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349561349561B0000CFPI2AIV4EGOCUJZBCJBSR0051350691200Spice is niceTried the Spicy Hot and the Regular so far and was quite surprised. Personally once I mixed the burger and spice together I keep it in the fridge for at least 24hrs. Normally longer to give the meat a chance to absorb the spices and away I go..Good flavor and convient when I dont have the time to make up my own reciepe. One thing I would recomend to all. Use only lean burger otherwise it leaves alot of grease.
349562349562B0000CFPI2A2KF0XUDAJXA1HJK0051345852800Spouse Loves it - I don't care for itMy spouse loves the flavor this gives to jerky, and since it's not for me anyway, I'm giving it a great score. It is simple as can be to use and the premeasured, sealed packages store very well.
I find that it has an almost sausage-like taste (and after-taste, if you get what I mean). It also makes my spouse's mouth sore if more than a few pieces are eaten at one time - like little hives - but that is not likley to be a common problem.
I definetly recommend giving it a try.
349563349563B0000CFPI2AJY3X30AQE0CWMelissa M. Hess0051298332800The best jerky seasoning available!I buy this at's by the food dehydrators/blenders/coffee makers. It's a little cheaper there than I see it here...but honestly if you calculate how much the meat and seasoning is, you are saving a lot of money. We love commercial jerky, but it's too expensive. We use our Nesco dehydrator, jerky gun and ground beef. I just buy whatever beef is on sale, mix it with this seasoning and it's amazing! We've only make ground beef jerky with this, but that's all we eat anyway. Excellent product...delicious jerky. I like to make batches as gifts for people...trim the ends of the jerky strips so they look nice and put them in a glass cylinder, tied with a ribbon. People LOVE getting it and it's an inexpensive gift. Buy it!
349564349564B0000CFPI2A3JMVJZZ89ZP24J. Allison0051275350400Easy to use jerky spice for delicious jerkyI received a free sample of this jerky spice when I bought my dehydrator, and found that it easily made excellent jerky. I use the 97/3 extra lean hamburger and can turn out a batch of jerky overnight that tastes better than any store-bought jerky. There are other flavors of jerky spice available, but I think the original flavor would be almost impossible to beat.
349565349565B0000CFPI2AWHAJ4QY9NGTECatherine V. Taylor "cat"0051266105600better then store boughtThis is great stuff. I always buy 3 to 5 boxes at a time. I always get compliments.
349566349566B0000CFPI2AZ5CYWJ6TRYKXL. W. Langston "llang"0051261872000Great Seasoning for JerkyThis is a great basic seasoning for beef jerky. It is hard to find near us, so it's good that we can get it through Amazon. Using it with his recipe for beef jerky, my husband makes a terrific tasting product--not too spicy. Very easy to work with. Excellent value for the price.
349567349567B0000CFPI2A3FAUXZA15NE3NShirley A Garrett0041251158400Nesco Jerky SpiceThe spice and cure packets have good flavor.
Spice powder has hardened inside packet.
349568349568B0000CFPI2AHOFV3N9OFC0Adrienne M. Bourque0041231804800jerky spicesgood flavor just too salty. use half the amount of salt in the package and you'll be better off...or use twice the meat.
349569349569B0000CFPI2A1U7KWE7XQONOMRoy A. Brayton3521308096000Jerky flavored salt?This stuff makes the saltiest jerky I've ever tasted. The basic flavor is okay, but whew, the salt! I haven't tried it with half the curing package yet, but that's my intention next. If it still isn't eatable, the rest of this stuff goes in the garbage. That much salt cannot be good for you.
349570349570B0000CFPI2ADYPTRC1H8ICTA. Pandina1251169424000Nesco original Venison jerky...It's the only seasoning we will use to make our venison jerky. We won't use anything else. Tastes great and really adds the flavor you need for venison!
349571349571B0000CFPI2A3U41AGU4VRZMTD. Wood "Being a dad Rocks!!!"1251169337600Awesome flavor. Great resultsI used this to marinade some meat I was using to make jerky. I only wish the directions included information for using as a marinade as opposed to just seasoning ground beef for the jerky gun.
349572349572B0000CFPI2A322OKK8NFLXTVA. McNabb "Suzi2270"1251162512000easy jerkyThis my husband's favorite flavor and it's easy to make! I don't bother with anything else.
349573349573B0000CFPI2A2DURVHR5NFCJZDarla J. Reigle1251152403200I add cayene and/or black pepperI used a gift certificate to stock up on this jerky spice. You can use this as a base and add other spices to it to make it your very own. Teriyaki, soy and garlic are good too. My family and friends are always asking me to make more jerky. We love it!
349574349574B0000CFPI2A3I8YC7TBQZQVZG. Nahim "gabo"1351151625600MUY BUENOLo recomiendo ampliamente, le da un sabor a la carne muy bueno, se conserva por más tiempo.
349575349575B0000CFPI2AFBGJTU9D33K5Eric P. Malamisura "The inequalities of men a...4811321833600Has MSG in it!I bought this to use but once I read the ingredients and realied it had MSG in it I threw it away. Don't get it!
349576349576B002TISHREA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman7741340150400Christmas in SummerI thought this was a good buy; two 4-packs of coffee equals a pound of coffee. The flavors are peppermint twist, chocolate sleigh ride, cinnamon spice, and holiday homecoming. Buying this set of winter coffees in June, I didn't think they'd be the freshest of coffees, but I needn't have worried since these are vacuum packed.

The coffees have good flavor with just a hint of chocolate, peppermint, or cinnamon. I was hoping for something more pronounced, but these coffees taste good though not exceptional. I was wavering between three and four stars for this purchase and went with the four stars because you get a generous amount of coffee for the money in this two set package of Winter Wonderland coffees.

The sets are attractively packaged and would make nice, inexpensive gifts.

I couldn't find any expiration or packaging dates anywhere.
349577349577B002TISHREA17ELUI1YCAZZPMaryS6851320537600Wonderful!Very very good coffee. My favorite is the Peppermint one. Bought for myself and husband, but would make an excellent gift for any coffee lover!
349578349578B002TISHREA6ZLGLOO2G6VBAlice M. Wonsowski "wordworks"0051344729600Winter Wonderland Coffee, great selection!Excellent flavored coffee, bold enough so you know you are drinking peppermint or hazelnut flavor. Each vacuum sealed pouch makes one pot. Easy and delicious with a great price!
349579349579B004TMWA0SA31CC5Y3QJVLVUNancy1151334534400Great taste!!!I found this coffee once in the store and LOVED it but could never find it again! Amazon came through and I continue to order it here! Love the flavor year round, hot and cold!!!
349580349580B004TMWA0SANQ9FUPSCTSCORICHARD KLOSS "dude kloss"0051347062400good ,good, goodGood good ,good is only mildly put , wile brewing could smell all through the house , raspberry , chocolate . Tastes even better with international creamers . 5 stars
349582349582B000F9ZDIAA16P5NJSL0ME84Jo1151326758400Pumpkin Powder... Yum!Pumpkin Powder is amazing!! I made Pumpkin Spice Creamer with the powder (rather than pumpkin puree) to minimize sifting complications. It worked beautifully.Thanks Barry Farm Foods.
349583349583B000F9ZDIAA252ZD25WYPML4lounge sound "lover of eclectic sound"0031350345600Pumpkin PowderThe powder is ok, it really did not add much flavor to the products I was making. Maybe I recieved a stale batch. Will try again.
349584349584B001QZB70AAXA7OH47LBXZ7A Positive Guy "Jay"6651244764800A Great Drink!Having grown up drinking Delaware Punch, I was disappointed to see it vanish from the grocery shelves a few years back. I found it in concentrated form at a local warehouse grocery store, but it seemed I could never 'get the flavor' of the original put out by the manufacturer.

I was so glad to find it marketed again. The only thing better would be for them to put it in glass bottles. But I have to say, that just having it available again commercially is great.

If you like a non-carbonated grape soda with a smooth, rich flavor, then Delaware punch is for you. Even if you don't normally like grape type drinks, give it a try. There is something unique in the flavor. Beats all the others of its type hands down!
349585349585B001QZB70AA3H62PG3UK85LCPippi "Have Faith Believer"2251262995200Delicious Delaware Punch from a Kind-hearted SellerMy 85-year-old dad loves Delaware Punch and we're not able to get it where we live. I was so excited when I found it available from this seller. Her communication was very uplifting and my dad is still enjoying his Delaware Punch every time we barbecue hot dogs. Thanks!
349586349586B001QZB70AAEG2WKFMIDGBVVinceSF1131299628800Delaware PunchI ordered two twelve-packs of this childhood memory. Cost came to about $2.00 per can (only bottles in my childhood). Flavor was as remembered and I am enjoying this rather expensive treat. Unfortunately, the twelve-packs were packaged in an ordinary cardboard box with no protective padding. Almost all of the cans were dented, with 6 cans burst open or leaking. All cans had to be rinsed of sticky soda. This raised my cost by about .50 per can. Can't beat the as-remembered taste but was more expensive than hoped and packaged problematically.
349587349587B001QZB70AA1Z8RH1ADZPHEOSarah D. Wilcox "Sarah"1151264809600I Love it!I absolutely love Deleware Punch. My big wish is that I will see it on the shelves of HEB and Walmart someday soon.
349588349588B001QZB70AAQRN2I355LZ3FRENAISSANCE MAN0041325116800Hard to find... depending on where you liveI have learned that Delaware Punch is sold at most Central Markets in Texas[call and check but Houston and San Antonio have it] for 6.99 for the 12 pack of cans. The manager said there were no plans to discontinue carrying it. The Delaware grape is the reason for the name...not the state of Delaware. Like Fritos and Pace Picante Salsa, it was first made in San Antonio ... this beverage in 1913. I remember it as both tart and sweet with a mostly "grapey" taste. I wonder if the current product tastes the same. Google it for more info.
349589349589B0007OVXXMA2LZSPR192KEX6Kyle Otto "Go Sabres!"0041341187200Price feels high, but the candy's good!Price feels high but I guess that's what it takes to ship candy from the Internet in not-really-bulk compared to larger retailers and distributors. Candy tastes great. Overall I recommend this if you're looking for it.
349590349590B0007OVXXMA293A3R0B2L8DQAdam L. Hanson0051333152000if you like runts. buy thisi love hard candy and if you love fruit and you love hard candy. this has your name all over it

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