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349411349411B000CQC064A3UQ3AHZSWCRX8Alicat0011342569600UnpleasantThis tea is unpleasantly heavy on the cloves, which is an ingredient that should ALWAYS be used sparingly for just a hint of flavor. It completely burned out my palate.
349412349412B000CQC064A32VNF9TDOD9OSAV 16110051341705600Good TeaI am just now getting into teas. I have had herbal teas in the past and they all tasted the same (to me) like drinking grass. Yuck! I recently bought this tea and can honestly say that I like it and will buy more. I personally add a little milk and some Stevia sweetener. I also like the Jasmine tea they make.
349413349413B000CQC064A2KPBQ4UQRCGK5Katie "me myself and I"0011340928000worst tea in the worldHow this tea could get any stars is beyond me. I tried one bag and could not taste got it nothing. So next I used two bags in a cup to see if that improved the taste...still no taste. At my age I will not waste time on useless things so I gave the rest of my order to a friend who also enjoys Earl Grey Tea without my comment. The next day she asked if I wanted my tea back saying it was the worse tea ever!!!
I will bet they do not publish this review but hope they will.
Do not buy this tea.
349414349414B001EO7FVSABBK50IIWI5X2Elise Tidrick6651320883200Simply HappinessI bought this as a gift for a friend of Italian heritage who had often remarked about the unavailability of his childhood comfort food here in the States. I was very aprehensive that my gift would be only one of good intention since I had no way of knowing what the cream should taste like and I had no idea if this would measure up. I got my answer half a second after the first taste when he did a prolonged "mmmmmmmmmm" and the biggest grin of delight lit up his face. This man is a very well mannered gentlemen (he eats his pizza with a fork) and I caught him licking his fingers after he put the remaining cream in a storage container...he'd wiped the can clean! Thank you Roland Creme for resolving that age old question "what do I get him for Christmas?" Excellent product, delivered in a timely fashion.
349416349416B0013J761SA3UB9GB7192C7GAmanda101011311292800Crushed and MeltedWe were thrilled to find that Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms were available and happily ordered the 56 oz size. Unfortunately, that's where our happiness ended.

The M&Ms that we received were not in the resealable 56 oz bag, but in three regular 19.2 oz bags. We received them with other light items, also ordered from Amazon. The box that the product arrived in was unharmed and undamaged, and so were the other items. However, the M&Ms had obviously been crushed and melted before being packed. It was obvious when we picked up one of the M&M bags that the candy inside was all stuck together.

Not only was the candy we received not as described in its quantity and packaging, it was not in any acceptable condition. This is the first bad experience I have had with Amazon. We will be ordering from Amazon again, but not from Bice Wholesale.
349417349417B0013J761SA2WKQ9LUO7IRBER. Greenhouse2351316217600Double the price of milk chocolate?I bought these at Walmart at the same price as milk chocolate!

So much better than milk chocolate, but not at twice the price.
349418349418B0013J761SA1MIARFZ5VV5QGdaynitetow1451303689600best dark choc. on the planetMy wife & I both love these. You can't find this size in any store around here, so it's the internet.
349419349419B0013J761SA14O8S7PHTOJFXP. Collins "Catwoman 500"0531302825600$$ 4 M&M'sI love M7M's... so does the hubby, so this was a fun purchase. I am not sure I didn't get carried away though... it is pretty pricey.
349420349420B0026AN6VMA3W0WRJFILUBJMGeorge G "New Yorker"1241253750400What a yummy way to wake up in the morning!You'd think that I'd have the pick of the coffee litters here in New York, but I find that too many coffee here don't strike the proper balance of smoothness and richness that I prefer. It was great to receive this uniquely delicious product. I'm ready for my next order!
349421349421B0042U5W8EAOB4IV26AZ954Pharmy "the Pharmacist"1151298764800Sweet Tooth SatisfiedThese guys are getting pretty difficult to find in stores these days, so I ordered them online for my fiance. They were exactly what he wanted. They weren't stale, which I was concerned about with having them shipped. Totally fresh and delicious :)
349422349422B0040PSERMA1NB9O4XCLEDGHLF111211320969600Sodium content extremely high!I bought these beans and the same size can of organic black beans from Westbrae Naturals for about the same price. Libby's says it serves 3.5 servings of 1/2 cup each while Westbrae serves 3 (1/2 cup each). This is significant because it allows Libby's to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth a bit in sodium levels. Westbrae's Sodium 140mg (6% per serving). Libby's Sodium level get this! 440mg (18% per serving). I have found these unnecessary high sodium levels on all of Libby's canned products including their canned organic green beans which I will not feed to my toddler anymore. Unfortunately when something sits in this salty solution it soaks up the sodium- therefore you can't just rinse it off. Libby's could make this healthier, gain more customers, AND save some money on the manufacturing of this product if they reduced the sodium.
349423349423B0040PSERMAEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns2251326326400Libby's quality, organic and convenientWe use a lot of Libby's bean and vegetable products, so I ordered these organic black beans without a second thought. With the Subscribe and Save 15% discount (and free shipping) this was cheaper than I could buy them at the grocery store.

The beans themselves are simple and healthy - the contents are beans, sea salt and water. And they are a product of the USA, which is important to me. I use them mostly to make Brazilian "feijoada" with ham chunks and seasonings, but I like to have a case of them in my pantry for other quick meals. I've mashed them up and spread them in tortillas on burrito night, and the beans are firm enough in the can to rinse them and toss them in a Mexican salad, too.
349424349424B0040PSERMA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"1141311552000Healthy, YummyLike the other reviewer, the cans I've opened are not as full either. They are a healthy and yummy addition to meatless meals and I'll buy them again. The beans are firm not squishy; good warm or cold depending on your particular recipes.
349425349425B0040PSERMA3R7RQ6H059YRASunny1141310947200black beansBeans are good enough for a 5 star but the cans we received are not as full of beans as some kinds available. May get another batch that will be different.
Appreciated they were stamped USA product
349426349426B0040PSERMA2MU3FLFSWW4TDRandall J. Skates0051350604800Great beans!These are absolutely the best canned beans! I've read other reviews on Amazon that complain about the amount of beans in the can. I have to disagree. The amount of beans in these cans is perfect. I combine these with a can of Libby's Organic Corn and a can of Libby's Organic Green Beans mixed in with Bob's Red Mill Organic Brown Rice at least two or three times a week. It makes the perfect easy meal for any time of the day. These are great beans!
349427349427B0086JR2JYA1UMSB7LAW0RIRWriter of Books - Mage - Mom to Two "Writer, ...0051338854400BRILLIANT! If you like peperoncini or want to kick up sandwiches...I saw this at my local Walmart and thought, hmmm. I got a jar and left it in the cabinet for a while. Then I finally tried it with a cheese plate and some french bread. Nom nom! It was sooo good! But wooh, I started sweating like a nanny goat in a pepper patch! It's hot! These aren't those timid peperoncini they use at Subway! So grab a crying towel from your golf bag and dig in!

I have a very cool brother-in-law who loves to put Lays Flamin' Hot Potato Chips, 1.875oz Bags (Pack of 28) on cold cut sandwiches. I think he is going to love this spread. Personally I can't taste feta at all, and I have a pretty good taster. I'm on my second jar by the way. In an effort to write a complete review, I tried this on a few different foods and I can tell you, this is a must-have for me from now on when we have hotdogs. Take this to a picnic or family reunion!!! Put extra on MIL's sandwich! haha!

There are going to be a lot of great uses for this spread. I found it in the section near pickles/relish at Walmart. I think it was 2.88. They have other flavors and I did try the olive one, but it wasn't what I had hoped it would be. This peperoncini is exactly what I had hoped! Five stars, no problem!
349428349428B005HF0300A1P2NDLPPD1BPSMagdanimus0051340150400Super tasty!One of the best coffees I've ever had, great smell and taste, 100% recommended.
I'm a coffeholic, and this is the kind of coffee that I love
349429349429B0055IWIHAA9A0W7JKT1ORDJ. Chang0041341964800These taste great!I really love the classic Otter Pops, and the tropical ones taste pretty good. I did manage to find these at a local grocery store for $2.88 minus $1.00 mail in rebate for the same box of 100. Score one for me and my daughter! She loves them too.
349430349430B0055IWIHAA1ZDNGPHKFD93SDennis Bradley Price "yeldarb68"00413372128001.5oz each pop, 10" longNote: Box says only "Six Tropical Flavors" but does not list them anywhere. Amazon description says flavors Berry Punch, Watermelon, Pineapple, Tropical Punch, Citrus Punch, Banana. No way to verify this, but they do taste good. Still the same characters from the "regular" flavor packs.
349431349431B001FPX1GYADIEF1BJ2JMIHD.A.0051301097600Wonderful!This stuff is great! Believe it or not, it is wonderful spread on crusty bread with a thin slice of blue cheese on top. Worth the price.
349432349432B001HTP4NGA2X9E0FMUPAE7WChristina0051316304000YUM!My local coffee house uses this chai mix but was unwilling to sell me a bottle so I could make it on my own. Thanks to amazon, I can save some money on making my house the coffee house.

The chai has excellent flavor. It is kind of sweet, but I try to make it with more milk to cut the sugar, but the flavor is well worth it.
349433349433B001HTP4NGA2R6KJUNCLRC6Rle1110041298678400Great ProductI got this chai because I really like Chai tea lattes, but hate the price at starbucks. I ordered the Honey Vanilla Chai and absolutely love it, just mix with milk and it tastes the exact same. Easy. Great Product.
349434349434B0000GHNU4AI7G4LINTNNHEJ. Smith1141254268800Taste's similar to Valentina's Extra HotIf you like the vinegar style Mexican hot sauce (like Tapatio), but want more heat, this is a good choice. It's tastes pretty similar to Valentina's Extra Hot, but is different in its own way.

I found it in a local Ralph's.
349435349435B0000GHNU4A36FH72SUJ2H52Johnathon P. Nelson "xkcbex"0331107993600Second opinion please?I tried this on a whim, picked it up at my local supermarket, and I think it tastes almost exactly like Pei-Wei's "blazing noodle sauce". Maybe it needs Oyster sauce or black pepper, but it is very close, agreed?
349436349436B002NHSQRMA1V41IMJV3WBUUPatricia Chesnut "Pat Chesnut"0051342742400Chocolate CravingsThe Newman's Own Organics Super Dark tastes really really good. My husband and I each have a square a day or if it's a difficult day I'll have 2 squares.
349437349437B002NHSQRMA2F0PCVFFG3PQZmerstar0051317254400Outstanding!This is a superior chocolate - my new favorite in the 70% range. It's ultra creamy and velvety, with a smooth, rich, deep, dark chocolate taste and a nice, long finish. It's hard not to devour the entire bar at once.
349438349438B0047T55QYA2VJGR6UAQTG46Michael Scriven "professional evaluator"1151345248000EZ way to make noodlesAt the prices AMZ makes this available, it's a great way to make noodles without any cooking effort. BUT don't imagine you'll be able to taste the shrimp; there are only 2 or three about the size of a 3 in this type face. But you can add some bay shrimp, bought already cooked, when you add the boiling water and get a good meal, still under 3.5 ounces and a buck, plus some water; good diet item as well as a time saver.
349439349439B0047T55QYA33PVCHCQ2BTN0Bali Bound0031350172800Good noodles, but tastes like chickenThese Cup Noodles are super easy to prepare and easy to eat out of the cup. I was drawn to this variety because of the shrimp, since I don't like chicken or beef noodles. However, they taste like chicken or beef or pork or a mixture of the above. I didn't taste shrimp at all. A dash of soy sauce helped the flavor.

The noodles stay firm long enough to eat them all, without getting mushy like some pasta products. There are a few dried peas and carrots in the mixture, but it really wouldn't hurt to toss in some leftover vegetables if you have them handy.

Overall, they are quick to prepare and very inexpensive, so you really can't go wrong with them.

As it turned out, they reason they tasted meatier to me is because they do contain chicken and pork. Hopefully this ingredient list will be useful to other shoppers.

Ingredients: Enriched Flour (Wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Vegetable Oil (Contains One or More of the Following: Canola Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Palm Oil, Rice Oil), Preserved by Tocopherols and/or TBHQ and/or Ascorbyl Palmitate, Salt, Dehydrated Vegetables (Carrot, Green Pea), Freeze-Dried Shrimp, Soy Sauce Powder (Wheat, Soybeans, Maltodextrin, Salt), Monosodium Glutamate, Hydrolyzed Soy, Corn and Wheat Protein, Spices, Caramel Color, Potassium Carbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Pork Powder, Garlic Powder, Natural Flavors, Chicken Powder, Sodium Alginate, Disodium Succinate, Disodium Guanylate, Disodium Inosinate, Shrimp Powder, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Cod Liver Oil.
349440349440B0047T55QYA2XZSLSXHJEXAVAsian Jewel1251344729600Definitely a favourite!I added 2 cartons of this item to my order of a bunch of cup noodles in various flavours. This flavour is definitely a favourite! Great for sending to deployed troops. Highly recommended.

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