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349646349646B000E56LPEA1K075WZZKQT8LAaron J. Boggs0041163030400Good SugarWhat can I say? They taste great as always, and it comes out a lot cheaper than buying singles in the store, you just have to ration them.
349647349647B003YEWYY4A21Q5VJ87SLOGOR. Springer0051349481600A Lot of Spice for the MoneyI received two jars and gave one to my daughter. Now, I don't know what Chat should taste like, but this one is strong and peppery tasting. I like the taste. If you don't like that much peppery taste, maybe you would like garam masala (which means "warm mixture"). I have to experiment more with this before I can recommend what type of dishes to use it in. Ingredients label: salt, dry mango, cumin, musk, melon seeds (musk melon i.e. cantalope seeds?) coriander, black pepper, pomegranate, ginger, chili, mint, caraway, nutmeg, clove, asafoetida, citric acid, black salt.
349648349648B0043V5SN6A2SU8X56PN90CMD. Dukky "donny boy"0051349654400Tastes great.This Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce is an excellent product. I serve it with meat and fish. A great side dish. Get the largest size pack from Amazon cause it goes fast.
349649349649B002GWH6MAAGS1GGTC4ZK4VOrton Redux6631299715200Great price - unimpressive Earl GreyWe are a faithful Coffee Bean customer. We buy their French Roast by the bags for our hotel. So I am disappointed that the Earl Grey does not live up to its name. The Bergamot is present as aroma, but not in flavor - unless you like your Earl Grey gentle. (The meek shall inherit the earth.) To me, this is simply a strong black tea with wispy Bergamot notes. On the plus side: price is truly impressive when compared with Harney or Twinings loose leaf.
349650349650B002GWH6MAA2SM38785BEM1LHoward A. Wilson "calvinist"6651260230400Tea TimeJust the aroma of opening the bag was enough to send us off on a memory jag. What a great product! Fresh, aromatic, tasty & long lasting in quality. The price was great to go along with the quality. Thanks for offering it up, we will see you again as the tea storage gets low. I highly recommend their Earl Grey.
349621349621B001E6R6DSA1C8ZGNNQTIFCMTom0051316649600DelicousDELICOUS thats all that needs to be said, the candy was not stale like I thought it would be being delivered online
349622349622B001E6R6DSA19PIYCI8DAYHCMickey "Minding my own box"0041277596800Use By DateThis is a good buy if you will be eating or giving away the candy within 5 months of purchase. The use by date on the packages I received May 2010 is October 2010. It will not be a problem in my case as I have a candy bowl on my desk at work and I am filling it up all the time.
349623349623B001E6R6DSA353U0L2HAMSHVCricket "Living life and loving it!"0051272844800Seven YUMMY pounds of Laffy TaffyI bought this for my daughters birthday party because it was such a great deal. Priced at less than $1.30 a pound when I bought it, it was cheaper than any store locally including those that sell it in bulk. Going off the one package I opened already it is plenty fresh, as it's still soft and chewy not hard. Overall a really good buy if you need this much taffy.
349624349624B0000GHNUOA2HG7KNKTF6148unhandled exception (0xFF01BCFF)1151346630400A very good alternative to CholulaThis is a great Mexican hot sauce. It's very cheap at Walmart. It tastes similar to Cholula hot sauce, which is much more expensive. It does not taste like Frank's Red Hot. I dunno what's up with that reviewer's taste buds. It has a slight chipolte pepper taste and is darker red compared to Cholula.

Overall: highly recommended.
349625349625B0000GHNUOA13WOT3RSXKRD5LD0051340755200Similar to Frank's Hot SauceThis is a much cheaper substitute for Frank's Hot Sauce. The tastes are very close. Tabasco is mostly heat to me. I like being able to put sauce on Mexican or Cajun food for the flavor. With Tabasco I find a sprinkle gives the heat but there is too little to really flavor the dish. Valentina is great added to enchilada sauce. I like the vinegar addition to tomato sauce and cumin.
349626349626B0000GHNUOA2DVFHG099GUGEsauerkraut0031340236800A pleasant hot sauceFor quite some time, I have been using different types of hot sauce on different types of food. Before I started doing this, I only ever remember using hot sauce on barbeque sandwiches. Even though I have tried numerous types of hot sauce during this period, Valentina Salsa Picante Mexican Hot Sauce has set itself apart from the others. It has a good flavor and is neither too hot nor too mild. This is a product that I can recommend.
349627349627B0000GHNUOA1MDO8RZCZ40B0ilbob0051335916800good stuffI copied this from a post I wrote on my blog a while back. I only changed the price to XX.

This has become my preferred hot sauce. I had never heard of the brand before but saw it on the shelf at WalMart maybe a year ago and bought a small bottle to try. I really like it so it is now what I use mostly as hot sauce, several times a day usually. It comes in regular and extra hot. I have tried both and prefer the extra hot, although it is not that hot. It is about right for me. I go through a bottle or 2 a month.

Ingredients: Water, Chili Peppers, Vinegar, Salt, Spices, 0.1% sodium benzoate as a preservative.

As an added bonus, the 1 liter bottles are <$XX. Made in Mexico. it comes in a smaller bottle as well, but I get the 1 liter size. I have one at work and one at home.
349628349628B0000GHNUOA1Y4LW3U3U73EPL. Kunz0051324166400Love this sauceThis is just so delicious. We consider food just a vehicle for this sauce. Not too spicy, has a nice flavor and the large bottle is huge! I bought a jar for my husband for Hanukkah (yes, there will be Valentina flavored latkes this year). We cannot find it where we live and are grateful it is on Amazon. The shipping was super fast and the bottle was wrapped very well to prevent breaking. Thank you.
349629349629B0000GHNUOAA9MMEOXVICBEEl Chango0051322784000Una Salsa muy Salsathis in the only way i can get this salsa in japan. thank you very much for providing this product.
349630349630B0000GHNUOA20AMVONSNBJEDRandy0051316908800Awesome SauceA coworker from El Paso turned me on to this. His whole family eats this and I can definitely understand why now. It's great if you like hot sauce and not as expensive as some others I also like.
349631349631B0000GHNUOA3QOVNBGWEQO4UMe2431231632000Great product.The product is great, I used to get it at Wal-Mart...but they quit selling it. Shipping and handling is twice as much as the product - that kind of annoys me, but I ordered anyway.
349632349632B0000GHNUOA1TJT6GXDGNN8QOpinunated0121347235200Too much vinegar in this variety. The "extra hot" version (look for a black background on the label) is much betterWarning: there is a significant differences between the regular Valentina reviewed here (a yellow background on the label) and the "extra hot" version (black background on the label).

The regular variety of Valentina hot sauce is heavily laden with vinegar. Yet, if you like a lot of vinegar in your hot sauce, you might really like this one. It tastes very much like Frank's hot sauce or even the original Tabasco hot sauce (once diluted). Unless you like a heavy dose of vinegar, this variety is Not Recommended. But keep in mind that a lot of vinegar is what many Americans are used to and may actually prefer.

The "extra hot" version is much better balanced in my view. The vinegar is in the background and while this variety is a tiny bit hotter - it is far from being "extra hot".

To tell the two versions apart - keep in mind that the regular variety has a light yellow background on the label while the so-called "extra hot" version has a black background on the label. In very small type, on the "extra hot" variety, you will see the words "extra hot" but that is easy to miss. Use the label background to tell the two versions apart.

Make no mistake, the two versions of this sauce are worlds apart. The regular version has a heavy vinegar taste and the hotter version, which is not much hotter, is far better balanced in my view. See my review of the "extra hot" variety for more comments.
349633349633B001MTEWSYAG5RNYSCYRYJLGuido1141279843200Not too muchThis is really a good product. I recommend starting with a lite coating of olive oil and not as much as the label says as it can over power the meat flavor. Leave the seasoning on for a good 2 hours before grilling.
349634349634B00025YW9SA2F4EQG0TCTTICLinda Brownlee4431113523200Still stinkyMy cats have the worst kitty breath and when I saw these Pit'r Pats I figured I'd give them a try. I love the little Altoid-type container and the little fishie shapes, but I'd love it more if they actually helped with kitty breath. No such luck, but my cats find them tasty so I can't complain too much.
349635349635B00025YW9SA3W2UBBHOLNNC5Alwaysdancin843351204329600BEST CAT TREAT EVERMy cat adores pitr pats. My dad bought her some for christmas, and when the tin ran out, you would have thought the world ended for my little cat. I've since found them locally - they are the BEST cat treat I've found. She goes crazy for them!!!!! I mean CRAZY. She'll meow and yip and purr and stand on her back legs for them - seriously. Try them out. I wish I could write the company and tell them myself and thank them for such a great treat for my kitty - but their website is messed up. Goodluck!
349636349636B00025YW9SAAIWY2FFS4H4RJ. White0051349308800They put kitty crack in these things!My cat has been a long time fan of these treats, anytime I have a tin of these treats with me she literally will stop what she is doing and come to me, she loves these treats. The only complaint I have about this product is it doesn't seem to freshen her breath, if anything it just makes it smell worse lol either way my cat is happy so I am happy!
349637349637B00025YW9SANP71RJIR67PUM. Henley0051270684800Best cat treats ever!My cats could easily become addicts to these, but I only give them these treats to reward them for letting me trim their claws. They still fight me a bit, but as long as I shake that tin and leave it within view, they pretty much behave. They like treats of all kinds, but these are definitely their favorite!
349638349638B00025YW9SA37V637ALK0MO9Joan W. Fitzpatrick0051269820800candiescould not believe the price of this good i bought cat goes nuts for these things..have been feeding them to her for over 4 yrs..never found them at such an exceptional price..nice thing about the site is that they suggest products you have all ready purchased..when you make another sale..
349639349639B00025YW9SA2M5IMR8J5YUCHleah d0051189036800cats go crazyafter seeing how my friend's cats reacted to these, i decided to try them. same effect. my kitten wraps her paws around my arms and even chews on the tin while i try to remove a treat. they drive her absolutely crazy. pitr pats are a great special treat to use while training and after too.
349640349640B00025YW9SA12U3IIQO02LMISharon Burns1251158796800Better than catnipI have the most finicky cats in the world, but when it comes to Pit'r Pat Breath Fresheners, they act like they're starved to death. My 2 cats will do anything for them. The local stores here don't carry them anymore. I don't know why not, because when they used to carry them, I'd buy all of them as soon as I saw them. I also had a conversation with a complete stranger who saw me buying them. She said that her cat is also crazy about them.
349641349641B00025YW9SA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"1251129420800Cat CandyIf you buy one tin, buy ten because your cat will think these are wildly delicious. Strangely enough they are shaped like fish, but they contain ingredients like green tea extract and rosemary oil.

We went through one tin in a week and my cats thought these were the best treats they had ever tasted.

I had no idea cats would enjoy rosemary oil in a cat treat, nor did I think they would paw at the empty tin begging for me to buy more. Definitely a treat to hide in a safe place.

Even after taking these out of the packaging and box, my cats were clawing at the box to get more. You have to hide the box
in a high place or in a drawer or they will find a way to get into the container. lol

I'm not sure who enjoys these treats more. I love
seeing how much my two cats enjoy these treats. The
tin with two treats can also work as a training tool
because the cats will instantly respond when they
hear the treats being shaken in the tin.

~The Rebecca Review
349642349642B00025YW9SA1XO5MWVQ63HVKD. Leaym0111176076800My cat's won't eat these things.I have two Siamese cats and they will not eat these. These "candies" are very hard and don't smell like a typical cat treat. My cat's prefer soft treats. I wouldn't waste my money on these.
349643349643B00025YW9SA15M0Q04REKW07SunSpott "SunSpott"0151171584000Wildly Delicious!I am here to echo Rebecca Johnson's sentiments: "If you buy one tin, buy ten because your cat will think these are wildly delicious." 'Tis true! These tasty little morsels are worth every penny. No other treat comes close in our Sammy's estimation.
349644349644B000E56LPEA2BZCHIDR5FTYADetra Fitch3351156550400My favorite candy of all.Every Halloween a bunch of neighbors bring over their kids and I take them all in one giant group around the area. The deal is that I get all the "Nerds" and the kids keep everything else. Yes, I love Nerds this much. The kids are more than happy with this arrangement since I will stay out with them for twice as long as their parents would. :-)

Therefore, being my favorite candy of all, I simply HAD to search it out on Amazon's grocery section and spread the word.

Most boxes contain two different flavors. One flavor is on each side. (There are boxes available that mix several different flavors in one. You can usually find these in movie theaters or a movie rental place.) You control how much you eat by simply pouring them into your hand or directly into your mouth. Be warned though that many flavors are sour or tart. The instant Nerds hit your taste buds you will be overflowing in flavor/taste.

You can bite into them right away, but it is best to simply hold them in your mouth for a minute or two, sucking the flavor. Once you have done that, chew once or twice and then suck some more. You'll find even MORE flavor than even before. If you continue doing this, each mouthful will last quite awhile. Since your hands are not constantly busy, you can do other things. (Play or work on the computer, hold hands in the dark theater, read, yard/house work, etc. You get the idea.)

So do yourself and your kids a favor and pick up some of these. Once you try them you will understand my love for them. Oh, and be sure to buy the bundles for Halloween! I just may be in that group at your door.

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
349645349645B000E56LPEAYP5082JDMAHLRyjacork0051323388800A Tiny Box of MemoriesWhen I was around 8 years old my family took me and my younger brother on our first trip to Cape Cod Massachusetts, since then we went up once every summer for a week or so, those first few years we would take a pop up camper to a camp site by the beach. The campsite itself had two memorable things, the first was a play ground my brother and I would spend time at, and the second was a small candy shop down by the end of the road leading up to the camp site, it was in this candy store that I had my first box of Nerds.

My brother and I looked all over the candy store with the wide eyed wonder of the literal kid in a candy shop. The one thing that caught my eye was the small pink and purple box of candy up by the register. Since our mother only let us buy one thing each this is what I chose, and my brother (always copying me) chose the same, which we enjoyed on our way back to the camper. Of all the tastes on that trip, the marshmellows we toasted over the campfire, the seafood we had in the local resturants, my first bite of buttered lobster, the wind and saltwater on the beach, it was that little box of candy that my brother and I shared on the way back to the camper that stands out to me the most.

Many years later in high school I met one of my best friends working at thelocal FYE, his name was Andrew and we first started talking over one of the jumbo boxes of Nerds, striking up a conversation about how you got almost a pound of candy with the box of Nerds, and how other candy boxes skimped out and filled it with mostly empty space. For most of my high school years he and I would hang out at the store, exchange stories, shoot the breeze, ect, usualy over a box of Nerds.

Ive now been out of high school for almost four years, Andrew and I have lost touch over the past few years, and my brother died almost 7 years ago. After all this time these tint little candies still bring back all th happy memories from my childhood and teen years. Bravo Wonka on this exellent product.

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