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349801349801B001ELJK4QA1Y4DROW97OXL4Toivo4441267833600Decent wineI have been making wine for several years and purchased mainly Wine Expert kits. I ordered one of these to try after making the Barlo kit. This kit suprised me on how it turned out. Granted its not a $15 bottle of wine but, it is enjoyable. My son thinks this is the best one I have made yet. After looking at the reviews I ordered a Chardonnay to try also.
349802349802B001ELJK4QA13DYB6Q6RPU7PE. Jackson "Action"1151310256000Great First WineThis was my first attempt at home winemaking. We're still early in the aging process so I can't speak to the drinkability of the wine, but the kit was easy to execute and had everything I needed (I think) to make the wine as good as the juice will let it be.
349803349803B001ELJK4QA1Z0LQS3C6G7O2Bagpiper1151298160000Gewurztraminer Wine KitOne of the first wine kits I bought and the first Vino Italiano. Didn't expect much but have found this makes a a nice wine. Let it set about a month after bottling and is a very good light wine. Would buy again.
349804349804B001ELJK4QA3HX8RW06R8YVBwinelover0041349049600First with this kitGot this kit to try, nicely priced so went for it. It's easy, good directions. I did find that it took some major degassing, and be careful with that because it can spew right out of the carboy. This wine has the gas! I took an extra couple of days for this process. I topped it off (head top) for the last weeks with a niagra to give it a bit of sweet, and I did add a wine is mostly for gifts so I went sweeter. It does have a bite at bottle, but I expect that to grow sweeter by Christmas. All in all it's quite ok to drink at finish if you are a bit on the dry side. A point that may interest, I had a duh moment when starting this wine. I forgot to add the benonite. It cleared on it's own beautifully with a few extra weeks. It seems goof proof. I'd say buy it if you like a nice white, no frills kind of wine to chill on that spur of the moment. I am pretty sold on these kits for the price. They are not the pinky up thing, but with a tweek or 2, or not, they are a nice budget wine.
349805349805B001ELJK4QAY8MK6XMB8Z0PDizzo "Dizzo"0041340582400Great ValueI added sugar to get the SG up to 1.085 and used a cotes de blanc yeast from Red Star. Whipped the gas off a couple times durring secondary and at SG 0.990 I degassed and cleared it per the instructions. It seamed a little thin so I added two 12 oz cans of Welches frozen white grape. This was my sweetener and 'body' filler as it were.

A month after bottling this was pretty good. I don't love Guweruztraminer but was looking for a base to make a semi sweet green chili wine after the 'Hatch Green Chili' spirit. The Green Chili is good too but the base has become a decent white table wine.

For $40 for 6 gallons you cant complain even a little on this one, though I'd rate it at $7-$9/bottle. That's $170 bucks to the good on 30 bottles at the least. So add a little juice to get the body up and a little sugar to get the alcohol up and you have a pretty decent table wine to serve. I bet the guys making 5 gallon batches are right on as the kit by itself would make a thin wine.

Very tasty and easy to drink. It may 4 vs 5 stars based on my indifference to Gewurztraminer.
349806349806B001ELJK4QA26IKBWCSJ2Y9KNitrousbird0031336176000I've had (and made) better GewurztramainerI would say this kit is "okay." Drinkable, but I wouldn't purchase this kit again.

Positives: Easy kit to make, labels are decent, corks were acceptable.

Negatives: You HAVE to add wine conditioner to sweeten up this wine. Of course the kit omits this key ingredient, and says it is something "optional" you can do. My wife and I both enjoy this type of wine, and have had at least 15 different commercial brands over the years + another we made ourselves a couple years ago (can't recall what kit that was from). Without the conditioner, it DOES NOT taste like a proper Gewurztraminer. It's okay tasting that way, but not good.

With the wine conditioner, it tasts like a Gewurztraminer, but has a slightly bitter ending. Also, this is not a 4-week kit. It took a good 8-weeks total. Once bottled, even 6-weeks later it's about the same as when it was bottled, so I'm not expecting any more improvement with time.

Overall, it's okay, but I'd suggest buying a different kit.
349807349807B001ELJK4QA1H59OCYPG9G4TWindywinemaker0051331424000Excellent wineThis wine kit was purchased for my wife and she loved the taste of it after it was complete. Recommend this white to anyone that is a lover of white wines.
349808349808B001ELJK4QA3HBBG60LJSK2QRyan Jackson0051328227200Very drinkable wineI prefer red wines, but my wife is more fond of white. I bought this kit because I have made red wines almost exclusively for the past little while and I wanted to make some for her. I was very surprised with how much I like this wine. In fact, I find myself drinking more of it than her! Very pleased.
349817349817B000LKUXGUA3PUCV9FCTG4ZJDonald Blakely "Andie "hopeful vegan""2251208736000SatisfyingCamel Halvah Bar, Chocolate, 3-Ounce Bars (Pack of 20)
These bars are great and difficult to find in US.
I used to buy them in Canada and now I don't have to drive there, thanks to
Good prices also.
My favorite is the chocolate coated.
349818349818B000LKUXGUA3GFT66VET6ANYMoabe1151328745600an indulgence from childhoodI must start with a warning. These can be addictive and metabolically dangerous.

When I finally again found chocolate halvah not marble, I was transported back to childhood experiences of delight.

These are good with the right amount of oil and a non-overwhelming chocolate flavor. And they are not expensive and delivered promptly.
349819349819B000LKUXGUA15I4QSE23RT5PRaoul Duke "Hunter"0031350172800Did not seem very freshThe box arrived soaked on sesame oil. The individual bars were all covered in oil, though sealed. The bars were hard and gummy. I do not know if that is normal for this brand or if these were improperly stored. The sell by date had not been reached, so they were not expired. The halvah I had previously enjoyed was much lighter and flakier and that texture was what made them so good. These were shipped out of AZ, so maybe a hot warehouse or truck contributed to this? Not really certain, but somewhat disappointing. Since I do not know if this is normal for "Camel" brand halvah, I am giving them a 3 star rating. I should add that this box shipped from Nutricity.
349820349820B000LKUXGUABJJVPQTHXOLSeriouslook0011341360000Was not tasty at allMy daughter didn't like it at all. It has a weird taste and she didn't want to touch it anymore. I felt like just wasting my money and I really regret placing that order .
349821349821B008ADQW7OA2DKVL26ZX0WGSSil0041349913600Mocha MadnessThis is a wonderful Chocolate, coffee beverage, especially when mixed with milk for a cold smoothy! I'm really happy with my Red Leaf purchases.
349809349809B001ELJK4QA2XB56BDUM5QFSR. J. Barrella "rjbmanoa"0031326067200white wine reviewI've bought and made 5 or 6 of of these less expensive kits by Vino Italiano and am pleased that they have turned out very drinkable.They are easy to make, contain all you need w/ exception of equipment. I make them using 5.25 gals at the start and 5 gals after fermentation- This adds a bit more fullness. They add a quick wine ( although the reds are better after 6 mos.) to your cellar while you wait for your higher quality wines become ready to drink.
349810349810B001ELJK4QA3NJY78SZKUA2TGordon Jackson1331265500800Red WinesA spicy white wine. Cleared well. Fermented over two weeks without problems. I like to leave it on the lees for the entire fementation cycle for personal taste preference. The aged, completed kit has been compared to commercial alternatives with positive approval by several who prefer this type of wine. Not my favorite.
349811349811B0055J9958AMRZLDLYZ0RT4Anita H.5551327276800Tastes great!This soup is easy to make, tastes great and has a good consistency. My family cannot tell it is a gluten-free soup.
349812349812B0055J9958A135481C7KSEH1Joyce D. Varnadore0051346889600great productthis is a great product for people that can't have gluten, my husband thought he had the celiac desease, but found out he doesn't , but it is great for people who do, tastes just like cream of chicken.
349813349813B003ZIB18YA1HWIIVV9XG1T1Terry A. Paz1151313971200tiamisu flavored coffeeThis coffee is delicious and it arrived very quickly. I am very happy with this product. Anyone who enjoys a good cup of Joe in the morning will enjoy it too.
349814349814B002YW9648AIAQQAAE5G2VRSunshine0041321142400Reeelaxing and Aromatic!This jasmine tea is very fragrant and I noticed an instant calming effect after breathing it in for a few minutes. The pearl balls are neat to look at inside of the silk satchet when you open the very fragrant pouch! The taste is light and soothing, nothing too complicated. If you like jasmine, you'll definitely love this tea! I give this tea 5 stars for sight and smell and 4.5 stars for taste. I wanted a little more spice or something in the taste, but I'm used to drinking black tea. My favorite by Harney & Sons is their Hot Cinnamon Spice.
349815349815B000LKUXGUA4XB95O211M0XM R CAT4451232755200Best halvah in my opinionThis particular halvah (chocolate) exceeded my expectations. Thought I was ordering the chocolate covered and was initially disappointed to discover that this is just the chocolate (light) halvah. However, upon partaking of one bar, discovered that I like this one better. If you are partial to dark chocolate, wait for the chocolate covered to come back into stock, otherwise, enjoy the nutrition and nutty taste that accompanies this bar.
349816349816B000LKUXGUA1D3XEP9AYO0UMShari Au "SnowTiger"3351286496000halvah barThis is the best packaged halvah bar on the market. There's no junk in it, no soy oil to stretch it, a quality sweetener, wholesome sesame, so it's good for you, provided you're active and can burn the calories. It's not too sweet, just delicious enough to eat nonstop.
349822349822B008ADQW7OAAH6764FP1GOZClara English0051349049600A Perfect Mocha LatteIf you want the decadent indulgence of one of those coffee house lattes without all the calories, this is the way to go! This matcha is sweet, chocolatey, coffee goodness and as a hot latte it's every bit as good as a drink from Starbucks. Actually... it's way better! The flavors are just so delicious and realistic tasting. Better for sure than fake chocolate syrup and piles of whipped cream! Plus, as a wonderful bonus, it's actually good for you.
349823349823B008ADQW7OA29P51TN9KKMU9Azzrian0051347062400Mmmmm MOCHA!Ohhhh I so love this matcha!
It was way better than a Starbucks mocha latte!
I did however make this in my typical latte manner with ice, milk, and creamer with the matcha base.

I also as always tasted this matcha straight and it sure could have satisfied me without all the additions but habits die hard and I wanted a cool drink.
The mocha taste was so good, a little like coffee, a little like dark chocolate and a whole lot of YUM!

I feel so spoiled with my morning matcha routine and can't imagine how I ever got motivated in the mornings without it.

The kind of energy boost it gives you is so wonderful - not jittery or excitable but just the right level of boost and it feels like a good clean energy. This is coming from a former Red Bull junkie as well!

Actually I also used to be addicted to coffee as well so this gives me both the energy boost I crave along with the flavor of a good coffee! It does have a good coffee flavor too! Its not too strong of a coffee flavor either although I used to adore strong coffee.

This one is excellent for my morning "fix".
349824349824B008ADQW7OA3I8RIBAXJ31HKA. Gore "Ashman"0051347062400First time for matcha, but not the last!I had never had matcha before and wanted to try it for the adults in the family who want a good supply of energy and antioxidants, too. I used this to make a mocha matcha latte, adding it to my morning glass of chocolate skim milk, and it tastes like a pricey coffee shop drink! I can't wait until my daughter comes home so she can try it, I know she will be hooked.
349825349825B008ADQW7OATAF98JNSVCPMMRawlins20051344038400Tastes just like an expensive coffee house drink!This is my latest taste adventure from Red Leaf Tea! Now, I consider myself a bit of a coffee expert. I don't drink much coffee now but I used to live on the stuff and have had more than my fair share of traditional hot and iced mocha coffees. I wasn't super convinced that the mocha flavor would translate well to matcha, but I gave it a shot. I'm really glad that I did! This is pretty awesome. You can find more information and order some of this Mocha Matcha for yourself here: [...].

I knew once I opened the pouch that I was in for a treat! This smells like a rich, dark chocolate with just a tiny bit of a coffee aroma coming through. Out of the matchas I've tried from Red Leaf Tea, this one had the most powerful aroma. Once again, I was impressed that the matcha was a beautiful, bright green despite being flavored. I immediately wanted to have this cold since that is how I prefer my coffee based mochas. So I added a really hefty scoop of this matcha into a blender bottle along with milk and a tiny drizzle of honey. After shaking it all up, it smells just like sitting in a coffee house! The taste of this is completely awesome. If I was blindfolded, I would be certain that this was a coffee based drink. The chocolate is dark and rich with the coffee flavors just backing everything up. The coffee flavoring isn't bitter or overpowering. I think I can taste just a hint of the matcha towards the end of the sip, but the flavoring is really in control of this blend.

Even though I almost always drink tea rather than coffee, it is nice to have something that will suit my occasional coffee cravings without having to brew an entire pot (and have the entire house smell) or go to an overpriced coffee shop. Like all of the matchas I've tried from Red Leaf Tea, this is really great and I think it would make a good addition to any baked good. I'm thinking that adding it to buttercream to top a chocolate cake would really set things off. This is a great gateway matcha for those who enjoy coffee. There is no bitterness that matcha can sometimes have and the flavors are bold with a good kick of caffeine.
349826349826B008ADQW7OA378R8V3UEVLL6Guberinic Milena0041343520000MMmmmmochaI have to be honest, I was vary of trying a chocolate-coffee flavored green tea. I wasn't sure what to expect. Coffee, chocolate, and matcha? I was skeptical. But all my doubts were blown away by the amazing flavor of this tea. When I opened the package, I knew I hadn't made a mistake. It smells like mocha. I made it into a cold almond milk latte and was just blown away by how well the flavor resembles a coffe-chocolate drink. I didn't feel like I was drinking matcha. I felt like I was drinking one of those high-calorie overpriced coffee shop drinks. It tastes awesome and it's good for my body. What more could a girl want?
349827349827B008ADQW7OA3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0051340323200Mochamochamochamocha!Now, when I was in college, I worked in the campus library. Said campus library also contained a coffee shop where I got an employee discount, so I lived on sugary coffee drinks. I loved them, especially anything mixed with caramel. I learned how to brew coffee at home (yes, it took me until college to learn this), but it was never quite the same, so day after day I bought coffee after expensive coffee. It turns out, my body takes issue with both caffeine and dairy, so eventually I had to give up coffee. Have you ever seen a librarian strung out on coffee? Scary stuff. But considering I only liked it with extra sugar and way too much cream, it was probably for the best. Now, every once in a while my father in law will brew up a two cup pot when we're at his house and offer me a cup, but I just don't touch coffee anymore. Haven't since I started drinking looseleaf tea about two years ago. But occasionally, I miss it. Occasionally I just want a big cup of creamy coffee goodness and I have to tell myself no.

So when I spotted this matcha, I had to have it. The caffeine in matcha doesn't affect me the way the caffeine in coffee does, and so I am very, very eager to try this. Maybe I'll even sprinkle in a bit of time.

When the package is opened, the smell of coffee hits you square in the nose. Mmm, I miss that smell. That smell only grows stronger as the matcha is brewed...mmm, it smells yummy. Okay, so, it's love at first sip. It tastes like strong, sweet coffee. It is lovely...there's even a hint of chocolate! I can't wait to try this in latte form with some Caramel Matcha...maybe even the English Toffee to bring out the chocolate in both. Definitely begging to be mixed with vanilla soy milk. If you're a coffee fan, or an ex-coffee fan like myself, this is a matcha to try. It's so, so good. It's like an expensive coffee from Starbucks without the too high price tag and the horrible side effects of coffee! The aftertaste is almost one of roasted barley, which I like. Coffee always tasted burnt to me. But this is lovely. I see a happy future for me with this matcha at my side.
349828349828B000SARHDKALL9XFM0Q1N4EMonopoly J2251297382400Flavor Really PopsThe colors of these are really bright and the flavor even more so. The flavor combos are great and only leave me wishing they made more flavors of this awesome candy!
349829349829B000SARHDKA1BN8134NN8IACJorge A. Zuniga "CerealLOVER"2241284595200Good GummiesAs soon as you open these up, you'll notice how fruity they smell. Very nice smell.

The taste is pretty good too. and I enjoy them..but. They have a bit of an after taste. Just about all albanese gummies that i've tried do. For that they loose 1 point. Haribo's don't have an after taste. But you do get more gummies if you buy albanese. So you choose.
349830349830B000SARHDKA1080SE9X3ECK0L. Meza "fire2ice"2251236729600these are sooo good!!my whole family enjoys the fresh fruitty taste,of these gummy worms, these are also a great addition on top of an frosted cupcake!! i also curled one ontop of a pudding children love these any way i give them to them,.i will buy again!

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