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349261349261B000CQC064A4S3AP2OQG60NB. Stevens "Viriditas"0051215993600RevitalizingAlthough I have sampled numerous Earl Grey teas, I always come back to Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea. I agree that it is not for the faint-hearted or those with a hypersensitive palate. Unlike teas such as jasmine green tea or chamomile which are soothing and relaxing, this tea is revitalizing and vivifying. So, if you want a bold and full flavored tea experience, this is the perfect tea for you.
349281349281B000CQC064A3TZOKN21IV4KRBJ Ladydoc "BJ"1251273622400You Really Should Try this if You Like Chai!I happen to love chai tea, but am not fond of some of the ingredients that are in some store products. This is by far the best chai I have found. It is much stronger than you would think, so I actually make more than one serving at a time, and mix it with plain black tea (use your favorite; I know lots of teas, and use Assam -- a very strong black tea -- in combination). You can drink it with or without milk and sweetening, but remember that most chai teas you buy in tea and coffee shops have both milk and sweetening in them. It can be served either hot or chilled.
The price is excellent, and I can get it in quantity so I don't (Heaven forbid!) run out. If the taste is a little TOO strong for you, they also have the chai spiced black tea in the Stash brand, which has fewer non-tea additives.
I even have friends who "don't care for tea" who have gotten hooked on this stuff, so it must be pretty good!Stash Premium Double Spice Chai Black Tea, Tea Bags, 18-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
349262349262B000CQC064A35PXDHHABYWR2emufan010051214265600Unique Earl GreyI've tried a variety of Earl Grey blends, and this one wins the prize for being the most unique. The citrus flavor is noticeably different from other Earl Greys. The box says that in addition to bergamont, other citrus flavors have been added. Personally, I taste a touch of grapefruit in the mix, which makes this tea a bit more lively than your typical blend. Of the conventional Earl Grey teas that are relatively easy to find, my goto is Bigelow's. I find Twinings to be too light and a bit sour. My favorite Earl Grey is made by Revolution, and includes lavender as an ingredient. If you want an Earl Grey that doesn't hold back on the bergamont, and you don't mind some extra tannins, I'd suggest Rishi or Tazo. Lady Grey by Twinings also tastes great, and includes small blue flowers, which you can see in the loose leaf version. Cool visual effect against the dark black tea leaves.
349263349263B000CQC064A1M5XMHG7W5RTKZane Binder0051212364800Awesome TeaI am so glad that Amazon sells this tea as it is very difficult to find. This is the best Earl Grey because of the double Bergamot and we prefer it over any other Earl Grey. This is a full bodied, very flavorful tea and some dishwater blend. I hope Amazon will continue to carry it.
349282349282B000CQC064A3S9JLXLM02E0LThe Mom1251268524800yumThis is the best orange spice tea I have ever had. Lots of flavor.
349283349283B000CQC064A2OWR2PL3DLWS4Love to Cook1211263081600NOT organicI bought this because I thought it actually had organic ingredients- as the description stated. It does not. It's quite good Chai tea, but I'd rather drink organic Allegro chai tea (available at Whole Foods for close to this price) than buy this stuff. The good news is that unlike some teas on Amazon, this one is very fresh and has a good sell-by date. I ordered it only a few weeks ago, and it is good until 11/2012. So if you don't care about organic tea, and you want a nice chai with strong cinnamon overtones, this is a pretty good one. I really like Allegro chai- it tastes more balanced to me, and I was hoping the Stash would be like that, but it's not.
349284349284B000CQC064A1ND4DZS3KBG8OLaura1231250985600not greatThis tea has a good price/bag but for some reason doesn't have a great or even very strong flavor.
349285349285B000CQC064A17BXN9X0G4U3Qlove to cook1231246060800still practicing, can not return.the smell of spices from this tea is awesome, but the tea itself is weak, if you try to let it soak in the cup for extra seconds it will leave bitter taste,I tried to add a packet of lipton tea but the taste still bitter, so
I'm still practicing with it, it also didn't work with half&half, not much with coffee mate. nothing like the original or made from scratch.
MY RECOMMENDATIONS: since it is huge quantity that you can't return, try one package from the store first and see if it works for you.
349286349286B000CQC064A2SHTXPPW1C0OECarol H. Gordon1241236038400Very Good TeaI have enjoyed the Stash Orange Spice Black Tea for years. While I like and drink it often, I actually enjoy the Lipton version better. I bought this again because it seems that Lipton has discontinued theirs, at least on a temporary basis. There is a subtle difference between the two and it's a personal thing with me, but I do hope the Lipton has not been discontinued. If so, I will certainly buy this again. I would also compare this to Constant Comment (Bigelow). If you've tasted and enjoyed that brand, you will like this one. All in all, a very good product!
349264349264B000CQC064A3PEE9UC426VVSAnonymous10051212278400Absolutely splendid Earl Grey tasteAbsolutely splendid taste and worthy of the Earl Grey name. This Double Earl brand is a bit stronger than the traditional Bigelow Earl Grey.
349265349265B000CQC064A79F0QVNU2TIDDeNeen Brown "book nut"0051210809600Like no other earl greyThis is more than just Earl Grey, the flavor and the fragrance are intense. After this tea, the other brands are just bland. I love this tea.
349287349287B000CQC064A2MP8FH6BHYRFBH. Suescun1251164758400ExquisiteI love this tea, everytime I drink it I just can't believe how delicious it is! I totally recommend it.
349266349266B000CQC064A38OCDJQOAQ2XGP. McGuire0051207699200The Best Earl Grey Tea EverI have been a long time drinker of Earl Grey Tea. No, not just because Captain Picard drank it (ok maybe a little) but because I drank coffee for years. Anyway, Earl Grey lovers will really like this tea... the citrus "bergamot" flavor is doubled - as the label states.

This tea is strong enough (black tea) to wake you up in the morning yet a perfect tea for the evening if you so want.

Not recommended for those of you who like a weaker tasting tea. Earl Grey fans - don't wait, get this now!
349267349267B000CQC064AGTORJGCMXRJCMarsha Roszel "living happy"0051207440000Peach Black TeaStash's Peach Black Tea has the perfect balance of peach and strong black tea flavor for a very refreshing summer drink. I usually use one or two peach tea bags along with 2 family sized black tea bags of the grocery store variety. This makes 2 quarts of great iced tea, with just a hint of peach. When I want something special I will use only the peach black tea and serve with a slice of peach. Summer is coming so I just stocked up!
349288349288B000CQC064A38ZKXQ907J3L4TeacherMama "youngteach22"1251163635200Chai on a Cold Winter's Night... Perfect!I have been a Stash Tea fan for years. The price on Amazon Grocery is terrific, and yes, you will drink your chai every day throughout the winter! Try the regular or decaf chai with a tablespoon or two of real cream--it's the perfect drink for those chilly days.
349289349289B000CQC064A37I99GFZ1B6YONeal Vanderstelt "Neal"1241162080000Not badThis tea is best hot.. It's ok cold but I usually drink it plain and imagine it would probably taste better with stevia leaf or xylitol sweetner..
349290349290B000CQC064A2XWDHTF1F8X3NProfessional Shopper "SD"2421266624000Too bitterI hardly order chai teai, then I tried Tazo chai tea, due to the nice reviews on Stash brand and cheaper price I went for it. Way too bitter in comparison to Tazo, I used almost 10 ounces of water and I wasn't able to finish my cup. It is very bitter!!! Be aware, and only buy it if you like real real strong black tea. As a matter of fact is more like black tea than chai.

Keep in mind I am not a tea expert, but if I like a nice cup of tea, and never have not finished one, like in this case.
349268349268B000CQC064ASJZHRWOLB4X7john0051206489600Fantastic FlavorA perfect combination of bergamot and tea. Full bergamot flavor. the best Earl Grey tea I have had.
349269349269B000CQC064A1PEO50732652OA. McKellar0051174262400Excellent!I have always enjoyed Earl Grey tea because of the flavor of Bergamot. I was pleased to find that there is this version of Earl Grey with Double Bergamot which only enhances the flavor! I love this tea and believe anyone who enjoys Earl Grey will love this as well.
349270349270B000CQC064A1QR88UTOZVJZLMary Butler-Minor0051168387200Chi teaThe tea is delicious and I got quite a lot of tea for a fraction of the cost of what I pay regularly. Keep up the good work..offering great deals!
349271349271B000CQC064A2IPHGXIAYZNJKTG0051168300800Our morning wake upMy wife and I enjoy this black tea with Stash Chai Spice Green as our drink at breakfast. We add Splenda and skim milk to start our day right.
349272349272B000CQC064A1AJ5JVIO3PD25Joyce A. Brenc0051168300800This tea is tops.This is one of my favorite teas. The double dose of Bergamot gives this Earl Grey a wonderful flavor. You can't beat the price in the groceriey stores.
349273349273B000CQC064A1KKGUI8WSEBZ4N. Pierre0051166140800Totally terrific tea, truly.I love this tea. I love the smooth feel of the individually sealed envelopes, I love the red of the box, I love the fragrance as it steeps, and I REALLY love the taste. It is just amazingly good, definitely worth the stained teeth.

Occasionally I will warm up some milk in my mug (filled about halfway, I'd say) and let the teabag steep while the water is getting hot. Once I take the teabag out I just add some sugar and am ready to go.

If you love tea, if you love gently but wonderfully spiced foods - try this. I am very glad that I found it.
349274349274B000CQC064A15037GE2508DRA. Johnson0051166054400Now THIS is a good breakfast tea!This tea is strong, but flavorful-ly strong - like good coffee. Bold, I guess, you might call call it. Heartier in flavor than English Breakfast tea and great with half & half, lemon or just plain. It makes the best iced tea. It's really very good!
349275349275B000CQC064AXPA8M9O5IACQDeanna Rickman0051163116800double bergamont teaThe is not only good value for the money but it is top of the line Stash tea.
349276349276B000CQC064A19S0T41IJIQI3Sandlapper3511207612800Tea? What Tea?Honestly, that's what I thought throughout trying this tea. The smell and taste is entirely of cinnamon. I couldn't ever taste the tea- and even in my smallest cup it tasted weak and watery.

If you want caffeinated cinnamon, go for it.

If you want true chai... look elsewhere.

PS. What's with the size of the bags? Not even 2 grams per bag. Even for American-style tea bags, this is small.
349277349277B000CQC064A3O6FCBYGK8EZ9MGP1251297296000Delicious Spiced Tea (Chai)Compared to other bagged teas, this is delicious and highly aromatic blend of chai.

Right from the opening you will smell the wonderful cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg notes.

Although I enjoy it all alone, this probably tastes just as good with milk/sugar but I haven't had to use them to enhance the flavor.

Once this cools down a bit, the flavors are more distinct and mellow to my taste.

I try not to go past 2.5 minutes while brewing and so far this is working for me. I haven't had any issues with bitterness, etc.

Go ahead and play around with brewing length since it can vary based on water temperature and quality.

I was a bit hesitant since I've already tried the Jasmine Blossom Green tea from Stash, but this was surprisingly good and is a refreshing alternative to other teas.

Give this a shot, you might love it!

* * * * * 5 / 5 * * * * *
349278349278B000CQC064ADS5APY1NKTL4D. Pawl "Dani"1251296864000flavorful....This tea (chai) has a great blend of spicy flavors (gingery, etc) in addition to being invigorating (yes, this is black tea). For me, all it takes is a little splash of milk and a drizzle of honey, blended in, and I am one happy camper!
349279349279B000CQC064A32EF8CKB8RSRTLonely Tourist1231296000000Not fond of smell or tasteI purchased 3 different flavors of Stash tea when it was on sale at Sprouts after seeing the great reviews on Amazon. I must say, Stash makes mediocre tea. There's something about the aroma and taste of their teas that does not agree with my senses. Maybe it's the cloying smell of the bergamot in their Earl Grey. I prefer Twinings, especially their Lady Grey tea over Stash. Of all the teas I've tried so far, Ahmad's fruit-flavored teas are my favorite (especially the Peach & Passion Fruit Black Tea, but the mango is good as wel). Aroma and taste is amazingly refreshing.
349280349280B000CQC064A2V18JN5XI2GOBC. Woods1221275350400Not a fanNot familiar with what "chai" tea is supposed to taste like but this tea tasted like stewed cloves to me Yuck.Got this flavor in a sampler box and, so far, it's the only Stash tea I've tried and disliked strongly. Some are better than others, of course, but I find this particular flavor really, really unpleasant, which is odd given my love for most of the spices listed on label. The problem is that the clove just overwhelms everything and that's about all I could taste, outside a touch of cinnamon. IMO, clove has much too strong a taste to be used beyond anything. Perhaps adding milk and sugar might've made it more palatable - might even be the way it's 'supposed' to be prepared, but one of the reasons I drink tea is to stay away from having to add sweeteners or milk to make it taste good. In any case, I can't imagine using enough milk/sweetener to subdue the overwhelming clove taste would leave any room in the mug for tea or water.

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