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349501349501B00329Q5DMA3I4MWNLA68W2IFrank M Newell3441297814400After at least a year drinking this tea, some thoughts.My household has this tea stocked up at all times.. not to say it's my favorite tea, but it's my favorite day to day tea. We tend to drink Green Tea for its health benefits and as Green Teas go this one is affordable and fairly high quality for tea bag types. A few notes.. you have to be fairly careful about steeping this tea, it doesn't have a whole lot of tolerance from "crisp and delicious" to "overpowering and slightly off-putting". I guess I attribute that to the freshness of the tea. I'm not sure. I've had a lot different results with loose tea in a ball and some herbal teas. While this tastes good when you get it right, if you forget the cup for a few minutes, it's not forgiving. That said, that's the only real drawback to this tea. Yes. I've had teas I would rate five stars, six if I could. Yes, they also cost 5-6x more than this easily for a quarter of the amount of tea. Bottom line, if you drink a lot of tea, this is a good brand to buy. If you don't drink a whole lot and would rather buy something really high quality for the few times you do partake of it, I'd look elsewhere.
349502349502B00329Q5DMA356ALXAC5COJ2anknight0041350691200Good tea, very gingeryThis tea has a wonderfully strong ginger flavor. The bags come individually wrapped in foil packets. It steeps fast and the resulting mug of tea is murky and delightfully aromatic. I love it and will undoubtedly use every bag in the next month or so. The one thing I think anyone buying this product should be aware of is that they add stevia to the bags. I am usually not a fan of stevia (to me it has a bitter aftertaste) but it was not overwhelming here.
349503349503B00329Q5DMARFW5OX658FE4Patricia Walker0051337644800TeaPurchased this tea because of recommendation. Product arrived well packaged and quickly. I am very pleased with this product and will purchase it again.
349504349504B00329Q5DMAOF7WSV460Q1MShang Wang0041280275200it is a good productI have tried this product before and I really love it. The price is fair and I enjoy it...
349505349505B00329Q5DMA19MMYMZO363KMLincoln County MT "Focused on pinecones"1241276214400Good tea wish it came in loose tea too.I am sensitive to Caffeine and supposedly the White teas have 1/3 approx. what Black teas contain. And about half of what the green teas contain. This probably varies all over the place however. Often a decaf tea isn't. If you want no caf you need to look for caf free teas and drinks. I find a kick to this white tea but it definitely is not as bad as some of black teas. My husband and I can't tolerate a lot of tannins and this seems to be high in them as the other reviewer mentioned it's astringent properties. But we temper that with milk or 100% Cranberry Juice concentrates as well as lemon juice or powdered. Good both hot or iced. Looking forward to making sun tea for ice tea with these bags. Look on the net this item is cheaper as are all the Prince of Peace items else where even after paying shipping which is usually reasonable. I hope they don't up the price just because everyone else's white tea is higher. I wish it was available in a loose tea too. A smooth flavored good tasting tea that reminds me of teas I had as a child and at Chinese restaurants. Beats anything I can buy in local supermarkets.

I did try the organic version and no way. This one is better for some reason. Stronger and overall a better product even the bag it'self is better than the organic's.
349506349506B00329Q5DMA3S6CGQ66CBDMRHansen M. Hsiung0141327363200good teaThe tea is good and fresh. We enjoy it. The shipping is fast and cost is reasonable.
I recommend this product.
349507349507B00329Q5DMA9X4THEY3SCR9jhuber6620030151304294400Nice ProductYou get enough in each package to make a good size cup of drink. It is consistent in its flavor and the amount you get in each packet. I have purchased it a couple of times.
349508349508B00329Q5DMATSR8U805B2D1Norz Amazon "Nor"0141285891200Great herbal teaIf you don't have the time to cut up ginger and boil it for it's wonderful flavor here's an alternative. This tea is refreshing. True ginger flavor and punch is wonderful.
349509349509B00329Q5DMA1OOXWXA2L2R4UMike0311341446400Wrong Product wrong NameGold Prince has made a terrible mistake. There are two products. COLDAID and FLUAID. THey are different formulary. Unfortunately they display Fluaid picture on the Amazon website and their own website but the words are COLDAID. THere is a separate product for Coldaid. Regardless -- if you order the FLUAID on AMAZON you will get the COLDAID...the picture is not the product...the words under the drop down menu are they all default to the same product COLDAID. If you want FLUAID, which is the superior product, don't buy it from AMAZON or off of the sellers website. It is a mistake.
349510349510B00329Q5DMAXLEXZ750G5SEjenuwine0431287964800Bought at my local supermarketI found this in the organic aisle at my local supermarket. $[...] for one box of 100 opposed to 3 boxes being sold here with no shipping or waiting. I would just like to know if anyone knows if this is a good quality for being a bagged tea. I'm not a Pu-erh expert and I am looking for something as authentic as I can get without paying an arm and a leg. Can anyone suggest a good quality?? The only reason I gave this a 3 is because it is something you can find at your supermarket without buying a pack of 3.
349511349511B00329Q5DMA2RFDK0V0RR7HFLynn Solo1611306454400The worst 'tea' I have ever tried.I used quotes around the word tea because I doubt that the bags contain tea. I wouldn't be surprised if the bags contained ground up sticks instead of tea. I would not give this product a single star
349512349512B0000TU7XQA16OQH5HLCUQMQFilip Dubovsky1151227571200OliviciousThe "pimento" has real pepper taste (shocking) and the olive tastes like an actual olive. Should you be surprised? Perhaps not, but compared to more pedestrian attempts, this stands out and should become the boutique standard featured in fine martini glasses. Does not clash with gin.
349513349513B002U3S3V8A3CI9DSB6Z76JFLB "Helfenfreude"101011297036800NOT "PURE PALM SUGAR!"If you want PURE, 100% PALM SUGAR (and there are plenty of options), DO NOT BUY GOLDEN PAK PRODUCTS.

I am beyond disappointed, and here is why:

Coconut sugar
POTASSIUM SORBATE-->the stuff they add to cheap brands of red wine vinegar and loads of processed foods; not the worst by far, but they couldn't leave it at that :(
SODIUM (aka disodium) METABISULFITE-->E223 for countries that require chemical additives to be labeled (ie not the USA)--see below

What's worse is they are distributed out of Kent, WA!! Just a stone's throw from Amazon HQ! Seattle's supposed to be a bit better than this!

There's PLENTY of REAL palm sugar out there--I've been using the stuff--pure, plain, preservative-free, CANE SUGAR FREE palm/coconut sugar, and THIS ISN'T IT.

Every benefit of palm sugar--and most things--gets totally lost when you (in ascending importance)

1) ruin the flavor with nasty preservatives--in this case a sorbic acid salt to kill mold and a particularly nasty sulfite that kills just about EVERYTHING good and bad
2) do not clearly state it contains SULFITES, which happen to be DANGEROUS FOR SULFA ALLERGIC PEOPLE *hence needing to be labeled--which they only reliably do, from what I could see when I went back to get REAL palm sugar, on their 17.6oz vac-sealed single-slab packs (Na2S2O5--the disodium metabisulfite--is an inorganic, lab-made DISINFECTANT meaning ... yep, they threw it in to kill junk from poorly harvested/stored/transported stuff! ick! It's what you CLEAN equipment with... not to mention it can eat through hardwood floors and top grade lumber!)... Na2S2O5 is also dangerous for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions
3) Hello, when someone wants PALM/COCONUT sugar... pure straight forward stuff... don't give them nasty refined sugar cane! One of palm sugar's great benefits, beyond tasting awesome, is *glycemic load* and if you toss in REFINED cane (not even the less-abrasive, still-has-some-molasses Florida Crystals or succanut etc), you are just asking blood glucose to spike. Agh.

So yeah. This stinks. I'm upset because this is a huge, central part to my career and I get really angry knowing that most people I work to help day in and out trust these companies to sell what they say they are selling and not hide behind "no MSG added! (tiny print: "except for the amount contained in yeast extract"=>yeast itself isn't a free glutamic acid containing product; it's autolyzed yeast, ie break it down so much it's not yeast at all anymore and has ZERO properties of yeast, merely a derivation from it like fuel from corn or sugar not being corn or sugar to your body). So yeah, Golden Pak FAILS. Golden International Corp is their head company, so there are undoubtedly things under that parent name, too. Should've known better when I saw a FISH as a logo on sugar--something fishy indeed. Negative stars.
349514349514B005644ZMYA1QAV6Y1I4YQO8Bob1151325548800Pig Ear dog TreatsThe item came in a timely manner and the pig ears are very good quality. I will purchase more pig ear dog treats in the future from this vendor.
349515349515B001B48DGWAZHMUHW3FAOC5K. Black "kayteejbee"2251263254400More Wagatha's Biscuits Mom.....PLEASE!Maybe its the human grade ingredients, maybe it's the wonderful aroma, maybe it's the cute packaging, but I love giving my Lab these treats, as much as he loves getting them. Yes, I'm one of "those" pet owners, the one who feeds the dog better than herself, but darn it, he's worth it. This product is great and this is his favorite flavor, with cheddar cheese/mint a close second.
It also passes the picky dog test, my mom's mixed breed rescue who hates dog biscuits, but gobbles these up like crazy.
349516349516B001B48DGWAV00M9WQLP8AKGary L. Connely2251234828800You May Want to Eat These YourselfGood Grief! These biscuits are for dogs? Unbelievable....

When you open a can of Wagatha's "Breakfast Dog Biscuits" you get a smell like fresh baked banana nut muffins. And according to my wife, (who is very rigorous about such things), that's pretty much the way they taste. There are good reasons for that - the bicuits are 100% organic, (they are also kosher), and contain dried apples and bananas as well as maple sugar and cinnamon. They are also wheat and lactose free - the cereals used are spelt, oats, brown rice and barley. There's nothing in "Breakfast Dog Biscuits" that you wouldn't eat yourself.

There are about 30 biscuits to a can - but the biscuits are easily broken in half and a half is a nice mouthful for a small to medium sized dog. They are not inexpensive, but the quality is extremely high - and the banana-apple-cinnamon flavor is a nice change of pace from the usual flavors. The "Three Muske-Terriers," (a male Westie, a female Scotty and a male Cesky ), give Breakfast Dog Bisquits five stars.
349517349517B001B48DGWA3OVM3X0O2JGV6songbird0051343433600My dog gobbles these up!!My little ShihTzu is very fussy but she loves these biscuits like nothing else!! Fabulous aroma good enough for my breakfast treat.
349518349518B001B48DGWA1YJWPXO1NAL3OJessica Agnew-Blais0051323820800My lab loves theseMy lab gets one of these before bed, and he absolutely loves them. When they come out of the cupboard, he runs right over to his crate. And they smell great!
349519349519B0005XORROA2QA3Q6VZ7NM6ABob Aldrich0021347840000bad product, now worseLacking in flavor, way over-priced, always arrive in a bunch of pieces (This last complaint is a new one. For years Snackwell's cookies, at least, arrived as whole cookies. Now they always look like they've been through some kind of abrading device). Better off buying a high fat cookie and just eating less.
349520349520B000RHUZQ0AZL35S8JRJVXUMary P0051325289600Swedish Brown Beans - 10# bagThese beans are hard to find for some reason! The quality was great and they arrived surprisingly VERY fast! I will definitely be using Angelina's again.
349521349521B004CQBICCA2QYO2RJMT9TZRachelS4411324339200DisappointedThis basket was tiny (!) and everything came wrapped in plastic so it all had to be removed before giving. Dont send it as a gift. The photo is misleading- its doesnt overflow with bountiful baked good as the photo suggests.
349522349522B001EQ4Y0QAJOW71NCFBSDYLefty "left handed knitter"0051312156800Yummy!If you like lime candy you most likely also know how hard it is to find lime candy in varieties like this. Most companies have changed the green colored candy to green apple. This candy still has lime and it is quite good. Sour at the start and then just sweet enough. When I purchased this it was $10 dollars less than it is now. I doubt I would pay this much (over $40) for it but fortunately there is enough that it will last for awhile.
349523349523B001IVX39AA2WF6V6R7MQJXXDeSi0331306108800Not the best root beer I've hadOK I still think Virgil's Root Beer (best price from TJ's) is the best I've had--I love the spicy clove taste with a hint of ginger.
349524349524B0071QWL44A1PN5K7KVR2F73E. Roers "eroers"1151332633600YUMI happened to find these at a chinese market and then went on Amazon and bought a larger bag. So good, sweet and then a great spicy that's not for the faint of heart :) the natural ginger peppery taste is excellent and yes, I think it helps queasiness from travel sickness, better than Dramamine.
349525349525B0071QWL44A38SBBPOURS3ASCheryl- CT0051350604800Awesome to help relieve stomach issuesThis is an awesome product to help relieve any stomach issues. This is one of my favorite items for relief.
349526349526B000NME8C6AHAV89Q4JRVPRStuart|Anne0051205712000Fresh and LARGEWe've previously gotten Haribo Letter in the stores occasionally. They were not easy to find, and were generally rock hard when we got them. Not these, they arrived fresh and soft.

Another difference the ones we've seen in stores the letters are about one inch tall, these are the two inch variety. They look cut out as if from jello (square sides), rather than molded (more tapered) like the smaller ones do.
349527349527B004O23DWMA1XSHMGFDI0O7Tezcmpny0051330560000WAS a good dealAmazon had a great deal going on this food when I bought and of course it was exactly what it's supposed to be. Unfortunately Amazon's price is much higher now and it's cheaper to buy at just about every brick and mortar store around here so I won't be ordering anymore.
349528349528B001FA19MMA137ALAUZIG6JGRussel post1151275436800My favorite cookiesThese cookies are the best. I can't order them because I have no willpower. These Mexican wedding cookies could not be any better.
349529349529B001FA19MMAM7TK7EDGGV3YHappy Santa0051339804800Aunt Gussie'sThese Gluten-Free Chocolate Spritz Cookies are delicious! So nice to be able to splurge with a healthy product! Also dairy free for vegans or those with lactose intolerance. Great product!
349530349530B001FA19MMA1YB5IAG64Y8SHKitty1351241395200BEST GLUTEN FREE COOKIES EVERThese cookies are awesome. I have tasted some of the Pamelas and had to throw them away because I just couldn't handle the bland taste but these are really good for gluten free. My hubby and son eat them also..

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