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349711349711B0012H0ZQEAAQC9GZJPHIJQfxs0011346284800Bland not the tea you get in Thai restaurants.
349712349712B0012H0ZQEA2LSTGMM25B95Gjs0011338768000Not what I was looking forSimilar to others who have already reviewed this, I found it to taste like a regular black tea, and not like the thai tea used for thai iced teas at restaurants. I wouldn't recommend it.
349713349713B0012H0ZQEA13DLYHFFHYQK0Fand0031314403200Not at all like Restaurant style Thai Tea!Pros: All natural tea, tastes like a decent black tea, which is the only reason I gave it any stars at all.
Cons: If, like me, you were looking for an all-natural version of restaurant style Thai iced tea, THIS IS NOT IT! Makes a decent hot tea or iced tea, but not at all what I was expecting. I tried brewing a cup with 3 tea bags, as one tea bag is nowhere near strong enough to pass for what I am accustomed to, but it turned out a very strong ordinary black tea. Does not have the reddish orange colour, nor flavour. I used sweetened condensed milk and a bit of coconut palm sugar, following the instructions of the Thai waiters at my favourite Thai restaurant. I didn't want to buy the other Thai teas available on this site, as they are loaded with food colouring and chemical additives.

If you are looking for a true Thai iced tea, don't buy this product, or you will be disappointed. If, however, you are looking for a decent black tea for regular hot or iced tea, not a bad choice, though, I personally preffer Scottish breakfast tea for ordinary black tea, as the flavour is very robust, earthy and rich. Rooibus tea is more similar to restaurant style Thai iced tea than this Thai tea. If you are looking for a true restaurant style Thai tea that is all natural, it might be worth your while to research a very good "from scratch" recipe that you can completely make yourself, using select teas/herbs. That's my plan, anyway.
349714349714B0012H0ZQEA3HIJO9QVTM1XSDianeJ Morrison0051293667200Thai TeasBought this tea for my daughter, she loved it. Said ,"yes, finally an original restaurant thai tea". Not the anise tasting teas that claim to be restaurant style tea. Yes, I will remember and buy again .Love Thai restarants especially for the tea.
349715349715B0012H0ZQEA1DLRG82U5ZQOOgokiburi1211288310400NOT thai teaThis was terrible. I was looking for bags of thai tea to make hot tea with. This just tasted like regular black tea - not at all similar to the flavor of the stuff they serve in restaurants.
349716349716B0012H0ZQEA21MOQWN5R9ZVEJuliet Lynn0141285977600Pretty GoodThis stuff isn't quite as good as what you get in a restaurant but what is? I picked it up at 99 Ranch Market but I felt I should give the Amazon review for people who don't have a market by them. I got brewing directions from the internet but the boxes directions would work well enough. I used 6 bags in 6 cups (it seems crazy I know). Once the water was boiling I put in 3/4 cup sugar and let it dissolve. Then I poured the sugar water over the tea bags and let it sit for 5 or 6 minutes. Chill until cold put ice in a glass and add some half and half.

Anyway, I thought the tea was really great and I got to sit by the pool with a home brewed thai iced tea and a good book and have a lovely Friday afternoon.
349717349717B004R9GFOKA31AGR6OPORR5VDeb0051348704000Delicious snackThis is a yummy snack mix with a nice mix of nuts, pretzel nubs and other crunchies. It is not overly salty and tastes delicious.
349718349718B0064KODO4AW0B33EZVO9FXBernadette G. James "B.G.James"0051349740800my favorite flavorArrived in two plastic bags inside a box. I found the tootsie pops to be great, not perfect, but pretty close. Didn't have the problems some other reviewers old or super sticky wrappers. Some of the pops may have been blems or maybe what's considered factory seconds?? They were broken up but yet in one piece as if they were glued back together with sugar! Sounds crazy but that's the best way I can explain it. Would I order from them again? Absolutely!!
349719349719B0064KODO4A11CTBMQSHS66Gdorothy reik0031343347200Cherry tootsie popsThey seemed to be very old. I guess the shipper collects them but they are not stored well so they don't look fresh. They are "cloudy".
349720349720B0006BDCPIA17X2I6QMM4R9FMaria P. Morris3351271203200GreekgirlWonderful cheese. Use in almost every dish. Pastisos, tiropita, sponikopita even on my spagetti. Make sure you have a good cheese grater.
349721349721B0001G6VL0A2I3TKKHF6INI6Teddy Bird1131226966400Nice but not perfect.I always get a hankering for gingerbread and pumpkin bread when Autumn rolls around, but I'm never up for baking from scratch. This year was the first time I tried this particular mix. It calls for one egg, some butter, and some milk to be added to the mix, so quite easy to throw together.

The result is a bit of a mixed bag. The texture and consistency is very lovely and moist; I'd grade it an A or A+ almost. Unfortunately the sweetness is underplayed to the detriment of the whole project. I have so far sampled it plain; I wonder if a scoop of whipped cream might mitigate the problem. Anyway, I might buy it again, or I might not.
349722349722B0001G6VL0A2F2RVB6D8DSM0Bev0041273881600spicyI used canola oil instead of the butter and it came out good. It is a little spicy, and you might want to add a little honey to the mix.
349723349723B0001G6VL0AD6MYS1WCU0DBlueberry Girl0051257724800Delicious and nutritious!Delightful flavor combination plus great texture. It is the best gingerbread mix we've found. Topped with warm lemon sauce, it is the perfect dessert. Will continue to purchase.
349724349724B0001G6VL0A1ODDZGQ36JIN5Mary H. Blewett "stressed out writer"0151229040000The best, periodMoist, rich with spices and perfectly wholesome. Forget all other mixes; this is the ONE.
349725349725B000EQYXIKA2M9D9BDHONV3YA. Bennett4441173398400Very tasty but not like any potato chip I've ever eatenI was really not prepared for the difference between this potato chip and the regular ones I've always bought. They are very flavorful and don't taste salty or greasy like regular chips do but they are very THICK and slightly hard. I am still trying to get use to and accept this variety as A potato chip. I am not sure if I really like them or just love their wonderful flavorings. I'll have to do a follow up review after I've tried them a few more times. They are different.......that's for sure!
349726349726B000EQYXIKA3DXMBE77EGC3FMorphie4451156118400Yukon gold chips - a classicThese chips are very tasty, but not "flavored". I have nothing against BBQ, pesto, sour cream and onion, etc. flavored chips, but sometimes prefer the classic potato chip taste. Yukon gold chips are thick and hearty, not too oily or salty... just right!
349727349727B000EQYXIKAO1BC9T48FYT6L. Pirlot1151250208000UpdateUpdate August 2012: I changed my mind about never ordering again and signed up for regular auto shipments. They must have paid attention to the post because the boxes are now sealed much better.


Original review: I love this product in the large bags so I ordered the small bags for portion control. Product is great but was shipped by the manufacturer whose shipping department wasn't careful enough with the sealing tape. The box arrived totally open with the bags showing. None were missing
349728349728B000EQYXIKAD02S3QAB0T1GHMK1131242777600Okay, needs more Vinegar flavorI normally love Terra chips (all flavors), but these were not my favorite...they needed more vinegar flavor. The chips themselves are tasty, just not what I wanted.
349729349729B000EQYXIKA2YHXAZLCLDT8DMark Smith "Food lover"3451238198400less fat..great flavorI had no problem with my order, the chips were fresh and tasted great
The only problem is the 24 bags did not last as long as I thought with
my kids eating them up so fast

45 % less fat or something like that...but 45 % more flavor I say !
349730349730B000EQYXIKACJW2YSBG2HA1i am me0041336780800Potato chips are very good and worth trying out.I don't know why these reviews seem to cover more then just one type of TERRA potato chips, I think amazon should have seperate reviews but this review is in regards to "Terra Yukon Gold Potato Chips" I think these chips are really good, I like them a lot. If I eat them for too many days tho I think it gives me the baked chips sensation/taste and I am not into that. I have not eaten them long enough but they are very good. You might be able to get these cheaper in store then amazon.
349731349731B000EQYXIKA3HED8SW5DDP9QL. Satterlee0051325808000Super wonderful, stable/thick whole chips, not greasy/not too salty, eats like a meal, not a snack...could make nachos w/these!Super wonderful, stable/thick whole chips, not greasy/not too salty, eats like a meal, not a snack...could make nachos w/these!

The best part is you don't have to keep eating them like other chips...hard to explain how these are thick, meaty and almost a meal in itself, so satisfying.

The salt isn't noticable like on other chips which are coated with it.
349732349732B000EQYXIKA20A5REX0L3JCBR.0051306713600DeliciousThese chips are delicious. I would like to have these as just salted, but good nonetheless. The Terra brand shines again.
349733349733B000EQYXIKA3GW73OTA6TSAvic0021291939200Not as tasty as others like PopChips or KettleWe keep trying different variety of chips in our office to avoid getting bored and also find better chips. The crew in the office did not like these at all, we have been getting the PopChips and the Kettle chips which tend to disappear pretty fast.

Will not order again.
349734349734B000EQYXIKA1CELHH2PYV4MYPeter Saliba0051287878400Great combinationI had been having trouble finding these locally so it is wonderful to be able to get my hands on some again. On their own I would say that these chips are just OK. But couple them with soft chevre goat cheese and you are in for a divine treat. A thinner potato chip would be to delicate to attempt this mixture with.
349735349735B000EQYXIKA30ARMF3JEKEJYT-Bone "T-Bone"0031268870400Pretty dang saltyThese are average at best, way too salty. I was saturated with salt and whatever gives it the salt & vinegar flavor (not real tasting somehow, more chemical). Would not recommend unfortunately.
349736349736B000EQYXIKA22VGJ06P3B3K3G. Cachola0031251417600Wasn't what it was supposed to be...I have bought these particular chips at Whole Foods. Although I haven't seen them in the store for awhile, I jumped at the chance to purchase them while browsing grocery section. When I received the Terra Golds Onion & Garlic Potato Chips and opened a bag, I was truly disappointed! Although the bags were labled Onion & Garlic, the contents were just plain potato chips with no hint of garlic or onion flavor. I was really anticipating the garlicky and oniony taste of the of the yukon gold chips. I was looking closely at the packaging and noticed that the plain chips were pictured. I remembered from the picture on & from past purchases that the chips had a speckled look to them. I had other people try various bags in the shipment and all were plain chips. I don't know if I would ever purchase these chips online again.
349737349737B000EQYXIKA3VQBRBZSCR16ZBlondy in Texas "Blondy"0051244592000Absolutely THE best chip if you love potatoes!Always fresh and crisp, lightly salted and the best potato chip ever! A little thicker than others, never greasy, less calories/fat and as Goldilocks would say .. JUST RIGHT!
349738349738B000EQYXIKAOCO2KKW59323Arthur M. Richman0051182816000ChipsThis is an excellent product. The major problem is once you start eating them you can't stop and the bag is only 5 oz.
349739349739B000EQYXIKA15DN2ET7WSGVOD. Stickling "crazy for cookies"3511221523200disappointedI love Terra Yukon Gold Potato Chips, so I thought I'd order some in the smaller packaging. The carton arrived with 24 small bags. The product was stale even though the expiration date on the packages was 3 months AHEAD of the date I received the chips. The small bags also contained many chips that looked "burned". I was really disappointed
349740349740B000EQYXIKAP7RD3W6XXNKOEdward R. Schaefer1221238198400I like Old Dutch chips betterI wanted Old Dutch chips but they were not available,these chips are o.k. but they are too thick.

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