works great in this and my daughter just can't get enough. We never dress it up, eat it as is and it is wonderful. A nice break from the American cheese colored mac and cheese brands. My only advice--it tates much better when the pasta is cooked al dente, which takes very litle time with these tiny spirals. Overcooked and it takes on a very different milder texture. I also advise using only the third cup amount of milk they suggest. Too much, and the taste of the white cheddar gets diluted. Too, this sells for a buck fifty plus tax in the grocery store. On Amazon, you're saving thirty-two cents a box with this 12-pack. Can you say, college fund?
349070349070B0007RAZB0A1O85PWVAXRGCBC. Hulsing "Proud Mom of 5"0051159056000My Son's FavoriteI purchased this among other BTN pasta's during a promotion from Amazon. I needed a product without citric acid and this being organic was a Bonus! The only thing I was a tiny upset about was that only the sauce is organic, not the pasta itself. Besides that VERY happy with this product. My kids love it! And my very PICKY 4 y.o son calls this his favorite! It was hard for me to get him to try it, but once he did he wants it all the time! I like it too, I dont need to really dress it up or anything as others have said. Prefer over Annies Homegrown products.
349071349071B0007RAZB0A1Q7N6OTOUPZ72Wayne W. Mouritzen "DrWayne007"0211162252800AwfulMust be my taste buds as other reviews says it's great. I think it is awful but my dog ate it. I do see one review that says mom doctors it up with sour cream. Might improve it. If this is better than Annie's, I would hate to taste Annie's.
349072349072B0007RAZB0A2JR6N2FQOCUPKY. Sivanesan "careful consumer"31011147737600Buyer BewareI ordered this product and only received one box of the Back to Nature White Cheddar & Spirals Dinner instead of 12 boxes. did charge me for the entire case though. They tried another time to send me the correct package but again I only got one box. They told me I could keep the two boxes for my troubles and they would cancel my order. However, a month later they charged my credit card for the two boxes! I had to call and have them take the charge off. This product was more trouble than it was worth.
349073349073B0056RA9S0AHTNG50AGDKJFJoe0041346284800LollychopThe only bad things about these lollypops are the random pockets of what i assume is caffeine that are really bitter and the "cherry" flavor, other than that these lollypops are great!
349051349051B008BONWIEA8THWELKD4RW4nobodygrl60041347408000Great cider not worth the priceHad and loved it with the Keurig original brewer.
Can't seem to find it (for the vue) anywhere.
But I'd suggest purchasing from the manufacturer site.
No coffee is worth $18.
349075349075B005ZKEWKOA3QLPRLUZ2C1QYCarlos Gonzalez121211324944000False Labeling!!This stuff is called "Cook's Organic PURE Vanilla Powder" but it's definitely nothing of the sort. First of all, anyone should be weary of a "pure" vanilla powder that isn't dark brown/blackish in color. That should be the first give away. Cook's PURE Vanilla Powder is a white powder, and anyone who takes a moment to read the ingredient list should not be surprised to find that the #1 ingredient in this "PURE" Vanilla powder is, in fact, sucrose. That's right folks, it's sugar. Corn sugar. Cook's calls this product "a revolutionary vanilla and the first real alternative to pure vanilla extract" but the truth is there is nothing revolutionary here, and this is a horrible alternative to a perfectly fine product such as pure vanilla extract. As white as this powder appears by looking at the jar, one has to wonder just how much vanilla powder is actually even in there. It can't be much. Or maybe they bleached it?

Anyone willing to shell out $55 for 4.9lbs. of corn sugar with a splash of vanilla will be very pleased with this product, but if one were to actually care about their health and well-being, it would be wise to stay clear of this product and purchase some REAL vanilla powder or a vanilla extract instead. (They do make vanilla extract without alcohol, for those trying to avoid it.)

What we can learn from a product like this is the importance of reading labels. Always read the labels of products you intend on purchasing. Lesson learned? This stuff's junk. Go with another product.
349076349076B000LR2P50AD7CVEBA0WKJCBar 7R Ranch0051344902400Delightful pop!This salmon roe caviar is both affordable and delicious. Each little pop of salty roe atop a blini or water cracker is devine. Also good paired with raw quail egg, ponzu, sake, scallion, sea urchin roe and tobiko for an "uni shooter"...Yummmmm...
349052349052B004LJ45IOA27JJLF4JUWTRVCindy Anastasio0051349654400DeliciousThe flavor is not over powering at all.Just the right amount of buttery caramel taste! Smells real good too. One of my favorites.
349053349053B001E5E0EWACYR6O588USK' Groovin' guy "music historian"9951200441600Delicious Full Bodied Cup of EspressoI really enjoy a good cup of coffee.
I do like Starbucks, Lavazza and Illy among other espresso.

Kimbo has that distinct neopolitan taste and indeed it is a product of Naples.

If you like experimenting with coffees and if you like espresso, it's definitely worth your while to give Kimbo a try.

Highly recommended for any espresso lover!
349054349054B001E5E0EWA1LY6MNYGXZ4GUMaserati0051293753600The taste of home.Kimbo was my espresso of choice when I lived in Italy.It is the most popular brand in Naples. I am so happy to be reunited with my delicious old morning friend!
349055349055B007J6HMWWA1WJ79VZ787JT7domsag3004 "domsag3004"1151333497600Great flavorsI love the root beer, orange punch, coconut, grape and Himalayan Sea Salt...also the chipotle is a nice contrast of sweet and spice. All natural and great tasting what a great combination.David's Signature Beyond Gourmet Coconut Jelly Beans
349056349056B007J6HMWWA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0051332633600My Favorite Jelly Bean Ever, Seriously! Highly RecommendedThese David's Signature Beyond Gourmet "Coconut" jelly beans are so natural tasting and absolutely delicious that it would be easy to finish off the whole pack in one or two sittings. I really love coconut so might be slightly more impressed with these than others would be, but everyone I shared these with agree that they are indeed very good.

This flavor is from David Klein, the creator of the famous "Jelly Belly" jelly beans, so I was thrilled to be offered this in David's Signature Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans Flavor Sampler to review since my family loves jelly beans.

I also really like that these jelly beans are made with natural flavors and colors.

Highly recommended!

349057349057B007J6HMWWA1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner0051332547200So Coconut all you need are the trees ...Normally I am not a fan of coconut. And when it comes in jelly beans, I am even less of a fan. But I love these.

They start out with a real coconut taste ... you can almost see the palm trees swaying and hear the ukuleles in the background at the luau. As they dissolve, they become almost a fruity coconut, even more pleasurable to my taste buds. If you love coconut, you can't go wrong with these, but I do recommend that you try the sampler first, David's Signature Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans Flavor Sampler, just because there are so many different flavors to try.

I am grateful to have received a complimentary sampler to try these, and am loving almost all of the flavors. I didn't expect to enjoy this particular flavor, but I really did.

David was the original inventor of the Jelly Belly, and has returned to the competition with a wonderful set of new flavors on his own! While these are more pricy, they are most assuredly worth it, if you are interested in pure flavors.

Best of all for me, these do not contain artificial colors and flavorings, since I have a significant number of allergies.
349058349058B0025VQPYCA2IJYZK20L5JHCI.S.0051302998400GREAT!!!Delicious, fast and easy. Do the mix, put it in the bag, oven and forget about it until the timer alarm goes on. It's the best, I also make it with country pork ribs, a can of beans, mushrooms and potatoes sided with white rice, it's good, too bad Durkee stop making them. Hope they change their mind.
349059349059B0000CERIVA2PR9MFSBUUUP3Maritsa "anything fun is worth knowing about"6651118880000A cup of ChestnutsI love this tea! Who ever thinks of it as cheap should really consider the complexity and the harmony of the flavors that come through with each cup. It may not be the prized white tea, but the nutty taste keeps you wanting more. It's a great part of my tea alternation. I go from something fruity to nutty interchangably. For my nutty trips I consider a cup of Genmai cha and Oolong and for the fruity I recommend a cup of Orange Blossom White Tea. Also try Japanese charry green. Enjoy!
349060349060B0000CERIVA3HBY2YN08FXZVAnthony0051261440000Much smoother than other raw green teas.I drink a liter of this tea a day. I was put onto it by a Japanese restaurant I frequent. I find that the rice/popcorn pieces in the Genmaicha remove the raw taste present in most raw green teas. Use one of those mesh tea-steeping balls to steep the tea so that the loose leaves don't end up floating around in your mug. Don't steep it too long; they recommend 30 seconds only, but a minute is OK. [...]
349061349061B000LR2P5KAD7CVEBA0WKJCBar 7R Ranch0051344902400Delightful pop!This salmon roe caviar is both affordable and delicious. Each little pop of salty roe atop a blini or water cracker is devine. Also good paired with raw quail egg, ponzu, sake, scallion, sea urchin roe and tobiko for an "uni shooter"...Yummmmm...
349062349062B00348H4AEA1GZWWUPF8YTTXS. Post0051320969600PERFECT DRIED PEARSAfter searching locally for dried pears, I was delighted to find these pears offered by Amazon - my favorite grocer. They arrived in perfect condition and I kept them in the double-plastic-bagged wrapping and put them in the lower part of my refrigerator for a few weeks. When the weather was cool enough for shipping cookies, I removed enough moist, delicious pear pieces (they are almost halves - beautiful enough to serve as they are) and chopped them for use in baking. I was creating a special cookie, "Pear Crisp in a Cookie" for our grandson who is at the Air Force Academy. I haven't heard a review yet but I'll bet they were a hit in Colorado Springs. Thank you, Amazon for connecting me with such a perfect, healthy (no sulphur) baking ingredient.
349063349063B000NZIFN6A2WK1F7XI03HYUmspit690041330560000Its a Boy!This order process and shipping was very prompt and satisfactory. The product came in perfect shape usps. Haven't actually tried the product yet but ordered for my daughters birth and it was excellent two years ago. Definately recommend


349065349065B003UN12PQA7G9P745DG56ALB7751305676800Great Product and ServiceI purchased this item for someone oversees who finds this pickled herring as the absolute best available on the market today. Also, I called the company about an issue regarding the item and there were prompt to fix everything and were really nice. Plus, an actual living person answers the phone when you call their business number.
349077349077B0026LJ6JWA24P6TDDF79XAGGroch "Gadgethound"4451268179200Made my old dog start to eat again.My best buddy is a 16 year old poodle. About 6 months ago he started getting really picky with his food. He would sniff a few times, then run out of the room. Did not eat for several days. He gets good stuff, premium dog foods and home cooking.

Picked up a bottle of Iams Savory (disclosure, the bacon kind, I have not tried the others yet). From the first night, just shook about 1/2 teaspoon onto his meal and he dives right in.

I do not know if he is a bit senile, or just lost some of his sense of smell, but I am grateful to Iams for coming up with this great stuff. It smells like bacon to me...maybe it just smells good to him, but it works.
349078349078B0026LJ6JWA1CP1AQACU8SZGTropical Phil4451252713600Best Pet Food GravyCan no longer find this product locally anymore. I purchased it previously at a Warehouse Club but Costco, BJ`s and Sam`s Club no longer stock it in my area stores. My two Golden Retriever`s love this gravy when added to their mix of both dry and moist dog food. Hope it stays on the market.....Woof!
349079349079B0026LJ6JWA39PWVK3ACG12KAvid Reader "Avid Reader"3341258156800Iams Variety PackThis product is very good for a dog with fussy eating habits. Just a few drops will entice your dog to eat his kibble.
349080349080B0026LJ6JWA2BY6E3XVZZIX6Edward Mall "The Coach"2241252195200Makes Your Dog Look Forward to EatingGreat product to make your dog look forward to eating. The variety helps keep the dog's interest. Both of my dogs love the sauce on their food.

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