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349081349081B0026LJ6JWA2AHCAICFSDA45Guest780041346630400Works well!Our dog is really picky when it comes to her food. Decided to try this and give her food a little more favor and variety. We just use maybe a squirt (trying to maintain the balance of her premium food) and mix it really well to lightly coat all of her food. She eats all of her food right away versus not eating all of it. The cost in bulk is much cheaper the the single ones you can get a PetSmart or something. Shelf life is great as long as you don't open the individual bottles. Would recommend product in moderation.
349082349082B0026LJ6JWA17Q79P5PS1ESQhealwise0051330732800Savory gravy for dogfoodMy dog loved this stuff. I poured it over her dry food and mixed it in. It does go fast though and I only got three uses out of a bottle.
349083349083B0026LJ6JWAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige0031330128000Decent, but not greatWhen I first started to use IAMS Savory Sauce, my dogs loved it. After a few weeks, they don't seem to care too much for it anymore. They still get a little drizzle in their kibble every once in a while, and will eventually eat it when they are hungry, but they don't consider it to be a treat anymore. I still buy it once in a blue moon when it is on sale because of it contains vitamins and its decently priced, and low calorie. One big negative I have noticed about it is that their face is getting dirty from it. They are white dogs and this product tends to cause increased tear and around-the-mouth stains. I used to buy all different flavors of IAMS Savory Sauce, buy my groomer told me the chicken flavor is best as the beef and pork based flavors can cause an even worse increase in face staining. VitaGravy is a similar product that contains more vitamins, so if your must have some sort of gravy, I recommend VitaGravy a bit more. Or you can also just mix in some warm water with your dog food and let it sit for a bit before you feed it to your dog. This creates a "gravy" like texture and aroma that most dogs love. Not the greatest idea if your dog has dental issues, but a great free solution for picky eaters.
349084349084B0026LJ6JWA3TRGGLZVL94SOwsmdkm0051325289600Good Gravy!Two years ago, this product was available at most large grocery chains, military commissaries and all pet stores.
Now it appears that it is only available thru on-line purchase. Amazon's price was lower than I had ever paid - even before taxed. It is a great product and Amazon process and delivery service was prompt. I recommend both the IAMS dog gravy AND
349085349085B0026LJ6JWAVID3BSKDHS5DGreg Groth00413188960002 out of 3My dog is kinda hard to get interested in food. I use this to get him to eat his dry dog chow. He liked the bacon and the chicken flavors. the other dog got the roast flavor since it didn't work on the picky dog.
349086349086B0026LJ6JWAW8F6Z230OAHESnoopy "Snoopy"0041315699200Snoopy's GravySnoopy loves his doggie gravy & won't eat his food w/out it (dry w/ TBS canned). Good product but 3 pack has a lot of wasted packaging - it's a shame!
349087349087B0026LJ6JWA88PNE6AFKSXHbdg "Benjamin"1221280966400Dog had zero interestI got this because my dog just was very disinterested in dry food (even though i'ts a premium brand), thought this would help but dog had no interest.
349088349088B0026LJ6JWA5Z6TIROUVA5OJ. Lai "JL"0121345680000Yuck, brownie jumps back whenever I try to let him smell itYuck, Brownie jumps back whenever I try to let him smell it. When I put it on his food, he refuses to eat and backs away from his food bowl. I bought the Bacon and Roast Beef flavor, but he doesn't like any of them. He's not a picky dog, so it must really be gross. nice idea, but won't work if dogs won't go near it.
349089349089B0026LJ6JWA3JRXGG0XU63ULChrystal0111325721600Dog didn't like itMy Cavalier King Charles is picky, so I thought this might help. She didn't like it - oh well! I finally found a food that she'll eat :) In case you're interested... Natural Balance Dry Dog Food, Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet Small Bites Duck and Potato Formula, 12.5 Pound Bag
349090349090B0026LJ6JWAA6K1PDOE130VRatchet&Spank0151296432000Dog Loves The StuffMy dog use to act like he didn't enjoy his food even though it's a good brand. Now he gobbles down the whole bowl in a minute. The beef flavor smells really bad, but he likes it just fine. My only complaint is that it's not easy to find. Target is the only place I've found that carries it.
349091349091B004138UCWA1NOVY0LDCF5LWRon :-)3351320019200Mom loved it!!!Neighbors .... I sent this to Mom when she was in the hospital for a few days. She said it was perfect!!! your neighbor, HarleyBidness :-)
349092349092B001KPI272A38RWVWOQPYJSALiberTEAS0041349568000Mmm... Banana!While they aren't my favorite fruits, I do enjoy bananas and I keep them on hand because I love to add them to my smoothies (I usually add a heaping teaspoon or two of Matcha to all my smoothies too).

This matcha has a delicious banana-y flavor that isn't too sweet. The sweetness is from the fruit flavor and the Matcha itself, but it doesn't taste candy sweet, at least, not to me ... although it does smell like banana candy when you first open the package and all the while during preparation. But, I don't get that sort of taste from the Matcha and that's a good thing, at least in my opinion.

The matcha does taste a little different with the banana flavoring. The normal vegetative tones of the matcha meld with the flavor of the banana ... the fruity notes of the banana ... in such a way that the vegetal notes seem to disappear and become more fruity. The lovely, creamy, buttery tones are still there, and it still tastes like Matcha... but it's not veggie or grassy tasting like some Matcha can taste.

I like!
349093349093B001KPI272A29P51TN9KKMU9Azzrian0051348790400Do you Remember Circus Peanuts??This is one of those matcha that you will want to have around for the kids, their friends, and when you want to make smoothies, or have a sweet treat. Its not my favorite from Red Leaf but its not bad at all it just reminds me of circus peanuts. Do you remember those things? Sort of like slightly hardened dried out marshmallow like candies. We used to get them at the dime store. Remember when we had "dime stores" ... haha anyway I do enjoy this tea - takes me back to the good ol days, and really where they all THAT good? Oh well the point is - this is some good stuff and I do like it but its more of a banana candy like flavor rather than fresh ripe banana but at the same time I just don't know how natural of a banana flavor one could possibly get - I don't know if I have ever had a better banana flavor in a tea or anything else for that matter that was not a banana itself. I think that banana flavored things always tend to have that slightly strange flavor to it.
Now, this is where things get really good ... I mixed my banana matcha with macadamia nut matcha to make a banana nut like matcha and it was excellent! Made a smoothie out of it that way too! It was QUITE yummy!
349094349094B001CZYQA2AW74PWROUSNGAC. Bullock1151252886400Great product and great customer serviceI have two athletes who train very hard. This is exactly what I was looking for to supplement their meals before their workouts. The vendor was very informed about the product and was great to deal with. I highly recommend the product and the vendor.
349095349095B001CZYQA2A31L1MA05K6P13Jackie Craft1141244505600worked well for young active boysWe had tried to find a drinkable nutrition shake for our pre-teen son. He plays competitive soccer and is thin. We wanted something with calories, protein and fat that also tasted good. He loves all the flavors and it provides good preparation for tournments and is also good for recovery.
349096349096B001CZYQA2A6Y5QAQABVY4ZDavid S. Geller "Retail Consultant"0051323302400I used this drink because of having throat cancerA friend recommended this shake because we both had throat cancer. It has 360 calories and all of the nutrients you need.
It takes like a chocolate milk shake, absolutely delicious.

have been using this for breakfast for over 4 years. love it
349097349097B00371X6M8A3PPGYCSQXK1GIBart A. Smith3351316476800Innovo EVO dry cat foodI wanted to try a new brand of dry cat food which was listed as not containing any grain fillers. The food is well made, but packaged poorly in a non-resealable bag. The bag was very small and over-priced. However, this is no fault of the vendor who shipped right away and the product was carefully packaged. So I rate the vendor at 5 stars, but the pet food manufacture would get a 2. Try the larger size, the 6.6 Lb. rather than the 2.2 Lb. It is packaged better and does not tear down the middle when you open it. The food is excellent quality!
349098349098B0002HV63QA21P8RKP4HRO1WJane Kay Boyer "lilacrose"2251253318400A coffee lover's dreamA friend of mine served this at a Christmas dinner for dessert and it was love at first site. Though a bit expensive, it is wonderful all the same. Ione doesn't need to drink it only at Christmas. I urge anyone to serve it all year long; iced or piping hot.
349099349099B0002HV63QA1XY4669QU25SDDebbie1151337904000Christmas year round!This is one of my favorite coffees! I look forward to it every year at Christmas time, but now I can have it any time :)
349100349100B0002HV63QA12JX8IYS7HQQMDiane Pinto "Diane"1151231200000FABULOUS RELAXING AND ENJOYABLEMy family looks so forward to tasting the santa's white christmas coffee. However last year we were unabel to find the coffee. This year the we did and received the shipment in plenty of time to enjoy throughout the month and even into the new year. Thanks
349101349101B0002HV63QAJ4CWVUXB899WMichelle D. Piano "MDP"0051325030400Christmas and Santa's, nothing betterThis is a must have coffee for Christmas time. It is the perfect nutty/coconut blend, the taste is indescribably delicious.
349102349102B0002HV63QA1IPMJBC2IY75HSassywag0051310083200Best coffee blend ever!I purchased this item as a fathers day gift my dad loves it! He said it also complements the new coffee pot I got him as well. My mother who is not even a coffee drinker really enjoys the flavor as well. Great for year round enjoyment not just at Christmas time.
349103349103B0002HV63QA2S6FX9BL59CLLHappy Mom0041299196800Not as good!!!I used to love Santa's White Christmas but it is not as good as it use to be not sure if they changed or me!!!
349104349104B0002HV63QA13Z44V57D4WQZTina Hoppe "Tina"0041265414400Santa's White Christmas coffeeThe coffee was very good. I gave it to my coworker as a gift within a week she said it was gone.
Very tasteful.

349105349105B0002HV63QAKBGBPVA1O6YVA. Pies0051264464000The best ever!My mom's friend gave this to me after I tried hers and loved it. I absolutely love this coffee! The flavor and roast are incredible! I just can't say enough about how much I like it... I just hope I can get it year-round! It is on the pricier side, but I like to save mine for a treat, and not for every day, just to make it last longer. I love it with the coffee mate sugar free hazelnut creamer.
349106349106B0002HV63QA10R9BHRHJ23MRachel Tuckerson0051259798400Dessert in a MugI usually pick up 2 bags of this coffee around Thanksgiving and ration it out through New Year's.

Caramel, vanilla and coconut... do I need to say more? Great flavors and taste that are special. Definitely not a coffee I would drink everyday but this time of the year wouldn't be the same without it.
349107349107B0002HV63QA3V7OUS13HA3DLG. Barnett3531261958400Okay for flavored coffeeI received a bag of Barnie's Santa's White Christmas ground coffee as a stocking stuffer this Christmas and am sipping my first cup as I write this. The flavor combination seems overdone -- "coconut, nuts, sweet caramel, and vanilla." Really? Okay, it's impossible for my taste buds to decompose the flavor concoction to discern any one of those flavor components.

What my eyes did notice on the ingredient label, however, was sugar. The second ingredient of this product (which granted, could be anywhere from, say, 3% all the way to 49%) is sugar. Given that I take my coffee black unless I'm drinking crappy stuff at IHOP or Denny's, and always unsweetened, I did a double-take at the ingredients list. But the sugar doesn't rise above the flavor concoction, which probably means the percentage is closer to 3% than 49%.

This coffee is not substantially different from most flavored coffees, meaning the actual coffee itself seems to not be especially high quality and roasted mild so the added flavor will come through. Unfortunately, I'm a COFFEE guy, meaning I like my coffee to taste like COFFEE. I'm trying not to let that stand in the way of giving as objective a review as possible -- I understand that flavored coffee is intended to taste more like the flavor and less like the coffee -- but I can't entirely get past a mediocre coffee and roast. I can't really rate this any better than a Folger's Gourmet or Millstone flavored coffee. 100% Arabica means very, very little in the coffee market anymore these days.

My conclusion is that, as with pretty much all flavored coffee, it's not really intended to be served/taken black. You've gotta add at least a little cream or milk, and then you can probably slam it down. But you might want to give it a taste test before adding too much sugar.
349108349108B0002HV63QA194VUG9RTP1V2nefret1251193097600Really good!One of my friends introduced me to this coffee in bean form, and I fell in love with it.
349109349109B0002HV63QA3P0DYCH9669EVS. Vergara "badkitty"0231167436800Better in the StoreA bit bitter for my taste. Tried it from Barnies store--great; Publix sells it, too, but different in quality. Recommend fresh only.
349110349110B001RGY5FWA25P73GAVGM94JCocoa30051349308800Tastes just like the cookies we had in Sicily!Great Italian cookie that goes well with Milk! We discovered this cookie while in Sicily this summer.
I looked it up on line so we could still enjoy some of these cookies in the U.S.
Love them!

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