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349351349351B000CQC064AZA2WN9YYAHQVF. Barnes "petite frog"2251230076800A Must For bergamot LoversIf, like me, you find a lot of Earl Grey teas a bit weak in that most delicious and enticing bergamot aroma, this is definitely the one for you. It is not over powerful, just right. The tea itself is not strong so if you like very strong tea by all means add a bag of regular black tea to brew along with the Stash. Absolutely delicious..It will bring you to an exotic and distant land of pure enchantment.
349352349352B000CQC064A2G1EDE6KZQ4ZAJ. Sanders "IT Guy"2251169078400Great Tea at a Nice PriceThis tea has an excellent flavor that I never get sick of. I usually have one every morning at work. Its earl grey, which is strong, so make sure you like that type of tea. Before finding this here on Amazon, I used to purchase this exact brand/flavor at Jewel for around $6 each 20ct box... much better deal here.
349353349353B000CQC064A2LL8WO62AB2SRL. Mazzoni2251168905600Stash Tea Is The Best!!I've been drinking Stash tea for years,once you try it,nothing else will do! I'm really pleased to be able to purchase Stash tea at Amazon
349354349354B000CQC064A2PL4KZQJ0VFOBD. Dell "Dell"2231166659200Over all, fairly goodI have tried spiced chai tea, but it did not have enough spices. I also tried a mix where you just add water, but they were too sweet. I prefer a stronger spice flavor and I like to be able to control the amount of milk and sugar. So, I usually make my own chai spiced tea from scratch. I get just the right amount of ingredients, but it is a lot of trouble and takes time.

Then I tried the Stash Double Spiced Chai Tea. With more spice than most other teas I found the flavor and intensity to be fairly close to my home-made chai. This chai tea is able to maintain the flavor of the black tea with a nice blend of spices that give it a little extra kick with the double-spice. Of course, with more spices comes more bitterness. The way to lessen the bitterness is to slightly increase the milk and sugar. A better way to help cut the bitterness is to use honey instead of sugar.

I will still make my own home-made version when I have the time to make it. But, I will also use this Stash Double Spice Chai Tea as an alternative until I find something better.
349355349355B000CQC064ACV66IYEIL8L7gldrummond4551277683200I'm AddictedI love hot teas, and had never tried any chai before someone suggested this one to me.

It's perfect any time, with a bit of sugar and a little milk added. Has a wonderful flavor, not overpoweringly spicy, but just right. It's also fine without milk, but milk does 'smooth' the spices a bit.

Buy it a couple of six pack of boxes at a time. I'm pretty sure having a couple of cups (or more) every night constitutes addiction. =)
349356349356B000CQC064A2HOLM5I1ARX9JCarol C. "ccjello"4551232841600most flavorful chai i've foundBeing a fan of the creamy, spicy chai teas one can get in the coffeeshops, I've tried to recreate them at home with disappointing results -- until now. I've probably purchased ten or twelve different brands of Chai looking for the right one. I finally found it with this Stash Premium Double Spice. It is exceptionally flavorful, and really able to hold the strong flavor. The aroma is incredible. Although it has cinnamon, it doesn't strike me as particularly cinnamony -- I think the cardamom flavor may come through a little more strongly. Nor is it particularly spicy -- I can't handle spicy foods and I don't have a problem with this. This tea is a little heartier than most -- I have taken to drinking it instead of coffee in the morning.

I haven't been quite as impressed with the other Stash teas I've tried (they're okay, but nothing special) and generally prefer Mighty Leaf or Tazo -- but this tea quickly jumped to the top of my favorites list -- I'll be ordering much more.
349357349357B000CQC064A3IOCPLIMYDBCD~~Hummingbirder~~ "Call me hb"4551231718400So Tasty in the Winter!I usually drink green tea, straight up. But I wound up in a Starbucks one day and ordered a Chai Latte. It didn't taste like tea to me at all! It was more like hot chocolate, only with spices instead of chocolate. I thought I'd gone to heaven. I regretted not bringing some of the Tazo tea home later. I just started craving the stuff. I found Tazo Chai Spice at the supermarket, but wasn't happy with the price.

So I thought I'd try Stash. I already buy some of their green teas. It's even better than Tazo! The Spice Chai or Double Spice Chai, they're both delicious. The Double just has more spices and works better with milk. Or cream :) Makes the house smell good, too. Not knocking Tazo, either, after all, I did rave about their tea. I just think this is even better.

If you want to give tea as a gift, spice probably won't go to waste, no matter what the tea drinker usually drinks. Every tea drinker I know can go for a spice every now and then.
349358349358B000CQC064A1TJXXU8HQ3YU4GreatGrandmemas1151344643200As good as Bentley's, MUCH cheaper at never liked Earl Grey til I had Bentley's. It was a gift, far too expensive for my daily tea. This Stash DOUBLE BERGAMOT is just as good and so much cheaper. I ordered 200 bags because I drink it every day. It's all about the Bergamot; otherwise it's just black tea. This product gives you that pronounced Bergamot flavot that makes it special. Don't be afraid to buy a large quantity. You won't be disappointed.but beware: you may become addicted.
349359349359B000CQC064A24X0OFC2FOJG2Mommy Finn1151341705600Great TeaGood basic tea! I start everyday with a cup. Bergamont is helpful to reduce anxiety, lower cholesterol and protect brain neurons, so double is a good thing! Get it on auto ship so you never run out and save $$.
349360349360B000CQC064A1NCCYZ93D52YPlocard163091151338508800strong smooth tea with an aromatic bergamot scent and tasteI am totally addicted to this! i drink it every morning when i wake up and usually have one cup after dinner, . Bergamot is supposed to have properties that aid in digestion and calm your stomach, which i believe in. I have tried severl other brands but none even come close to the quality of stash.
349361349361B000CQC064A3J9MVICLD48E3arls1151334102400stash double bergamot teaBought this at a public store a few years ago but couldn't find it again. Went to another brand from England and they stopped exporting it. If you love bergamot then this is for you. Full taste and bold. Was thrilled when my daughter told me to look at Amazon. And there it was. So much better than any other earl greys.
349362349362B000CQC064A2NNCCH475532GAmazon Addict "Amazon Addict"1151332892800Great with milk and sugar, reasonably priced, strong and deliciousI grew up in the south and love a strong glass of sweet iced tea. I also like my hot tea sweet and creamy, and this tea is perfect. I've tried more expensive mail-order brands but now that I've found Stash, it has become my new favorite.
349363349363B000CQC064A1IH7O6EL7SNBDJ. Stroh1151328832000Strong, robust black tea flavor.Stash has some of the best black teas on the market and their English Breakfast tea is one of them. I nice hot cup of this tea first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day. I really like the individual packaging of the tea bags and ofter tuck a couple of packages in my purse in case a restaurant does not have this tea.

I have tried some other teas and have found that some leave a slight, bitter aftertaste and Stash's does not do this. Very nice flavor and I leave the teabag in the cup the whole time I am drinking it. Not too strong and not to light.
349364349364B000CQC064A38A08W5IM4EBPChristo Fo1151327363200Incredibly aromatic and flavorfulThis is as close to Earl Grey perfection as one can hope from a tea bag, and at ~$.13/ea, an incredible value. For those who take no issue with tea in a bag, Stash's double-bergamot offering provides a balance of floral, citrus, and earthy notes without being overly tannic or bitter. If you're in the US and you've been looking for a substitute for Harrods, this is it.
349365349365B000CQC064A4Q8DLDMVKA1JLindaB1151318377600Double DelightEarl Grey has always been my favorite but when I found Stash's Double Bergamot I found tea heaven. Then the problem was finding it. Amazon makes it easy to keep a steady supply.
349366349366B000CQC064AE10DV4Y7NFUAMeisha41151318204800Excellent!This tea is very hearty...definitely "double" in earl grey/bergamot flavor! I recommend it to anyone who likes a stronger tea. And you can't beat the deal especially with the Prime program -- save a couple of dollars + free shipping! Add a little sweetner and cream and it really enhances the flavors!
349367349367B000CQC064AENJWE4QD5R2YHeather "Lady Heather"1131316044800I like this tea, but it does lack something.I think it's like another reviewer said, it really lacks a good black tea body. I love the intense spiciness, but clove dominates. In fact, the clove is so intense, that it numbs my mouth half way through a cup. I don't mind because it reminds me of when I used to smoke kretek, but others might.
349368349368B000CQC064A2TSTRYQ5AA9U6S. R. Hochbaum1151312416000Delicious!I didn't like tea very much until recently, and to me sugar and milk make tea taste disgusting. I've enjoyed a few flavors but when I got my hands on this, I knew it was meant to be. You take the teabag out of its pouch and it smells delicious, better than any tea I've ever smelled. Seriously, they could make potpourri out of this stuff! Compared to other chai's that I've tasted, this is my favorite. It comes in both decaf and caffeinated, so you can have it anytime... and just, yum. I highly recommend this tea!
349369349369B000CQC064A2AV085URZRF55BARGAIN HUNTER1151311465600Tea Time?Our family found Stash's Double Bergamot in a grocery store, tried it, loved it --and lost it. Seems stores have limited shelf space and rarely carry "specialty" items like the Double Bergamot Earl Grey. If you like Earl Grey, you will adore the Earl with Double Bergamot. Very distinctive flavor. Unique! Thankfully Amazon sells the six-pack of this special tea, which we get on automatic delivery so we never run out. Priced better than the local stores.
349370349370B000CQC064AUYOTOM5XVNLWelcho1111306454400If you dislike cloves do not buy this buy Numi golden chai.I really like other flavors of Stash (peach, lemongrass green and breakfast blend). But, this has two types of cloves which I knew weren't my favorite but it also had cardomon oil which is my favorite spice. But the cloves overpower everything else. Numi golden chai has no cloves whatsoever so I recommend it if you want to avoid those pesky cloves. Oh, Numi also does not have black pepper which is traditional in chai tea but is also a taste I don't like in my tea.
349371349371B000CQC064AZ5X928CQPRJNHeidi1151296172800Double Spice ChaiI think this is one of the better commercially prepared chai teas. It has a good deal more spice than most blends, but it's not too overpowering. I love it with a little agave nectar and some almond milk. Yum!

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I didn't find this tea at all bitter. Perhaps they are squeezing the tea bags? This reviewer doesn't know...
349372349372B000CQC064A1XBUHT0JKF82FK. Walker1151287878400Awesome tea bursting with flavorSometimes more is NOT better. In this instance, however, double the bergamot IS FAR superior to regular Earl Grey tea. Stash found a good balance and actually improved on what a basically good thing (Earl Grey tea). If you have not tried this I highly recommend it. You will never look at tea the same again.
349373349373B000CQC064A26U5OXLKAB3UAS. Patterson1151282089600TeaThis is the best tea to use for peach iced tea. It has a good peach flavor that is fragant and tasty.
349374349374B000CQC064A11WJXVIIPADZRCyberwiz "Cyberwiz"1151278633600Search EndedIt's hard to find this peach flavored black tea in the market. I was glad to find it online and at a good price.
349375349375B000CQC064A27M6LJQ2HKAUKKB in AZ1151262736000Excellent tea, just enough peach flavor and not over-powering ..I have ordered this tea many times and have been happy every time. Arrives well boxed, in excellent condition and always as stated delivery. Less cost online than when it was available in my area; less cost than the actual product website. Each box is individually wrapped for freshness, then each bag is sealed in its own paper wrap. Never been disappointed in any order made for this tea and always happy with product received.
349376349376B000CQC064A2XSA4B9JA99U2Tealover1151253836800My favorite tea - very fragrant and spiceyI like my chai tea strong and spicey, and this tea is perfect. I have tried other brands and this is by far my favorite. I look forward to drinking this relaxing fragrant tea every day when I get home from work.
349377349377B000CQC064A145LBW8ZHF0TWTough Customer "Tough Customer"1151243641600Double Bergamot is Double Good!!!I like Earl Grey tea, so I tried Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea. It is really great-tasting. Very fragrant and drenched with oil of bergamot. I have offered it to my friends and they like it too. No need to add anything to this tea, it is loaded with flavor. My message to the Stash company is: "please keep making this tea". I am addicted to it now.
349378349378B000CQC064AIRCNVZFAOMFWBethRad1151235779200Everyone loves itI buy this tea in bulk because I drink it at work (beats the heck out of bad office coffee) and everyone who smells it wants to try it. I have had the other version (spice chai) and love that this tea is also made in the double spice version. I've had chai tea many places, and I've yet to find one with the beautiful flavor this one has. The packaging is convenient, individually wrapped and easy to dispense in the box - I keep it on my desk and invite people to come by and grab one. This tea includes clove, cinnamon, and cardamom and black tea - a wonderful, flavorful concoction.
349379349379B000CQC064A3Q9QBDOA655LIvan Thompson "Ivan of the Ozarks"1151233705600Chai means TeaIntroduced to Stash double Spice Chai in a gift box - we couldn't find it at our local stores. Fab fab fab! The spices are for the nose and the black tea base is stimulating, try it with soy milk for a very nice chai experiance. Close your eyes and your in India.
349380349380B000CQC064ATGBG17IO9GZSJan1950 "jan1950"1151233100800Exceptional!!!This is one of my favorite teas, and I drink it every day. It is less expensive at Amazon than at the stores, and much easier to find.

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