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349141349141B0000ESTGXA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"2251241481600WOW - REALLY Good Diet Mousse - Highly RecommendedSans Sucre "Mousse Mix - Chocolate Cheesecake" is a fantastic diet dessert. Being a diabetic I am always looking for good tasting, low carb food and this dessert is high on my list.

The texture is very good and the flavor is not "diet" at all.

Highly Recommended!
349142349142B0000ESTGXA214U5SCYVJ7G4blueeyes170041351123200Smooth tasting mousseThis was very good and it was smoothe and good to the taste It was easy to mix and it only took about six minutes.
349143349143B0000ESTGXA2F6WMPU7DATBBK. Byrd0051333584000woweeif you put it in the freezer and let it freeze it is like eating two cups of chocolate candy. i wonder how many calories there are in two cups of chocolate candy.
349144349144B000YT9LYIAM5EBM44AVX46R. A. Dean1151267920000Monin flavoring syrupsFantastic syrup which we use in making custom coffees. This is my third order. You can't beat the price or the service. Just keep in mind that the bottles come in different sizes when comparing prices and ordering. These are 1 liter bottles. Enjoy!
349145349145B000YT9LYIA3NAZUVWU7SZ4BPen Name0051341532800Corn allergy safe!Having to deny myself a significant number and variety of packaged food of any kind sucks. So, when I find products like monin syrups they become my long time friend. Caramel flavor is my favorite. I make myself iced coffee with milk every day and use this syrup in it. Great product, great flavor, and unlike other competitors does not taste like chemicals!
349146349146B000YT9LYIA2ELPO7OY9WGLPLori Green "absmom"0051312156800Really good!This is really good syrup, better than what is available to me at local grocery stores. It is strong and a little goes a long way. Additional sweetener is not necessary when I put this in my coffee. So far, we have only used it in coffee, but I am planning to use it in other ways soon.
349147349147B0000DIYUZA39924YGH6NBBLMrs. Putnam "~Earth Mommy~"2251181692800Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too!These are for true Peppers. Like most Jelly Bellys these taste exactly like what they are supposed to. Next time I'll order 2 pounds!
349148349148B0000DIYUZA2935KDO9PUNNPKEvz0051338249600Awesome serviceI loved the individual flavours and size options. I should have bought the biggest size because the Dr Pepper ones went so fast that I wish I didn't need to get more shipped in. Thank you for the great border crossing service and I will be back.
349165349165B001EPPC9YA2CBAW8BX3XLOZProudest Dad0141303344000Great product...horrible delivery serviceThe product is great and the baby loves it. Too bad it's not available locally to where I live because Amazon uses UPS as a delivery service. They are the slowest, most ridiculous service imagineable. I could walk to the location and get it quicker. Now we have to wait around on the weekend to get a delivery when the product was purchased a week ago and the post office would have had it to us in two days. "What can brown do for me?" They can go out of business and leave the delivery to people who know how to do it promptly.
349166349166B001GB799MA13A943ZWQVT0ZA. Gordon "A. Gord."111521283040000Great product, bad priceYou can get 16 ounce boxes at grocery stores for $1-$2. These things are amazing though!
349167349167B001GB799MA1Z54EM24Y40LLc20051349568000SO awesome!I've been eating these oatmeal pies now for 45 years. Really, no kidding! Mom used to put them in our lunch boxes and we just loved squeezing them a bit to mash them down before we opened these delectable treasures. They really haven't changed THAT much over the years - they're just significantly smaller now than they used to be in the 1960s. They were the favorites of the house then, and they are the favorites now. I can't ever keep a box of these guys around very long - they just disappear without warning! I particularly like the fact that they haven't made the filling taste waxy - like so many other favorites have over the years. Great, great cookie pie, perfect for lunch boxes, highly, highly, highly recommend!
349168349168B0050B1GS4AZINNHOH7MQEJTanya Dowell101051321315200Use with Cricut CakeI bought these sheets to try out with my Cricut Cake machine. They work wonderfully. Use some Crisco to attach them to your cutting mat, and then place in your freezer for 10-15 minutes before cutting for the best results. Once you have them cut, it helps to attach them with piping gel or royal icing. After a bit, they will meld with your icing and look perfect.
These even taste great! They don't have the chemical taste the the Cricut sheets do.
349169349169B0050B1GS4A21J31PG0FIT6JSusan "Susan"3311335225600Terrible product!Wilton Patterned Sugar Sheets Edible Decorating Paper -
Absolutely infuriated by this product. I was so excited to find the Damask pattern that exactly matched the decorations we chose for my daughter's Sweet 16 Masquerade Ball. Plus I knew I was going to have so much to do, that the sheets seemed the the perfect thing to make a beautiful cake with not much effort. I decided to simply wrap the outside of each tier and pipe a border, place a few fondant masques, and call it a day. Buying that many sheets was expensive, but I thought it would be worth it. The plan seemed to have worked perfectly UNTIL I opened the cake carriers at the banquet hall the next day to do the final stack and pipe the bottom borders. The sheets had evidently absorbed moisture from the buttercream and were all bubbled up and buckled over the entire cake. Any attempt to press them back into place resulted in the sheets sticking to my fingers and shredding away from the cake. Thankfully, the hall was dim and I had made extra fondant masques, so I was able to cover most of the damage. BUT, this was supposed to be the centerpiece of the banquet table! It ended up being relegated to a corner table, so that the worst damage was blocked from view by the wall. I don't make my living making cakes, but I have been doing it for over 30 years, so to have to present such disappointment at my own daughter's Sweet 16 party made me sick! Shame on you Wilton for producing such a shabby product!
349170349170B0050B1GS4A55QHY7LGJ0P1H. McBride3351314489600Wilton Sugar SheetsI purchased the Zebra, alphabet and Pink sheets for my daughters birthday cake. These were SO EASY to use. The only thing I would hesitate on again is the alphabet. The tend to tare as you lift them from the backing. The icing doesn't have to be "decorator smooth" for it to lay right. I do recommend using the piping gel to help attach. Water tends to bleed the design. The sheet starts out like gum as the the other reviewer mentioned, but quickly "morphs" with the icing. Within a few hours of applying the sheet, it didn't have the chewy texture.
349149349149B0000DIYUZA42E3V44JABG5Theresa0051330646400Would Purchase AgainDr. Pepper jelly bellies are by far my favorite, and I haven't been able to find them anywhere! When I saw these, I immediately scooped them up and they were just as expected! They taste just like I remember them, and they're going fast. The packaging is nice and seals the candy inside very well. I was surprised that the bag held 1 pound worth, because it didn't seem like a lot, but it was correct. If I'd known beforehand, I would've bought another!
349150349150B0000DIYUZAOSSXNUDGQXH1Johnny "John"1241270944000Revised review after seller's actionsI received this item originally short in qty/weight by 13%. Although I emailed the seller (per Amazon's suggested procedure) they did not contact me after a week so I left a negative review. They did proceed to ship me greater than the short quantity at no-charge to correct the shortage and finally contacted me by both phone and email requesting I remove the original negative review. While I wish they would have contacted me in the first place, I have removed the original review and am replacing it with this one. Although I ended up with more than I ordered, I don't feel it is fair to give a 5 star rating (I feel this is a 3-1/2-star transaction). I firmly believe that had the seller weighed the original shipment accurately and replied to my email in the first place to sort out the shortage I would not have had to leave a negative review originally and would have saved us both a lot of hassle and time. They appear to sell good products, ship quickly and in their message they said they corrected the measurement inaccuracy of their equipment so I am hopeful this was a one-time event.
349151349151B0052TAKMMA1VW4142VZQ7FIMichael F0011341792000LousyI wish I had something good to say about any of the ready rice flavors that i tried. There is no other way to put it other than it's just plain awful. The original is down right disgusting. It was mushy and has a vanilla like odor and flavor. Couldn't even save it by adding lots of butter to it. My dog, who eats everything, wouldn't even eat it. Just spend the 20 minutes cooking the regular Uncle Ben's rice. It might take a bit more time, but it's so worth it. It's amazing that this product actually made it to market.
349152349152B004XWDPTYA1ZCP0K8UULZIDDaisy Chubb1141335052800Mmmadagascar!Alright I am finally sitting down and doing this review. It's only been about a week since I received my Red Leaf Tea order, but I've had this tea three separate occasions since then. Every time I went to sit down and write a review - I was already finished my cup and I didn't quite know what to say.

I think I understand what took me so long. This is a seriously mysterious matcha. When I opened the package and took a whiff, I associated the sweet vanilla smell with something else, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I whisked up a cup between 175-185 degrees - the matcha itself was bright, vegetal, creeeamy and full of vanilla deliciousness. Definite vanilla bean or real vanilla extract - a flavour that isn't sweet but is associated with baking. When I bake with my 3 tablespoons+ of real vanilla - it always smells sooo delicious and sweet, but if you were to taste it itself - it doesn't taste how it smells. That's the opposite of this matcha - it really does taste how it smells - I think that's where the mystery came from.

Finally I associated the smell with the matcha whipped shortbread I made a while back. Of course! It smells and tastes like delicious flour, sugar, matcha and vanilla! Since I ate over a dozen of those cookies, it's now obvious where that taste association comes from haha. Love it. I really want to do a comparison of this vs the new French Vanilla matcha. Subtle but delicious differences I'm sure!

Oh man I just got an awesome idea. Mini matcha shortbreads for summer, using the different flavours of matcha! Ah! I can't wait to see how the flavour translates into a simple flour, butter, sugar cookie. Paired with an iced matcha. On the front porch. Okay I don't have a front porch : ( But I have the makings of the rest of it :D

I don't know if I mentioned this in my other reviews - but this matcha (and the others) has an amazing echo of taste. The aftertaste of the natural flavours lingers long after I'm finished the cup. To be honest, it kind of makes me crave more. If I wasn't already bouncing off the walls with matcha energy, I might make more! No joke. This stuff packs a serious energy punch. I've been having it every morning! I feel lucky :)
349153349153B004XWDPTYAS9UB97EO5PD7Meghan Donovan0041347321600Great beginner matchaI certainly would not classify this as a "blah" tea, but when I want something flavoured it isn't what I'll reach for - the vanilla flavour is there, but I had hoped for stronger. I made some before work today, and as it cooled (I find it gets better as it cools) I just kept thinking that it tasted like extra smooth regular matcha. Like a toned-down on the grassiness matcha, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think this would be perfect for someone who has been newly introduced to matcha, or for someone who maybe had a bad first experience. If I had tried this as my first matcha, I think I would have thought "Ooh....matcha is awesome!". What I really thought was: "This is interesting....but I think I need to try more before I decide."

The Madagascar Vanilla is definitely something that I can see being great in baking or smoothies, and I have read about a few people mixing it with other flavours such as mint (that may be something I need to try in the future!). I can also see it being a go-to tea to make when I'm not sure exactly what I want. I do wonder though how different the French Vanilla matcha is from the Madagascar Vanilla. I may have to place another order soon to compare...

The best thing about this matcha is that it seems to be pretty versatile...I feel like I could probably use it to extend the life of some other kinds if I really wanted to. The taste is mellow and smooth, and there is no artificial taste to the vanilla flavoring. I recently noticed that on the Red Leaf Tea website they have an option for a "2 in 1 custom matcha", and I think this would be a really awesome option to use as one of the flavors. I'm not sure I will pick up more of this when it is gone, but that is more due to the fact that there are so many different kinds that I want to try. I could see me coming back to this sometime in the future.
349154349154B004XWDPTYA29P51TN9KKMU9Azzrian0051345161600Such a good smooth vanilla!This here is so good its not an "in your face" vanilla but just the right touch to allow the yummy base to shine through. The base in this matcha is far better than many other matcha I have around and then to consider all the flavors this company offers! Its astounding! This particular vanilla is not as strong as some - such as french vanilla but if you want your flavors to taste as natural as the flavor additives Red Leaf Tea uses then this is your vanilla!
349155349155B004XWDPTYA3CGRDJWL5TUX3D. Hart0051343088000Tasty Healthy Yummy Treat!For the past two days every time I walk past my tin of Red Leaf Tea's Madagascar Vanilla Matcha, I have to stop and smell it. It really is an indescribable wonderful smell!
I have had this Matcha in Red Leaf's "2 in 1" option combined with Caramel Matcha and it was heaven. This time around I bought each of those flavors separately so I could use them individually or combined. This past weekend, my awesome daughter bought me a Magic Bullet blender because I have been so into making tea based drinks and smoothies etc. Already I have used this amazing flavored Madagascar Vanilla Matcha to make some super scrumptious smoothies. This morning I added it to a peach greek yogurt smoothie and it was delicious. Vanilla goes so well with so many fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Or this Matcha is spectacular all by itself, hot or cold. This flavor Matcha remains my top favorite and I believe I will be reordering this probably every order I place with Red Leaf because you just can't go wrong with this one. (Perhaps I should give Red Leaf's French Vanilla Matcha a chance though!)
Besides tasting so yummy, one cup of Matcha tea is equivalent to ten cups of green tea, so the health rewards are astronomical!
349156349156B004XWDPTYA3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0051335225600Vanilla is the one for me.So now that I've caved into a growing adoration of matcha, I gave myself permission to cave to the siren's call of Red Leaf Teas. My wife already adores them for their Earls, and Tea Equals Bliss on Steepster has nothing but good things to say about their matchas, so it was an easy next step to take. And the Madagascar Vanilla Matcha was an absolute must for me.

Anyway, on to the matcha. I'm in love, y'all. My wife asked how it was, and I could only put the mug down long enough to say "Oh my gawd...." Geez, I'm starting to sound like a Paula Dean special. There was no butter added to this tea, y'all, I promise. You all know how much I love vanilla, it's my chocolate, to be perfectly honest. Especially French Vanilla....mmm. Anyway, this has a creaminess that reminds me of a good French Vanilla, but without being overwhelmingly sweet like some French Vanilla teas can be. The greenness of the matcha isn't lost in the flavoring, it's a very nice balance. It doesn't taste artificial, it just tastes delicious and creamy and smooth and everything I ever wanted in a vanilla matcha. This is definitely one I plan to stock up on, once I've tried all of the ones I want to try! Next on my to buy list is cinnamon, and I'm already dreaming about mixing the cinnamon with the vanilla and drifting off into a delicious, delicious sunset! While full of excess energy, of course! Oooh, and mint for homemade, dairy-free Shamrock shakes! Mmmm....I see a lot of possibilities with this little beauty. Anywhere you need touch of creaminess, this matcha is there! Oh man, remember the blueberry pie I made with Vanilla Oolong? It would be out of this world with this matcha. And make it healthy! Well...healthy-ish.

This matcha inspires me to bake and blend my own flavors and just go crazy with matcha. I used to only drink matcha occasionally, but I think this particular tea might lead me down the road of "My Morning Matcha". There are too many possiblities! Blueberries and Cream matcha, Shamrock Shakes, Dreamscicle you see where I'm going with this? And the baking ideas are just as endless. Matcha butter cookies....oh hey, y'all! Lookie there, there is butter in this review. Dang. I guess I am Paula Dean. I promise I will never deep fry matcha.
349157349157B0000DIYUAA3CASVBAPPKA3SPKPJoe0041332115200Great! My favorite flavor!These are my favorite type of Jelly Bellies. I had been eyeing this product for some time. After a few glasses of wine, I decided that this was a must buy because its price per pound was much lower than a single pound of this flavor. The price is still pretty high, but it is about the same price as buying 5 single pounds. I have been snacking on these for a few months. They are still around, and I still love them.

The product arrived in a cardboard box with the jelly beans directly in the box. No plastic bag or anything, just the shipping box filled with jelly beans. I am not a huge germaphobe, but would have preferred a better container than the shipping box. This was the only reason why I docked it a star.
349158349158B005LV8ML2A1H4V29X9IMU02Great Books Fanatic1151322438400Perfect training treatWe've been using these as reward treats for training our 1.5yo Golden Retriever, and he absolutely loves them. They're small and hard enough that you can carry them in your pocket without worry of them crumbling apart, yet they're apparently tasty enough that our dog thinks they're worth the effort to perform on command.

Though small, these treats are not for really young puppies, however: we gave one to my parents' 3-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (a toy breed), and it was a bit too hard for his puppy teeth - he finally gummed the treat into submission, but he wasn't interested in a second one. So we'll stick to using them for training our older, larger-breed dog.
349159349159B005LV8ML2AXSV2IRQX2C20JAScribbles "Kindle is charged and ready!"0021328227200I'm on the FenceMy dog likes the Milk Bone treats. We used to buy the Milk-Bone 5 Flavor Small & Medium Dog Biscuits for him all the time. We stopped when he started to have some mouth issues - not related to the treats. We tend to buy soft, chewy biscuits for him.

Well, these little mini flavors are great. My older dog can chew them easily. They don't crumble and are low in calories. Nice. But for some reason, my little guy has been throwing up a lot since we bought these. He might have a bit of a bug or illness, but I find the timing odd. So I'm on the fence.

I'll set these aside for a few weeks and then pull them out again and see if the tummy issues return.

Review edit - It's been months since we stopped giving our dog these treats and.... he is no longer throwing up. Hmmmm. I plan to try Flint River Ranch Trout & Potato Wafer "Fish & Chips" Dog Treats - 10lb. They are all natural and have never had a pet food recall on their products. Nice.
349160349160B001YJ6HQWA2XNZ2IB37GRZPK. Kirk0051328140800My cat loves these...can't get enough.I don't know if the previous individual had a bad bag, but I have bought these for a year now as they are the only treat my cat never tires of. He loves them and would eat bags of them all at once if he had access. They have always been perfectly soft for him, while remaining in solid chunks in the bag, waiting to be eaten.
349161349161B001YJ6HQWA3GHF4GETJL6RULavendy0011293062400Too toughI bought the semi-moist roasted chicken treats and was disappointed to see that my cats couldn't chew it. They really tried but it was too tough. They rolled it around on the floor, and eventually gave up.
349162349162B001EPPC9YA2M56AFVYI90QWCherry2251319068800This is amazing product from EuropeInitially when i started feeding my baby he was a very good eater , I started with the home made foods like sweet potato , carrots , spinach +potato ..Initially he picked it fast and was eating well ..after two months he suddenly stopped eating everything... I tried Gerber , earths best and home made . I called up my sister , she is a doctor..she suggested me cerelac , and i tried amazon first !!I never guessed they are available in USA..Thanks to Amazon for selling this wonderful product ..This had a whole different taste , my baby ate only cerelac for two months when he started teething ...even during fever , cold ,teething discomforts he eats cerelac all the time , at times during teething he stopped breast feeding and i was very concerned and worried .. But I swear there is not even a single time when he rejected this product ..He did not like any of the wheat flavors from same company ..I am still trying once in a while though ..This flavor is amazing .i usually try everything before i feed my baby ..This is awesome ..Worth trying it once ...
The only con is it comes in a package of four if you want prime shipping ...Mothers usually look for one can to try initially..
349163349163B001EPPC9YA1E5RAHLKXAAHYSatish Ramineni2251277942400Excellent Product, highly nutritious and tastyExcellent Product, highly nutritious and tasty. My 7 month old loves it and eats it twice a day...
349164349164B001EPPC9YA25WBT4PV3T3JDJody A2251211241600Loved it!!!!!!I wanted something yummy and healthy for my infant and was really happy to find "cerelac" available on Amazon!
It is really nice. Sometimes, when I want my infant to eat home cooked food, he decides to not cooperate. As soon as I add a spoon or two to it, he happily has it!

Would definitely recommend buying it for babies!

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