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349591349591B0007OVXXMA244AVN379RNWCAndy's Mom "Andy's Mom"0051329523200Great Fruity TreatThe flavorful little candy shapes are addictive to me! I plan to buy another 5 lb bag very soon because I keep buying out the stores around my area.
349592349592B0007OVXXMA242LARGQ9Q6BEmaureen0051327276800love runts then buy them from here.My kids and family are addicted to runts this has been the fastest and best amount for the price I have gotten so far. Plus I got tons of bananas "yum my fav" getting ready to order more.
349593349593B0007OVXXMAEU3W6KZ54VAQKat0041316995200runts...thought I was ordering more for the money, but could have done better locally without paying shipping costsWe were looking for a good price for runts as we have a candy business and placed an order for the runts. I thought I had taken into account the shipping costs, but when we received the package, it definitely was not worth paying the shipping costs for the amount. We could have done better to buy local
349594349594B0007OVXXMA3D30TVEB8M0UPThe Stig 20051313712000Great Gift!The candy was a gift and was a great surprise! My wife has fond memories of these candies from her youth - but the candy is rarely found in local stores. She really loved getting 5 pounds of them for her birthday. She said the product was just as nice as she remembered from the old days. I just wish the people who sent them to us had done a better job of packaging them for delivery. They put the candy in a double plastic bag and then into a standard mailing pouch. The pouch split open during transport and although the candy didn't spill out as the plastic bags were not torn, the pouch arrived all taped up by the post office to hold in the goodies - so a disaster was avoided - but only just...
349595349595B0007OVXXMA3OBCK9HVFMHPZDavid0311337299200Almost goodthe banana tastes like dirt. everything else is pretty good. most def don't eat the bananas.they should just replace the banana with mango or some other fruit.
349596349596B0000GHNUEA3CKPNSGA7JOLKBachelier ""1004""161931129766400I love El YucatecoI love El Yucateco, but you are better off just buying Habanero Red and Habanero Green at the local bodega. The Caribbean Habanero has an odd flavor that is too fruity and clearly not El Yacateco's strength. The Kutbil-Ik or Habanero Extra Hot sauce is, well, extra hot and lacks the balance of the standard Habanero Red. If you want hotter sauces, seek out the products of the specialty producers, but if you want a standard well balanced hot sauce without vinegar as a base nobody beats El Yacateco.
349597349597B0000GHNUEA5P37LDZJ3YQCMaChiBLue "....."6651158192000Yum...El Yucateco hot sauces are great. I've been enjoying the red and green for a long time. I also tried the other ones, the Carribean which is good, and the Habanero Extra Hot sauce is exactly what its called, it is hotter than all the others. I think the best El Yucateco I've tried was the Chipotle one, which sadly is not included. Overal El Yucateco has some real good hot sauces which are not just hot but big on flavor.
349598349598B0000GHNUEA22CG2GLAD7Q1BLoveSome Heat2251290643200Can't go wrong with El YucatecoI've always liked browsing through the ethnic sections at different grocery stores for new hot sauces. Found the El Yucateco sauces (green, red, XXXtra hot, Chiptole) at a local store- so I bought one of each. Green is mild, red has more spices and good heat, and the XXXtra hot is as advertised - great long lasting burn! The Chipotle is the least favorite -too sweet for my tastes. (La Costena chipotles make a great pureed smoky/chipotle sauce.) Haven't seen the Carribean sauce yet - I still would have to try it even though it gets bad reviews. I buy the Red & XXXtra sauces for the crew at my workplace. We go through a bottle per week of each. Great tastes and good heat.!!!!
349599349599B0000GHNUEA3D7GP8AS2PRITS.C.1151268611200Hot but still flavorfulWe had the Green Chile Habanero one at a local restaurant and we loved it so much and decided to buy our own.
Was very excited to see Amazon has it as a gift pack, so we get to try all 4 flavors.
It's definitely spicy comparing to other regular hot sauce you can purchased at grocery stores.
349600349600B0000GHNUEAKLYPFQTD3NZTSarah Fig1151231459200HOT! HOT! HOT!If you're looking for something that will REALLY add some spice to your food, these sauces will do the trick. The gift pack has a nice variety. Great product, but not for people who just want a little kick.
349601349601B0000GHNUEAM3XNQU9TZBD8G. Perez "Always having fun!"1151211846400You have to try the XXXTRA HOTI've been buying Yucateco for about 4 years now, it's a great hot sauce, I started with the green, then moved on to red and now I only use the XXXTRA HOT but I still buy the other two for my wife and kids. I wouldn't recommend the Caribbean Sauce, it's just totally different from the other three(I've had that one for over 6 months and no one at home will touch it)
To be honest, once you try the XXXTRA HOT (it usually lasts a week at home) the red and green will not taste as good as they used to...

One last thing, most stores have them now in the "Mexican food" section, I usually buy them at Food4Less for about $1.50 a bottle, it wouldn't hurt you to look around.
349602349602B0000GHNUEA29VPFFEE1JUHUVal Morisi2351204416000Incredibly hot and tastyKeep it in the refrigerator, because it's going to take a long time to get through this bottle. The red and green are both incredibly hot, yet maintain a distinct full bodied flavor. I tried it in a NYC restaurant, and put it in my fajita like you would say tabasco.....OUCH. With a little more control you'll appreciate it more. It turns simple bean dishes into something special.
349603349603B0000GHNUEA3QMZ2JBZDS48Uaishanicole0041345939200Yummy sauce packI'm used to spicy foods so I didn't even consider the xxxtra hot sauce that hot. But I put sauces on everything I eat so I'm happy I have more for my collection. I think the red sauce is my favorite, but I wish it was spicier.
349604349604B0000GHNUEA1UB4YKBR0F5M4R. Dosaj "East Dub Sound"0051337299200some of the greatest bottled hot sauces on the planetthe Salsa Kutbil-ik de Chile Habanero (extra hot) is the best of the standard 4 they have. the green and red are almost as good. the carribean is good as well and can be used for jerk chicken recipes (actually any of them can). outstanding.
349605349605B0000GHNUEA11OGVA1SOHQ8MCowhippie0051332201600Ain't no Tex about it! This is Mexico babyI get a real kick out of 90% of American consumers that think everything spicy with a Mexican name is TexMex. El Yucateco products come from the Yucatan not the border. The wonderfully ripened chilies and the fresh flavor they produce is what sets this product apart from their competition. I beleive this is the finest brand of Mexican hot sauce on the market because you can taste the chilies as if they were picked yesterday.

All 4 in this set pack some powerful heat however it is a digestable heat that will not trouble you down the road. Get the burn on your tongue and enjoy without any complications. I have been using these products for at least 10 years and they are quite common in our local Hispanic markets here in Arizona. This is a very good Internet price for the gift pack.
349606349606B0000GHNUEAJ0XRDPCJ2M1Eflykirk0051331769600Great!!!Best set of Tex-Mex you can buy. Will get more in the next few weeks!!!! The best on the net!!!! Carl & Gloria
349607349607B0000GHNUEAYDPY9901TS51L. Frey0051329955200Now these are HOT sauces!El Yucateco hot sauces have excellent flavor in the red Habanero, green Habanero, and Chipotle varieties. The red and green have plenty of heat for me, and I would rate the heat as 1 step past Tabasco. The chipotle is not Habanero, but good heat and great flavor. The XxxxHot Habanero sauce was well past my upper limit and several friends agreed. So, I gave it to the only one who could handle it! Great stuff and I will definitely buy more.
349608349608B0000GHNUEA7GDXCXGDHW9QJen0051326412800Great hot saucesThe hot sauces were easy to order. They are priced well, especially for a variety pack. I purchased them as a gift for my brother. They arrived very quickly and were carefully packaged. My brother says the hot sauces are delicious. I gave them to him for Christmas and he has already finished 2 of the 4 bottles. He says the red one is his favorite. They make an excellent, inexpensive gift. I highly recommend the vendor.
349609349609B0000GHNUEA3KY9HCNQP4643John T0051325462400Good Hot Sauce!!I Like the hot sauce.Very Hot Like hot stuff.Will buy more in the near future.We put it in everything we eat.Brother laws like hot stuff.
349610349610B0000GHNUEAB5QOWQBZ9AS6Andrew0051325462400Hot Stuff!!!Love all four...I would put this stuff on ice cream! Its good to know where to find it when I run out. The Chipoltle is outstanding on just about anything. Beware the XXX...they aren't kidding =)
349611349611B0000GHNUEA3B7EMP6DTWZAJStefano Giovannini "nowhere man"0051322179200Kutbil-ik best+ freshest flavor for me.I like the Kutbil-Ik best followed by the Caribbean. The Kutbil-Ik tastes really like a fresh Habanero with nothing added. It has a nice smoky aftertaste. The Caribbean tastes fresh. I find it hot, definitely hotter than the red one. These 2 to me have the most natural taste. I liked the green too, the red so so (it reminds me of more generic hot sauces with tomato base - just a bit hotter and better than most). Once I tasted the Kutbil-Ik I could not go back to the green. The Green and the Red contain Acetic Acid, FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Blue 1 , FD&C Red 40, while the Caribbean and Kutbil-Ik just natural ingredients. The originals are good, but the Kutbil-ik is the winner for me, especially if used for finishing up. I would probably buy my favorite ones individually, but the 4 pack is nice so all the different kinds can be tried and compared.
Basically the Kutbil-Ik can be compared to the green and the Caribbean to the red.
I had posted this to a reply to another comment but I think it may be useful to repost these thoughts in a more visible spot/
349612349612B0000GHNUEA1PR7725E8TCNEBuiltmany "Ralo69"0051321574400My FavoriteThe green is my favorite hot sauce I've used while dining in Mexican places. They ship 4 different sauces in this kit. The XXX hot is just a little too hot for my taste. The red has good flavor and is actually not as hot as the green unlike most other sauces the green is more mild. IMO the green has just the right amount of heat and flavor. The last one is the Chipolte and was not very hot and has a little smokey flavor to it, I found it nice on certain foods you don't want to heat up too much. Overall I think next time I will just buy the green.
349613349613B0000GHNUEA2YA94TQ9N7SAIspicygyoza0051321142400Delicious!!I'm a big fan of this brand of hot sauce ever since I discovered the bright green sauce. I couldn't believe something that bright green could be spicy, but I was wrong. They all have a great building heat, and you won't feel the heat of the sauces until it's too late :) I love hot sauce, and these have great flavor without the acidic punch of most hot sauces. Get this 4-pack, and decide for yourself which one you like the best!
349614349614B0000GHNUEA1MX6FBOPS21JRJ. Hall0051195776000The bestAbsolutely the best hot sauce out there. I've stumbled onto this page becuase I moved and my local store doesn't carry El Yucateco :( I'm distraught and am going to have to order a dozen bottles of the red online somewhere.
349615349615B0000GHNUEA1DBLHC8GMA5OMCharles0141297468800Good way to figure out what you like bestI have always liked to eat and really like spicey foods so that means I ususally have to cook for myself. This is a great way to try different flavors and levels of hotness to experiment on what you like best and how different hotness' go in different receipies that you are making
349616349616B001EO7FV8ALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"6651281657600AMERICAN pink salmon from the icy waters of ALASKA!This pink salmon is just perfect for a protein punch in the morning! FISH, canned fish, for breakfast?? YES!! This delicately flavored, not too salty, American salmon from Alaska is pure salmon - NOT packed in oil, just gently salted and canned. Excellent value, too, at under two dollars a can! I find a protein punch in the morning gets me started right and keeps me strong and NOT HUNGRY all day. The Omega fatty acids in salmon are reason enough to eat it at least twice a week, and the convenience of this size can makes it an easy meal to go. Per can: 270 calories, ZERO CARBS, 36 grams protein, 15 grams fat (the good kind) and just 810 mgs sodium! Recommended!
349617349617B0001ZZFWMAK7CAW3N1XZV6Beth Cholette "doctor_beth"0041299369600Mocha flavor is yummy, but nutritional profile could be betterI usually don't buy chocolate-flavored protein bars because 1) I tend to eat them for breakfast, so I prefer more fruit-type flavors, and 2) I find that the chocolate bars tend to be more artificial tasting. However, I saw one of these bars on sale, and because I absolutely love mocha, I decided to give it a try.

Taste-wise, this bar is excellent. It is rich, chocolate-y, and has a very good, distinct mocha flavor too. It was pleasantly chewy without having the overly nougat-like consistency that some protein bars have. Overall, I definitely enjoyed this bar, and from a flavor perspective, I would not hesitate to buy it again.

The reason I gave this bar 4 stars instead of 5 was due to the nutritional profile. At 200 calories, it is about what you would expect from a protein bar; I was fine with that. But both the fat content (7 grams, including 3.5 grams saturated) and the sugar content (17 grams, or over 3 teaspoons) were a little on the high side to me. Some bars include fiber; this one has <1 gram. It does have 15 grams of protein, which was a big plus.

So, in the end, I probably will buy this bar again, but I will limit myself to using it occasionally rather than as a more regular, healthy part of my diet.
349618349618B0001ZZFWMA22S7D0LP8GRDHJacob Hantla ""0041214092800Good Balance Bar FlavorCompared to other High Protein Balance Bars and other brands of protein bars, this flavor is very good. The coffee undertones complement the standard chocolate flavor well. There is no doubt about it as you're eating: This is a protein bar, chalky flavor and all. But the coffee + chocolate does a better job than most flavors at hiding it well. If you haven't tried it, and you have a reason to be eating high protein bars try it.

Look at the nutritional information, these bars do have a lot of protein (15g), but are really not all that healthy. 6 grams of fat (4 g Saturated Fat) per bar. 21 grams of carbohydrates (18 g sugar) will make this bar a non-Atkins friendly bar. Perhaps all that fat and sugar are what makes the bar taste relatively so good.
349619349619B001E6R6DSA3GVTOB9G0EML~~~*Bree*~~~0051329868800TaffyGreat Taffy. Tastes good and was fresh(not hard) when it got here. Everyone enjoyed it and all the flavors were great.
349620349620B001E6R6DSA186JTG8UJIMREJ. Phillips0051324166400Good Deal!Man, this is a lot of candy, well worth the price. For anyone curious the package has grape, strawberry, sour apple, and banana... Does anyone even like the Banana ones? Wish it had watermelon instead, but I guess every bag of variety candy has to have one flavor someone doesn't like :-).

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