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349741349741B000EQYXIKA1GANBK28OXQN2M. J. Malloy1211226793600DifferentI'm so glad you emailed. I have been trying to find a way to communicate to you my total disappointment. This is the second time I have ordered the Terra Gold Onion & Garlic (12 bags at $30). The first time they were great, exactly what I have tasted when buying single bags from the grocery. This time they have virtually NO TASTE, they are small, broken chips and I am completely dissatisfied. I called Terra Chips with no result, they said to contact Amazon. I looked all over your web site to try to locate a place but couldn't find one. There was NO Sales Slip in the box. I really feel a refund is in order.
349742349742B000EQYXIKANWBTNWFJC4FFJennifer Farley "Love Commando"1251179360000Firm, tart and briny, bolsters the great Yukon Gold to new levelThe Yukon Gold is one fine spud, and these fairly thick-cut chips manage to negotiate a fairly bold but natural-tasting dose of seasoning without losing the authenticity of the premium potato taste. Maybe it's a rather silly reason and often I am quite beyond the temptations of alluring packaging, but for some reason the shiny mostly black bags of Terra products make me feel like I'm noshing on something other than, uh, packaged and processed convenience snack food, to put a fairly fine spin phrasing on it. Will buy again. Would serve to snoots.
349743349743B000EQYXIKA11UPNFYDICF3CRobin M. Vaughn0131186272000A Yukon THICK Choice.....I have enjoyed many Yukon snacks, but these are a bit too thick and oily for my taste. The flavor was good though.
349744349744B000EQYXIKA1TR7LRFL4LYSNhatem now1411294617600AWFUL THE 1 START IS A MISTAKEUNEDIBLE!!!chips have changed and taste old/I am going to attempt to return them//until this batch they were our family's favorite
SERIOUSLY TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
349745349745B001HTIYWYA2URIUHXTS7HD5Pam Senter1151241568000tasty and healthy!!I recently tried some of this while on the road. It it not available in my local grocery, so I am glad to see Amazon has it available! This is very tasty granola and is great for people who love either granola or peanut butter. It is very filling and will give you energy that lasts a long time. The box, although it looks small, has several servings in it. This is a dense food that is quick to prepare and very filling. Kids love it.
349746349746B001HTIYWYA1OKHXZMXFK0ATB. Lima "galaxypie"0051243209600A Most Delicious GranolaI love this cereal. It is by far the best granola I've ever had. I bought it a few times, but suddenly the Whole Foods and Trader Joe's near me no longer carry it. They prefer to carry the hemp or ginger flavors. Too bad.
349747349747B006H34C7QA34YVCO8S3BMJXSally3351326672000Crunchy, slightly sweet ... DELICIOUSYum, I think this is my new favorite cereal. It's like a crunchier, slightly sweetened version of Cheerios. LOVE IT! Hope it becomes part of the Quaker permanent line-up.
349748349748B006H34C7QASPI8YB1N9ARMary L. Roacho "MaryR"2251336694400Whole Hearts is super yummyI agree with the previous comment that it's like a slighty sweet version of cherrios. Although it only has 6 grams of sugar per serving which is awesome. The carb count is pretty good for a breakfast cereal and it also has lots of protein and vitamins and minerals. Plus, have I mentioned how delicious it is? Yumm!
349749349749B006H34C7QA1Y3QS43BXWOJF1230051347840000Great for Mom and KidsWe all like this dry and makes the milk taste like a hint of brown sugar/vanilla/butter almost type flavor. Perfect balance of healthy and sweet.
349750349750B006H34C7QA1YQ1FBMQZG2VFLaura Tague "Boondoggle lady"0011346803200The box would have tasted betterI bought the box because it looked good and the sugar and fiber content. However, my first thought on tasting it was that the box would have tasted better. I found the taste bland and they did smell like cardboard. They never softened up to look like the ones on the back of the box.
349751349751B004ZMY0QOA2BF35QIFW6I0YA. Wells3321343174400This is a TERRIBLE PRICEDon't pay $12 for 8 pouches. You can get the same amount for four bucks at your local Target (or similar).

This pricing is a complete rip off.
349752349752B004ZMY0QOATB3CUFBRDGS5gatoramazon0011349395200ad very deceptiveThe ad for this product is very deceptive.
They make you think you are going to get more packets than you are actually going to receive.
349753349753B004ZMY0QOA34QTP68ZWCXK5P. Davis0041348358400Nice easy mixThe packets seem super convenient. They do smell strongly of whatever flavor they are before opening them, so if you want them to not smell until you open them, you're out of luck! I was glad to find them online in individual serving sizes so I don't have to make several liters or measure out the mix.
349754349754B004ZMY0QOA1TMAVN4CEM8U8Gunner0041342137600If you want a low calorie version of Gastorade this is it.If you want a low calorie version of Gastorade this is it. I got grape, I think I'll try a different flavor next time. You get 8 packets of the powder, each packet cpnverts 20 ounces of water into Gatorade.

I recommend it for anyone who wants a low calorie version of Gatorade and who doesn't mind mixing it themselves.

Gunner July, 2012
349755349755B0051WBSPIA3V1JHRWLS1YLTBecky D. Rogers4441332892800Tender Pop Hulless Popcorn Kernels 2 LbsThis product is good, but a bit pricey. It is as advertised though! I personally would not pay that much again. Other than that I liked it and have nothing bad to say about it.
349765349765B0014DZQFQA2FS9CYCWC6HLWAnna M. Ligtenberg "AnnaLovesBooks"0041218931200M&M Peanut 12 - 5.3oz BagsAs of August 17, 2008; all prices subject to change
ASIN B000JZ5CQS - 48 / 1.74 oz. pks, $24.95 + $6.95 shipping ($31.90)
ASIN B000PWYJP0 - 56 oz. bag, $16.95 + $6.95 shipping ($23.90)
ASIN B0014DWH2Q - 24 Packs, pack size not specified, $29.02 + $11.25 shipping ($40.27)
ASIN B0014DUG0Q - Fun Size 23Lb Bulk, $89.05 + $31.72 shipping ($120.77)
ASIN B0014DZQFQ - 12 - 5.3oz Bags, $20.83 + $10.79 shipping ($31.62)
ASIN B0014DUFZC - 48 standard sized packs, "standard" not defined, $33.48 + $11.64 shipping ($45.12)
ASIN B0014DZQGA - 5.3oz Bag, $2.79 + $5.49 shipping ($8.28)
ASIN B000HQB76I - Fun Size Packets - Peanut [5-Pound Bag], $29.50 + $11.00 shipping ($40.50)
ASIN B000NMI5I4 - 48 Count Box, size not specified, $28.80 + $12.00 shipping ($40.80)
ASIN B000Z9DMX8 - 45-Ounce Pouch (Pack of 2), (not currently avail)
ASIN B000Z9DB8Y - 4.4-Ounce Bag (Pack of 24), (not currently avail)
ASIN B000NLSP1C - 1.69 Ounce, (not currently avail)
ASIN B0015DGOLU - 56ounce Bag, (Easter edition, not currently avail)

Regardless of the multitude of listings, which are basically different in only three ways: size, price and seller, these are all the same item, so they should get the same review.

M&M Peanuts! Really, who doesn't know M&Ms with peanuts? Pretty, multi-colored candy shells with a layer of chocolate wrapped around a peanut; the Easter edition comes in pastels. Simplicity is good sometimes. Of course, the whole "melt in your mouth, not in your hand" thing, a lie. But a catchy lie.

I like the candies but stopped buying them when my son was a year old because he almost choked on one. Now that he's 19... well, it's time to return to my favorites! Ok, I could've returned earlier, I'm pretty sure he knows to chew his food now. M&Ms are a good old standard for the candy bowl! Hardly worth buying online, unfortunately, considering the shipping charges, but if you can find free shipping or get a deal on that, go for it.

- AnnaLovesBooks
349766349766B000NVZHF4A33UTICXZQAEWRTrês Feijões1151186963200The BestThis is by far the best root beer that I've ever tasted. Bold sassafras and licorice flavors.
349768349768B00524G7TWA3NDTZQSUOAE1VSherri Etheridge0051340755200Morning treatOh I love this coffee! So very hard for me to find in our rural area though, so I try to get as many as I can when I order to offset the shipping. It's Christmas when my package arrives! This is my favorite blend.
349769349769B004OHNCD2A2QBDS3U4L7JQXBlogger @ quality US products0051332547200Favorite Green ChaiThis is my favorite Chai flavored tea. I know that's an immense claim but I've tried a lot of Chai and this one is incredibly good. Its green (not black, oxidized), its organic, and not full of artificial "stuff." You can taste the quality and the care that went into formulating it. Our favorite way to prepare it has been iced plain, but people can add milk, honey, sweeteners, or pie spices if they want and I'm sure it'd be great.

The best part though, is the "Shepherd's" scripture. All of the verses are KJV, and extremely well chosen. It would make a great pair for a Bible study, devotional, meetings, personal time, or to give as gifts. This is truly a special one. Everyone I've shared it with has been ecstatic.
349770349770B0045SR4TIA3GMP30PHZVAI5Donna B5521290816000Santa's House & Toy ShopI have been buying Gingerbread house kits for several years at Costco and have always been happy with them. This year they changed the style to the one I'm commenting on. I was disappointed with the Santa's House & Toy Shop. I bought two kits and both had broken pieces that I had to glue together before I could even begin to assemble them, not to mention the candy canes that were obviously broken before they were even packed in the kit. Also, the pre-printed sides were backwards, leaving me to have one rough side exposed with the windows facing inward. I guess I was spoiled with the previous kits I've bought, never a problem with any of them. I usually buy three kits every year. I assemble them before Thanksgiving and as part of our Thanksgiving day tradition my three grandchildren decorate them.
Regardless of the quality of the kit, the kids enjoyed them which is all that
really matters.
349756349756B0051WBSPIAFO10EAYUDHA4P. Swetzof3341340582400ALMOST hull-less!this is almost like the popcorn we had as kids -- less husks than most popcorn, but not totally hulless. Tastes pretty good, pops smaller than yellow corn, but has good flavor. Didn't use anything but canola oil to pop, and regular table salt. The instructions remind us to let the oil heat up before putting the kernals in. Wish it didn't cost so much, but it's so hard to find, it's the best I've found. "Enjoy" is my advice to others who are looking!
349757349757B0051WBSPIALTBDBY8ISN7Iblossom5721315872000Not hulless.Sorry but hulless must not mean without hulls. It was loaded with hulls and was very dry. Popped ok but will not reorder.
349758349758B0051WBSPIA1IK1XYGTNVLOWJames L. Dusing0051351209600Great serviceNot only is the popcorn terrific and as advertised (hull less) but the order arrived early thanks to their fast and efficient service. Yep! We will do much business with them over the coming years.
349759349759B0051WBSPIA16GITF3HOI1D4alicia00113487904002 lb "hulless" popcornI didn't enjoy this product at all! It was very tough and I felt like I was chewing on hulls. It also popped smaller than standard popcorn. I will not reorder.
349760349760B0000V1B34A2PH3545FRT34HWilliam H. Pokorny Jr.2251150070400china mist traditionalI first had this iced tea at the Desert Museum in Sodona, AZ: I believe it to be the best iced tea I've ever had, and I have been trying different teas for over 30 years. Best brewed with hot water (as opposed to sun tea) and drunk within 24 hours.
349761349761B0000V1B34A1BX7YG656ETGJ. Weir "trying to get orgainized"1151288051200Best Iced Tea Ever!I love this tea. We use it with an automatic iced tea maker (4 tsp. to a basket) and it's perfect. You can use the whole individual packet if you want to, but it's a waste of tea. We open the individual packets and store the tea in an air tight container to keep it fresh. China Mist makes other flavors too, which are great. We often mix another flavor with the black tea and it's wonderfully refreshing. Once you've had this you will never go back to Lipton!
349762349762B0000V1B34A1L3TN03WWLX8GDeLane Nyberg0051301961600Love China Mist TeaChina Mist tea is the best tea. I use it in my auto tea maker for the best iced tea.
349763349763B0000V1B34AMCKLAP06FJSDMichael Long0051218585600Great teaLove this tea, Our neighbor introduced us to it a month ago. And we fell in love with it. Now this tea is packaged in plastic in portion sizes, so you have to use a filter or strainer over your vessel. But this is a commercial product and I'm using it at home. it makes approx. 2 gals but we brew in a 1 gal container. So after brewing, before serving we cut the tea by 100% or we would be climbing the walls.... but that's fine..... we love the stuff. No after taste, and very clean taste. And buying in bulk size like this we're saving money on a very fine product.......
349764349764B0000V1B34A1EKYM2LEKUCWWJoan M. Johnson Berg1511149638400Poor deliveryordered 5-24 for an event on 6-4. It is 6-7-06 and still have not received product. Supplier has not responded to email inquiries about delivery.

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