Amazon Fine Food Reviews

349111349111B001RGY5FWA1GYCSXNN1R41Wcagoux0051347753600My daughter love it!!Mulino Bianco is a great brand in Italy, so when I found it here on amazon, I ordered for my daughter who love it.
No differences between the one you buy at the store or online, even for the price.
I will buy it again!!
349112349112B002HNGGZQA1GNYV0RA0EQSSSl Judge "gatormomz"0051306886400The BEST of the BEST!!When you think "steaksauce", many people think of A1 or something along those lines. Virginia Gentleman, takes your steak to a new level! It brings out the flavor without disguising it! My husband purchased a case of it a long time ago and I am THRILLED to find it here at Amazon! Makes a great gift! Don't bring cake to your next family bbq, bring Virginia Gentleman!!!
349113349113B001UIBI02A1GY8W4XTB84Idj4541310688000need gift optionI recently ordered the hawaiian umbrella houseplant for a friend. I really liked the novelty of this particular plant and even though it did not have the option of enclosing a card, I still ordered it because I didn't see it offered through any florists and thought my name would be on the packing slip. Well no! She had no idea who sent her this plant and went on facebook trying to find the mystery sender. She, too, thought it was a unique plant and liked and appreciated it, but it would have been nice had she known who had sent it to her when she received it. On the upside it was well received, in good condition and arrived in a timely manner. So my main concern is the suggestion of offering the gift option. Most times plants are sent as gifts, I have yet to send one to myself.
349114349114B0002QEIF0AQ492CE49WYC6taft2211296259200Not good for stuffing!I have made stuffed grape leaves quite a few times before. I used to buy a Greek & California brand of brined grape leaves from the grocery store; but since the store doesn't carry them, I ordered "Roland" brand. These are the thinnest, most delicate grape leaves I have ever worked with. Only 50% of the grape leaves were usable. The rest were scraps. Of the 50% that were usable, they were very thin, torn in places and had to be patched together sometimes. I stuffed them with rice, etc. and never overstuff. I think that they processed the grape leaves in brine solution for too long. As far as my prep on them, I rinsed them and put them on warm water and gently boiled for 1 minute. I do this all the time and have never encountered such leaves. I knew prior to gently boiling them that the leaves were fragile because they broke apart in my hand as I was taking them out. Don't buy this brand to stuff. Stick with another brand. I can't remember which brand I used to buy, but I think it had a yellow label (California) and the Greek one might have been "Krinos".
349115349115B0002QEIF0AAM63TQS7UIUSMasterfluff0151301443200Just what we were looking for.This product was just what we were looking for. My wife loves making dolmas, and I love eating them worked out Great! So, Thank You.
349116349116B004EF0J4YA20AZ60KW8ECZMDorothy Rosa "flyawayhome"6641325030400Superb - but too much for shipping!This is a wonderful product - rich, satisfying, flavorful, and one teabag will make (to my taste, anyway) two large glasses of tea. But the shipping charge from this vendor is unrealistic. While we buy virtually everything we purchase on Amazon, we won't buy this - not as long as the seller is demanding $7+ for shipping.
349117349117B002GWFAK0A2M0SE2OLQUX4YTrust&2251302134400One of our Favorites
349118349118B002GWFAK0A2UME3JR31Z6PWDonna Presley "health nut"0031335571200OK, not for meI love coffee, but hate bitter coffee. This one tasted bitter to me no matter what strength I made it. My boyfriend said he thought it was OK, but I didn't see that look on his face that happens when I make him a really great cup of coffee. The only plus is that the price is good. I have to say that I do really enjoy some of Coffee Directs other coffees.
349122349122B003B5ASEYA9LLBMFJ0G0THTiffany Crooker0051330646400B.R.A.T DrinksI got 3 wonderful flavors to try out. They all taste like they should. These are great for kids and adults with allergies to certain foods, or sick kids missing those nutrients! I have only seen these at Safeway and always wondered what they were like. Way worth the price, especially if you got sick kiddos! I loved them and so do my kids as well. We liked the chocolate one those most of the 3.. They are free of so many bad things we eat in our daily diet.. Also great for pregnant people as well, considering helps with morning sickness! These products pretty much cover everything your body needs and fixes as well! Also great to use with smoothies! Organic, Free of bad stuff, all healthy stuff, cant beat that! We got at least 3 days off of one..

349123349123B003B5ASEYAK646PFLWW8EER. Baldwin0051326153600Love this product!We love this drink. My 4 year old had a 6 month battle with ear infections and this drink helped keep her tummy settled and regular while on all different kinds of antibiotics. She loves it so much that a year later she still drinks it once a day. She often prefers it to milk. If you are looking for a tummy soother or a cow's milk alternative this is a great product!!!
349124349124B003B5ASEYA2G2RKF1NIUXVSR. Fitch "Fitchy Lady"0041310601600Great product!!I bought this for my 10 month old son who has soy allergies. He loved the taste of this and drank 5 oz as quickly as he could!! It was amazing! It is not a replacement for milk, but it does have some vitamins and I am using it to help suppliment. I love that it is organic and natural. Flavor is mild but sweet-almost oatmeal-ish. I bought the Original. There is Vanilla and Chocolate, but I don't feel that my son needs the extra sugar or flavor; He liked it the way it was.
349125349125B003B5ASEYA1P7WGUIWWUXGDSpaynegirl0051304640000Awesome for chlld with food allergiesMy one year old is allergic to milk and soy and has sever reactions to them. Most rice milk has carrageenan in it which gives him terrible gas. I use vanilla Brat as a milk replacement for him along with other vitamin supplements. I love that it is organic and sugar free with nothing artificial. LOVE THIS STUFF!
349126349126B003B5ASEYA21FRH94XGH317The Tiki "Snail Herder"0021296777600Good idea but terrible tasteWhen my son was sick I spotted this product in stores. It sounded good so I bought two flavors. First my son saw the color and hesitated to drink it so I had to convince him to taste it. After he did he refused to drink anymore. I tasted it myself and understand why, it doesn't taste very good.

I like the idea of this product but unfortunately we will be sticking to pedialyte and the BRATS diet.
349127349127B003B5ASEYA35Q6GN6GHW88JMommy of 20051296432000Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!These drinks are awesome! I have never been able to get my kids to drink Pedialyte, and now rehydration doesn't have to be an issue anymore when they are sick. Even better, the BRAT drinks help to settle their upset tummies and stop any vomitting/diarrhea. I have even read that they are just as effective for other stomach issues (eg morning sickness and cancer treatment). This really is the best thing since sliced bread!
349128349128B0000DIYUVA25VW5F7HNUORURebecca0051345593600Yummy and fast shippingI bought this for a bridal shower and it came in two days! The jelly beans are just like what you would get in a store and there are about 400 of them. Definitely buy if you want cream soda jelly beans.
349129349129B0000ESTGYAGXP709QYDSZZMostlyAmused4451262736000Tastes like the real thingWe really enjoy the assortment pack, all the flavors are excellent. No artificial taste, easy to make, keep in the fridge very well. We'll whip up a package, split it into covered dessert dishes and enjoy them all week. They keep well and are an excellent substitute for the real thing. Definitely worth the investment. We gave a case to a diabetic relative as a Christmas gift! (Cheesecake or Mocha are my favorites)
349130349130B0000ESTGYA2HOBYM52B2TP4G. Gardner "gloworm"4451244332800I love these products.These products are great and getting harder for me to I was happy to find them
349131349131B0000ESTGYA1IBMMDZ6AUI2BShalena N. Walker "SHAY"3351151884800MOUSSEThis is a really great product. The shipping was fast also, to say that I'm in another country.
349132349132B0000ESTGYAG980QUH6IJ1PJulie A. Wright "Jewls"0051326153600Guilt free indulence!I stumbled upon this mousse at a local store in the pharmacy area on a special foods shelf with limited flavors, I wanted more!!! All of the flavors they carry are wonderful, I was thrilled to find this sample box online. Feels like I am having a rich indulgence with out the guilt! and calories ;o) There are 2 pouches per box so this box lasts a long time and has a flavor for every craving! I layer it with fruit, I have even used it as frosting.
Always a big hit!
349133349133B0000ESTGYA9Q3SYRX5KRYAS. L. Young "Sly"0051303689600These are good!All I can say is that these are really GOOD. I'm on my second order now and will probably get a third and fourth and so on and so on.
349134349134B0000ESTGYA33AEZTM5HTE1WSugarless in Vegas0051294617600I Can't Believe it has No Sugar!This is a great sugar free dessert! I did not know there were so many flavors until I looked for it on Some of the grocery stores in my area sell chocolate and cheesecake in the pharmacy section. This is much better than regular sugar free puddings. Be sure to try out some of the recipes included on the boxes. An early one (I have not seen on the boxes lately): Cream 8 oz. of cream cheese. Add 1/2 cup sour cream (or plain yogurt), 1/3 cup Splenda and 1 teaspoon of vanilla (other flavors such as almond, lemon or mint are good, too). Mix Sans Sucre as directed and mix with cream cheese mixture. If you want a thicker filling for a pie or preference, reduce milk in Sans Sucre to 1/4 cup. With various flavors, you have many possibilities for great desserts! Once you try it, you will see why I can't believe it has no sugar!
349135349135B0000ESTGYA33JHVWWV0LUDHNancy L. Webster "nlwebster79102"0041268179200Mixed resultsHave only used 2 so far, with mixed results. Chocolate Cheesecake flavor was really good. Key lime flavor was pretty bland.
349136349136B0000ESTGXA3NXCL9NJTL3TFTarget Shopaholic192041295395200NOT sugar free!Product description says "Mousse Mixes that are smooth, rich, creamy and sugar-free!" There are actually 4g of sugar per serving. This package contains 2 envelopes and each envelope supposedly has 4 servings. So if you eat one package, that's 16g of sugar that you're consuming.

Here are the nutrition facts from the box:
Total Fat 1.5g
Saturated Fat 1g
Trans Fat 0g -- but how does that add up to 1.5g of total fat??
If you read the ingredients, this contains hydrogenated palm kernel oil, which is basically trans fat...

Total Carbohydrate 8g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Protein 3g

Judging by the taste alone, this is awesome -- smooth, rich & creamy -- and I didn't even use a hand mixer to whip this up! It was a snap to make and enjoy after 2 hours of chilling. If I wasn't watching my sugar or carb intake, then I would gobble this up in a heartbeat. If you stick to the 1/2 cup serving recommendation, then you're consuming LOWER sugar/carb but 1/2 cup?? C'mon...
349137349137B0000ESTGXA15DF0V80C6M8TM. Hauck6651171065600Boy this stuff is good!This is spectacular. Truly delicious. LOVE IT, LOVE IT!
349138349138B0000ESTGXA1ETUWCY1JHJ42Nelli B "Nelli B"7851217808000Good Chocolate MousseThis is our second favorite EDIET dessert mousse. The no sugar sweetener taste is very very low. The texture is close to a real mousse. The chocolate is not too strong but a bit closer to dark chocolate than a light milk chocolate. It is worth a try.
349139349139B0000ESTGXA3O7K694T7CR3LPam T3351215648000Great evening snack!This is one of the best flavors in this line. Great texture and consistency, a very light chocolate. I like to top it with a big spoonful of Cool Whip Light! This dessert is satisfying and keeps me from eating high calorie sweets at night!
349140349140B0000ESTGXAP7TMMWPX5GBScandia2251294963200Whoa, Nellie! Totally delicious!I adore the plain chocolate Sans Sucre but this is awesome, too. Slightly less intense chocolate flavor, but feels denser and more creamy. I love both!
349119349119B0083OBDVAA3NDTZQSUOAE1VSherri Etheridge0051350345600I have to have itI start my day EVERY day with this. I can only find it in the commissary and when they are out I panic. LOVE Amazon being my back-up plan, they NEVER let me down!
349120349120B000S6TU4SA2FK2XGAGQYLZ4C. Foster "mozzy"101111187913600Nothing heart-healthy here!Overprocessed, oversalted, overadvertised crappy junk food! This is actually a Heart Attack Snack Package. What a shame.
349121349121B005ZHFCA6A2HREBPP2OYKVMA. E. Burtlebe0021348272000Salt's great Packaging is horrible

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