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349771349771B001EQ560SATA6F14Z69O2TGary H Allen101141270252800Quick, light Brown Sauce good for on the GO!My family and I travel frequently, and being a retired Chef, I still like to eat well, even on the go! We, my wife, and our twin son and daughter, travel and usually stay in nice "hotel" rooms WITH kitchens. So, preparing "scratch" sauces on the road is not convenient. With the Knorr Demi Glace, I can cook up a quick light brown gravy, or an elegant light brown sauce easily with this "instant" sauce mix. One can use this, to add flavor to everything from Chili, to Stoganoff, and many other dishes.

No, it won't replace the freshly scratch made Demi Glace. Nevertheless, it is a great QUICK substitute, and is also easily to convert into several different sauces with other ingredients.
349772349772B001EQ560SA24X2ANV44H7WRT. Kennedy3311337126400EXPIRED FOOD PRODUCT - DO NOT BUY THIS ITEMWe purchased this product through Amazon and received it promptly on May 16, 2012. When it arrived, we looked everywhere on the canisters to find the expiration date. None was visible, so we thought perhaps the date was contained within the coding numbers on the bottom of the canisters, but the information was indecipherable to us. We called Knorr Swiss directly for assistance. We were told that KNORR SWISS DISCOUNTINUED THIS PRODUCT IN 2004, and since the maximum expiration date on these sauces is 2 years past the manufacture date, they were seriously expired, and we were told that under no circumstances should this product be used for food preparation. We logged onto our Amazon account to return the product, but were told the product was not eligible for return. We then contacted Amazon by phone and, as usual, they were extremely gracious and co-operative. They confirmed that grocery items are not eligible for return, but immediately processed a full refund for the amount of the purchase to our credit card account. Amazon assured me they would deal with the vendor on this issue, and I trust that they will. In the meantime, be aware that this is not a safe food product. The only reason I gave this even 1 star, is that the product review format will not allow for 0 stars.
349773349773B001EQ560SA3078QCZ9AHUI1Neil Ludlam3351280707200The last of a good productKnorr's Demi-Glace is a pantry staple, but it seems to have been discontinued. What a pity! Whenever a dish needs a little something more, Demi-Glace is the place to start.
349774349774B001EQ560SA323C5REX468W1Lisa "lilija"2251296086400A truly all-purpose mixThis stuff is a great shortcut for a light, rich brown sauce. Not a heavy thick gravy, but a rich glaze. It's beefy, but there are definite vegetable flavors that shine through. A spoonful of it adds a wonderful roundness to any beef recipes that have a sauce or gravy, or a spoonful can make an instant pan sauce with some drippings. I like to use it as a base for a marsala sauce, or a carmelized onion sauce for sauteed pork chops, since it's not as heavy as a gravy. You can do way more than just the standard sauce directions.
349775349775B001EQ560SA205WRW7RY6XF0J. Bocchino2251281744000Great gravy mixPerfect for any type of beef. I've used this mix for years and wish it were sold in smaller packets. The taste is just great!
349776349776B001EQ560SA1M1PIC4ATQ193abcgirl0051343520000great flavourI love the flavour and especially like it when you use 34grams with 1 cup cold water and 1/4 cup red wine. Excellent with lamb.
349777349777B001EQ560SA1TLYV202YET5Cchef michael0051321488000Convenience in a canHave used this product for eons. Not a true substitute for a traditional demi-glace, but when you haven't got two days to prep.... Add some wine and vegetables to enhance the flavor. Enjoy!
349778349778B000VK8BNWA30CM8J9FYHNBY101Spots7751224201600I like theseI've gotten 2 packs of 12 of these so far. Recently, I bought a large container of dried Goji Berries (and other stuff.. cranberries, sweet yoghurt pieces, bits of semi-sweet chocolate, crunchy soy nuts,...) from Sam's warehouse. The Sam's snax contained bitter Goji Berries. All of the other sweet bits in the mix couldn't mask the bitterness.
THIS BRAND that I'm reviewing here... not bitter at all.
349779349779B000VK8BNWA3IRTRPYAJ60XEQuadradox6631220054400An acquired tasteI really like their regular edamme beans and those flavored with wasabi. The Goji blend is okay, probably healthy. The berries taste a little more bitter than I have a natural inkling for. Had to acquire a taste for them and still have not finished all the packages I purchased.
349780349780B000VK8BNWA2UGS09LWZN4ZJMary Corriher "Mary Corriher"2251261094400Best snack ever!This mixture of goji berries and edamames is so delicious it is hard to put the bag down before it is finished, and so healthy!
349781349781B000VK8BNWA2ZS2R1DAU27FPMartha L. Davis0051333929600Best Edamame ProductThis product is awesome. The product is fresh and very tasty. I received my package on time and the contents were in excellent condition. The product is even better than advertised. I will enjoy trying other products from this company.
349782349782B000VK8BNWA1S568EIW1RDDKMikeM0041322697600Great snackOut of the entire pack of 12 there was only 1 moderately overcooked package. I have found this consistency to be the case with all different varieties of the seapoint farms edamame. The package deal at amazon is the only real affordable way to purchase this, $2.50 at the local grocery is simply too much for what you get. I wouldn't call dry roasted edamame a delicious snack, but rather a healthy guilt free food to snack on whenever I just feel the need to eat.
349783349783B000VK8BNWA36EWM7HAC7C47D. Zampella "Mindful Shopper"1321264809600Healthy, but not very appetizingI am a big fan of healthy snacks, be it for me or my boys, but these were very disappointing.

We all found them bland, too dry in the mouth and the flaking/peeling consistency in your mouth was not pleasant. There were not enough Goji berries to offset the dry, bland flavor.

I personally would not recommend this item.
349784349784B000WJ6C3IA1WV25LU9QKGDZAl Chartreux6651243296000Great StuffThese organic wheat berries are of excellent quality. They come in a plastic pouch that is resealable (not with a zip-lock, but rather a piece of resealable tape. You have to fold the top folds of the bag down, but it works). I cook mine in vegetable broth with some curry and turmeric for added flavor, color and anti-inflammation benefits. I usually add them to my salads for some extra texture and fiber. I'm very pleased with this stuff.
349785349785B0085GAOE8AG77PEJH695XWSeas the Day2251340928000top quality, lower price. Excellent valueEvery time I ordered black garlic before it came in bags rather than a tub and wasn't that fresh. By that I mean the cloves were not like I had when I was in China; they were firm and not as flavorful from U.S. companies trying to replicate it. This was either due to the shipping in a cheap bag or due to not fermenting for long enough but I can only guess which.

This shipped in a tub and was super fresh. It was really flavorful and the texture I remembered. It was that perfect mix that tasted like a cross between a balsamic reduction and worcestershire sauce.

Better yet, there was nothing to peel so the container weight ONLY included what we ate making it a better buy .

My dad saw it on Dr. Oz to lower cholesterol but we just love the taste in stir frys and in Italian food. It's a very pretty garnish too rather than using the typical green things like parsley; sprinkle chopped black garlic on top of dishes and everyone loves the taste but can't figure out what it is. It's not at all bitter like white garlic. It's really sweet and savory as well.
349786349786B000FDN6QWA2VF8DJMVV7C61Dr.D1151327449600Absolutely amazing!I have tasted many similar garbanzo bean soups (including in my travels in Spain) and I found this Vigo mix to be superb and among the best! The instructions recommend drizzling some olive oil over the top and this was an excellent suggestion. I have found many dry soup mixes to be lacking in taste (too much or too little salt) but this mix was just perfect.
349787349787B000FDN6QWAAB849O4K0634Peggy0051348531200Peggy from CincinnatiI've used this wonderful soup mix for several years. Today I went to get some in the only store in town that I know sells it, and they weren't carrying it anymore! I'm so glad I found it on Amazon. I usually "doctor" it up as follows: Make two packets at a time. White it's cooking add a few red potatoes, sliced very thin, a can of whole-kernel corn, and a 10-ounce package of frozen spinach. Cook long enough to make sure the potatoes are done. Even if you don't add these extra ingredients, it's a good idea to cook the soup a little while longer than the directions state; otherwise, the garbanzos won't be soft.
349788349788B000FDN6QWA1LBI27FX8K52RGordon0331301529600Spanish Bean SoupPretty Good but I had to buy a lot of them and I got tired of the taste after about 2 packs so I would not purchase it again, I still have enough to last for years if I only use 2 or 3 a year.
349789349789B0009O91TIA37KH5O29CTT2PAirheart4441242000000Good flavorAlthough this vanilla powder is not as powerful flavor-wise as I'd expected, I can't complain. It's great for those times when extract isn't practical.
349790349790B0009O91TIA3EXA87SALI07KMary "Pacific Northwest Gardener"2251268438400Best Vanilla EverI use a ton (okay ... exaggerated) of this vanilla powder. Lattes, tea, coffee, baking, oatmeal, cold cereal ... anywhere you want that sweet floral goodness that is vanilla. Plus it doesn't have the alcohol AND it doesn't drip. Perfection! I even keep it in a shaker bottle right next to the salt and pepper 'cause I use it so much.

Highly recommended!

Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Powder 16 oz.
349791349791B00770CDQ0A1DDTJBT1YDN8NchikiBABY1151334102400They Taste GREAT!Try them at your local store and decide for yourself! They DO NOT taste like Cardboard. Some flavors taste better than others, but that's going to be based on your own personal preferences.
349792349792B00770CDQ0A3HKCFUS9TYB1FMovie lover from HB0051346371200Best Flavors from Variety Pack - and Best Popcorn TypeI wanted to have "sized" portions of chip-type product that would be tasty and filling. I tried at least 6 different brands of popcorn-type snack packages (unfortunately, most came in 24-36 item packages). After receiving the first 5 brands, I felt they were total waste of money.... 2 had texture of light styrofoam peanuts, with almost no flavor. A couple others had reasonably nice flavor, BUT only had a couple small handfuls of popcorn in each bag so way overpriced and I definitely did not feel satisfied after 1 bag.

Then I received the variety pack of PopChips. I first tried the barbeque, which turned out to be my favorite. They have nice strong bbq flavor, nice texture, and each bag has enough to feel satisfying. The Original and Sour Cream and Onion came in lower second, but most of the others were just ok to fair- (not worth eating for my tastes but interesting).

Best of all, the nutrition counts are good, with each bag only having 100 cals, 3 grams fat and 15g carbs (0 Cholesterol).

I would definitely recommend this product (and above flavors) over all the other popcorn types I tried.
349793349793B00770CDQ0A2OJTGLO8KSWFEADB1270611333065600I bet the packaging they came in was tastier...Ok, ok, ok. I know they are a healthier snack but OMG. The taste is awful. If you order these throw the contents away and eat the box.
349794349794B000UWBI5OA19E2GC9VAHJGGJFP "Fin"1151325030400Excellent ProductI have been consistently pleased with the quality of these artichoke hearts. They have great flavor and texture. These are awesome in pasta, soups, salads and of course, artichoke dip. My only complaint is the condition of several of the cans that have arrived. One should never consume product from a dented can and several of the cans I ordered arrived that way. I'm not talking a small side dent, I'm referring to a major dent that compromised the seal. A quick call to Amazon solved the problem. Better packaging and shipping via all those who handle this product before it reaches the consumer would be appreciated. Amazon.....return this product to the Subscribe and Save program!
349795349795B000UWBI5OA2KUG8UGF8PYTNDouglas A. Wyatt0021342828800Mushy heartsSeemed like a great idea at first, but these hearts where mushy (overcooked) not good in salads, best in caserole or cooked dished.
349796349796B002E02P8OA1X8KLM78MF8L0Jazzbaby "jazzbaby"1141307923200Great For Tummy Upsets!I found this originally at BevMo and bought it to try for tummy problems. I have IBS and other issues. I didn't expect it to taste so good! I add one package of Splenda, which really brings out the ginger flavor. It's great hot or iced. I wish it didn't have calories! Hey Ginger People, how about a lite version? I appreciate not having to go out to BevMo (which isn't on my beaten path). Thanks for the Free SuperSaver Shipping Amazon! The only problem is I had to find a place to store the 12 bottles. But they don't stay stored for long!

This is an update for my previously 5 star review. Several months ago, I realized the drink tasted different, with a stronger ginger flavor, which is too strong for me. I confirmed that the formula had been changed by writing to The Ginger People, who told me that the formula was revised to provide more benefits from the ginger, and suggested diluting the drink with water to make the flavor more palatable to me. I do this, as well as add two additional Splendas, and it is better, but not as good as it used to be. A benefit of diluting the drink is I am lowering the calorie count a little. But I no longer drink this as just a thirst quenching, cold, non-carbonated beverage, but only when I need it for an upset stomach. So I'm knocking off one star for taste. It's just not as tasty as it used to be.
349797349797B002E02P8OA1JXRZBUNY1LW1J. Barnes0041340668800So helpful during pregnancyThis really helps with morning sickness. I like to heat it up and sip it, but it's good cold, too. Wish it had less sugar, though.
349798349798B002E02P8OA1BUXI30VSG51WHappy0051331424000GremlinI bought this product from Molly Stones and the price was up there. So I searched for them on Amazon and found these which are priced reasonably. I love the taste. You can chill them or have them room temperature. They are good to have around when the stomach gets upset.
349799349799B002E02P8OA1MZKRT6INVQO5Marie J. Austin0051321574400Love this beverage!!What a satisfying soother this is especially when I have an upset stomach or sore throat. I just heat up a cup and enjoy! Thank you for the prompt delivery and appreciated the price! Marie A.
349800349800B003VMI0GKA29NU9JWD7516MPatricia Dukes1151283040000Great teaThese is wonderful tea. I have use ginseng for years but not this brand. I could not get my usual brand so I tried this one. I am totally surprise and happy with it. I have more energy and my mood has greatly improved. I have not felt this wonderful for a long time. It did not take long to notice the effects. I use 2 packets in a cup of hot water without sugar. Love it.

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