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349891349891B0006J32A0A1FFXGRB6111Z4Jsonsh1151334620800GREAT value!I couldn't believe how big these were. I have easily spent 2x the money on rawhide at the pet store (won't be doing that anymore!).
349892349892B0006J32A0A25QGFG743BNNDSharon Zec1151334620800Great BargainI am really pleased with the quality and quantity. It's by far the best price that I've been able to find.
349893349893B0006J32A0A27JS4CRS1LVOLLaura1151333324800Best rawhide rolls for the moneyI have purchased these over and over again. My dog loves them. They keep him busy and one roll lasts at least an hour. They are the cheapest price out there and are excellent quality. I would recommend these to anyone wanting to purchase rawhide chews for their pet!
349894349894B0006J32A0A2E8AV7VLIBZLHfrugal buyer1151330992000BIG bag!The package was even larger than I expected! The bag is roughly 1'x1.5'x0.5' and contained at least 20 10-inch rawhide rolls. It has a printed expiration date on the bag (2 years from the time I purchased them, which is far more than adequate for my heavy chewer). According to the information printed on the product, the rolls are 100% beefhide and made in Paraguay.

So far my 3 year old 25lb terrier mix is crazy about them. She can go through one roll in a few hours, but I usually let her have half of one every few days.
349895349895B0006J32A0AJ5832YQ0N5IFAndy Spooner1151326844800Good chews!Very substantial, chewy bones. Keeps our big chewer occupied for at least a few hours. Sometimes the roll will last over several days, but there's nothing that can fully withstand three hours of continuous chewing.
349896349896B0006J32A0A3LC88GF7F3VECChristopher Arena1141310342400Pretty good, but not the bestMy 90lb lab absolutely destroys rawhides, but these at least give him an hour's worth of chewing most of the time. That said, they aren't as dense as the ones you can sometimes find at Sam's Club, but if you're not a member, they're the next best thing.
349897349897B0006J32A0A1ZBYPITLTCZZNCigar Smoke1151271462400Great for heavy chewers!I used to find these at costco but not anymore. These are nice and thick and tightly rolled so even my two boxers are kept busy. The puppy is almost two years old and can destroy most any chewing toy but takes a couple of days to polish off one of these. I will buy more of these for sure, best I have seen out there and the price is great
349898349898B0006J32A0ARORK2Z3B0GWUCharlott R. Ware "country life"1151267142400Keeps our dogs happy for hours.These rawhide rolls are sturdy and tightly rolled. They keep our 2 labs occupied for hours as well as keeping their teeth clean! What more could a dog lover ask?
349899349899B0006J32A0A2ZFZCSKMVW2XCJTarget "JTarget"1151218240000Rawhide Retriever RollsThese have worked great for my 8 month old Labrador Puppy. He is such a chew monster! There is a bag at Costco that is about$15.00 for $25 rolls, so I buy the ones from Amazon when they are not available at Costco and they have helped me threw the CHEW MONSTER days... :o)
349900349900B0006J32A0A3MVI3Z7R24KSCK. Mahn5721337817600not a US producti tried to be a conscientious consumer but there is not any info on AMAZON of where the country of product origin is. BTW it is a product of a South American country which means that the cattle this was derived from injested the toxic chemicals that are sprayed as pesticides , chemicals banned in the US.

its a 6 pound bag and they are large but I will not risk my dogs life.
349901349901B0006J32A0A1CFHZTK4JRLBUNathan E. Reynolds0011349654400Price lieWhy does the price say $7.99 and then you click to buy voila the price changes to $39! This is just stupid.
349902349902B0006J32A0A1YE1OZJJ84ZN3DebM "Deb"0041348704000Where are they made?My dog loves them, but I really want to know where they are made. The bag says that the bag is made in Brazil, but there is no indication where, exactly, the product itself is made? I can't find it on any of the sites. Thanks for your help, anyone!
349903349903B0006J32A0A10U2SQ7XOHAIEIdaho Grandma0051348099200Solved dog chew shattering problemThese are great chews.....but if you have a big energetic dog, like ours, you might have a problem with them shattering with pieces stuck to carpet and bare feet. I now run hot water over the chew and put them in a plastic bad for about 30 minutes and then give them to the dog. This solved that problem. Sometimes a small piece will get left on the floor but the biggest problem is over.
349904349904B0006J32A0AXODSZSI302KOS. A. Patton0051344384000my dog's favoriteThese retriever rolls are my dog's absolute favorite. Mine too! They are clean, stay clean, and last long. I've ordered these twice before. Great buy.
349905349905B0006J32A0ASJ79H9SSAK94R. Rucker "mad dog"0051344211200Cadet Rawhide Dog chewsHigh quality rawhide for dogs. Good price. COSTCO has it cheaper but they do not have it in stock all the time. This is the next best source for this product.
349906349906B0006J32A0AD20K8FV02UGNMandy0051343952000LOVE these!I have purchased these a couple of times and my dogs LOVE them! They are huge and take my smaller dogs quite a while to finish one and even my Brittany spaniel and Coonhound who destroy everything else I give them within minutes, take much longer to finish one of these.
349907349907B0006J32A0A2PHVL4G7ME8WOmaggiemom0041342396800great chew, but price increased a lot!My lab/brittany mix loves her "chewies" and can finish one off in 2-3 hours if she's really into it. They don't seem to break apart into splinters like some others I've bought. I would highly recommend them for strong chewers. However, the price has really gone up on these! They went from being about $1.25/roll to $2.00/roll in the last 4 months. They are still a good product and pretty good deal.
349908349908B0006J32A0A1XD8838E8MW30Gunny Bear0051342051200My Mastiff Loves Them!!I just recieved this bag of bones in the mail. As soon as I opened it, my Mastiff was so excited! The bones are thick and he doesn't devour it all at once. He chews a little here and a little there. He carries his bone with him wherever he goes. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price. This bag should last a while!
349909349909B0006J32A0AGXB8JKGM6XCHR. Merikle0051339632000Great, but with a catchMy 50lb lab/shep mix loves these things. The problem is just like someone else has noted she has figured out how to unroll them which greatly shortens the life of these. She can now get through one in an evening when at first it would take her a couple of evenings. Of course I am finding this problem with other rolls as well and currently trying some different things to see if I can find something else that works. I will say that these are the best rolls I have tried. The price has gone up quite a bit since I started buying them, but still probably the best value out there, but no longer a no brainer decision like it use to be.
349910349910B0006J32A0A2ZN9F03NQW84DT. McDannell "TM"0041339372800My Labradoodle Loves These SticksI own an 82 pound labradoodle named Riley. He loves these rawhides and they do a great job of keeping his teeth clean. They last a good while as he only finishes 1/2 of a stick when we are outside and we save the other half for our next day outside. I would recommend these to other dog owners.
349911349911B0006J32A0A1IZGZFO1W4UX0Mike Wahl0051338768000Bag is huge!They should have someone hold this bag and retake the picture. This is really a big bag of rawhide. I think each rawhide is about 1 foot long.
349912349912B0006J32A0A2MAWJ5L8P07T9R. Hansen0021338595200It's a crap shoot!Each roll is different, some are so tough it takes my Lab a week to eat it and others are thin and brittle with tiny dry slivers of rawhide in the center and leave a huge mess behind, those he eats in a hour and about 50% of the rolls are just fine.
I found this to be the case on different bags I have purchased over a year apart.
349913349913B0006J32A0A3QQ4EISXR8T2WGolden Owner0021337385600Dog fell sickI have a 1.5 yr old golden who LOVES to chew! These raw hides are tightly rolled up like the others have mentioned and he has to chew through the whole thing. Luckily it doesnt crumble up like another packet i bought from amazon by another seller. However, they are messy like any other raw hide and the package also looks different from the picture shown. Overall a good product and will definitely order again!

I had written the above review immediately after receiving the raw hides, and my golden was vigorously chewing through them all! However I started noticing that he used to fall sick the day after he consumed it (I used to give him only one a week). So I've stopped giving it to him now. They are just sitting in my house, and Iv switched to Pork Chomps, which are pork rolls and are 100% digestible!
349914349914B0006J32A0A1578018X3GMO4JS8840051337299200Golden chews 'em upOur 10 year old Golden Retriever chews these up. These rolls keep her occupied for a long time. No small splintering and long-lasting. I will purchase these again. Delivered with no problems.
349915349915B0006J32A0A2D2U0DQTET2OSShannon P0051324944000My dogs love theseOne of my dogs has a sensitive stomach and most rawhide products give him digestive issues. I have never had a problem with these though. They tend to last a while and are inexpensive enough to keep on hand regularly.
349916349916B0006J32A0A29TXW5F983STAderekmal0051322697600Best Bone for your Buck!Bought these recently for my 1 year old boxer mix. We had been through a few different kinds of retriever rolls before getting these, but I can honestly say these are the best we have come across. They are very tightly wrapped, and are pressed at the end to seal so that they don't unroll. This makes for a very durable chewing experience. She's really gotta work at them to chew them down, which means more chewing time and going through them at a slower pace. Only thing I wish is that they were made in the USA, otherwise, a great product!
349917349917B0006J32A0A3FAR589K2IJ3DCassie0051316563200Cassie love this rawhideMy American bulldog been having Cadet rawhide since she was one year old. Recently my local Costco don't carry this item anymore, thanks god, i found the manufacturer information and they told me that Amazon carry their product.
349918349918B0006J32A0A1L0K0RNGBCYW5M. Merry0051315785600Great price and my dog loves them!My dog loves to chew on rawhides but it was getting expensive buying the ones at PetSmart all the time. This was a great deal and my dog likes this kind much better than the previous ones we were buying them.
349919349919B0006J32A0A2NA4X4Q9SAQWBC. Conway0051313366400Great for my chew-happy Boxer!These were perfect! We kept buying them in our small, local pet shop for triple what we paid for these! I'm happy I stumbled upon them.

Our Boxer is a little over a year old and he needs almost constant *entertainment* ... these provide HOURS of peace for me - hahaha!

We ended up losing this bag when our basement flooded (it was on a pantry shelf in the basement - our sump pump failed :( So I'll DEFINITELY be ordering a new bag ASAP!
349920349920B0006J32A0A33774TITUUTTMVicSpanky0041308960000Loves them!My Dog loves these, they keep his chewing urges under control...
He gets exited as soon as he sees them!

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