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349651349651B002GWH6MAARW0GZ919VTQMCharlie McNulty4441265241600Very nice for the price.Really nice tea at a very good price. The bergamot flavoring is very nicely balanced. A nice smooth tea. Does not require sugar to take the edge off.
349652349652B002GWH6MAAYSYN1KLL6W5DEdward F. Shimkus6751271376000Excellent, if . . .As with all of my food reviews, I like to begin by acknowledging that tastes and processing differ from person to person and from batch to batch, respectively. Water is just . . . so water, if you know what I mean; most of my fluid intake is in the form of tea and coffee both of which I consume throughout the day and night. (And no, there is no such thing as too much coffee or tea. Furthermore, mindful of one of healthcare's biggest myths perpetuated by the uninformed, one does not need to drink n-number of glasses of pure water every day: the body will extract all of the water it needs from any source of liquid)

I drink two kinds of tea: orange pekoe, primarily with meals, hot or iced, and Earl Grey. I am on my first bag of Coffee Bean Direct Earl Grey, which I found to be rather heavy on the bergamot when I compare it to Bigelow's Earl Grey, my usual choice. As Howard Wilson noted in his review here, "Just the aroma of opening the bag was enough to send us off on a memory jag." Indeed it does! But as I noted at the outset, tastes differ.

To compensate for what I consider too much bergamot, I create a 50/50 mix of the Coffee Bean Direct Earl Grey ($15.95/2 lbs.) with Coffee Bean Direct Orange Pekoe ($12.43/ 2 lbs.) which yields the intensity of bergamot flavor which favorably compares with the Bigelow that I am used to - at a total cost of $28.38 for four pounds of tea (for Bigelow tea bags - 6-pack of 40 bags ber box on Amazon - four pounds would cost $98.48!)

In a word, for those who really like bergamot, they will enjoy CBD Earl Grey. For others, like me, who find the intensity a bit much, cutting the Earl Grey with plain orange pekoe will yield an excellent cup of tea. Notwithstanding my "critique" of the intensity, I give the CBD Earl Grey a five-star rating because I find my "workaround" to be inexpensive (cost per pound of "my" Earl Grey is cheaper) and easy enough to create.
349653349653B002GWH6MAA12D1W27AMNG7OAS Atwood4551260316800A very nice cup of Old StinkyEarl Grey, sometimes called Old Stinky, is a black tea that has had a small portion of oil derived from the rind of bergamot oranges added for flavour and aroma. A lot of less expensive Earl Grey's fall down by lacking both the flavour and aroma that makes Earl Grey tea into Earl Grey tea.

The Coffee Bean Direct version of Earl Grey does not lack in either flavour or aroma. The leaves are whole and high quality. The aroma is wonderful the second you open the bag. And the flavor in the cup is outstanding, especially for the price.

You can spend more money and you can probably get better tea. But this is very, very good in the opinion of a daily tea drinker who has sampled many versions from many vendors. For the price, I don't see where you can go wrong. Recommended.
349654349654B002GWH6MAA1O8Q0YY5FMYRIPlaw1141318118400Good tea but a bit too lemonyhThis tea compares favorably with other earl greys I have tasted. It is a bit more lemony in flavor than I would like but still ok and the price is right.
349655349655B002GWH6MAA2NATE15H2Y2P9Jason Smith1121311638400large drop in qualityupdate May 10, 2012:

Sad to say the latest batch I ordered is completely different than last year, and not for the better. It now has a very mild flavor, despite long steeping times. I can no longer recommend this product.

original review July 26, 2011:

I'm not the most particular when it comes to tea, but I know what I like, and I like this Earl Grey. It is flavorful without the bergamot being overpowering. The leaves are large and high quality, far from the fannings and dust one might expect at this price range.

My only suggestion would be for smaller package sizes. Two pounds of tea is a lot, and takes a single person months to go through. It kept well, but there's nothing like breaking the seal on a fresh package.
349656349656B002GWH6MAA3L4JPADUA9EQ6D. Tay1141309737600Hearty and aromaticI'm a big fan of loose earl grey tea. This particular tea is a heartier, citrus-packed one than most, so if you don't like your tea strong or with more-than-average bergamot orange, don't choose this one. I drink it nearly every day though and love it!
349657349657B002GWH6MAAGL95K4GLGZ4JKevin E. Johnson "kwithaj"1151307318400Earl GreyI was skeptical about it actually being Earl Grey when compared to the price you pay in the supermarket.
It is and it's Awesome.
349658349658B002GWH6MAA2YFCHH9PR70FEJ. Calhoun1151306108800Decent and economicalI am a picky Earl Grey freak. This is not the best nor the strongest, nor is it the weakest, nor does it have off-tastes or off-smells. But it is very drinkable and very economical. I like it better than all but a few others. Be sure you like to drink plenty of Earl Grey, because otherwise you may have trouble drinking it all up in a year. I have my own recipe, and always blend specific teas.
349659349659B002GWH6MAA1R5Q7QK80UL44Doug Kremer1151306022400Great flavorGreat flavor, as previously reviewed it has a stronger than average bergamot flavor but I don't see that as a problem. This is a tremendous value.
349660349660B002GWH6MAAX5K59OC0UCD5Lab Mom1151304035200Great TeaThis tea is great Dont under estimate due to the price..... Great stuff.... I drink several times a day...
349661349661B002GWH6MAA2NTASKAKETANFGranny Sue1151294185600Great value and qualityI love Earl Grey tea, but the Twinings brand was becoming too expensive for my budget. I found Coffee Bean Direct on Amazon and decided to give their tea a try. The flavor is excellent and I am very pleased with the value and the quality of the tea I purchased.
349662349662B002GWH6MAAACOBGJTHS24WCeltic Bad Boy Poet 71151291161600Old Stinky? Maybe...Big Stinky? for Sure.......OMG The Aroma of the Oil of Bergamot, When U Open the Bag, is a Wonderful Assault of the Senses...Terrific Flavor with Honey and Cream, or Honey and Lemon if U Feel a Cold Coming On.......Nice Full Leaves, not that Tea Dust in the Bags that U Buy in the Supermarket!
349663349663B002GWH6MAA1CS5JDV6YZQ8VDaniel Nelson1151289606400Amazing teaI was really just looking for something a better than Twinings loose. I'd thought about the stash double bergamot but the reviews were not that great. I was a little leery of getting this because the company is obviously a coffee company but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tea leafs were of a very good quality, very little tea 'dust' you see in in alot of the bag and some of the loose teas. The aroma is amazing and fills the room when steeping this tea. Very happy with my purchase.

Be careful though, the picture on amazon doesn't really call out that this is a 2lb bag. Thats ALOT of tea, makes this a good bargain but might wanna find someone to share it with.
349664349664B002GWH6MAASMDTHWI6R48ZMMH "Med*SUN"2321320537600Poor qualityI carefully read all the reviews on this Item before ordering! I must say, there are not that many real Tea drinkers writing reviews for this particular Item. Sure, if you are a Lipton dipper, this is a great tea. But if you know what a quality tea should offer, you would not have given this product more than 2-Stars.
The Aroma when first open the bag, is quiet decent, but when the tea is Brewed, the flavor is a disaster. It is basically a lipton like flavor. The color, is also unlike a good quality Earl-gray! Which it should have an amber color, that can be anywhere from light, to deep end of the spectrum, depending if the tea is a Single Body, or need to be mixed with another tea for potentiation of Color.

At last, the tea leaves are not uniformly sized, which basically means this tea is probably a mixture of low quality teas, just flavored as Earl-Gray!

Coffee Bean direct should consider offering a better tea, for a few more $$$!!! At least 2Lb of tea would be worth Brewing!
349665349665B002GWH6MAA12YQGXH45Q10DWilliam0041348444800Good tea, great priceI'm not sure how "authentic" it is, but it's very good tea, and the price is great! I'll be buying more.
349666349666B002GWH6MAAHOKN3NQ43DGZSure, Not0051347753600This company is great.Everything ships quick, product quality is high. She is the big tea drinker and swears this is better than twinings (and cheaper too). I love the coffee from this place. Highly recommended.
349667349667B002GWH6MAA28VCX74L5OTBKDonna Ford0051340236800Excellent OptionBalanced flavor is slightly stronger than Twinings. Packaging keeps product fresh and recloses well. I like being able to purchase a larger amount than the tins.
349668349668B002GWH6MAA1EU9WITEXDZ6Werik0031336953600Kinda bland tastingThe aroma of this tea is nice and I don't mind bergamot (which is nicely noted in this blend). But overall, I find this tea to be not that interesting. Very flat and even with cream, it still just tastes like not much. Some will like this tea, but for me, it doesn't warrant a repeat purchase.

**update** I've learned to better brew this tea to suit my tastes. (This can be a bit tricky with this blend.) I like it with just a waving of honey and milk. I would still try a different brand just to compare. Will get back when that is done.
349669349669B002GWH6MAA10ZK1IH0PDGJUDragoneer0051335052800Great Bargin - Good TeaLike two other Coffee Bean Direct teas that I've ordered, the Earl Grey has a great bargain price for good quality tea. I brew and refrigerate a gallon at a time. The amount of tea that I need to make a gallon seems smallish - I'd estimate a little over a cubic inch. The bag measures to 200 cubic inches so I'm estimating 12 cents a gallon plus or minus some. Now that is a bargain! Since the tea tastes great, it's a real bargain.

The unique ingredient in Earl Grey is called "oil of bergamot" and that is what gives the tea its unique aroma though it only has a small effect on the taste. The aroma in the bag is really kicky so take a sniff and enjoy.

The only minus on this tea is the amount shipped, 2 lbs, and the large volume: where you going to store it? I'm keeping it in the bag but that might let the tea get stale after a while. I'd be willing to pay a dollar or two more if the tea shipped in a resealable bag, probably metal instead of paper, that was designed for long-term storage. This consideration does not knock off a star since it's a bargain even if I had to throw half of it away.
349670349670B002GWH6MAA2XS5EYY3V8KZHBeYouTful0051332979200Very Good TeaI got this tea and it's so much tea I am sharing! I love this tea. It has an excellent flavor and it's strong enough to make more than one cup with the leaves. (I use an infuser). I make sure the water is boiling hot when I make it so I get all the flavor! Strong Orange flavor as well, not overpowering but perfect with the black tea as Earl Grey should be. I won't go back to tea bags again!!
349671349671B002GWH6MAA2X4Q1FS0JH6FCRobert E Jones0051332633600Best Earl Grey I've Ever BrewedThis tea is outstanding by any measure. The sense of quality begins when one first opens the bag: The aroma of heavenly, citrus-y (expensive) bergamot oil fills the kitchen. The brew smells delicious, even while the tea is just steeping. Discarding the spent leaves, one can see that they are whole: Big, lush tea leaves instead of pieces, choppings, or dust. But the real winner-take-all prize here is the flavor: Traditionally, people who enjoy Earl Grey, do so with the beverage very hot. For me, that was once true--but I find that this particular Earl Grey also brews my favorite, interesting, nuanced iced tea as well! All of the Coffee Bean Direct teas I've tried have been excellent, but this is by far the best of them.
349672349672B002GWH6MAA1W5O3UAS5ZNF9Dobson0021330041600This tea has changedI recently received my third bag of this tea. The previous two orders had been great. This one smells like earl grey dry but brews up to taste like ordinary black tea. I also notice that the leaves don't expand as much. It seems to be a different product. I put this in the back of the cupboard and went back to the more expensive Davidson's organic earl grey with lavender that I was drinking before.
349673349673B002GWH6MAA1EPZEMB8263SXJ. Fiedler "Julie the Belgian"0011329264000Nothing like Earl Grey except for the smellI bought some bulk Earl Grey tea from another Amazon supplier in the past (Frontier) that was rather pleasant. But this one was pure disappointment! It smelt good when you opened the bag but performed really poorly when you brewed it. Dark in color and bitter in taste with an almost no existence bergamot flavor! If you really appreciate a good Earl Grey I will advice you to pass on this one...It was cheap, I guess too cheap to be true. Lesson learned.
349674349674B002GWH6MAA1JF6SXZU4LG8HJMo0031327795200Not great, not badI purchased this tea because I was drinking 4 or more cups/day. It was not particularly smooth, or very flavorful. The bergamot flavor seems muted (at least in my bag). I would not say that it is a "bad" tea, but it is also not anything great. CBD does have some excellent values available, if you are okay with having an average product.
349675349675B002GWH6MAAS0B5STL51SYCThomas J. Lopata0031324771200Not very good, even for the priceThis tea delivers on aroma but seriously fails in the taste department. I'm not sure if the quality has gone down hill over time (lots of rave reviews), but I find this tea to almost be undrinkable. I couldnt believe how bad it tasted so I had tried an endless amount of combinations on steeping time and amount used, to no avail. The bergemont is there in smell, but all I taste is an overpowering bitter lemon. Also, if steeped beyond 3:30, it becomes very bitter and gathers a really awful taste in my experience. The only reason I am still drinking it is because I can't bring myself to throw away a pound of tea. My advice would be to steep for 3 mins. It'll be a little weak, but won't taste as undrinkable as 4 mins does (which is a typical steep time for blacks). Or spend a little more money on something like Twinings.

Easily a 2-star tea if it weren't for the extremely low price.
349676349676B002GWH6MAATPI0FC08KE84H. Johnson "HJohnson22"0011324684800**Agree that the tea has changed--4th purchase**I have deleted my previous glowing review of this product and cancelled our subscribe and save for this item. Our most recent purchase has left me highly disappointed. The only way I can describe the flavor of the tea that is now being brewed is "cardboard-ish". No flavor at all... Just brown and disgusting. Very unhappy. They also changed the packaging to a very wide mouthed bag and when I poured it into the air-tight container we use it went everywhere--not practical at all. I will not buy this again. While I appreciate a savings, I do enjoy my morning cuppa quite a bit more and this has left me looking for another brand.
349677349677B002GWH6MAA7F2GAW4ZF917G. W. Lee0051324252800Great TeaThis Earl Grey is fantastic as always from Coffee Bean Direct. Got it extremely fast and it makes a great cup of tea, and it's a great price as well. Would Highly recommend this to family and friends.
349678349678B002GWH6MAATLA5CJH0ZZHPTerry R. Nye0051300924800great valueI buy this tea for my wife, who loves to drink Earl Grey. She likes to use loose tea, and it is expensive to buy locally. The Coffee Bean Direct Earl Grey tea is a great value, and my wife says it is the best she's tasted. If you are an Earl Grey fan you should give it a try.
349679349679B002GWH6MAA2S83VLUV5PJJOdoxtorray0041298678400Nice, but not Earl GreyAs others have said, this tea is very strongly oiled. I do not doubt that it is some oil of bergamont, but it seems to be from a source of different quality from the bergamont in Twinings Earl Grey. The scent of the tea reminds one of Twinings Earl Grey (more than, say, lemon scented teas), but it is not really the same in its complexity of flavor as the Twinings Earl Grey. This may be from some cause such as use of black teas from Sri Lanka or India tea in place of black Chinese tea in the base, but it might also be due to the bergamont used.
While the tea is tasty, and in that respect resembles Davidson's or Bigelow's Earl Grey, it just is lacking the muskiness and smoothness of the Twinings Earl Grey, which I believe is essential to the character of the blend. I think the tea base determines such qualities, and the Coffee Bean Direct product just does not have a complex enough tea base.
This is not the tea I was hoping for, but it is still nice.
If you like the bergamont scent of Earl Grey so much that you really don't notice the tea that it is wrapped around, you may really like this. On the other hand, if you find yourself gravitating to Twinings Earl Grey (officially endorsed by the Earl of Grey) over the others, then this will not be your cup of tea.
349680349680B0006U7SEAATHUN0PJ0MG0PR. Cross "LVWolfman"4451308787200Good for big chewersMy mother's dog (a black German Shepherd mix) will go through a "normal" sized rawhide chew in one night. So I got him this one. Weeks later one knuckle is still left and well chewed. So I think this is good value for the money. Warning, it IS very large. Give it to a Chihuahua and have your camcorder ready so you can post to YouTube. LOL

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